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3.5 out of 5 stars18
3.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 January 2010
It's a fun idea. Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Jack or the Naked Emperor, setting out through fairytale-land, slashing, clubbing and shooting everything that gets in their way - and leaving a copious trail of blood (which they can skate through for a burst of extra speed during combat.)

I really didn't like this game, but that might be down to personal taste. I've no doubt that other people will love it for *precisely* some of the reasons that I don't.

The game is driven by the unreal engine, but I bet you've never seen it used in this way before. The fairytale world is done in such bright vivid colours that the game should probably carry a 'headache' warning! I really disliked the chunky style of animation (all the figures are slightly reminiscent of the characters from Lego games).

And I have to admit that the combat system drove me crazy, and is the reason I didn't bother to finish the game. Attacks are all done by wagging the Left analogue stick - I found it quirky (not in a good way) and it made it impossible to have the type of precise control you'd probably like in battle.

The combat system and simplistic level design meant that I lost interest before I finished the game (this is very rare for me - I normally slog on to the bitter end, even when I hate games. But this just got TOO repetitive and tedious.)

The bottom line, for me, was that it felt a bit like a game designed for pre-schoolers and young kids, with massacre and gore tacked on, to make it a 'grownup' game.

Didn't work for me. Sorry.

But... YOU might love it! Even more so than most games, I'd recommend trying a demo of this before buying. Or wait a bit. I predict a major price drop, or VERY cheap copies appearing 2nd hand.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2010
I quite liked this game, however its really only a single player. As there are hardly ever anybody online on the multiplayer aspect.

The single player is pretty simple, you travel through some really beautiful worlds hacking ans slashing everybody in your path. That's about it too, there are no difficult mechanics to the game, there are no special moves, just slash.

Is it worth it? well, if you can pick it up for next to nothing, or really cheap then maybe. However its more of a weekend rental during the summer really.
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on 23 November 2009
Fairy tales have been lying to us all. Popular myth and folklore would have us believe that Red Riding Hood or Sleeping Beauty were pure and innocent, when in fact FairyTale Fights proves they were murderous and borderline psychotic. It starts auspiciously; the Naked Emperor and Jack (of the Beanstalk variety), along with their friends above, are dismayed that their fame has diminished in favour of a new fairy tale star, and go on a journey to kick some arse in the hope of regaining their status as fairy tale legends and heroes of the people.

What this roughly entails is several levels of hackandslash action which fall half way between the comical stance of Grabbed by the Ghoulies and the side-scrolling action of Sega classic Golden Axe, all wrapped in a healthy dose of satire straight from the Shrek school of design. There's a certain level of sadistic charm to it all, seeing Sleeping Beauty beat her way through hordes of sinister axe men using a (surprisingly dangerous) carrot as a weapon.

The combat system feels a little unsophisticated - it uses the right analogue stick to direct attacks, but lacks precision or finesse as a result. It allows players to execute interesting-looking attacks, but at the same time is more than a little distancing from the action. The variety of enemies is quite broad, covering a fair range of the standard Fairy Tale cliches, and there are occasional bosses including the giant from Jack & The Beanstalk and the Big Bad Wolf.

You can take the game online for up to four player co-op, but unfortunately in the few days spent with this game so far I've only found two others online, and was unable to connect with either of them. Obviously it's not going to be as popular as most of the winter's big releases, but it would be a real shame the the online lobbies remain empty. As ever with co-op - particularly with friends - a lot of a game's mistakes can be forgiven when playing through together online, but I can't conclusively comment on this aspect if there's nobody to play with.

FairyTale Fights uses the Unreal Engine 3, and while it's obviously not in the same league as BioShock or Mirror's Edge, it has a pleasing and colourful art style and looks like a fairy tale premise should look. Much has been made of the coveted 'Volumetric Liquid System', which is quite funny from an artistic point of view - think the gore of Dragon Age depicted by way of crayons. There's something darkly amusingly about literally sliding through a pool of blood from mutilated enemies.

FairyTale Fights is a likeable game with a fun style and sense of humour, but it's let down by simplistic level design and undeveloped combat. The bare bones of a good hackandslash are here, and there are some nice physics and comical little touches going on, but at the end of the day the gameplay is spread a little too thin to really stand out in what is quite a crowded sub-genre.

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on 9 November 2010
for a price of 20 bucks or less it is very good so purchase if interested it's a good game

generally it has a addicting beat'm up gameplay and releases it's full power in multiplayer mode for up to 4 players.

further: about 150 weapons, much enemies, "bloody crazy salami violence"
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on 27 June 2013
Awful, awful game. Don't even bother. Not even for children. The graphics are so crap they make me want to vomit. And the gameplay is a pile of wank too.
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on 2 July 2010
As soon as I saw the front cover I was interested in Fairytale Fights. Classic fairy tale characters covered with blood and huge weapons? Their fame thrown from them? Really angry characters wanting nothing but revenge? Sounds like fun, I bought this not expecting much as games that are like these usually aren't very playable.

However I have to say I really enjoyed Fairytale Fights. My brother and I had a great time playing these and could not stop laughing at the badly tasted jokes and the pure violence (nothing beats walks through a Candy Castle killing Gingerbread Men shouting "FIGHT!" while chopping off the legs of a few innocent children who just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time). The gameplay though repetative is fun and easy to understand. While short, the game's levels espeically the Candy Castle are long and can take some time to finish and have lots of treasures and hidden items to find with lots of enemies and traps to keep you occupied.

Though a good game it really does have a lot of flaws and some being quite major. One is the player's death. There are a lot of hazards that you can easily die from and due to controls being quite flimsly at times you can get frustrated trying to cross a pool of cooking oil while jumping from platform to platform. Plus when you die you can get killed immediately once revived leading to you losing nearly all of the riches you have collected in the level so far. The battle system hasn't been properly designed with some combos being hard to pull off with the analog stick control such as the air combo.

Though it does have its flaws, Fairytale Fights is a fun game and with the prices its selling at right now it is value for its money. Though it won't appear to everyone I would recommend it to anyone who just wants a fun game or a good laugh. Fairytale Fights wasn't designed to be taken seriously, so it really shouldn't be viewed that way.
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on 18 February 2015
Brought this for my two sons to play, very different from some of their games.
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on 4 August 2010
This game provided for hours of fun. Highly recommended! First drop your expectations of what your fairytale characters would be like though, and allow yourself to enjoy it :)
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on 5 January 2010
First I saw this game was at the Games Convention in Cologne. I wondered about the colored castle and the "18" label at the entrance. Then I saw Snow White with a blooded knife and my interessest where awakened. Also my girlfriend who normaly hates brutal games with tons of blood and stuff like that, but she wanted to give it a try beacause is was so colored. During the play I became more and more scared of her because she didn't care about what I was doing and sliced everything including me.

Although the game is so damn brutal you can't take it seriously because the whole setting looks so cute and happy, like it was made for kids. But it actually isn't because of the huge amount of blood and sliced people everywhere you went.

It's a great and funny game but you should play it with friends. It simply makes more fun to have some friends at home cutting through all the colored levels.
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on 14 December 2010
This is one of the worst games if not THE worst game Ive ever played. Its cheap budget student work which could relate to that other violent rubbish 'Naughty Bear'. The WHOLE game is exactly the same, and its funny for about 2 minutes then just repeat.

Worst still is 4 player mode. Even with graphics this bad, the game was so poorly made that it lags like crazy and im talking 4 fps sometimes! Anyone with a little time could make a game better than this at home.
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