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on 14 November 2011
Upgraded to this from XP in summer 2011.... over all it feels like XP but is a bit faster and slicker, its designed for multi core processors and works extremely well.....

It works with all my hardware designed for Windows XP, but you may need to get relavent Windows 7 drivers from the hardware manufacturers websites to use these with Windows 7.

This version of Windows 7 has XP mode (which you need to down load from Microsofts website) and is basically an emulator running on Windows 7.

Although XP mode can run XP software, it can't see and use more than 2 cores on a multi core processor so isn't as fast as original XP which can see and use as many cores as the processor has.... that is very annoying as Microsoft never told any one this..... if you want ultimate speed on XP, set your PC for dual boot so you can use either on boot up.

From my experience I can use around 90% of the software designed to run in Windows NT, 2000 and XP directly on Windows 7 without the need for XP mode.

If you have a multicore processor install 64 bit version as its faster than 32 bit version and it can run 32 bit software.

Windows 7 Professional is the only version which will be supported until Jan 2019, all the other versions of Windows 7 will stop getting support from microsoft in 2014..... if you want to use your OS for a long time get this version as it has all the features of others (except Ultimate) and it will be around for along time.

Its a huge pity you can't get/use Norton Partition manager on this as the one Windows 7 has isn't that good, Norton Ghost up to version 12 will not work with Windows 7, Earlier versions of PC Anywhere will not work with Windows 7 so beware of it when upgrading.

Overall I like Windows 7 Professional and would recommend it.

Main downside the cost..... With Linux being free and almost as good as Micrsoft should have made Windows 7 Pro cheaper for around £30-£50 then more people would upgrade to it.
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on 6 May 2011
Item dispatched from FESALESUK Amazon shop.
Product was late arriving and seller had to be contacted.

Wasnt installed immediately when it finally arrived as awaiting suitable opportunity in time.

Installation etc ok but message concerning illegal software started appearing.
Contact with MS has resulted in us having to pay again for product directly from them at this time.

Seller has not responded to 2 email requests regarding the product.

Buyer beware! FESALESUK are, in our experience, passing along illegal software.
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on 29 March 2010
I was so impressed with the Release Candidate version of the s/w that I completely forgot that it was time limited. When the first "nag-mail" arrived I didn't have to think too hard about purchasing the full product.

The 64 bit option installed on a four and a half year old laptop (HP Pavilion zd8000 series) without hitch - well, not quite, I discovered that the lappy's audio chipset didn't yet have a W7 compatible driver and I had to start the install again with the 32 bit version. So far, with the 32 bit version, all has been well. All legacy applications seem to work, including some pretty ancient DOS based ones.

I was using XP Pro before this - I avoided the Vista trap, thank goodness - and the transition between the operating systems was easy.

I've been an IT user/configurer/builder since the late 1970's and this change of OS was just the next one in a long line. No regrets, ho hassle. It just works.

All I need to do now is pluck up the courage to free up some disk space by deleting the back-up Windows.old directory.

I really like the interface, although the tranparency of the window title bars is a bit of a trap at times when trying to select one of the many that I might have open on the desktop. I like the ability to hover over the taskbar icons to see what's there and access the one sub-window of an application I need, almost straight away. It is very useful when working between several docs or spreadsheets.

One of the better releases that MS have made over the past couple of decades.
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on 30 August 2009
First off let me explain something, as a fulltime student studying a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, my University pays for a service from Microsoft which allows us to have access to new software before anyone else.

I am currently using Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, full version. This is the final retail version as it will be shipped and to date I have had no major issues with the software whatsoever.

The Operating System runs smoothly, looks a lot cleaner and clearer than previous versions of Windows that I have used. I tried Vista but found it too unstable for my liking. I have performed a clean install on my Laptop and I am very pleased with the hardware support it provides.

My Laptop has 2gb RAM, 256mb nVidia GeForce Go 7400 and 1.83Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. The feature of Windows 7 that stands out the most to me is the excellent multiple monitor support. Firstly my graphics card is non standard and requires Windows Update recommended drivers which are not Official drivers from nVidia but work perfectly. When I had originally tried Windows Vista I had no dual screen support and due to driver issues I was frequently presented with Blue Screens, as for Windows 7 to date I have been using it for over a week now and it hasn't failed yet.

