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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars54
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 26 March 2009
That such a small and relatively inexpensive camcorder should be capable of excellent HD video and 10 megapixel still pictures and be nearly as pocketable as a mobile phone has got to attract a lot of attention. Having said that there are some things you should be aware of. The HD records at 30 fps , nothing wrong with that until you try to shoot fast moving objects. Just shooting the traffic on the High street revealed the problem, the vehicles jerk a little rather than move forward smoothly, it isn't that glaringly obvious but is evident all the same. This only revealed itself when I burned to DVD so I don't really understand why this should be. Videos played on the PC were OK.

I'ts the same with panning, do it slowly and smoothly and you may not notice, just don't speed up the panning otherwise you'll see what I mean. In a nutshell then if you want to shoot sports and quick moving objects then shoot at the alternative 640 x 380 60fps mode provided instead, that's not HD by the way but it's good enough for home use.

All the video I shot inside and out was superb and the still pics set to Vivid mode were excellent too. I think even serious videographers would find a use for this where it would be inconvenient to carry anything larger. It really does deserve 5 stars as it is because it will tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people, and it's comparitively inexpensive and so so convenient.

If only it had a 60fps mode as well, it would be perfect. If Sanyo ever does another model similar to this but with 60fps it will be worth 10 stars for me. For most users then this camcorder still comes highly recommended and a well earned 5 stars!
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on 29 September 2009
I've been wanting a camcorder for years but have only just got around to buying one. I searched through all the camcorders within my price range and compared them for features, value and quality. After reading customer reviews and watching sample videos of footage taken by the various camcorder owners on Youtube (something I recommend you do, you can see the quality for yourself) I settled down on this one. It's a new gun-shaped device that is very comfortable to hold and this looks like a design that could become the standard in the near future. Using this camera is so simple with the easy user-interface setting as default. However, even on advanced mode it's fairly easy to operate once you've read the manual and experimented a bit. The image is stable when recording with two hands - you may want to hold the edge of the fold-out screen with your left-hand for more stabilization. Holding it in just one hand can produce a somewhat shaky video, but this is getting better with practice. The features cover everything you need for beginner to intermediate users and it could be argued that the device proves good enough for some professional shooting when knowing how to use these features to their best advantage. 720p HD video looks fine on my 32" flat screen TV and you can record about 2hours of this to an 8Gb SD card (or 1, 680 still images at highest resolution). If you want to record fast moving objects then use the standard definition recording feature at 60fps to prevent blurring. I would recommend a Class 6 SD card for this camcorder in order to reduce the time it takes to write files to the card. Taking photographs is easy and the resolution is impressive. So easy to take self portraits mainly by being able to turn the screen around. Battery life lasts at 70 minutes in HD-SHQ mode. Conclusion: HD video at a decent price, excellent features and all round good value for money. Note: I paid £166 for my camcorder.
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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2010
I needed a camera quick as i was going snowboarding. We bought one from a supermarket that was waterproof but it did not live up to expectations. I searched for ages for a good camera & I found this. I have to say this camera is AMAZING and totally better than expected. When I saw the price I thought that it should do the trick but I wanted more in the future...well I won't be needing another camera any time soon. This great, lightweight, easy to use camera is so simple yet very effective. As mentioned before, I took mine snowboarding and the zoom and light capture was excellent. I turned the digital zoom off on the menu so that I wouldn't lose any quality when taking footage from afar.
I am no expert in video production but this camera gives the ability to create Avatar like movies. The quality is great and the sound pickup is fantastic for such a little camera. I wasn't expecting full stereo sound however it managed to pick up all the noises I wanted on the busy slopes and also capture some lovely backround noise for effect.
I highly reccommend this to anyone who wants to get some footage of holidays, friends, family or anything else.
I also bought a spare battery pack to go with it as recording in HD can deplete the battery quicker but having said that the battery is still very good. Also I purchased a 16GB card to store all of my photos and videos.
A handy feature this camera has is that you can take photos while recording a video. This is great when you want that unmissable still photo to hang on the wall!
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on 12 April 2010
My teenage daughter wanted a camcorder of her own, so after some research, and a limited budget, we settled on this one. The camara is perfect for what she wanted. Very easy to use, great picture quality and perfect size. All in all I would say if you want a point and shot type of camcorder (and you are not uber sniffy about spec) you really cant go wrong with this little stunner.
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on 5 July 2010
I had read so many reviews about this camera and to be honest, expected the worst because of the comments regarding the 30fps. I bought it for Glastonbury festival this year and it was absolutely fantastic (so was the festival). Tucked away in the pocket when not in use, and when in use WOW!- superb picture and superb stereo sound with no distortion. A little shaky when fast movement but so what? I have a Sony HD camcoder that cost 6 times the price and cannot handle sound at high levels without switching off through 'overbuffer'. This camera has been the best little toy I have had the pleasure to own for convenience and quality - picture and sound. I'm just really taken back with the 3 hours footage I returned with. Recommend to anybody, dead easy to use, dead easy to create disks - I used Nero 9. Well done Sanyo.
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on 16 February 2010
Fits in a handbag, easy point-and-shoot and the video quality is OK, although obviously by no means pixel-perfect at this price.

