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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 July 2009
Since the release of the awesome "Fury of our makers Hand" and more recently "The last kind words" Devil Driver without question have made themselves a household name in the world of Hardcore Metal, namely Dez who has worked incredibly hard since the collapse of coal chamber to re-build his reputation and a new band.

Devil Driver have right from the very start wanted to become a cohesive and dedicated metal band playing high quality metal music, with "balls" and without compromises, always letting it be known they were never in this for a side-project. If past releases did'nt quite convince some that the 'Driver wern't quite up to the same stakes as Lamb of god or Children of bodom (for example), with Pray for villains this must surely start to change.

Pray for villains is a "massive" step forward for the guys both in maturity, ideas and musicianship. The title track blasts things off to an amazing start complete with the trademark blast beating and unmistakeable Dez growl with a look-haden chorus.
Even at this point you just know that this record is something special and on into true headbanging riff of "Pure sincerity" (which is sure to be a future live staple at some point) ensures the standard doesn't slip.

Elsewhere "Back with a vengeance" "Resurrection BLVD" and "Forgiveness is a 6gun" are nothing short of exceptional metal songs full of mighty riffs and melodic choruses, including awesome harmonics as well; nothing along the way strikes me as substandard or below par in any way, especially in comparison with some of their older back catalogue, where you might come across the odd turkey.

I know many fans were a little dissapointed with "The last kind words" admittedly it was not as good as "Fury" and whilst there was nothing wrong with it, i just think it was lacking abit of the "WOW factor" i am pleased therefore to report that i think "Pray for villains" is better than both of them including their Debut, making this their best yet, a very strong possibility!

Melody has never been the forefront of Devil Drivers music, whilst that is still true, Pray for villians is i think far more diverse and dare i say a little more listenable than before, i think both fans and newbies are going to love the direction Devil Driver have taken with this, it's a great album full of creativity, ideas and most importantly competant metal songs, that will really show their worth live!!!

If you purchase the CD+DVD version (which i strongly recommend) it comes housed in a very nice double digi-pak with 4extra tracks and a DVD showing the studio developments, a very interesting insight indeed and a must considering the pound or two extra you would only be paying!

I'm not going to say this is the best album since sliced bread or the classic of the decade as i feel that would be far to controversial particularly as we have had such a great decade for metal, however i will say that the five star rating i have just given is in my opinion entirely justified, i hope you will agree.

If your a fan already you won't hesitate in buying this, if your a new to Devil Driver if you like your metal brutal and heavy look no further, this album is very recommended and there is no doubt in my mind that this at some point is bound to propel the Devil Driver into stardom. Enjoy.
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on 27 July 2009
I dare anyone listening to this in their car not to put their right foot down when the title track gets going!

This is without doubt a great modern metal album. I'm not sure its really any more varied than the previous 3 though - and those more melodic guitar licks have all but disappeared. Its awesomely heavy though and the drum tracks are phenomenal.

I dont think I want variety from Devildriver - Just more of this!
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on 16 July 2009
With 16 tracks or pure insanely good metal, and a class Maiden cover, this is their best album so far. It is also, strangely their most diverse. This album has some of their most brutal creations, some serisouly epic guitar solos, sweep picking as a verse riff (resurrection blvd), and a song that can almost be considered soft by DD's standards (teach me to wisper). I recomend any metal fans to get this and have their ears cream.
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While Devildriver's first two albums defined the band's power-groove sound, the band mixed thing up with their 3rd album `The Last Kind Words,' by injecting a large amount of melo-death influenced parts into the formula.

With their fourth album, `Pray For Villains,' the band took things one step further, releasing their most diverse and multifaceted record to date. A mixture of tempos, more clean sections than ever before and the introduction of emotional sounding guitar leads mixed in with the twiddling kind gives `Pray For Villains,' a different feel than all previous Devildriver albums, whilst still retaining the overall style of `The Last Kind Words.'

On this album, drummer John Boecklin stepped up his game to a ridiculously high level, to the point where it sounds like they've hired a new drummer altogether. John plays at least an entire third of the album in as blistering a fashion as you would expect from a drum solo, with more of the music than ever being drum centric.

In fact, the whole band are on top form in terms of performance and creativity. Combine this with a solid production job and the aforementioned songwriting and you've got a really strong album indeed.

Highlights include the sinister `Pure Sincerity,' which chugs along at a Pantera pace, with the exception of ridiculously fast kick drums keeping the overall tempo up until the song finally erupts around the three and a half minute mark into all out high speed aggression.

`I've Been Sober,' is an exiting and diverse song that shows of Boecklin's previously mentioned drumming very well in addition to some of the band's strongest ever lead guitar work and a superb powerful vocal performance from Dez.

Finally there's `Another Night In London,' which delivers everything you'd want from Devildriver and will doubtlessly feature in their live show for the foreseeable future.

Overall, Pray For Villains is a very strong record, introducing many new elements into the band's sound without betraying what they set out to be. If you like the band I can't recommend this album enough, it is the sound of a band maturing and evolving without compromising what they are about.
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on 5 August 2009
dev states in a recent interview that he along with his band listen to johnny cash and other such like artists along with metal bands and that can be identified in their sound,i wouldnt be sure of that now,this album,their fourth has also been called diverse for the lads,it isnt really either,some melody has been lost and the metal side has been enhanced further.
The album has a good feel to it,it screams its way through to the final in fine fashion,the 4 bonus tracks arent overly essential but this is a tidy 13 track proper album for sure.
My fave tracks include the self titled track and 'ive been sober' which features an element of clean singing thrown in for good measure.The album is groove laden as you would expect and as i stated,it rocks hard,a good job,they havent let anyone down yet.
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on 6 March 2012
1st off I haven't got all of Devildrivers albums but I have Fury, Last Kind Words & this cd. This is without a doubt my favourite so far. 1st listen thought it was ok but on 2nd listen the tracks kept growing on me. Now I love this album. Nice and heavy, good riffs and some catchy sing a long bits. On first listen they are not catchy but they grow on you like a virus! I highly recommemnd this to album. Its a modern masterpiece. Stand out tracks for me are Pray For Villians, I've been sober and Another Night in london. All excellent tracks on the album but these 3 stand out for me. I'm a big Slayer fan and I needed some metal bands to keep me entertained and DD are there to fill the void. Keep it up! Now to buy beast.......
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on 5 September 2009
I first started listening to Devildriver when they released The Fury of Our Maker's Hand. I was blown away by their mix of sheer agression, ridiculously fast drums and highly technical guitars. Both subsequent albums have been a step forward for the band, refining the sound and maintaining an interesting variety of tunes. Hopefully this album will push them into the forefront, as they definitely deserve a huge fanbase. Bring on the next album guys!
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on 11 August 2009
This album is a must have for all metal fans especially those who love their music heavy! I caught this band when they played at Download and I was blown away! So when the new album came out I bought it straight away and I was not disappointed! This album shows how they have grown as a band and become heavier and tighter than before. It is well written and very well played and is a must have for all those true metallers out there!
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on 5 August 2009
I wasnt a huge Devildriver fan until i saw them at Download 2009. I got dragged along by a friend, and from then i've been hooked. When Dez was talking about a new album i had to get it. Pray for Villans is an absolute metalheads dream! Its heavy, fast and very Metal!!! My faveourite songs on the album are "Waiting for November" and "Another night in London". If you're a fan of fast music this is the cd for you!
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on 8 April 2013
Catchy, thrashy with punch and the trademark great attitude, bought this to find my sister and Mum also had and were familiar and enjoyed the same, seen them live, Cd lived up to expectations I ordered it on iPhone from the balcony seat watching the band in action.
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