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4.3 out of 5 stars76
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2009
I have to be honest, I only bought this game for the Wii because I love F1 and it wasn't available for the 360. I was worried because some racing games don't feel good on the wii but this game is very good. Yes the graphics aren't xbox or ps3 standard but i knew they wouldn't be. The actual gameplay though, is very good. The weather feels real, the cars handle different in the rain and you need to do a bit of tuning to find a good set up that works for you, but it is not too difficult that a child could play. I'm really glad it wasn't released for the 360 because then I wouldn't have got to play it wii style by twisting the remote.

In all honestly the graphics could be a bit better, but what they have done with gameplay more than makes up for it. Very good game and a welcome addition to the Wii!
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on 10 February 2010
i only own a wii in fact since my playstation 1 i haven't owned a console until this.The wii lacks in graphics we all know and they lean towards family arcade style games with some good regenerated games from the other platforms so you don't expect a lot for the adult market.
This is just the game to change all that someone finally decided to make the most of the wii's player interaction in a game that's clever and very addictive.It takes some time to get used to the steering and braking even on easy setting but then when your travelling at 180 mph through chicanes you wouldn't expect it to be easy. Sitting in front of a 42 inch screen with surround on and the front wheels in front of you, wheel in hand it really comes good, my heart gets racing anyway.
I won't pretend to know all about frame rates, graphics processors or next gen consoles etc all i can say is this game pulls you in because it drives like a race car looks like race circuit sounds like an fi engine and keeps you on the edge of your seat hugging the curves looking for some space down the inside or out breaking the car in front after hitting the kern button on the get the picture i'm sure .
Don't expect to master this in five minutes or put it down for months.Its very very good you won't regret this buy in my opinion makes the most of the wii even changes how you think of it.
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on 21 November 2009
If, like me, you're a proper F1 fan, you'll love this game. The graphics are probably as good as you're going to get from a Wii, granted the frame-rate does drop sometimes but you'll be so absorbed with the driving experience that you'll barely notice. My first few laps were terrible and my immediate thought was that the controls were way too sensitive. Not so, the problem was that I was trying to play F1 2009 like it was Mario Kart and this is no arcade game. After an hour or so of practice I had got used to the control layout and the sensitivity of the steering and I was starting to drive some half-decent laps. I actually giggled when I went into Eau Rouge flat in sixth and saw, heard and felt the car bottom out - nice! The Time Trial mode has a training option which tells you the optimum gear and speed for each corner as you approach it - a great way to learn new tracks without lots of trial and error. The pit to car radio is useful, paticularly during races - it's helpful to know how you're doing compared to the car ahead. The engine sounds and other effects are good and all add to the driving experience. If you already have a couple of Mario Kart Wii wheels don't bother getting F1 2009 with the bundled wheel, the Nintendo wheel is more comfortable. Bottom line, if you're an F1 fan and your only gaming machine is a Wii, buy this game.
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on 23 November 2009
I am a huge fan of GP4 on the PC and thought i would give this a shot. Firstly as far as graphics go it's not that bad. Everybody seems to be slating the graphics but they are as good as your going to get from the Wii. When your driving at 180mph through Eau Rouge you dont really have that must time to take in the scenery anyway!

The controls work very well. It takes a little getting used to at first, but once you get to grips with the controls they work very well.

This game can be played by all as there are multiple options to make the game as easy or as difficult as you like, so even the most experienced F1 gamer will have a challenge.

The best part of the game is the career mode. Its great that you have to go and test for F1 teams before you get offered a drive. I will be playing this game for a very long time.

This game is a must for any F1 fan.
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on 21 November 2009
This is a great game, ignore the reviews that haven't actually bought the game before reviewing. The graphics are good and do not take away from the driving, and the game play is excellent with the right balance of playability without being too sensitive. The options allow the game to be made more difficult once the circuits have been mastered. Some really deft touches make this great fun. Best F1 game I have played so far by some distance (and as an F! fan I have bought a few)!
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VINE VOICEon 17 June 2010
I'm not normally into race games - but I really enjoyed this one. There may be 'purists' who find fault - but if you want an F1 game this isnt bad at all. I did find it difficult to control the car at first (whether with a wheel or the remote and chuck) - but as I improved bit by bit I felt a sense of achievement. Perhaps its a plus that its not too easy once you strip out the assist functions? There probably will be improvements to this game - but for me it had what I wanted and has become highly adictive :-) A great game for the WII.
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on 5 January 2010
I got this game for Xmas, and being a big fan of F1 was really looking forward to playing my first proper F1 driving game for over 10 years. The game itself is fantastic, the graphics are good, the game is tricky at first without being impossible and I love both the career mode and the championship mode. Just one fairly major complaint.....being a true fan I like to play the full length grand prix, incorporating pit stops etc. However, I don't always have the time to go through all the qualifying and the whole race at one sitting (like many people I am sure, it is over 2 hours plus per race!), so I was very surprised and disappointed that there does not seem to be a facility to save your game during a race (so you can return to the same spot at a later date). To my mind, this is a major oversight and incredibly diminishes the fun and whole point of the game (winning races through good race strategy as well as good driving). I don't want to spend all my time qualifying for a race that just lasts 3 laps or at the most enough for one pit stop!! A real pity that I hope is rectified next year....
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As an F1 fan I've been desperate to get my hands on this game, I've heard lots of disparaging remarks about it so I wasn't expecting much - but it's actually pretty damn good!

