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4.3 out of 5 stars282
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2010
When I received this item my first thought was "They're joking right?".

Upon unpacking I was greeted with what appeared to be a piece of reinforced paper with mild adhesive on one side. Had a really paid £10 for this?

As soon as I started to use it though, any negative thoughts soon disappeared.

The slightly tacky side holds it firm on your desk (it doesn't leave any residue either and it can be wiped clean), and the fact that it is thin means if provides the same firm surface your desk does, albeit with a much friendly surface for laser mice.

It will be a bit of a shock if you're used to soft mouse mats, but what it does mean is that it doesn't give the tracking issues I've had with gaming grade laser mice on soft surfaces.

I used to search around for the perfect surface for my mouse, changing every few months to the latest surface which promised to be the best. Since owning the Sphex I haven;t felt the need to look for anything else, which is the highest praise I can give it.

Highly recommended.
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on 13 September 2009
After buying a Lachesis about 6 months ago, and being rather impressed with it, I thought it would be a good idea to protect its feet and enhance the experience further with a Razer mouse mat. So after reading about this 'desktop skin' on Razer's website, it seemed too good to be true.

I ordered a Sphex as soon as it was available, so I've had this about a month now and yes it is awesome. I won't try and explain what the surface feels like, because there's no point, let's just say it's the best surface you will ever put your mouse on, and moving the mouse is an absolute joy.

It is as thin as they say: 2 sheets of standard paper. The only thing that doesn't quite live up to the hype is the 'infinite' adhesive bottom. There is a lattice of adhesive on bottom of the mat, which to the touch hardly feels sticky at all, but although isn't sticky like tape, it obviously uses the same principles as tape. (it isn't some magical material).

Sure it's impressive, but on the near edge of the mat where it gets more pressure and rubbing from your hand, a tiny bit of the sticky stuff has started to come off on to the desk (nothing a bit of lighter fluid wont sort out I'm sure). But seeing as once the mat is on the desk, it's there for good, it's not really much of a problem.

That's only a minor gripe, but overall it performs and looks great. I know it's marketed as a gaming mouse mat, but it's obviously awesome for design work too or anything else for that matter - would recommend to anyone.
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on 5 September 2013
This is a great paper thin product giving a precise experience and just the right friction to feel in control moving the mouse around.

However, the surface is very slightly rough like very fine sandpaper. If you use for long periods of time and your wrist rubs on it continuously I have found that it will exfoliate your skin. Nothing major but noticeable and worth considering.
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on 28 July 2015
This product is absolutely incredible. Its paper thin, sticks to the table and does not move an inch.

Its shiny, stays clean, does not collect dust and looks STUNNING on the table. I recently purchased a new Logitech MX Master mouse and it goes with this like a charm.

I couldn't recommend this product more, if you need a mouse mat don't waste your money with the other garbage out there, YOU HAVE FOUND THE GOLDEN GOOSE.
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on 26 October 2011
After using this mouse mat for a few weeks I feel that it is time to share my thoughts on it, obviously I will edit this if I feel there is anything I overlooked or if it somehow breaks (I don't know how to break a mouse mat but oh well). So I got this mat as both a gamer and someone who needed it for everyday use too, I will also add that I have limited desk space.

So firstly the packaging looks nice and proffessional and inside you will find the mat, a "certificate of authenticity" which really makes you feel special in some way (nice touch Razer), and some stickers of the Razer logo which honestly are actually really good quality, well for stickers anyway, and they stay stuck firmly to wherever you put them.

On to the mat. It is insanely thin, about as thick as two sheets of paper. It stuck first time and rooted itself firmly to the desk, but can also be removed very easily and stuck somewhere else if you want. The general feel of the mat is a very grippy but also smooth surface which lets the mouse glide along it's surface with minimal effort, but also gives the control needed for gaming.

In conclusion it is a very high quality mouse mat that delivers what very little can, a smooth but grippy surface that doesn't move around your desk at all, and does it all for just £10 which is a fraction of the cost of other equal quality products (If there are any out there). Although I would like to add that it will probably lose it's stickness if you move it around alot although I have heard in places that a splash of water on the bottom fixes this. 5/5 Buy it, I doubt anything better will ever come out
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on 1 November 2012
I have been using Razer mouse mats for a very long time now and my last one i had been using for nearly three years and the corner pads had rubbed off so it wouldn't stay in one place which is why i began the hunt for a replacement. I looked at all of the usual mats that cost between £10-£40 wanting nothing but comfort and ease when i came across this. I felt for the price it was worth giving a go, particularly due to the fact it was so thin meaning that my wrist didn't have to rest on the edge of the mouse mat. I can confirm it is as thin as it says, if i run my hand across my desk and onto the mat it hardly feels like its raised at all.

