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4.5 out of 5 stars381
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2001
The Stone Roses is arguably the finest debut album ever, and in mine and many others' opinion one of the finest albums full stop.
This imported version contains TWO extra tracks - Elephant Stone and Fools Gold. Whilst these extra tracks are both truly remarkable, in fact in the case of Fools Gold simply astonishing, I think most people who would compare the two versions of the album would say that the additions leave the record less balanced.
As a collection of 100% great tracks, it's better as there are more, but the running of the album is thrown slightly. Elephant Stone cuts into the original 3-track tour de force that opens the album, and Fools Gold comes along in the shadow of the gigantic I Am The Resurrection.
My advice to anyone still yet to buy the album would be to get the original 11 track version, and then buy Turns Into Stone for Elephant Stone, Fools Gold, and array of other 24 carat tracks, because some part of the beauty and the undenial classic appeal of the album lies in its flawless running order.
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on 3 November 1999
The Stone Roses redefined British indie music in the post-Smiths void, encapsulating the baggy-Manchester sound but giving it a strength and uplifting spirit and soul that numerous bands have tried to copy, but none have quite managed. Once you've listened to this, play it again. You'll find it impossible to skip tracks, each one justifying the purchase alone. You'll find yourself reassessing each song every time you play it - "no-this one's my favourite, no, this one". Turn it up loud and sing along to "This is The One", scowl with Mr Brown during "Elizabeth My Dear", shut your eyes and let "I am the Resurection" take you to another planet. I've been fortunate to have lived in 14 different cities in 6 different countries since I bought this album. Everyone who's heard it, or who I've played it to, whereever they lived, includes it in their 'Top Ten' albums, and so should you.
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on 8 August 2001
Now all the people of Manchester who was going out to The Hacienda, Hippodrome and anywhere legal will have stumbled across the best band from Manchester, The Stone Roses, this album escalating from the world-famous Madchester scene (with the likes of the smiths, 808 state, happy mondays and so on). This album brings together the best underrated guitarist of his generation and the best bassist of his generation (John Squire and Mani) and with that added Ian Brown's vintage vocals made this the seventh best selling album of all time and with tracks like Waterfall, I Wanna Be Adored, I am The Ressurection and She Bangs The Drums make this an electrifying album which should be owned by every true music fan and for those who don't own it. or worst still who have never heard of The Stone Roses, one phrase for you, 'Wake up and smell the coffee'
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on 14 September 2009
There ain't much that can be said about this album that hasn't been written before but here goes. I didn't think you could improve on perfect but i was wrong Leckie and Brown have done a fantastic job of remastering this "Classic" album. The bass is clearer as are the vocals, and Squires guitar sounds as fresh as it did all those twenty years ago.

