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4.0 out of 5 stars95
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£19.29+ £1.91 shipping
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on 7 February 2010
There are many reviews available for this game and many different opinions. I believe there are two different people who will play this game. 1) Fans of the Avatar movie. 2) Those simply looking for a good game. If you are looking for a good game, you might not necessarily find it here. However if you are completely besotted by the world of Pandora and want more, this is the game for you. Avatar: The Videogame, is set two years before the events of the movie and tells a completely unique story. You have the chance to play as human, human in an avatar body and Na'vi.

The storyline is completely separate from the movie so don't expect to see Jake or Neytiri in this game. However minor cameo appearances are made by Dr Grace Augustine, Colonel Miles Quaritch and Trudy Chacon, all voiced by their movie counterparts.
The player character, "Able" Ryder, is a Signals Specialist (SigSpec) sent to Pandora as part of the Avatar program. The first hour of the game will see you complete various small tasks for the RDA while learning several key elements such as combat or vehicle driving. You also get to try out your avatar body as well, to get a feel for your new blue skin. Eventually, after a series of events, you will be presented with a dilemma and you must chose to side with either the gun toting humans or the arrow shooting Na'vi.
Either way, the story concerns Able Ryder (Who can have any one of twelve diferent male or female appearances on starting the game) collecting shards of unobtanium and using them to tune several musical willow trees in order to find the ancient well of souls, a dormant site with great power. Obviously the Na'vi want you to protect it and the RDA campaign would have you control it. The storyline isn't the game's winning feature and sadly it all feels as if the developers simply threw it in last minute as something for you to do whilst on Pandora. Some elements of the story don't feel consistent with the established Avatar universe but can mostly be overlooked.

Gameplay divides when you choose your side. The Na'vi are mostly staff and knife melee based while the RDA humans use nothing but guns. I personally feel that the Na'vi campaign is more fun to play. Running up to a tiny human and chopping him up or stalking from a distance to put an arrow in his head is great fun. However the RDA campaign lacks this balance, there are a variety of guns, but all mostly useless when the Na'vi are standing on top of you as humans have no melee option. The Na'vi are definitely harder to kill as a human. As Na'vi, the world of Pandora is mostly forgiving and the creatures tend to leave you alone, but there are humans swarming everywhere. However as a human, the moon's hostility is evident. Plants attack with acid sap, viperwolves constantly hunt you and the odd Thanator may jump out and try to devour you whole.
There is a wide variety of vehicles that can be driven/riden, although the humans have more available. Na'vi can ride Ikran (Banshees) and the Direhorse, as well as the Toruk (Great Leonopteryx) which seems to completely ignore the established movie canon. The human vehicles are plentiful and quite easy to drive. There's anything from the AMP suit right up to the massive Dragon gunship. There's nothing quite like flying amidst the Halleluiah Mountains in a Scorpion or atop your own Ikran.
Most of the missions however will have you running about the generous sized maps in search of an objective before running all the way back to the person who made you do it. There is a lot of travelling and not a lot of variation. It consists mostly of go there, shoot them and come back. Now and then a vehicle section or boss battle may break up the monotony but these are scattered and too few. There is an option to teleport to previous destinations but they aren't always very well placed. The RDA campaign seems more structured and driven while the Na'vi campaign can leave you wondering just what you are supposed to be doing.
There is also an XP system with a metre that fills with the more you kill. The more XP you get, the more "skills" you acquire. Skills give you a variety of powers for a short period of time, including increased damage, air strikes, invisibility or even calling a friendly Nantang (Viperwolf) to fight for you. These skills can help to spice the combat up and can save your life in some instances.
There is a pretty cool feature called the Pandorapedia, which has articles on every single element of the Avatar universe. The player can add these elements by "scanning" each item as they find it, including characters. The information will be displayed in the Pandorapedia by viewing the pause menu. This isn't a very well documented feature and I managed to completely miss it until halfway through my second play through!

Each level is huge and there is a wealth of detail. The graphics won't win any awards but the world of Pandora looks stunning despite this. Every plant, animal and bizarre rock formation from the movie is in there and it is evident that James Cameron had a hand in the design procedure. Everything is crafted beautifully and looks just like it did in the film. The humans aren't looking too good and the likenesses of movie characters are doubtful but the scenery more than makes up for it. The creatures are fantastic, especially the Palulukan (Thanator) and are truly terrible when you have to take them down. And yes, the red spiral plant that Jake touches in the movie, is in the game too. It's just as much fun to touch it and watch it shoot into the ground!
You'll get the opportunity to explore areas from the movie too, including Hells Gate, Iknimaya and Hometree. Hells Gate looks good and within you'll see the avatar link chambers, command room (Where Selfridge was in the movie, not in the game though) and the AMP suit bay (Where Jake met Colonel Quaritch in the movie). They are mostly useless and provide nothing more than fan service, but each one is meticulously crafted and a joy to view.

