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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars15
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2010
Okay, this game is long overdue on the Wii but it was definitely worth the wait! Let me begin by saying that it won't appeal to anyone who doesn't like a challenge! Fortunately, there are three difficulty settings and a two-player co-op mode which provides a degree of help in actually completing the required levels. Each difficulty setting has to be completed before you can access the stage select option in the respective setting. This is where the meat of the gameplay takes place, by getting you to better your scores and entering them into online leaderboards.
This is beautifully designed by the use of a multiplying combo system which increases when you get enemies but decreases 10 times faster when you take a hit yourself! Fortunately, there is an "evade" move which negates any bullet barrages or laser attacks for as long as you are doing the move and believe me, YOU WILL BE DOING IT A LOT! You can choose between two characters who have different firing methods, mostly in the charged-weapon department, to further the lifespan and satisfy the completists' longevity demands.
The settings are truly awesome and well crafted and the animation is top notch too. You will spend most of your early dying times due to distractions from the scenery! Treasure have certainly pulled off a terrific achievement here and hopefully, this game won't disappear without trace due to its now niche market compared to years ago when this sort of fare was gobbled up gratefully. I hope to see many of you reading this on the leaderboards in the future, so if you like your games with a lot of replay value over actual completion time ( 6 hours or so ), then give this a go by all means. It's already getting reviews in the 9/10 range, so rest assured, it's not just my opinion! I only rated this down a notch due to the difficulty level which may put off the less experienced gamer, but easy mode will be within the reach of any average gamer...not unlike myself! Feel free to ask anything about the game and I may add to the review in the future.
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on 14 August 2010
If you enjoyed Space Harrier and Rez then this is the game for you!

You basically control a flying character and have to shoot as many enemies as you can on screen without getting hit. This increases your multiplier which increases your score dramatically. As soon as you take a hit your multiplier drops. In the long levels you fight about 4 sub-bosses then a big one at the end.

There are only 7 levels but each level is divided into different parts so they are quite long. Don't worry if you die you can continue but you'll have to start again with your score. Scores are saved and can be entered on an online leaderboard which is quite fun!

Soon as you get to level 3 things get very tough and you'll have to use maximum concentration if you want to succeed. Button bashing will get you no where!

Graphics are very good for a Wii and even though the game is on rails it's very addicitive and enjoyable to play. You'll just want to keep having another go to either beat your high scores or just get past that annoying boss.

For the money this is an absolute bargain and you can always rely on Tresure to make great games!
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on 26 May 2014
This game kicks ass and will kick your ass quite literally. It's balls to the walls hard. If you have played any of Treasures games you know what to expect. A bazillion boss fights, Insane amounts of variety, drug induced creativity and,very Japanesy settings. So plenty of lava crabs, flying stingrays, sand worms, psychics and basketball playing demons. Even though it's a sequel it feels like a totally different game to the first one. Technically it's harder then the first Sin and Punishment however in this one you have unlimited continues and the checkpoints are very generous ( no bs long ass checkpoints like in some games I've played) so it's easier in that way.

You can choose two characters Isa or Kachi. Isa has manual aiming and a kick ass charge shot. Isa has lock on aiming and a charge shot that can target up to 8 enemies which takes longer if you want to target 8 enemies. Some parts are easier with Isa some with Kachi and so forth. Personally i prefer Isa because it feels more satisfying killing enemies manually. This game is a third person arcade style rail shooter like Starfox and Panzer Dragoon.

Now to why this game is awesome. There are no bs RPG elements, no 50 different weapons to choose, you can skip the cut scenes ( seriously some games these days don't even have that option), no long ass boring tutorial, no running around for an hour playing virtual scavenger hunt, no not knowing where to go it's just pure unadulterated ass kicking. You go from point a to b kicking huge amounts of ass. You're never doing the same thing 1 minute your shooting flying fish and robot zombies in a 2.5D style level then your're getting chased by some huge machine that chucks giant buzz saws at you then the view switches to third person and your dodging closing walls and giant masked whatever the hell they are then you fight some giant blocks then some samurai chick in a melee style battle then your like dodging Tetris pieces from falling on top off you while your fighting of some boss and it goes on. Treasure must smoke bong because their level design is just so creative. The game is short but it has huge amounts of replay value. It's the kind of game you can keep going back to and still have fun. It'll definitely age well like most of Treasures games (game play wise). Holy crap the last level is a reference to Gunstar Heroes and holy crap it is awesome, I felt exhausted after playing it. The game has great controls too.

In conclusion even if you have played third person rail shooters like Starfox this game is a whole new experience. You like this game if you like challenge, lots of variety, unadulterated a to b game play, high scores ( personally i'm just about finishing the game), high replay value and fun.

You won't like it if your not into anime style stories ( I tried understanding the story but it totally does my head in), a graphic whore, want a longer game or your not into difficult games.

The game can take some getting used to. Even though i already passed the first Sin and Punishment game this game is overwhelming you have to not just aim but dodge too and not just one thing but like a bazillion different things. It took me a whole playing on easy to finally get used to that (I actually died quite a lot on easy at certain parts). You have to be able to concentrate on multiple things at once.

so i definitely recommend this game. What are you doing? Go buy it now!!!
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on 7 August 2014
I've never really tried on the rails gaming before, but what a great game to start off with. This is absolutely exhilarating without a second spared in giving the player endless action. And its not just the action that is impressive, but the variety. One minute you'll be shooting monsters in a forest, the next going down a underwater tunnel fighting sea monsters, to Mad Max style driving sections. Every possible variation of a shooter is here and fully realised beautifully. At every checkpoint I actually felt out of breathe given the crazy amount of action taking place of screen.

You can use all types of controllers, but I found the Wii remote and nunchuk worked brilliantly. It may be on the short side, but at under a tenner and endless replay value this is still an absolute must.

