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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2010
Great little mouse, connects instantly.
uses blue led light for movement and has a battery status light on top which glows for a few seconds when you first switch it on.
purports to having a 10 month battery life (uses 1 AA included)
It uses a nano usb transceiver which can be stored in the bottom of the mouse.
I liked this mouse straight away, because of it's quality feel.
It has 4 way scrolling (handy on my 7" net book) and a custom button on the side.
Even the on/off switch is nice to use (other makes can be tight and need nails to operate)

31st May update
Almost june 2013, so this mouse is 2.5 years old now.....
I did some battery tests of my own, but never got anywhere near 10 months
Best I ever got was 4.5 months using Energizer litium
and worst was one of those with a usb in the top of them at 20 days (but it's rechargable!)
The rubber part of the scroll wheel started to go funny a few months ago (probably my greasy fingers)
so I cut it off and it works perfectly and looks fine.
The rubber grips around the sides are just starting to go loose (I'll put some glue under that)
All in all, a great mouse.
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on 11 July 2010
I hate USB devices that stick out such as wireless mouse receivers or 3G dongles! This one can more or less be attached to a laptop permanently as it sticks out about 8mm & can re inserted into the bottom of the mouse which can be switched off. Ideal for laptops in particular.
This mouse is symmetrical so is suitable for lefthanders such as myself. Most functions worked without installing the MS Intellimouse driver but I installed the W7 64bit version without drama. This isn't a particularly big mouse, there's an extra button on the left side that can be programmed to do almost anything as can any of the buttons. This mouse's scroll wheel is smooth & has horizontal scrolling. The mouse seems to run well on most surfaces without picking up grunge that would make movement jerky. The battery is an AA & lasts for months & months - not a loy I can add - it works fine.
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on 11 July 2010
Microsoft D5D-00004 Wireless Mobile 4000 Mouse - Black

This Mouse does exactly what it says in the item description. I have a Toshiba Notebook, which I use all over the house, can't stand the cursor touch pad so I disabled it and bought this wireless mouse. I have had the Notebook for nearly seven months and the battery in my mouse has only just needed replacing. You switch the power on at the base and switch it off when you don't need it. It's sensitive, easy to handle and will roll over anything e.g. knees, duvets, arms of chairs, you name it, it rolls over anything. I have the pink one, and have now bought the black one for my 17" Toshiba laptop.
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on 27 December 2010
Microsoft generally do a good job with their mice and this is no exception. The mouse feels well built and the action of the buttons is good with a quiet 'click'. The scroll wheel is very smooth and light and has a rubber finish which makes the side scrolling easier. The extra programmable button is well positioned for use with the thumb and is easy to locate without having to look at the mouse to find it. Both sides of the mouse have a rubberised finish with a cross-hatched pattern which feels nice to hold and improves the grip.
The wireless USB receiver is very small and can be left in a laptop without the risk of it being damaged. If you don't want to leave the receiver in your computer, the mouse has a slot on the bottom to store it. The wireless connection has proved to be reliable and I haven't had any problems with it.
If you are looking for a relatively cheap, compact wireless mouse, you won't go wrong with one of these.
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on 18 August 2015
These mice have a design or manufacturing fault, which is that the centre tracking wheel has a rubber "tyre" surrounding it. This rubber wears loose quite quickly. I have bought three of these mice in all, and all are now in the bin. Two of the mice were bought within the past year. I will be avoiding this particular product in future. I'm a happy user of other Microsoft products, but this particular one is to be avoided, unless the tracking wheel issue is dealt with.
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on 20 September 2013
I like the size and shape of this mouse but the wirelss reception is poor. My PC is on top of my desk and i have the USB receiver plugged in the back. The mouse was slow and jerky. I have since moved the receiver to the front and I have no problems. If your PC is not directly located by where you are using the mouse then i wouldn't bother with this one.
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on 23 June 2013
I first bought this mouse about 3 years ago now, and have been looking to 'upgrade' to the '5000' which Microsoft say is connected wirelessly via bluetooth but for some reason folks are selling what looks like a 4000 with a nano transceiver as a 5000! So I thought I'm not going to buy something to receive something completely different and would buy another trusty 4000 again. Imagine my shock then at seeing these reviews on here for the over heating nano's! I have never had any problem with my nano. I did used to take it out of my laptop and store it in my mouse all of the time, however I didn't keep that up and eventually just left it connected to the laptop. It has never heated up or overheated at all! The 2 laptops it has been connected to have but not the transceiver! It protrudes approx 1cm from the port on your laptop so does catch or get caught on things but I've never had a problem with that.

I have size 7 hands (glove size) and the mouse fits neatly in my hand, with the rear of the mouse in the middle of my palm and my fingers on the buttons.

The 'extra' side button does take some getting used to but after a while it doesn't feel that awkward anymore and it's really convenient to have a pre-programmed 'back' button, rather than keep moving the pointer up to the corner of the screen. I know it's only a small movement but once you've got used to it, it really does make a difference. I would have liked to have had a forward button too on the other side, but hey you can't have everything can you! You can also change the side button to something else, whatever takes your fancy, in fact you can program all of the buttons to whatever you like.