The game soundtrack isn't bad but it's no James Horner. I bought the official soundtrack and ripped it to my Xbox 360 HDD and played that while I played the game. The 360 replaces the game music with the playing music so you still hear sound effects and voices as normal, it improved the experience no end and really helped to make me feel like I was in Pandora once more. Try playing "Jake's first flight" when you first ride an Ikran, or play "Climbing Iknimaya - The stairway to Heaven" when starting the Iknimaya level. You won't regret it!

Overall this game does nothing inherently wrong, but neither does it blind anyone with its innovation or originality. It's a good solid third person action/adventure game and fun to play for maybe a couple of hours. There is some replay value however as you will want to complete both campaigns, despite not necessarily wanting to kill the beautiful Na'vi (I sure didn't!) However if you have seen the movie more than three times and can't get enough of Pandora, this game is a perfect substitute for those times when you need to feed your addiction and can't get to the big screen.
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on 13 December 2009
Avatar the game is a bit of a mixed bag. I bought it because i'm wetting myself over the new movie and wanted to see more of Pandora and the beasties that inhabit this incredible looking world. The core components of the game are fairly basic, it's a 3rd person shooter and you can chose to side with the ten foot tall Navi, using primitive weapons and their incredible agility, or the humans and their arsenal of sophisticated weapons and vehicles.

Once you've picked your side you are let loose on Pandora and can explore the vast world and everything it has to offer, collecting missions along the way, which usually involve killing enemies or blowing things up. The combat has some depth to it, allowing four special abilities to augment your arsenal which can be chosen and swapped at will. Once you become accustomed to using them, you can quickly dispatch enemies, heal yourself, reposition and attack again. It's all fairly good fun if not ground breaking.

However, the game world itself deserves a special mention. If like me you're buying this to learn more about the Avatar universe it really comes into its own. The jungle is beautiful, massive, lush and packed with a vast array of flora and fauna, all of which have detailed descriptions in a 'Pandorapedia' which will give information junkies all they could ask for.

Two things worth a special mention are; Pandora at night is stunning, and when you realise it goes UP about a mile as well as across, it's a spectacular moment.
Two things to forget; Some boss fights are so simple it's embarrassing and movement around such a wonderful world is hampered by some invisible barriers and iffy collision detection.

All in all, i've enjoyed the experience and although not outstanding, it will give those yearning for a little more of Pandora exactly what they wish for.
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on 26 December 2009
To start with i would like to say how unfair i think some of these reviews are. True if you are playing as the RDA it is no call of duty. However i found the navi side of the campaign was absolutely fantastic. You play as a Navi tribal warrior and pit yourself against the RDA's machinary with your bow, dual blades ,battle staffs, axes and crossbows I found the extremely gripping as you sneak your way through dense foliage string your bow and start t pick off the RDA troops before they even notice where you are or get to you. As you progress through the ranks their is a wealth of weapons and armour for you too unlock which allow you to dispatch with your enemies in style.

The Graphics for this game are absolutely superb beyond belief, even alloing you too play the game inn 3D!!!!
Te world of pandora is beutiful and engrossing personally im just happy to wonder around it admiring th forests and wonderful creatures. Which brings me to the navi mounts never before have i played a game where the creatre your ridings muscles visibly strain particularly in the bashees you see the membranes pf there wings stratch taught as they beat or flap in the currents as you dive towards tthe ground.

Overall I would say that this game is well worth buying esecially if you have a HD tv. And most definately recommend that you play through the Navi campaign as oposed to the RDA as i found it absolutely fantastic.
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on 8 January 2010
I got this game for xmas and at first i found it very tricky to pick up because you can either go as a human or a Na'vi part way through the game, i have had ago at both types and i prefer the Na'vi missions because you get to use powerfull weapons and use the aniamls around you to help you!!!