My Graphics card was the only peice of hardware that required a driver download the rest including a 15 in 1 Card reader, Connexant HD Audio, Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Intel PROSet Wireless all worked perfectly on first boot.

In terms of software compatibility I have come across no errors or issues yet, I run Office 2007 for office stuff, Windows Live Messenger for chat, Firefox 3.5 for the internet [Internet Explorer is present I choose not to use it and it seems to be fine with that decision] I also use a number of development environments including Visual Studio 2008 Professional and Macromedia Flash 8 Professional - all software runs fine, however flash studio temporarily disables Aero while open but re-enables it once closed]

In conclusion, although I got my copy free I am only licensed to install it on one PC which I have done, however I am planning on buying a new PC in a few months time and if it does not come with Windows 7 preinstalled I will buy it off the shelf as I am entirely satisfied in saying this product is worth every penny.
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I have been using windows since the very first incarnation and until this was released still preferred windows xp. Vista was a hog.

The trouble with xp is that it is now starting to look old, and very tired! I felt that due to its age it no longer handled things such as connecting external devices etc as nicely as an operating system should, especially given the plethora of devices available today.

Windows 7 has from the start been more or less a pleasure to use. Installation is faster and more automated than xp, which was a major annoyance for me with xp. Once installed it updates smoothly and has been runing things nicely ever since. The included apps and support are very good, I particularly like the snipping tool for taking 'shots' of whatever is on screen. Drivers for all bits of hardware installed automatically without a problem, though I did install new graphics drivers to ahve the latest!

One major point for me also was compatability. Unlike when Vista was released there were huge issues surrounding software and drivers not working or being available, Microsoft have addressed this through a lengthy beta programme which has clearly paid off. And for me, only the very oddest of random programmes are not supported and this can be gotten round by using the vista version due to the shared heritage.

I have both the pro and premium versions and I would say that for the most part premium is all you will ever need. Comes with 2 discs, the 32.64 bit versions. I am currently using the 64 bit as things these days are moving to systems with higher than 4 gb ram etc. I also think there is a trend/push towards the 64 bit now.

Also another good feature for pro over home edition is the ability to backup to a network location built in. Though software such as macrium reflect can offer that for free so not a deal breaker.

Overall a fantastic system which looks very nice on the eye! Comment | Permalink
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on 2 September 2010
Microsoft guys outdid themselves on this OS. Fast, stable, very good compatibility, "really real" P'n'P with almost any peripheral. It's as I said in the title, "almost perfect".

Why "almost"? because of the way it handles winsxs folder. it's there to ensure the compatibility and does a good job, but isn't cleaned optimally, si, onstead of using the space necessary for the things you need only, it inflates and inflates... mine is above 8GB right now, and used on an SSD of 30GB, that's a lot of (wasted?) space. As a result, while it was a dream to use during the first 8-9 months, by now I struggle to keep a couple of GB free to let the OS running smoothly. basically, you have to have at least 60GB on primary partition to have enough space for the OS and a few programs to stay comfortable. that's why I didn't give it 5 stars. the disk space that "shrinks" even if you don't install anything new and clean temporary files on a regular basis...

