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4.5 out of 5 stars53
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2009
Well, that was my first question. I don't own a PS3, and so hadn't played LBP before, but was of course aware of the hype. So I bought it to find out.

LBP is a platform-style game, where you take "sackboy" and have to overcome a series of challenges and obstacles (mazes, lakes of fire to swing across, electric plates that kill you on contact, etc), to reach the end and finish the level. Along the way, you collect bubbles which accrues you points, and also contain goodies (like new items of clothing to change the appearance of sackboy, and stickers, to change the appearance of everything else. The levels are regionalised, so you start in Australia to complete several "Australian style" challenges, before progressing through South Asia, India, Africa, etc. It has a superb sound track, great in game sound effects, fantastic graphics, and of course the expert narration from Stephen Fry.

Is that it?

No, not by a long shot. The included levels are great fun and would form a good game by themselves, but after that, you can play levels created by others by going online. And if that still isn't enough, you can even design your own, using all the stickers and objects that you picked up along the way (and I assume with future DLC?).

So it is vast, vast, vast product and will keep you going for a long time.

If you played it on a PS3 and liked it, I am sure you will like this (portable) version. If you haven't, you owe it to yourself to give it a go!
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on 10 February 2010
I love this game, it's different, original, exciting, interesting and funny in many places.

The game begins with a short introduction to the world of Little Big Planet, how it came into existance, who your character is and what their purpose is. Narrated by the brilliant Stephen Fry from the very outset this game really appeals to creative people.

You can fully customise your 'sack person' as you unlock different clothing and items during the game, you can even choose what emotion they are feeling from the choice of; happy, sad, frightened and angry.

You can design and build your own levels as well as complete a story mode.

I'm sure as I continue to play the game I will unlock even more, I ordered another game at the same time but I haven't played on it yet because I can't stop playing Little Big Planet

Buy it now, you won't regret it

"Come in and make yourself at home"
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on 22 November 2009
LittleBigPlanet on the PS3 was my game of the year. No questions. Some saw it as a simple platformer, nothing more. But anyone who took the time to really master the level design tools would have found a whole new genre of gaming. There's nothing quite like seeing one of your levels appear on the cool levels page and being played hundreds of times a day - a unique thrill in a market dominated by first-person-shooters. So when LittleBigPlanet was released on the PSP I jumped at the chance to flex my creative muscles once more, this time on the bus or train.

For anyone who's never played LBP before the basic premise is this: You play the role of Sackboy, a small stuffed creature who never talks and you can dress up like a woman. In fact, if the finale of this game is anything to go by I suspect Sony is setting their mascot up as something of a gay icon. Anyway, you travel through the world of LittleBigPlanet, a world of imagination and wonder if the opening sequence is to be believed. You collect points, jump on creatures heads and generally have a great time. The difference comes once you have completed the game and you can used all the objects that you saw in the game to create your own level. Anything is possible. If it's in your brain then you can make it. Brilliant!

Ok as this is PS3 to PSP port the developers have been forced to make a number of concessions from the original. Before I get to the game itself I'm going to deal with some of these changes and reflect on how they affect the overall experience.

1. Lack of multiplayer support - You will never see two sackpeople on screen at the same time, not even if you have two PSPs. It's a real shame and one of the highlights of the original game. On the plus side this does allow the game to feature the same physics engine. So objects and materials will react in the same way. Given the choice I would have prefered both but as it is you are getting an almost identical single player experience for your money as opposed to a watered-down static platformer.

2. Space - The levels consist of two 3D planes rather than three. This means there is less detail in the story levels and the complexity of your own creations is also reduced.

3. Decorations - No longer exist and as far as I know you can't upload your own pictures. You can also only put stickers on the front of objects now rather than all over. So no putting stickers on the floor for example. Most of these problems are cosmetic and you tend not to notice them too much.