I agree with the other reviewers that it was a bit disconcerting at first not to have a scroll wheel that 'clicked' as you moved it but it is a lovely smooth action and can move down your pages ever so fast if you'd give it the chance to. Admittedly though, fine tuning can be a bit of a problem if you're impatient with it as I was at the start. I still am sometimes, but I'm not so bad now.

I use the mouse in both hands, mainly my left but sometimes my right. It is easy to change it to left or right handed and the buttons are very receptive to the touch, although sometimes a little too receptive to my right hand as I find it has clicked on things I didn't want but that is down to me not using the correct hand. I tend to hold my fingers above the buttons on my right hand rather than resting lightly on the buttons as with my left!

It is not a 'mini' mouse, it is a reasonable size mouse. It doesn't weigh a vast amount but is not too heavy without being too light.

The bluetrack technology works on most surfaces, it works on clothing, sheets, table tops (not glass though) and other items. The only thing I've really had a problem with is paper! yes paper! If you have a pile of paper neatly stacked then you'll probably be ok, but if it moves about then the bluetrack technology won't work properly. It can't read off of the paper if it's not fixed in place. If you are using an A5 notepad you'll probably get the same result, an intermittent pointer, but use an A4 notepad and you'll be fine so long as you're in the middle. I hope I've explained that clearly! If you have loose clothing on then you'll also probably get the same intermittent result, but use it on a sheet that fixed in place and it's fine, use it on jeans that are heavy enough not to move about when you move the mouse and it'll be fine. I hope you understand what I mean. I have never found it to be a problem, irritating yes, because when I'm in the middle of something the mouse pointer doesn't go where I want it to because the surface I've got the mouse on is moving beneath it, all because I've got used to not having to use a mouse pad etc.

The battery does last a long time, although when I have been browsing the internet or just using the laptop for days on end I've found that the battery probably only lasts about 3-4 months. I've used both rechargeable and disposable batteries and got the same results.

It may be a little different from the mouse you are used to but go on give it a try, you never know you may get to like it if you give it the chance it deserves! All in all, I would definitely recommend this mouse to anyone looking to upgrade their mouse.
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on 5 October 2013
This would have been a lovely, comfortable mouse. Alas, there is one major problem with this mouse, and if the forums are any indication, this is a problem with all BlueTrack mice... the middle click delay.
Anyone who uses productivity applications such as AutoCAD, Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, or anything remotely similar will know just how critical the middle click is on a mouse. Sadly, this mouse's middle click is delayed by around 500~1000ms from click-to-action, which is enough time for a seasoned veteran of the above-listed applications to execute several commands and/or actions. This delay is so severe that you cannot double-middle-click, which is a deal-breaker for me.
Not that fixing that would have helped, since actually performing a middle click requires so much force that it's almost impossible to not move the mouse slightly while doing so. This matters because this mouse won't even register a middle click while the mouse is in motion. Ridiculous!
I'll stick with my Arc Mouse, which remains my favourite.
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on 10 January 2013
I wanted a mouse for everyday work use, but not be tangled with wires.
Having reviewed dozens of mice and read reviews I opted for this one on the basis having bought Microsoft products before and being satisfied with quality it seemed to offer everything I needed.
Good points:
Nice size, not too big or small that you cant get hold of it
Good tactile feel to the mouse surface
Nice responsive buttons
Tiny wireless transceiver I keep in the laptop all of the time and is unlikely to get lost or damaged as it only sticks out about 7 mm from laptop.
Didn't require additional drivers with Windows 7, even installs on locked down work laptop without admin intervention.
Battery life is ok at the moment, i have had it a couple of months and rarely remember to turn it off.
Switch to turn it off is nicely accessible on the bottom and easy to use (if you remember)
Storage area for wireless transceiver should you ever bother to remove it.
Seems to work on all the surfaces I have tried, and I now do not use a mouse mat, just my wooden desk which is really useful.

Bad point: (NOTE SINGULAR)
Scroll wheel does not have a 'click' effect, so its very easy to scroll too far up or down. I find this a real issue and would have prevented me buying if I had known.

I have persevered with it and learning to live without the click wheel response, so its not a show stopper, just annoying and I expected better from Microsoft in this respect. I guess this is the peril of shopping on line without abusing the store fronts to check things out!

So only 1 bad point, up to you to decide if this will cause you the same issue.
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on 9 September 2010
I found this mouse very useful as I travel a lot. The trasmitter is very small, allowing you to leave it plugged in your laptop without any risk of breaking it. The transmitter hides in the unit itself it you choose not to leave plugged in.

This works on all kinds of surfaces where ordinary optical mouse fails. I tried it on the carpet and worked smooth. I can't comment on battery life as only been using it for couple of weeks, but I think it'll last long.

The design is excellent, fits perfectly in the hand if you are using any gel mouse pad etc. The price is also good.

Overall a perfect small gadget for your laptop if you are a traveller like me.
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