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4.3 out of 5 stars160
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2011
I needed a speaker that would give me quality sound in my LOUD old Land Rover and give me the same on holiday around the pool, campsite and in every room in the house.
I looked at loads of speakers, Jambone, Fox, Creative, Zeppelin, Bose etc.
I take my time and consider each alternative, reading reviews and grabbing as many as possible for tests.
They all had their story to tell, but the Supertooth won it for me.
Portability was key, so whilst it isn't as light or as small as a Jawbone or Fox, the smooth, basey, rich sound even at 1/4 volume was enough to ensure everyone was happy and able to play their bluetooth music from any ipod or phone any time, giving enough volume to trounce the inferior players. It's still easy to carry around and will fit into most bags comfortably.
My 1968 Land Rover has a diesel engine and is VERY loud on the road, but playing the Supertooth at half volume max bends my ears and impresses any (lucky?) passengers.
At night around the campfire, I encourage anyone with music to link into its bluetooth mode and we have lots of entertainment from everyone's music piece.
Volume, by the way, works from two stereo speakers pumping out 8W each and then there is the back-up of the 12W base speaker too. Oh goodness me, it's goooood.
Also, I was listening to it when a call came through on my phone. Music stopped, call came through on the speaker, just like a Jambone, at half the price.
Tonight I gave it to my daughter to try out on her new iphone and she thought it was simply ace, and wants one for Christmas.
Just call me Santa.
No wires, great sound, strong metallic system (no waffy soft speaker covers here) with padded case, this is simple and effective.
Charge it up in a couple of hours and off you go.
At one third volume it lasts all night; put it on charge and it's ready for the next days' ear caress.
Two year guarantee as well, and half the price of Jambone and Fox.
No brainer.
Have fun.
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on 25 April 2010
.... now I want one. Its a solid, good looking, fantastic sounding device that went down well as a gift for my girlfriend as she has loads of music on her Nokia 5800 xpress music phone. It lasts for ages at lower volumes but handles high volumes with ease. You can also skip tracks and enhance the bass from the speaker... useful. If you want a portable speaker that acts as a decent sound system that fills a good size room with quality sound (not party volumes) then this is for you. Highly, highly recommended. And that comes from a person who is dead fussy about sound quality. 5 stars easily.
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on 12 September 2009
Bought this because the sound from my recently bought laptop is tinny and harsh. I can't listen to music or streamed radio with that kind of sound for long.

I wanted a bluetooth device that has good sound and which is reliable. For £80 you are not going to get a better piece of kit than this. From opening the box to getting it to work took maybe 3 minutes. The sound is great - full and true. The battery really does last the 10 hours claimed, and charges quickly.

I really couldn't ask for more - this is a great product.
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on 14 May 2010
Once I got the bluetooths talking to each other it worked a treat. This speaker is much better than I ever imagined. I have over 10,000 tracks on a net book. It takes seconds to connect and has enough bass to easily fill a large room. buy it now. Don't forget you need an a2dp bluetooth usb adapter
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on 31 October 2011
OK, so I'm not a big reviewer, more of a voyeur when it comes to Amazon, but having owned this product for the best part of a year, and loved every moment, I felt the need to rave on amazon for the benefit of others.

I really don't think you'll get a much better bit of kit for the price. It's a solid, well built, sturdy box, nice and weighty. The sound quality is spot on - I agree with some of the other reviewers that it lacks some high end finesse, but I'm not expecting Bose or Bang & Olufsen quality (or price) - for me it's just great. I mostly use it a mid to low volumes, as background music, and as such I'm not looking for the sort of crisp sound I'd expect from a dedicated system costing several hundred whatevers. I rarely use the base boost feature, which certainly boosts, if a little too much. I guess it's down to your own expectations. For me, sound quality on this is perfect.

Being bluetooth, of course it doesn't have to be linked to just your phone. I use it mostly via a bluetooth dongle (£6.95 from medion shop) that's just the job. A whole load better than my laptop's speakers. Incomparably better, as I'm sure you'd expect. 3.5mm input is simple genius as not everyone wants the faff of bluetooth. I guess using this helps the battery last longer too.