Another example of the insane amount of hidden gems the Wii had for proper gamers.
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on 4 March 2013
Sin and Punishment is an epic on-rails shooter for the wii. It's also quite a challenging one too.

The gameplay is fanastic. The wii was made of games like this. You aim the pointer at the screen and shoot. But because you have a third person view of your character, you have to also dodge incoming enemies and bullets, making the game even more engaging. Most of the time, you will not stop shooting...there are just so many enemies/ things to shoot and obstacles to avoid. You can even melee attack missiles/bombs back at the enemy for increased damage.

The boss battles are one of the truly amazing aspects of this game. Each boss has their own weakness and a specific way to deal huge damage to them. You can just opt to shoot them repeatedly and hope you survive long enough to take them down, but this only works in the easier difficulties. In the harder difficulties, you really need to fine-tune your shooting and movement skills to keep up and survive the game...the difficulty is akin to a slightly easier Ikaruga...or least that's what it feels like to me.

There are 2 characters in game, with slightly different gameplay and story...but essentially, most things are the same. The graphics are nice, the music fits. Overall it is an awesome game. My only critique would be that the storyline and voice acting are a little stereotypical and sometimes just annoying, but this barely matters for most of the game.

Definitely worth picking up if you love wii shooters.
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on 15 August 2011
This game is a love letter to classic games like the NES's contra or gradius or the Megadrives strider/ shinobi/countless japanese blast loads of enemies games and classic arcade games, this game takes the essential concept of shoot countless enemies fight mega bosses and brings it right in to the modern age of gaming , beautifully done as well, choose the girl Katchi as she has a "Back to the Futuresque" hover board.Which is awesome cool, great game, old skool gamers will love this as will nu skool gamers as well
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on 5 September 2010
I'm a huge fan of the original N64 game, now available on Nintendo's Virtual Console. A Great game and an excellent sequel, but I can't quite put my finger on it; there's something lacking. Despite being visually and mechanically superior, it seems to have little of the original's charm. It's still and excellent game, but its predecessor is much better and it's a tall task to expect to surpass its greatness.
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If you're unaware that Successor of the Skies is a sequel to a cult classic N64 game from one of gaming's most acclaimed developers, you're in for some terrible first impressions. Even by Wii standards the graphics are the wrong side of PS2 launch title, a hazy, jagged lo-fi mess. You even start off worrying about the art direction. The two characters you play as are about as nondescript a pair of anime kids as you're ever likely to want to punch. And the voice acting? Good grief, do yourself a favour and go Japanese in the options; you'll still get subtitles, but you may be better off making up your own attempt at a script as you go along anyway.

Let's try to forget about the lazy front end, then, the bland menus, the poor sound and the terrible cutscenes that do their best to turn you away from the game, this review needs an enema in the shape of gameplay. Oh, gameplay! Now we can start piling on the stars! Successor of the Skies not only delivers as a sequel to one of Treasure's greats, it also provides us with one of the ultimate Wii experiences. It's an arcade shooter of the highest quality that works perfectly with the Zapper peripheral - and no less so with the remote/nunchuck or classic controller.

So you shoot things. You shoot lots of things. You shoot things that you don't want me to describe to you in this review because it will spoil it. (OK, just so my title makes some kind of sense, there are dolphins. There I said it. Although god help me if I can actually make sense of the dolphins being in the game in the first place.) Suffice it to say, the scale and design of some of the bosses will have you forgiving those otherwise disappointing graphics. And there are difficulty levels that allow everyone to see the game through before getting pummelled on a second run. Throw in competitive online leaderboards and local co-op and you've suddenly got a game that's starting to offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Now, unless my dictionary has failed me, we end with something of a paradox. A game, whose predecessor was so niche that it didn't get released in Europe, finds its way here to us in the UK on the most casual-oriented console of all-time. You core gamers know what you need to do. You've probably already done it. But this can be a game for all types (over the age of 12 according to PEGI), so everyone put down Wii Fit and start having some fun.
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on 10 May 2010
I remember when I had my N64 and the first Sin and Punishment looked excellent and got great reveiws but it never got released in the U.K. and was a Japanese release only which was a real shame but, you can download it now from the Wii Virtual Console at long last. I love arcade shoot em ups and we are very lucky to have Sin and Punishment : Successor of the Skies because the Wii sequel is one of the best arcade shoot em up I have played since Lyat Wars on the N64 or going back further Super Probotector on the good old SNES. It is one of the best looking games on the Wii and it runs silky smooth with no slow-down at 60 frames per second. The game is brilliant fun in two player mode in which one of you controls Isa Jo and the other person controls Kachi. Isa has a jetpack like Boba Fett from Star Wars and Kachi has a hover-skateboard which reminded me of the one from the film Back To The Future. The action is relentless and the boss battles especilly the final one are hard even on easy mode.
Treasure have been very kind and given us the option of four different controller configurations which are as follows. Wii Remote with Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller, Nintendo GameCube Controller and the Wii Zapper. I use the Wii Remote with Nunchuk set up which I find to be very effective and easy to use. It also supports five different spoken languages which are French, German, Spanish, Italian and English.
You hold the B button down for your normal fire weapon and for a powerful charge shot you hold the A button and wait for your target meter to fill up then let go of the A button for a large blast. When your enemies get up close to you get your mega sword out which does alot of damage and is done by tapping the B button very fast. Once you have completed a level you can share your best scores online and try to be the best on the leaderboard. Sin and Punishment has taken arcade shooters to the next level and is a must have game for the Wii.
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on 7 September 2012
The sequel to the N64 original that finally reached the UK via Virtual Console takes full advantage of the Wii hardware, throwing countless enemies and some hulking beasts at you, with naray a frame drop in sight.
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