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4.4 out of 5 stars170
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2011
We've had the Sonicare for a few weeks now and it's exceeded my expectations. My own electric toothbrush is allegedly so loud that my wife has banned me from using in her vicinity, but the Sonicare is so quiet that it sometimes seems to not be switched on (er, yes, I mean when it IS switched on). Full marks for this and for the fact that it seems very sturdy and well made.

Another incidental, but for us especially positive aspect, is that it comes with two heads, one for children below seven and one for those above. Very handy for us, with a child in each of these bands, as we use a single toothbrush for both, just swapping the heads.

Of course there is always a niggle when children are involved, and here it is that our 5 year-old, despite initial enthusiasm, is not enchanted with the vibrating sensation (even although we use the "gentler" setting for children below 7 with her). No grand hysterics, but to try to make it as untraumatic as possible, we alternate, mornings and evenings, between the electric and a manual brush.

But this is of course her mother's fault for refusing my efforts at toughening her up. Wish we had a boy instead. And that I had a wife who would heed the biblical admonition about the man being the head of the household. With our household all topsy-turvy, I'm not surprised the conditions weren't right for the Rapture! I already had visions of floating up while enjoying seeing my wife finally getting what she deserves. I'll brush my bloody teeth where I want to! Don't get me started...
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on 30 December 2013
My 9 yr old son was very reluctant to brush his teeth. Several days would go by sometimes where I would have to force and co-erce him to do it, and he would always put it off to the last minute then make us late for the school run, etc. In fact, his last school pictures he avoided brushing his teeth after I had sent him 4 times whilst getting myself and a toddler ready, and I only found out halfway to school so he didn't smile with his teeth on any of his pictures!!

The daily battles, the drama, and the disgustingness is now over thanks to this delightful tool.

I bought this on a lightning deal for £38, and whilst it was still quite a hefty amount, it is something I am willing to pay to ensure he cleans his teeth. The quadrant timer makes it easy for him to understand where to have it in his mouth and how long for, he chose his own fascia (excellent idea by the way), and even though it feels tickly, he can already see AND feel the difference to his teeth and that is priceless, after a couple of brushes they are lighter in colour and all the discolouration/plaque has been removed from between his teeth, and his gums look healthier. The advertising blurb on the page of "brushing badly" is just as bad as not brushing is true. Fortunately, this has resolved that for me and my son.

I used to have a Sonicare and I will be getting another now I remember how good they are.

Cannot recommend enough.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 August 2014
My daughters have been using this brush for around a month now and I have to say it has been a great success.

Prior to this device, we had all sorts of problems getting the girls to brush their teeth for anything longer than 30 seconds (particularly the youngest daughter). We tried brushing with them, doing it for them, letting them choose their own brushes and even trying a brush-along app on my phone; no lasting success.

Since this brush arrived there has been no problems at all. The kit arrived with two brushes perfectly suited to the girls' ages and the musical tones for quadrant-shifting and the pleasant reward tune at the end have all helped.

There are a couple of minor points: the brush is best powered-on with the brush-head in the mouth, otherwise the intense vibration flicks the paste on the floor (or on their clothes); I found it best to squirt the toothpaste right down into the bristles rather than letting it sit on the surface of the brush (which is how the girls apply the paste).

I don't think the 'colourful' panels are much fun for girls; they're not quite masculine, but do lack a certain Je ne sais quoi for my daughters.

I've had several Sonicare brushes and 2 have been returned and replaced under a two-year warranty; I note this has the two years and whilst I hope it lasts that long, if I only get two years' use I'd buy another because the really are the best.
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on 15 February 2010
I bought this for my 9yr old son after he found a normal electric toothbrush for grown ups too ferocious for his gums and his newly wobbly teeth. This is much gentler as it's a sonic one, comes with two heads (for different sized mouths), and as it is rechargable it's great - only drawback is the 2 pin plug, as pointed out by another reviewer - ensure you buy yourself an adaptor too (found some in Maplins for a few pounds each).

However, having looked for replacement heads I've found they're hugely expensive in comparison to normal replacement brush heads and mostly there's no indication as to which colour one you're buying - given that there are two types available it would be nice if there was a little more clarification. I can only presume that you buy a pack with both types in which is great if your little person is still using the smaller one but renders one head redundant if your little person isn't so little and using the larger one and I resent paying £[] for one brush head.

All in all a good product, encourages good brushing (even if you have to remind them to move the brush over their teeth instead of just standing there - it's not THAT good that it does ALL the work for them) and is good build and a great idea - if a little tickly at first!
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on 14 November 2010
My 4 year old loves this, asked her if there's anything she likes or doesn't like and ultimately she loves all the features (music, super clean teeth feeling, buzzyness) and there's nothing she doesn't like. we got it on a really good less than half price deal so I don't feel so bad about the price and I always stock up on replacement heads when they're on offer too.

It's a pricey option but I feel its a fab investment for my childrens teeth. Will be buyin my 1yr old one of his own as soon as he's old enough for a big toothbrush
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on 6 June 2011
The toothbrush arrive very promptly and my kids are made up with the it. It doesn't move like an adult toothbrush however, but I suppose that's because that kind of action is not good for young teeth. The music timer system means that my daughter now brushes her teeth the desired 2 minutes instead of the customary 30 seconds which is another plus.I only bought 1 toothbrush for 2 kids and I am now wondering if it would be worthwhile buying another so they can both clean their teeth at the same time.
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on 2 November 2011
Got this toothbrush for my 5 year old son - and he absolutely LOVES it.
He has always loved brushing his teeth and this toothbrush makes it even more exciting for him! Its very easy to use and hold. Fantastic that it times how long you need to brush for and plays a musical tune once finished.
May seem like alot of money to spend on a childs toothbrush - but DEFINATELY worth every penny and will grow with your child for years to come! Brilliant!
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on 3 October 2010
Used by my children and has stopped workign after 3 months. Now I have the hassle of trying to figure out how to get it replaced under guarantee - disappointed.
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on 8 October 2010
I have an adult version of the Philips toothbrush so was very comfortable with the performance of the product. This one was very popular with the kids because of the design and cover options. As with all of these things, the price of the replacement heads is the thing to bear in mind.
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on 17 February 2010
My son (7 yrs old) has always been quite reluctant when it came to any hygene products:) But this one certainly seems to hit the spot. Almost a month since I bought it for him (my husband and I both have the adult version) and it seems to have worked a miracle. The alarm that sounds also helps, since he knows how long he needs to brush. Would definately recommend it to anyone wondering wether it's worth the money!
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