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4.5 out of 5 stars266
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 December 2012
I started with a course of the higher dosage 5000mcg B-12 tablets and found them effective as far as insomnia is concerned. I have now switched to the lower 1000mcg dosage and found them to be equally effective. These are less expensive and there are 100 tablets in the bottle which is about 3 months' worth so all in all better value for the same result.

For reference, the original review is at Jarrow Formulas, Methyl B-12, 5000 mcg, 60 Lozenges
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on 15 August 2012
I was diagnosed as having B12 defiency in late 2008 after being admitted to hospital with mental health problems. My symptoms included severe migraines, nausea, low mood and tingling hands and feet. I was prescribed B12 injections until I reached 'normal' levels again.
However, I started to get tingling hands and feet again last year and I my doctor sent me for a blood test but they came back 'normal'.
So I purchased these supplements and a book called Could it be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses.
I have been taking these supplements everyday and I haven't had any symptoms since.
The book states that this is the best form of B12 as it goes straight in to the blood stream by disolving under the tongue and passes through the blood brain barrier. However, I would like to point out that it takes about 15 minutes to disolve, but you can chew into small pieces to help it disolve faster.
They also have a pleasant taste and you cannot take to much B12.
I have also purchased these for my mum.

I would highly recommend!
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on 17 April 2012
I recently had my B12 tested and the result came back at 156 in a range of 150-900. Despite having symptoms of B12 deficiency (fatigue, tingling hands and feet, insomnia, brain fog) my doctor refused to give me B12 injections as I was "in range". I read that sublingual B12 was a good alternative to the injections so I tried this product. I started taking one a day and didn't notice much of a difference, so i increased to 4 a day. Within a few weeks my sleep and energy had noticeably improved and the tingling had calmed down a lot. I then did a foolish thing and switched to the B12 patches, which did absolutely nothing whatsoever. My fatigue, sleep problems, brain fog and tingling are back. I have now ordered the 5000mcg lozenges to get myself back to health. I will come back to the 1000mcg strength for maintenance.

So, I would highly recommend this product for maintaining good B12 levels, but would recommend the higher strength (or taking more than one a day) if you need to build up your B12 quickly.

P.S. I think that I have probably been borderline B12 deficient for years, but my tests always came back 'normal'. Always ask your doctor for a print out of your blood test results and look at the ranges yourself. I would still be wondering why I feel so awful if I hadn't done this as my doctor just told me I didn't need treatment.
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on 7 November 2013
Fabulous product that is nigh on impossible to buy in the UK in this dosage. Having spoken to a couple of chemists re dosage, i chose the 1000mcg as a good start dose and it's fabulous. It has staved off the mid afternoon 'crash' that i used to get which in turn has helped me get a decent full nights sleep. I have been diagnosed with MS and i refuse to bow down to it and take the chemical treatments offered so have been keeping it at bay with a combination of vitamin/mineral supplements (with results which include, so far, some of my symptoms disappearing ie my eyesight has improved and my memory is coming back). It tastes good, doesnt dissolve very quickly so i do tend to end up chewing it, but does what it's supposed to do (i also take a Vit B complex tablet as well). It's always worth checking with a Dr before taking a high dose supplement but as B12 but most don't get too concerned as long as they know. For me it's been wonderful and i will be doing a repeat order :)
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on 4 April 2014
I was absolutely desperate with such extreme tiredness that I ordered these before the blood test results came through and within a week they seem to help a lot. According to the blood tests, my B12 levels were "normal" but I had seen a significant benefit already. Internet trawling showed that this has happened to others too, suggesting that normal B12 levels are different for each individual. When I ran out of tablets, the tiredness returned. When more arrived I took 2-3 per day to boost my levels. It took longer for my tiredness to reduce this time. I'm now taking 1 tablet a day and it seems alright. Not great, but better. I'm not sure why it was different after a 2 week break in taking the tablets.
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on 6 March 2013
Since taking this product I have started to get some of my energy back. Now I really would not want to be without it.
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on 12 February 2013
I have been suffering with Pernicious Anaemia for about 3 years now and have the 3 monthly B12 injections from my Doctor. The injections only really offer relief for about 4-6 weeks and then I feel awful again, I have repeatedly asked my GP to increase the frequency but have always been refused. After doing some research and discovering these on Amazon I am really happy to report that they do help with tiredness levels and sleep patterns, much more than I had expected them to. I don't usually write reviews but as a sufferer of PA, I felt that I should tell others in my situation to give this a try. I really hope this review helps someone.
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on 11 February 2014
these tablets used to dissolve under the tongue easily before the recent reformulation, and now it's more of a struggle to get them to dissolve this way. they can be chewed, of course, but it's obviously more effective to take it sublingually.

also a few years ago they were in glass bottles - now they're in heinous plastic. if i'm not mistaken, the company says the containers are not BPA free (though do double check with them as they may have changed this).
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 August 2014
This works well for mother-in-law although I seem to need more. We both prefer suckables, much pleasanter.

A B12 deficiency can cause many problems including (longer term) permanent nerve and/or brain damage. Tingling hands/feet and eyelid twitching are the most common symptoms but most of the symptoms can be caused by other deficiencies. According to "The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook" and "Could it be B12" the B12 lab tests are not reliable - also we can be B12 deficient even if tests are within the normal range. (In Japan the range is higher; 500-1,500.)

Trying high dose, sublingual B12 for a month is probably the best way to identify whether it can be helpful. Then stop for just 3 days, noting what symptoms return. (We often forget about symptoms when they go, it's normal to forget pain, or no woman would ever have more than 1 baby.)

The methylcobalamin form is equivalent physiologically to vitamin B12. Avoid the cheaper cyanocobalamin (cyanide!) which has more steps before it is converted to the active, usable form.

It's useful to know B12 is not toxic even in large dosages; very high doses may be the most effective - but others believe there's little to distinguish between 250 mcg absorbed and 5000mcg absorbed, on the basis of reactions. Note that some recommend sublingual/spray/patch but others say sublingual has no benefits, even if absorption is impaired: I don't really know either way, except that I seem to need more than 1,000mcg (1mg) while mother-in-law is fine with it and, for both of us, it doesn't seem to matter whether we use sublingual, suckable or just swallow the B12 in pill form. However, for that important first month's trial, I now always recommend 5mg daily, in sublingual form.

For many of us, it's important to also supplement with folate (vitamin B9 - avoid the folic acid version, a synthetic which can cause cancer), as B9 and B12 work closely together. However, it's also worth knowing that some are concerned about even the methyl form of B12 as it may "overdrive" the methylation cycle in the body which can cause adverse symptoms. (45% are under-methylators and 15% are over-methylators; low histamine points to over-methylator: so, if you have to take anti-histamines, you may be an undermethylator.) If taking either B12 or B9/folate/folic acid causes problems for you, the answer may be in "Nutrient Power" by Dr Walsh, an excellent book on methylation issues.

Finally, it's little known that men with pernicious anemia (when the body does not make enough red blood cells due to lack of B12) have a gluten problem, which is usually what causes the pernicious anemia.
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on 25 April 2014
These tablets are working for me. As a Fibromyalgia sufferer, one of my biggest problems is fatigue. Since taking these tablets I have definitely had more energy and my tiredness is less.
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