As a new user of the Xbox i find this game BRILLANT and game worth buyin for Avatar fans although you dont play as Jake you make your own character which is a nice twist on the story :D

5 Stars !!!!!
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on 22 February 2010
I've been playing this for a few weeks now and am still quite enjoying it. I'm not the movie's biggest fan but was interested to see how the world of Pandora worked within a game environment and to be honest, I'm not disappointed. The game isn't best I've seen in terms of graphics but perfectly functional. Pandora looks pretty amazing, especially at night. The world is very immersive and the single player maps are pretty big. Exploring every nook and cranny of each map is one of my favourite parts of the game. The character models look pretty good and all of the RDA machinery and weaponry are very authentic to the film. One issue I have is the frame rate which can sometimes be pretty iffy. You are often attacked by hordes of wild dogs and up to 5 Na'avi all at once and sometimes the game engine struggles to cope.

The main highlight of the game for me is that you are able to follow 2 paths. One as an RDA infantry soldier and the other as one of the Na'avi. I've finished the main RDA campaign (took around 8 hours) and have just started the Na'avi one and I really feel that I've got my value for money out of this game. I paid full price for this one but seeing as it is now down to 15 pounds, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a fan of the movie
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on 10 August 2013
An amazing game to play whether you watched and enjoyed the film or not. The world that you play in is huge and diverse and based on your choices there's a fair amount of re-playability to be done. The on-line does let it down a tiny bit due to it's fairly dead community but that's not what I particularly bought the game for so I won't be marking it down but aside from that it's a fantastic game with a good story, adventure and customisation.
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on 8 January 2010
This product was purchased for my son who is 14 years of age and thinks that the game is fab.
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on 31 December 2012
The game is a prequel to Cameron's masterpiece, it shows the way in which the conflict between the RDA and the Navi first started, don't expect to see Neytiri or Jake in this game.
Its true, the scenery and graphics of James Cameron's world are pretty spectacular! What lets the game down is the gameplay itself. I decided on the RDA as my chosen side as many websites recommended this choice.
At first using the few vehicles and the chopper is very enjoyable, you can just roam around taking in the landscape around you. But after a few days of playing the gameplay begins to feel very stale and predictable. Each RDA mission is to fetch this or kill that, I don't feel my character has a personality. Other games have mastered this like Mass Effect etc. my character seems bored and the voice acting is below par at times.
The gameplay is linear and the buggy is simply terrible. The maps are huge meaning you have to travel long distances, the journeys are often interrupted by random Viperwolf or Navi attacks which soon becomes frustrating. On one level it required 2 hours trekking through the landscape just to take on an enemy boss.
The game can be played in 3D by those lucky enough to own a 3D tv (few and far between). The range of weapons and special moves is reasonably good, although some more weapons like snipers could have been added to avoid frustrating confrontations.
I can't vouch for the Navi gameplay although it may have been a wiser move to select that side.
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on 17 November 2011
This game is really fun but it is quite easy. I would recommend it for your children. the grapghics were quite good. The best thing about it is the riding the Direhorses or the Thanators, but the best is definately the Ikran ( Banshees). Also, once you have finished the game, there is not much more to do. The most annoying thing about that i found was that once you are on the final mission, you have to get to the WELL OF SOULS to awaken the WRATH OF PANDORA. But, there is a endless gap between you and the floating rock the WELL OF SOULS is on. To get there you have to fly, but your Ikran is not there to fly you across, therefore fosing you to befriend the mighty Ikran, or whatever its called. Flying on this one is a lot more fun that riding a normal Ikran. Now eventually you have to get of and awaken PANDORA, so of you go to do this, and there is this clip of Pandora killing Falco, the guy in charge of the humans. thats when the credits come upp and then you are whiskked of to the other side of the gap, and into the village on the other side. This is the annoying bit. After this, there is no way of getting back to the mighty Ikran thing, so thats the end of you and him. Thats the really annoying bit. However i only bought the game 2 months ago so there might be a way actually, but i just havent found it.
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on 9 June 2010
As a veteran gamer looking at this - its OK. Not fab, not rubbish - just ok. The graphics just about manage to re-create the wonderful world of James Cameron's Avatar, also the gameplay - just about scrapes in as ok.

For someone who wants to experience more of the AVATAR world this should hit the spot until something else comes out, it's ok at a bargain price, (I paid around £15 I think) so am fairly happy with it. If I had paid £45 I probably would have been a little dissapointed.

Don't get me wrong it has it's fun points, like getting your Ikran and flying about (i was gutted when it died), and jumping on a big hover/helicpoter thing and blowing it up ala the movie plot line was also good - but predictable.

Only gripe is the control system is a little fiddly, but I suppose that is like playing a piece of music in A flat rather than C major - different but possible with practice....

if you love avatar, then get this, if you don't know what avatar is or don't like it, then I would give it a swerve or watch the film first and see how you feel. it certainly helped with with the infamous "PAD" (post avatar depression).......
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