The snug neoprene cover that comes with it is really great, well designed, looks smart and does an ample job of protecting the speaker box from knocks and bumps (if you're silly enough not to look after it). This would be sold for £20 as a separate accessory with some brands.

Battery life is incredible. You can leave it on standby for days and days. Even though I use it regularly and frequently throughout the week (at low volumes) it generally lasts a week between charges (bluetooth input). Despite alot of other reviews on here, you CAN switch it off. Just hold down the on/off button for 3-4 seconds. I discovered this feature by reading the manual. ;-)

All in, this is an ace bit of kit. It's been on holiday with us, in the car, to the beach, by the pool, in the kitchen, in the garden. It's amazing how portable and versatile a portable speaker can be! It also gets a lot of attention from friends and family, and as a result we bought one for our inlaws for a wedding present who love it equally as much.

I'm sure by now, you get the point, but if I could give 6 stars, this would get it. Thank you supertooth, for producing something that simply works!
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on 6 May 2013
I was looking for a bluetooth speaker (to use with my notebook that has its internal speakers broken) that
- has at least coverage of a large room (I mean bluetooth distance)
- has an own internal battery that lasts at least 5-6 hours
- easy to use/connect
- has enough power to fill a large room
- has relatively good quality of craftmanship

Why I chose this product:
- At this price category (below 100 pounds) I couldn't find any competing product that satisfies all my conditions (they either don't have an own battery and work with AA's, or they are much more expensive or too small)

What I like:
- the delivery was fast and precise
- the connection is extremely easy and takes just a few seconds
- the bluetooth works to at least 8 metres of distance including a wall between the devices
- the package also contains a cool and practical box/bag
- the tracklist can be controlled from the speaker (e.g. next/pause/stop/bass boost etc)
- very loud, louder than I expected, 28W with great power
- very long battery life: I use it at about 1/3 of the full power (which is already loud enough for a movie with my girlfriend or listening to music while working), and it boasts 12+ hours.

What I dislike:
- the box contains a 3.5 jack cable to use with devices lacking bluetooth (or A2DP), but the cable is of extremely low quality, and it already stopped working after just a few days.
- the sound quality is mediocre at best - it is sometimes even a bit irritating when listening to e.g. jazz
- distorted medium and high frequencies
- the bass boost is only usable at low volume, at half power it already distorts the sound too much
(I am not an audiophile, but I can differentiate between 128kbps and 320kbps on a quality speaker, certainly not on this one, not even with the 3.5 jack cable)

I would recommend this product, but if you are an audiophile, then don't buy it!

Edit: I revisit this review because after just 6 months of usage the speaker started having problems.
1. Does not connect properly on windows 8.1 anymore, it takes 6 tries and the connection sometimes drops, even when the speaker is next to my laptop on my desk.
2. Even if I connect the speaker with a cable it keeps turning off. I think it is connected to the sound level of the music I'm playing: when the music gets silent, the speaker stops playing and turns off, happens like every 2 minutes.
3. The battery life already halved, lasts no more than 5-6 hours now.
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on 17 November 2009
After scouring the internet, and checking out many reviews on similar products (Parrot Boombox, Gear4 Blackbox etc), I settled on the Supertooth.

I ruled out the 'Boombox' due to cost. The 'Blackbox' was a close contender, and the LED equalizer it boasts appealed to me .
However, the prime reason for the speaker was to play music from my Nokia 5800XM phone, which fully supports the Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, A2DP, AVRCP etc.
I found reviews which suggested the 'Blackbox' lacked sound quality via Bluetooth - to quote one review "...metal heads look away !..."
[To be fair though, the reviews said the 'Blackbox' was v. good when connected via cable, no noticeable loss in quality] whereas the Supertooth DISCO had excellent sound reproduction on either connection method.

The Supertooth WAS slightly more expensive, but I think it's worth it.

The case is very sturdy to protect the speaker, and you don't have to remove the speaker from it's case to use it, as there is a 'window' at the rear to allow the sub-woofer to work, just fold down the front and switch on.

The speaker goes into a standby mode when the music streaming is paused for any length of time, but still maintains the BT connection to the paired device.