If microsoft manages to cure that "little problem", maybe in a future SP1, it will merit 5 stars without question :)
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I really like Windows XP, and the Vista fiasco made me reluctant to upgrade to Windows 7, even though it was running very sucessfully on my wife's computer. However, after a few years of heavy use, my XP system was grinding to a halt, so I eventually had to bite the bullet.
When I bought the system, 64 bit software was a bit 'flakey' do I stuck with 32 bit, even though it didn't address the full 8Gb of installed memory. So, I went from Windows XP 32 bit, to Windows 7 64 bit, in one move.
Carefull backup of data and settings to an external drive is essential, and you must also be sure you have the installation disks and product keys for your applications. The supplied software on the Windows 7 upgrade site is very useful. Be aware, however, that the backup can take a long time, it ran for over eight hours in my case.
The upgrade went surprisingly well; what a great move, it was like adding a turbocharger to my PC. I keep clicking the mouse and waiting for the next page to load only to find it has already loaded so quickly that the monitor didn't even flicker.
With many of my applications also now running in 64 bit mode, it's like having a new computer at very little cost.
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on 11 May 2010
I have just bought this new "Microsoft Windows 7 professional" operating system. It is my second one. Easy to install, up to now I have found no "bugs" and it seems to be a big improvement compared to the previous operating system from Microsoft. I can only recommand it. As usual a very good service from Amazon.
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on 17 August 2012
Having suffered a critical crash with fried graphic card I was desperate to restore PC. Ordered and delivered on DVD within 14 hours, excellent service rather than messing with codes from cards in PC World etc. Like to have the media disc as if needed no issues. Reinstalled on my dead Asus laptop and after doing all the usual windows updates about 150+ all up to date and working well. Had outlook up and running and in sync with my iphone in under twenty mins. In my opinion the best way to replace software.
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on 16 November 2009
Some background before this begins: I'm a linux user, have been for nearly three years, but I keep windows on a secondary partition for gaming purposes (And the occasional office needs when someone sends me a 2007 formatted file that needs converting - although open office is finally getting good enough that this is now unnecersary. I skipped vista - can you blame me? but now want to share in the directX 11 goodness. Frankly the incessent warring between the linux/mac/windows fanboys in the comments is stupid. Unless you've tried both/all three - don't comment on their differences. If you have tried both, please try and remain objective. Saying that one is infinitly better than the other is patently untrue, they all have their strengths and weakness.

Now that rants over, the important part! The review :)

First off the install - I never installed vista, but I've been told that the windows 7 installer is just a polished version of the vista one. What I can say is it was very easy - fourtunatly I have no weird partitioning issues to work with, it just takes up the entire secondary disk, but it certainly didn't look like it would be too difficult to set up if required. The experience was, I felt, very similar to the one I had installing Ubuntu the week before, which became my benchmark for ease of install, so it's all good there.

Compatibility: Reasonable. I had to manually install the wireless driver (something the upgrade advisor had told me about, so I had it on hand). Thereafter, windows update downloaded all the neccersary drivers for my hardware. The only exception to this was my printer - An Aficio BP-20. Ironically considering the troubles I've had with printer and linux in the past, it works out-of-the-box with ubuntu, but I had to manually find the driver on windows 7. Other than that, smooth. Softwarewise, I've had no problems yet, so that's good.

Appearence: Nice. The upgrade advisior had told me my graphics card wouldn't support aero (New one's in the post for the direct X 11 loving!) But it appeared to actually run fine. It looks nice off the install, but I was somewhat frustrated by it's lack of customization options. I feel I've been spoilt by Compiz on Ubuntu - it makes the desktop effects insanely configurable (and runs on a very low spec hardware!). Windows is pretty damn good, but could do better.

Speed: It's running on a (very) overclocked Intel e6600 with 3GB of ram. Whilst that's not exactly top of the range, it's pretty damn powerful, and so I noticed no slow down. This was helped by me using Microsoft's all-in-one security center, which has an impressivly low footprint given how well it seems to do on av tests.

Price: Here's the rub. I got this software for £30 (I'm a student, Microsoft's "ultimate steal" offer has been extended to include windows 7 this year), and at that price, it's worth it to me. The software itself, not so much. Yes it's solid, but the operating system does nothing more (and in some cases, less) than ubuntu does, and (contrary to "popular" opinion) is no easier to use. However, what makes it worth the money is the software I can get for it. Whilst Linux will run half-life 2 and it's ilk fairly comfortably under wine, anything more modern than that is pushing it. And as I don't like playing games on a five year lag, windows is good! Would I pay £150 for it though... I'm not so sure!

What it has changed for me now, is my advice to my friends and family. During the Vista years, if they were upgrading, I'd take a serious look at whether they needed windows software, or if the linux equivilents would be enough. I had my 83 year old grandpa running ubuntu on his first laptop for just that reason. However now 7 is out, my advice will probably differ. If I know they are comfortable using windows, and can spare the cash (which most people I know can!) I will probably tell them to go to 7, especially if it's gonna come pre-installed on a laptop/desktop

so: Ten word summary:
Much better, still room for improvement, fifty pounds too expensive.
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