And the game itself? Firstly it looks beautiful. So similar to the ps3 version that you can barely spot the difference. The gameplay has transported well, possibly more than any other ps3 port due to the nature of the side-scrolling gameplay. However, the level design leaves alot to be desired. A lot of effort has been put into ensuring that the create tools are exactly the same yet there is little or no inventiveness in the story levels. Having seen the ingenuity on display in user-made content I might have expected a little more in the way of spark. But the devs have created more simple platform levels which are a tad boring and don't really show off the expansive nature of the create tools. Most of them are cheap imitations of the original's story level, in particular the section where you fly a magic carpet mimics the hot air balloon of LBP PS3.

In create mode the game comes to life. All the tools remain and you can do pretty much anything. I've attemped to create a scaled-down version of a PS3 level I have made in order to test out the mechanics. Everything I was able to do on the PS3 version is possible on the PSP - which makes the mundane story levels seem even more surprising. It remains to be seen if the online community will be as strong on PSP and this will ultimately affect the quality of user-made content - but for £25 an infinite number of levels is a bargain.

Overall LBP PSP is a success. If it had been released as a handheld game first it would be lauded as a masterpiece and I guess that is how we should look at it. Not as good as the PS3 version but it does a damn good impression.

If you wish to play my PS3 levels my ID is jabomb69. For my psp level search "best level ever pandas"
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on 4 January 2010
There is no question, this game is an immensely awesome game, with graphics that are hard to beat, great sound and music, and of course, Stephen Fry telling you how to do everything. It has 4 sections you can do, which unlock as you explore the story and different features of the game. The first is the Story Mode, in which you can also play levels you have downloaded of the Community Moon, which I'll come onto later. The story mode is not as short as I had expected, I believe there are a bit more than 20 levels, but I have not counted. They are all very complexly designed, which I realised when I tried creating my own levels in the My Moon part of the game. This is where you can create your own levels and edit, play, and publish your levels. publishing your levels is when you connect to the internet and place them on the community moon, so other people can download, play, and rate them. In the community moon, you must have an internet connection and a PSP Store account to get on it. Once you are on it, you can browse or search through the hundreds of created levels, downloading them only takes two seconds. Finally, there is My Pod. This is where you can view news, change you creators avatar, and change the appearance of your sackboy. You can do this in the middle of levels, but this feature is zoomed in a lot, so you can see the costume in more detail. There are a few more extra things in the game, but I won't go into too fine detail.
So to sum up, these are my Pros and Cons.
-Fantastic graphics
-Great music and sound
-Easy to use level creator
-Imaginative levels
-Lots of collectibles.
-The team that make it update it regularly, you can update the game via the internet, even on the UMD version.
-I have had a number of problems with the game crashing in the middle of the level creator, and at one point I could not play any levels, for it would crash and turn the PSP off every time the level tried to load. I solved this by deleting the game data, but it still freezes occasionly.