It takes acceptable video in normal indoor lighting but looses it outdoors at night, about what I expected.

Another review sugested that the video quality looked 'plastic'. Mine looks natural to me on the normal settings, but it does look plastic when you select noise reduction alright, so I never select it.

The battery door looks OK to me, other reviews say it seems flimsy. Maybe the thing that makes it seem flimsy is that when you open the door it hangs there on a short plastic leash which seems fragile but is, presumably, pretty tough.

Replacement DBL-80 non-branded batteries are cheap, you don't need to buy an expensive Sanyo one just because you are putting it in a Sanyo product :-)
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on 13 May 2010
As a cameracorder it's beautiful; small, sleek if a bit slippery and performs great. It's not true HD but good, detailed pictures and very easy to use. Via USB the memory card comes up as an external drive so you just drag & drop to where you want. On our 32"TV picture is good but somehow a bit over sharp, it sort of bristles with sharpness. I guess MPeg-4 is the way to go but my computer has more trouble playing it than avi etc. Win Media Player doesn't cope well, nor iTunes. I don't think 30 frames/sec instead of PAL standard 25 helps. Def need a good spec computer to deal with video though. Two things to consider that aren't to do with camera. 1/ it's very difficult to make smooth movements, so video comes out jumpy. That's hard with a camera this small and the pistol shape makes it so tempting to 'wipe' around a scene, and 2/ you have to 'think' about making a movie. Totally different from snapping stills. I bought this camera for my wife to take on an adventure trip. Because of these last two points I imagine she'll be better off using the camera for stills and taking movies from a tripod or well braced, and think about what she's taking in terms of it being a watchable movie.
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on 9 June 2010
I purchased this Sanyo knocked out by how clear the footage is however I agree it is jumpy and this could be due to the pistol grip I am using a mac computer and as I stated the video is great in full screen my old footage on a Sony with a tape is less jumpy. I have sent it back to see if there is a fix I am awaiting the result I have just tried a canon Legria heck of a lot money more and I was told was very stable, put the footage on my Mac it was no better and not as sharp. Is jumpy video due to recording on an SD card? as there is no problem with tape.
We will see
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on 23 July 2010
This camcorder might look great, and at first, when I took it out of the box, I did get excited, because it seemed so tiny, elegant and sleek. However, when I took the first video in the highest resolution possible, i.e. HD, and then tried to watch it on my 42-inch TV, I realised that the quality of the video is not much better than that of my old Sony mini DVD camcorder.
So as this "HD" one was not really a worthy upgrade to my old camcorder, I sent it back...
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on 6 April 2010
I remember my dad's 1st camera in the 80's.


It had a separate video recorder and the quality was very poor.
We have here something that fits in your pocket, and does 720p hi-def quality, that you can edit right on your computer.
If you're a "young 'un" then please compare specs and complain it doesn't do 1080p @ 60fps...and then see how many camcorders in this price range do?
If you, like me, remember tape based cameras that didn't fit in pockets, you'll be bowled over for what you can get for less than £100.
If you want to spend 5x as much, you'll get something better...but I don't think it will be 5x better.
This is a great camcorder for a normal use.
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