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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2009
Dave's voice is unique as always, but seems a little less hoarse this time round. Some have commented that Dave sounds angry in this album, and yes the music is very fast and heavy, but in my opinion lacks some of the raw emotion of the more in your face United Abominations. Endgame is more about pure heavy metal / thrash with less synths, instruments and samples compared to the 2007 album, although saying that Endgame does go very nicely from one track to another with mostly no gaps in between the songs on the CD. As a whole album it works very well, with no obvious flaws or mismatches in the track list, and it is an extremely polished album (unlike The System Has Failed, which had one or two seemingly odd / mismatched tracks). It could seem like there is little variation from song to song in style, which to an extent is true, but it's when you listen to each individual track that you begin to notice the differences in rythm and style.

Lots of very good tracks, and some standout awesome tracks, but this time it's because of the technical brilliance of the way the musicians and singer(s) come together, with excellent solos playing over great riffs, and lots of tempo changes, and variations in each track. The lyrics are not necessarily as raw as United Abominations, and there's not as much political energy this time round, but it seems as though they've moved more towards musical excellence in Heavy Metal / Thrash with this album, and that's got to be a good thing. Dave Mustaine and Chris Brodericks solos very smoothly roll into each other, and it's clear they work VERY well together, bringing a fresh sound to Megadeth. (Particularly with "Endgame" which also has some very clear nods to classic Megadeth riffs)

I've heard it said that you've got to listen to the guitar solo on such and such a track, or that the drummer is excellent on this track, and I think that this is perhaps one of the most impressive things you'll notice when listening to this ablum. No matter what your favourite instrument or player, you can really hear the excellence of each player, be it the excellent guitar solos in 44 Minutes, or the excellent drumming in Head Crusher, or the pounding bass lines in The Right to Go Insane, or the snarling growl of Dave Mustaine's voice in Endgame, it all comes together in each track, and throughout the album the sheer excellence of each musician is clear. A Definite MUST BUY! 9/10
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on 8 October 2009
The first offering from this album was the mind blowing 'Head Crusher' and from this great things were expected. I am happy to say that this album delivers exactly the type of high quality metal you'd expect from the living legends that are Megadeth. A fast-paced, riff-filled metal masterpiece from the 'Deth. You'll want to listen to it again and again - but mind your neck as you'll want to mosh HARD.
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I agree with many of the reviews here in that this is one of Megadeth's most consistently good albums. From the opener to the closer there is a sense of purpose and ferocity in all the songs.

What is striking is the standard of production too. Whilst Megadeth made their name many moons ago one only has to listen to their older records to sense the level change in engineering and sound standards. This is top drawer stuff.

Anyway, Dave has done justice and then some to the Megadeth legacy with this record and for me personally it's my favourite one so far.
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on 8 October 2009
A new Megadeth album - all the pre-release talk of it being a return to the style of their earlier albums; been here before, obviously, and didn't hold out much hope .

A few listens in now and I can safely say it is pretty much a return to classic form! Yes, really!

First things first; it's definitely a much thrashier album than the band has released in quite some time, which, for me at least, is a good thing. As with 'Death Magnetic' by Metallica and 'Christ Illusion' by Slayer this sounds like a band rediscovering it's roots. Mustaine has obviously been revisiting his classic albums from the Eighties and early Nineties (as well as the influences that shaped those albums - the opener is pure 'Powerslave' era Maiden whilst 'Headcrusher' recalls Judas Priest).

The musicianship is, it goes without saying, fantastic; with crunching riffs and dazzling solos. Even Mustaine's vocals are OK (always a bit weak IMHO)!

So, all-in-all a surprising return to form.
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on 15 September 2009
Buy it just for Chris Brodericks solo at the end of 44 minutes, its incredible. The album harks back to a time when Megadeth were the fastest and most musically gifted band in the world.
All other bands in the genre tend to to put 1 or 2 riffs in a song, Mustaine puts in 5 or 6 and tempo changes, lead breaks and banging Bass and that's just in the first song.
Is it as good as Rust in Peace or Countdown?... Not for me but I grew up on those albums, so I would say that.
This is the album that fits in just behind those 2. It will appease old schoolers and new alike, so don't steal it from download sites, support the talent and get it bought.
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on 7 October 2009
After already having released 11 albums previous to this some people may have decided that they are past it but I think that this album will prove them wrong. This shows that bands can last many years and still create awesome music! They are one of Metal's finest bands and this album shows how far they have come and grown as a band. It has catchy lyrics, great riffs, classic drumming and will appeal to all Megadeth fans and music fans alike! Well worth buying and with Christmas coming up why not get it on your lists ;-)
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on 20 October 2009
Some reviewers are a bit harsh on Megadath with this album.
It is a very strong and consistant piece of work.
It reminds me a lot of early Megadeth - So Far So Good and Rust In Peace era.
I too have all their albums and I can honestly say that I enjoy this album more than some of their others.
Maybe some of the critics have not listened to the album enough - its a grower and its good!!!
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on 21 October 2009
I don't really know Mustaine new found religion is the key, but definitely this guy is playing some great heavy metal here. The previous two disc were ok but nerver really got me. This one is one of those you'll find yourself playing over and over again till you can wistle the riffs and sing the songs.
Some really well done riffs, heavy but still Medageth-ish.
Definitely a disc to own.
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on 9 November 2011
Well well well. I have had some delay in listening to this album. However, it is even better to hear it few years after its release and find out that it is one of the best Megadeth's albums.
There were times in my life when I appreciated Metallica more than Mustaine's band. However the scale now shifted on the Megadeth' side very strongly (especially after not that good Lulu...).
Back to the Endgame though.
As being a more-than-half-of-my-life metalhead I have heard and seen ups and downs of Megadeth.
This one is definetely one of the ups!
I must say that if I would have heard to this album in 1991 I would be thrown to the floor and that would be one of my favs metal albums ever. Nowadays it has chance to become one of my favs but I will see if I will enjoy it in 5 years time (that's my probe, best albums easily withstand such trial :-).
From Dialectic Chaos to The Right To Go Insane I can't find a weak point. Good melodies, a bit of punk rhytms and ultraspeed insane solos...
This album can be described as magnum opus of Megadeth. They have changed their style a bit but they haven't drifted too far, if you know what I mean... :-)
I hope that Th1rt3en will keep up with this album. I will find out soon!
Stay heavy!
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on 4 October 2009
I got Endgame the first day it was out and i was expecting big things.Ive lost count on how many times ive listened to it but it has totally blown me away. Dave has reallu upped his game in terms of fast playing and snarling vocals, he really is the founding father of thrash.Endgame in my opinion is the modern day Rust In Peace, Fast-paced playing and lyrically great.It sets the bar for the modern thrash era and i say good luck as Megadeth have proven once again why they are top!
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