Anyone that hasn't heard the roses or believe the hype should listen to this. Nevermind Oasis, Radiohead, Coldplay or any of the numerous pretenders to the Indie crown. There has never been or ever will be a debut album that swaggers in its own self-belief as the Stone Roses does from the opening of "Adored" with that wonderful rumbling bass-line through to the last jingles of Squire's guitar on "Ressurection" this is a masterpiece. Well worth sitting in anyones cd collection.
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on 20 July 2000
10 years after its initial release, The Stone Roses' debut album still sounds tremendous. I Wanna Be Adored remains almost perfect with its adulation demanding lyrics lifted by John Squire's liquid guitar shimmer, Mani's portentous bassline and Reni's funky drummer shuffle. Waterfall sees Squire pulling off inspired solos and Sugar Spun Sister is the perfect love song. She Bangs The Drums, I Am The Resurrection and This Is The One are all still simply stunning. To try and describe the feelings sewn by listening to this album is impossible. Here was a band - and an album - in a million. There are videos, pieces of artwork and rarities thrown on here, but it is the original CD that still fascinates and makes you wonder, was it all really so easy? Looking back, The Stone Roses couldn't hope to top this.
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The Stone Roses were one of those bands who burned brightly... and all too briefly. Thankfully their presence has been long-lasting -- the music of their self-titled first album still lingers long after the breakup of the band. They captured lightning in a bottle, even if their first album's musical perfection was their downfall.
After the panoramic, rumbling buildup of "I Wanna Be Adored," the Roses catch you with rollicking, infectious rock songs and psychedelic trips. While sticking to strong pop melodies and rock instrumentation, the Roses manage to experiment around a bit -- the delicate "Waterfall" is literally turned backwards and replayed, in a song that is almost as good as the original.
The true rock rebellion shows in "Bye Bye Bad Man" with protests concerning French student riots ("Every backbone and heart you break/We'll still come back for more") and an acid-tinged anti-royalist song. Finishing up the unalloyed brilliance is the bitter, complicated "I Am the Resurrection," and the melodic "Fool's Gold" -- two of the best songs on the album.
The Stone Roses spread their influence far in this album -- there are soft ballad-like melodies, whirling psychedelic trips, and rock that rises, crests and slowly sinks. Expect your heartbeat to rise and sink with it -- because this music has a richness and depth that most rock music cannot even begin to equal.
John Squire's guitar riffs are flexible and fluid; it sounds like this guy was reinventing guitar licks all on his own. His shimmering guitar riffs of "Waterfall" are truly magnificent. The deep basslines will drawn you in whether you like it or not, as will Reni's outstanding drumming. Everything culminates in a wild, dense psychedelic mass in the overwhelming "I Am the Resurrection."
Ian Brown's vocals are excellent; unlike many rock singers, he has genuine vocal talent. The writing for these songs is deeply vibrant. Sometimes the intensity is almost breathtaking, as Brown sings, "I am the resurrection and I am the light/I couldn't ever bring myself/To hate you as I'd like." Ow, heavy stuff. But he is equally good with the quieter songs, sounding sad and a little pensive.
"The Stone Roses" is an unforgettable musical experience. A culmination of musical genius, this is one of the handful of albums out there without a bad track or a sense of monotony. Very, very highly recommended.
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on 16 December 2003
This album remains six years after I originally bought it one of my favourite albums. It has a timeless feel to it and is an album you never ever tire of hearing.
Very rarely do bands hit the road with their best album but this is certainly the case with The Stone Roses. From the build-up in I Wanna Be Adored through to classic I Am The Resurrection this album just gets better and better. Every song, including Don't Stop, is fantastic with Waterfall and I Am The Resurrection standing out as perhaps the best. In fact it was so good that they took five years to create a follow up which whilst being good could never compete with perhaps the best debut album ever made.
If you haven't already bought this album buy it because it will not fail to dissapoint.
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on 5 July 2000
Yep, this is the one, THE stone roses album that everyone raves about. You put it on, and some of it sounds quite nice, but somehow you don't get it. But play it a couple more times, and suddenly something clicks and you hear the beauty in it, the harmonies, the guitar, the dark lyrics, it's all there. OK so the first track isn't the best, but after that they are all good. "This is the one" must be one of the best tracks ever recorded. I used to be a big Beatles fan, I have every original album they issued in the UK, but I prefer this to the whole lot of them. Magic. Perhaps inevitable they could never match it, but what a waste. Ah well. It only makes the beauty more poignant. This is a moment of glory - in fact, history.
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on 17 September 2007
Unless you are a fluffy manufactured Pop fan who records every episode of Pop Idol, you must own this record.

This album has inspired so many great bands, and was the music of a generation, and Juke Boxes up and down the country still ring out to these fantastic tunes.

This is proof that the net result is greater than the parts it is made up from.

None of the band are the best in their field, but the combination of the 4 has created an amazing piece of musical History.

Current manufactured pop trends want "The Look", and the clean cut perfect sound.

None of these guys are pin ups, and Ian Brown will never win any Peter Perfect TV talent shows with his voice, but for some reason it all clicks.

Anybody who saw the band live will have realised that the sound needed tweaking in the studio, they were not the best live band, nowhere near, but their gigs were about being there.

This album will soon be 20 years old and still sounds amzing today, so many other groups age so quickly, the proof of this albums greatness is the longevity of the songs.

Liam Gallagher said he liked the album so much, he bought it twice. I understand what he means. You might thing it is a ridiculas statement to make, but when you hear it, you understand what he meant, and why he did buy it twice.

Sometimes bands try to over complicate music. The albums opens with "I wanna be adorred", a song with only about 12 words in it that are repeated, but it sends a shiver down your spine.

I had a dodgy copy of this album for years, but in the mid 90's I bought it on CD in a record store in Glasgow, and when I took it to the counter the guy who served me, looked at me, and said "best album in the world mate" - how right he was.
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on 10 September 2001
Benchmark. for a album to still set the standard over a decade later is phenomanal, if you do not own this album, Get a copy you will be a better person for it
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