So, to summarise, I would highly advise this game, hopefull the problems with mine are just a one off fault.
Fantasticaly designed.
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on 25 November 2009
This is a great game, basically its own genre apart from the platforming aspects.
basically your a "sack person" and you find yourself running jumping solving puzzles etc.
if thats not enough for you you can create your own levels from a blank canvas and make anything you want whether it be racing, shooting or a challenging platformer ANYTHING apart from obviously offensive levels saying that though I hav'nt had much sucsess with the level creator as the level I spent 1 hour building part way through and every time I try to edit it now the psp turns off. I've updated it aswell and still dos'nt work.
this game is very relaxed and theres a real feel of communty with practically everyone making levels for your entertainment which is free of charge btw, a nice change from your run and gun call of duty etc I call it a sunday game because all you want to do on sunday it put your feet up and this game is just that and much more.
sadly though after owning the ps3 version this game is'nt quite up to that standerd but you can't really expect a small portable console to boast the power of the mighty ps3?
the story in this as opposed to the ps3 in some ways is better sadly its alot shorter and I found it easier to get almost every object without the need for a walkthrough a good thing?
the story is alot more puzzling than the ps3 version which I enjoyed basically this game is worth buying for the story mode.
the community levels download almost instantly and you actually have them in your collection you don't have to find them and the levels I've played so far have been ok, also the levels are only about 1mb so even if you have small memory card its no problem.
I'm sorry I've compared this great game to the mightier ps3 version but its all I've had to go on ut this game is a great game in its own right whether you own the ps3 version and wondering about this or if you don't own either I would say to get this first though if you don't own either.
highly recommended a few gripes though, but hey building a level on a bus or a train or when someone else is on the ps3 is priceless and very worth it!!
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on 22 August 2010
When Media Molecule released the first Little Big Planet game it was quite simply stunning. Due to the success of this title games developers deveeloped more creative games designed at making the gamer not only the person to play the game but also as the level designer, enabling the gamer to formulate a more customised and personal world or enviroment to utilise. Games such as Modnation racers also operate on this sort of principal and has been largely successful.
However, Little Big Planet PSP is most certainly not the PS3 version of the game. The PSP version is a far more stripped down version and I wouldn't recommend it if you want similar experiences to the first game which is well known and loved. Visually the game is a poor imitation of the PS3 Version, but it does look good on the smaller screen of the PSP. The story levels are challenging and fun to play and offer lots of items to collect to use in Create Mode; one of the key successful elements of the first LBP game. However, it is here that the PSP version falls down, crashing onto its face. Create mode is diffucult to achieve good results with in comparison to what is already have on the PS3.The brush tools are irritating; they only work for so long and you can't use the multitude of brush shapes available in the PS3 game. Any real original shapes and elements rely on the use of the Corner editor tool, leaving you with a very boxy and primitive feel to level designs.Another issue is the introduction of the new "static" and "dynamic" tools which control how the materials react to gravity in the game. Static means an item cannot move and dynamic objects can be interacted with and are affected by physics like gravity. The most annoying aspect of this mechanic is that half way through building levels you often find that at some point your dynamic elements have become static and your static elements have become dynamic.
Overall the create mode is what really lets down this version of the game and this is very important because it is what made LBP stand apart from other platforming games and become so successful. The community element of the game is also slightly more static and not as easy and fluid; you have to actually download other people's levels onto your memory stick and this aspect takes the freedom form browsing other people's levels. Publishing is also sometimes fairly tempermental and I have had problems publishing levels on this version of the game; howver this is probably more down to connection speed than the actual game.
In Conclusion, LBP on the PSP is a neat platforming game and is nicely presented, with graphics which although they don't blow your mind, are functional and the game retains a fairly colurful and vibrant visual effect. The create mode is the achille's heel and it really lets down this version; its the feature the game and its franchise depends upon.Little Big Planet on the Psp is overall a good game but don't buy this game and expect perection, or anywhere near the same experience from the PS3 Version.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2009
I've been trying to wean my 12 year old son off violent shoot 'em up war games for a while, to no avail. Just before christmas he downloaded a demo version of the game and seemed to like it, so I bought him the full version. I was a bit worried that the game might be a tad childish for him, but he's hooked. He loves it. I haven't played but watching my son playing it, it looks really cute, there are loads of things to do, from playing levels to designing your own levels, vehicles etc. Addictive, non violet, a great game for all ages.
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on 8 November 2012
little big planet is a really fun game and is really easy to get the hang of.
Creating your own map is god and easy to do (when you have an idea). Overall a brilliant game, something all psp owners should buy.
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on 21 April 2011
He found it a little difficult to complete the first level.... but a quick view of you tube and he realised he'd attached the truck wheels to the carnival float..... and he was away !
The game was completed in pretty quick time, but now he's revisiting countries and continents to unlock extras.

Very sweet and completely non-violent game that keeps my son amused.
Can't be bad!
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on 21 February 2013
Very good arrived very quickly I would definitely advise other people to buy one of these items off the Internet
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