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4.5 out of 5 stars1,193
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I wanted a motion sensing light for my kitchen - which only has a one-way light switch.
Sensibly, that switch is close to the door where you can enter from outside. But, during the night, if I come downstairs to the kitchen for anything, then I enter from inside and have to walk across the kitchen to turn on the main light. This risks stubbing my toe, accidentally hitting something (or even tripping over the dog!).

This light is a great solution.

It doesn't have any gimmicks. It doesn't even have an on/off switch. It is automatically activated when the batteries are installed (which, by the way, is very easy using just a standard slotted screwdriver).
But it does sense movement well and gives off a particularly bright light for just a small LED bulb.

The light covers 10 square feet and is only activated when the ambient light is low enough to need extra light.
It is energy efficient, and the bulb is apparently expected to have a 20 year life (ample for me at my age!).

I haven't had it long enough to judge the life of batteries within it but, one useful feature it does have is that the light doesn't automatically go off if the batteries need replacing. I think that's helpful.

If you want a light that is fully adjustable for direction, sensitivity to light and sensitivity to movement, then this is not for you.
But, if you want a good quality light that does the job it was designed for very well, then I can recommend.
I am probably going to buy another for the upstairs landing.

Anyway, I hope that this review is helpful in some way when making the decision.
Thanks for reading it.
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on 1 January 2013
These actually work very well and the output of the small LEDs is more than enough to provide guiding light. While I originally thought I'd only utilise these units while on blurry-eyed midnight adventures to the bathroom, my girlfriend and I use them throughout the evening as the main light in our bathroom is an energy saving bulb and therefore takes approximately 60 seconds to reach full brightness (at which point, we have completed our business and are out the door). These switch on instantly and thus provide 100% of their output from the moment they detect you.

My only minor annoyance is that the LEDs tend to come on when the light level drops even very slightly. Of course, this doesn't really effect me to any great degree but it is frustrating that they are consuming battery power when they need not be. For this reason, and what would have made me award this product with a five star review, it would be good it the units had some form of sensitivity control or even and "ON/OFF" switch.

Like most other reviewers have highlighted, the sticky pads that come with the light units are not fit for purposed. I made the mistake of thinking the ones in my pack were different but they all fell off within 24 hours (luckily not causing any damage). I have found Sellotape's Outdoor Sticky Fixers do the job much, much better so get some of them if you don't fancy drilling any holes.

Overall I think these are clever little devices and I would find it hard to imagine my bathroom without them from now on. My girlfriend's Mother has since bought some after seeing ours and I'm thinking of getting some for my parents too.
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on 30 October 2015
These are brilliant small little lamps that are easily fit anywhere.

I purchased a set of 3 from the lightning deals in preparation for a house move where I will want these fitted. In the meantime I tested them and they are very bright with instant response, which is ideal for those late night trips through the hallway.

However one star dropped for the lack of quality checking. One of my three fittings did not work with the batteries fitted. I tested it using my Multimeter and confirmed batteries were fine with the full 6v present, and upon taking it apart I observed several dry joints on the internal PCB. Now as I have a soldering iron this was easily fixed, however surely these lights should be tested prior to boxing.
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on 26 August 2010
This light is brilliant! I have 2 children who need to get out to the toilet at night. This light just comes on as they open the bathroom door and then turns its self off when they leave. Its bright enough and obviously avoids the noise of turning the main light on and then forgetting to turn it off!! It only works when dark so doesnt waste battery in the day. Its a must have!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 February 2014
I've had a couple of Philips battery 3 LED motion sensor lights for years and they are fine. But I wanted one that I could use free standing on top of my toilet cistern and this fits the bill perfectly:-) The sensor senses me approaching as soon as I reach its line of view, which in my case is halfway along the landing, and the light it gives off is more than ample for most bathroom activities ;-) The light automatically goes out about 30 seconds after any movement stops but you only have to move your head a bit and it comes back on :-) Saves you either having to switch a main light on in the night or fumble around in the dark and in my case, it lights the hallway a bit while you return to bed too. Couldn't be happier.