I have applied my mat to a Black glass computer desk and it applied very easily, just be sure to get it in exactly the right spot and at the right angle too because you don;t want to be peeling back the mat over and over again. The "sticky layer" on the underside of the mat works brilliantly well on a glass desk, im not sure how it would fair on wood. I have only had to remove the mat once as i altered my system layout and it came up easily enough without too much of a fight.

This is a well thought through idea and to be honest it is definitely in the top three of the best mouse mat surfaces i have owned and for such a small amount of money, i would definitely say give it a try, you just may like it!
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on 2 February 2016
I recently bought a glass desk and found that my Microsoft mouse didn't much like glass as a reliable mouse surface so I wanted to find a suitable mouse pad that was a thin as possible so it was flush with the rest of the desk.

This mouse mat delivers on every front it is super thin and very hardwearing, there is no noticeable wear after months of daily use. I have moved it's position a few times and it keeps on sticking when I place it down in a new location where it stays in place with no problems and leaves no marks at the previous location. The surface is rough enough to do a great job in terms of mouse accuracy without being too rough on my hand.

My only few thoughts on how it could be improve for are to remove all logos printed on the surface (I prefer things not to have the companies branding everywhere) and to offer a version that is transparent.

I would definitely buy another one and it's well worth the price
review image
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on 9 July 2014
Love this mouse mat. I have a glass desk so most mice dont tend to work well on it.

WIth this mat, you simply stick it down to the glass and it stays put. Lovely texture to it too. Along with my Deathadder mouse this is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
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on 3 June 2013
Simply put, do not underestimate how much a decent mouse mat can improve your computer usage, never mind gaming, just doing menial tasks will become a pleasure with a mat like this one.

I had been using a mat give to me by my college years ago, never really thought much about it until I went round a buddies and used his Razer Destructor. It's like sliding a knob of butter on a hot pan, I couldn't get over how effortless it was over my own!

The sphex doesn't disappoint compared to it's bigger and more expensive brother, the surface is just as buttery smooth, a gentle nudge will see my mouse slide off the other side of the mat.
Not only that, but I was getting muscle pains in my mouse hand from having to grip my mouse all the time, those are absolutely gone now, my hand thanks me for the investment!

Gaming wise I've already seen great improvements in FPS titles, smaller movements are orders of magnitude more accurate compared to my old mat, I would always overshoot movements because of the initial resistance before it would scratch along, thus the tight grip and pains!

The only thing that detracts from this mat is how thin it is, words really wont prepare you for it. It's as thick as a magazine cover - maybe - and just as floppy. I would have preferred a rigid surface, but at this price range, I can't complain, I'll probably pass this on to my lil bro sometime soon and upgrade to a destructor.

Right, enough of my keyboard, I wan't to use my mouse again! :)
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on 8 February 2013
ill cut to the chase.. this matt is only slightly thinker then your average piece of paper. and to be honest that was my only worry when purchasing it... but believe me that went out the window the first time i used it...
some back ground info.. I'm not your typical gamer in the sense that i use mouse controllers for home console rather then PC like the majority of the people who probably buy gaming mouse matts from amazon..
i use the 2013 version of the frag fx well as owning the original version and the Bannco's fragnstein for years.
so you could say im an authority on this style of controller as i know them inside out an know what I'm talking about!!
anyway all these controllers work well with the razor sphex..depending on the controllers sensitivity and in game settings ect.
I recently went 40/8 on carrier on bo2 with a freakin LMG. lol an the a.d.s. on them suck..
ill save that for another review ^_^
anyway I also own a double sided white razor pro.. and the vespula..which are predominantly more expensive and in the respective gaming circles are rated higher..
however i prefer the sphex over both them.. an ill tell you why..

One) the matt is larger! more space to throw the mouse around is always good right! well not exactly throw it around.. you know what i mean ^_~

Two).. because its not double sided it doesn't have the rubber feet on the corners.. you know the ones that the mouse always hits when you need a bit more movement in a particular direction? a real pain..and if you accidently leave the matt in a frenzied session the transition from matt to desk an back again is going to be more forgiving on both your mouse and the matt its self then your average matt.

Thirdly) also because its not double sided there's a slight tacky adhesive on the other side which allows you to place the matt on your desk. an the thing will sit there for eternity..

a word about sensitivity..i feel there's always a fine line between friction an glide when choosing an buying a mouse matt.
for me anyway im extremely fussy .. I hate too much glide..but in the same instance i also hate the drag you get for a low sence cloth mouse matt.. my point here!! experiment .. find out what you just importantly.. what you don't..

all in all I feel the Razor Sphex fits that space between glide an drag nicely .. at a god price..
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