The only minor thing I have noticed, and I suspect the culprit is the Nokia XM, not the speaker (as there is no mention of this elsewhere on the net); is occasionally the playback is momentarily interrupted for a second or two; but this always coincides with the phone doing 'something else'.

All in all, a great little speaker !!
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on 30 June 2014
I've compared this to a number of different bluetooth systems, and its pretty much the best in terms of value for money. I've had no issues with sound quality - although some more audiophile reviewers have suggested that high end fidelity is lacking. In the real world you'll be using this on a patio during a barbecue, or on a canal boat's roof, or sitting round a campfire with people shooting the breeze. You're not going to be sitting intently next to it trying to work out if the strings in Mozart's Idomeneo sound just as they did that time you listened to the Berlin Philharmonic at the Royal Albert Hall. One of your drunken mates is going to ask you to whack on Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins - in which case volume and bass are what you're after. Blue tooth pairing is pretty painless - hold down the power button for five seconds so that you can pair, or turn on normally if your phone had already paired up. Your phone will need to be able to send 0000 as a password, which may be why I could never get my HP TouchPad to pair up. If that happens, or you have an older analogue source, you can just use a standard headphone cable (supplied). The case has a handy carrying handle, the Disco does stereo and optional Bass Boost, it can be used from within the protective case and it's louder and meatier than any of the subsequent Disco products (Supertooth Disco 2,3 and 4). Due to the volume, I'd rate this kit on a par with more expensive gear like the Minx Go, which I've also used. Obviously the sky's the limit with Bluetooth speakers, but for the 80 quid I spent on this one (30/05/2014) I came away feeling like I'd found the best output at the price. Incidentally, I've worked as a sound engineer and I'm a jobbing musician - I really didn't have any problems with the sound quality on the Disco. If this is your first bluetooth speaker you're going to be very happy with this kit.
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on 9 April 2010
I bought this product on the basis of the good reviews across the internet for it. And what can I say except I agree with them? This is a fantastic piece of kit. Very powerful, with bass strong enought to put out a lighter!
Seamlessly connected with my Samsung NC10 PC and iPod touch and it's very useful to be able to control them with the buttons on the speaker. Spotify on the NC10 is completely controlled by the speaker while the iPod can only be paused by it (which is a bit of a shame but Apple's fault, not the Supertooth's).
Another slight niggle is the AC adaptor makes a very quiet but high pitched noise while charging, but it's barely audible so doesn't bother you if your more than a metre away.

Absolutely fantastic, thoroughly recommended.
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on 31 July 2010
... it's taken me ages to get the supporting hardware and software drivers for my laptop to connect to the stereo. I don't have integrated Bluetooth on my laptop and the first Bluetooth adapter I bought didn't work, and the second one (Belkin Bluetooth USB plus EDR Adapter, 100m range, v2.1) the software didn't automatically download properly (when I was on Vista) but on reinstallation (on Windows 7) worked perfectly. In between the laptop Bluetooth not working properly my Bluetooth MP3 (Sony Walkman NWZA828K) was working at the press of one button, so I was already happy the stereo was what I was looking for.

Sound quality? Yeah, nothing wrong with that- it's a powerful little speaker and considering the price of not-very-powerful speakers in the £50 price range and the only-slightly-better-than-that speakers in this price range, I certainly think I've got a bargain. It's been fine with Joni Mitchell, Nirvana, Evanescence, - heavy and strong, light and clear music. The bass is adjustable to off or on, I switch it off for listening to TV programmes but have it on for all music.

It's got this retro look to it that I like, it's just shy of 8cm high, 32cm across, 8cm deep. It comes with a snug case for portability. There's a standard English plug. It comes with a 1 metre audio cable that plugs into the headphone socket on my laptop and connects round the back of the speaker. Battery life- I've not tested it for large amounts of time, but I've had it off power for a couple of days, taking the stereo around the house (this is the only one I have that works, and the fact that it's portable is excellent) and it's never cut out.

I'm really impressed. I would definitely recommend to my friends, as long as they had a decent, compatible Bluetooth device.
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