It's worth pointing out that whilst some reviewers say that according to the instructions, it will only come on in total darkness, it does in fact still come on in my bathroom even with the landing light on and shining into the bathroom. So all it seems to require is a low light level (not total darkness) before the sensor comes on.....

One reviewer complained that the light was too fierce and shone in his eyes but if you place the light with the sensor at the top, as shown in the ad, then the actual LED shines downwards. So unless you put it really high up on the wall and look up at directly at the LED, there is no way that it can shine directly into your eyes and cause you any discomfort ;-)

Another thing that might be worth pointing out is that although it may look as if it has a glass or plastic 'screen' in the ad, it is actually just a white plastic box with a sloping wall onto which the small LED shines. It looked really strange when I first saw it but it works a treat so no complaints here:-)
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on 31 March 2011
I'd been searching Amazon for a small battery powered nightlight - something I could switch on at bedtime and leave on my bathroom windowsill to light up the bathroom for my 4 year old, when I came across this little gem. Not only does it produce more than sufficient light to use the bathroom without turning on the main light, (my 4 year old can't yet reach light switch), it's also got a motion sensor, so I don't have to even think about turning it on at bedtime or leaving it on and wasting the batteries. Another battery saving feature is that it doesn't come on when it's already light, so during the day or when an adult uses the room with the main light on.

It came with a sticky pad and screws to fix it to the wall. (Batteries are not included). I positioned it about 4 inches above the toilet cistern and it switches on as soon as the bathroom door moves, stays on for about 3 minutes then switches itself off. It's been installed for about 3 weeks now and my son loves it, and so do I!
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on 21 October 2011

This PIR motion sensor nightlight does work - but the key thing to remember is that it is a NIGHTLIGHT.
The LED light is fine for illuminating at quite short distances (next to a front door, to see the lock, for example), but it's very small, so don't expect more than that. The sensor does work, most of the time - but remember, it won't work at all until it's dark enough for the LED to kick-in. The unit itself is light plastic and is fairly small - (Around 16cm long, I'd say. and although it is supposed to be suitable for exterior use, I don't think it would survive total exposure to the elements. (Under a porch or eves etc, is fine.) Interior use, under the stairs, or in a cupboard/garage etc., would probably be ideal. The additional plastic 'fixing plate' it comes with is pretty flimsy and I wasn't confident it would hold the unit up for long, so I just used the screw mounting holes on the body of the unit itself, which was fine.
Overall the unit offers a small glow of light in areas where wiring is difficult - which is what it's meant to do.
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on 6 January 2012
Easy to setup and install.
On looking for a suitable position for my alarm keypad and the sensor light on the landing (turning the alarm on/off when going to bed or getting up during the night) I noticed that the sensor light was prone to coming on randomly, I discovered this only happens when the central heating is on, as the sensor was virtually over the top of the radiator. I positioned it on an adjacent wall and no longer have this problem and works great, although mentioned on other reviews my light comes on when it becomes overcast with the weather, so not very dark but like a dull dingy type of day, during the night it is spot on.

2 worthwhile notes:
Do not fix directly over a radiator or heat source.
Do not position where it will pickup constant movement or reflection (i.e. directly in front of a window).

This is a great light but keep in mind it is a PIR and is quite sensitive and at a fairly wide span so keep this in mind when deciding a position for a PIR unit before buying it.

It lost a Star because it should explain this to customers.

Definitely recommend this light.

Hope this helps.
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on 9 February 2014
Does exactly what it says! Comes on with movement goes off after a few seconds of no movement. Nice soft light so no sore eyes during the night from putting the big light on! Great buy - definitely recommend.
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Mr Beams have become my number one choice since buying one of their products at a lightning deal.

Apart from the durable, quality materials used, these lights emit such a pleasant warm light.

- Bright reflected light. Ideally they should be mounted at knee height (to illuminate pathway) if intended for outdoor use
- High quality weatherproofing seal
- No fiddling with sensitivity settings. Work just as advertised
- Battery life is great thanks to the high quality low power consumption LED
- Very versatile, and will look great inside too. (Ideal for corridors or bedroom)
- Battery compartment is held by 2 screws with metal thread and housing, so chances of stripping is greatly diminished

None so far.

I highly recommend these Mr. Beams MB723 lights
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