Ignore the comments about the graphics, the Nintendo Wii isn't capable of the Hi-Def ultra-real graphics so you don't expect them, but the game makes the best of the consoles graphics (it looks rather like the arcade machine racing games I used to play!) and the cars are impressive.

I love Mario Kart and the F1 2009 game gives me a chance to play another racing game which feels completely different (there are no blue shells or mushrooms for a start!) yet it also feels very familiar because the tracks and cars have been meticulously recreated to bring you something which is incredibly faithful to the sport I love.

There are some aspects which veer away from reality, for example, all the cars have KERS (the Kinetic Energy Recovery System) so you can use a mini power boost once each lap when in the actual season only four teams used it - and only one of those managed to really make it work (McLaren).

You can select any team and one of their drivers, though only the drivers from the start of the season - so you won't be able to drive as the impressive Kobayashi who entertained us all at the end of the season, but at least if you're a Ferrari fan you can see the season take place with Massa in all the races!

As well as driving in the championship there are options to 'train' and work up through the ranks. The amount of technical input you want to put into the game is entirely up to you, so you can simply play the game, or you can tinker with the aerodynamics - so whether you're a die-hard fan of the sport, or someone with a casual interest, this game will appeal. If you just fancy a quick session though there's always the option for a 'quick race'.

The main limitation of the game is the fact that the computer controlled drivers feel a bit robotic, there's no flare or personality - they drive around quite sensibly and predictably, but I suppose it would be quite difficult to have each driver in the game display real life characteristics of the drivers in real life.

In a nutshell: The Wii has suffered from having third party games which have looked pretty poor compared to Nintendo's own range. That ends now, Codemasters have brought a game to the Wii which has been well thought out. Faithful representations of tracks and cars with incredible audio help to recreate the atmosphere of the 2009 season. The game isn't difficult to get the grips with, it feels natural - but the only way to really succeed is to practice, and I'm absolutely certain that at some point in the near future I'll be winning the 2009 Driver Championship.
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on 29 December 2009
I am F1 mad, as far as I am concerned it is the only sport worth watching, so you can imagine my excitement when I was given F1 2009 (Wii) for Christmas.

For the first few games I was terrible, in fact I spent more time in the gravel than on the track at Monza but after a few hours practice, I am getting really quite good, this morning I set a very respectable lap record.

This is a must if you like F1 - It seems so realistic (I have never actually driven an F1 car!) and it really is loads of fun. I have not even scratched the surface yet and am looking forward hours more octane filled fun.

For once a computer game actually lives up to my expectations.
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on 8 December 2009
I own both the Xbox and PS3 and the Mrs owns the Wii. I never buy games for the Wii as i always see it as a bit gimmicky and for the kids. This game changed all that for me. Ive been waiting for a new F1 game for ages and i didnt want to wait till next year for the Xbox or PS3 versions.
Ive got to say i expected an arcadey F1 experience with this, with the grandstands full of those stupid Mii's you see in every other game on the Wii, but how wrong was I. This is simply superb, the graphics are actually decent for a Wii game (expect PS2 standards and you get the picture) and is by far the best game graphically ive seen on the Wii and a lot better than the previews have given it credit. The gameplay is just as good, it has quick race, weekend, championship and even career mode. It cannot be faulted. The menus are clear and precise and there are awards to unlock.
But the gameplay itself is simply outstanding. I wasnt expecting much if im honest and debated getting this but its simply addictive! The wheel works wonders, steering response is fast and braking and accelerating is taken care of with the buttons. It takes a bit of getting used to but after a few laps you're hitting the apexes of corners like a pro and trying to shaves seconds off your time, the steering wheel aspect really makes this game and it stands out from other driving games for this reason. If you dont have the money to afford a next gen console and ultra-spec steering wheel like a Logitech, then this more than gives you a rewarding driving experience. I actually use the wheel that came with MarioKart and simply bought the F1 game on its own.
There are weather conditions that change mid race and work really nice-this came as a shock to me because i wasnt expecting that sort of detail from a Wii game, there is damage-albeit basic, a very good radio pit crew informing you all the way round and a real feeling of immersion when racing. Dont expect next-gen type graphics or detail, but dont make the mistake of thinking this is a kids game either, its not. It more than satisfies the adult racer and it keeps you wanting to go back for more. with beginner, medium and expert difficulties its a real challenge. Throw in full qualifying, pitstop and hard and soft tyres and this becomes (in my opinion) the best racer on the Wii by far. If you have been humming'n'arrghing about getting this then i can only say 'take the plunge". Its well worth it and a fantastic racer. Codemasters have done an excellent job here and its probably been rather under-estimated in my opinion, but as some of the other reviewers on here are finding, its actually a really decent racer. Well worth the money, im really happy with it.
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