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4.4 out of 5 stars219
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 27 July 2011
Having read the recent reviews of this game on Amazon I feel that people have been incredibly OTT in their criticisms. I got this game in summer 2010 and the online game is one of the very best xbox live games out there. And not to ignore the single player mode-they are each very good games in their own right. Although individually each game isn't quite as long as GTA 4, collevtively it makes for a longer game. However, despite not being quite as long as GTA 4 in their own right, the single player is just as good, if not slightly better. Add that to the fact that you get 2 games in 1 then the game makes for very good value.

Just to confirm though, this is not the same game but in 2 different settings. The actual feel of the game, the graphics, the guns, the aiming etc feel slightly different in each game. This is evidenced even more when playing online as TBGOT and TLATD feel like 2 different games entirely. TLATD feels more like GTA 4 than TBOGT.

The single player games are each very good games but it is in multiplayer where this game comes into its own. I prefer to play TLATD online but you tend to get more people playing TBOGT. Ever since first playing this online a year ago I have never gone more than a few days without playing it online. It is a fantastic multiplayer game and the only minor flaw I would say is sometimes struggling to get enough people to start a good match online, although you can usually find more people by clicking on 'instant play' (i.e. non ranked).

To address the other reviewer who said:

`The problem is there is not enough free space. As a fan of the motorbike from other GTAs such as San Andreas, i think there are limited options for transport.

There are other shortcomings too. In San Andreas for example you get: 3 cities; a large countryside; a mountain; an endless desert and rural highlands to explore.
Here it is just a city, however unlike vice city, the streets are too narrow. There are not enough stunts. Your player is limited.'

- I couldn't disagree more. The whole map is HUGE and although it may not encompass 3 cities like you mention in San Andreas, the map is still massive and has more than enough to keep people entertained on single player for months. And as for transport, there are at least as many options as there are in any other GTA game so I'm not sure why you would think that. The streets are normal sized streets and as it is basically NYC the streets will only reflect how big they are in real life NYC, as Vice City did with Miami.

If someone wishes to just navigate around the map aimlessley in a multitude of vechiles trying stunts etc, or go on a 'rampage' shooting random people then this is still just as easy to do as in any previous GTA game, and to drive from one side of the map to the other is an incredibly long drive so I would like to reiterate that the map is massive, yet easy to navigate around. There are countless places to do stunts and as per any GTA game, the entire environment feels fully interactive. Your player feels truly free.

I can't recommend this game highly enough. I think it is a vastly underrated a game and in online multiplayer, it is one of the best games available on the xbox. It should be ranked up there with the very best multiplayer games-COD, Red Dead, COH2 etc.

Overall I think this is a fantastic game well worth the advertised price.
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on 7 March 2010
Personally, I prefer TLAD to the main, rather boring, story of Nico. The motorbike culture is represented well, as are some of the moments when you ride out with the gang: as the camera pulls back, you get some extremely impressive views of the city. TBOGT is pretty good too, and the ability to easily switch between each story (TLAD/TBOGT) is done well. My only gripe is that neither DLC has much in the way of clothes selection, which makes the term "expansion pack" somewhat questionable, as the two games can be more limiting than GTA IV.
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on 17 September 2014
You play as Luis Lopez, right-hand man and best friend to Tony Prince a.k.a. Gay Tony, a wealthy nightclub owner. Tony has hit rock bottom and his shady dealings with some of Liberty City's criminals has landed quite the bounty upon his head. It's up to you to protect your boss and deal with those who are hot on his trail.

The story may seem simplistic, but Rockstar know how to create memorable characters. The eccentricity of Gay Tony lights up the screen, his humour and wild nature are always on top form. However, it is the addition of the spoiled Arab, Yusuf Amir, that really steals the show. It's a brilliant performance, and with the voice of Omid Djallili, it effortlessly propels the games comedic nature.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
The graphics remain untouched from GTA IV, but TBOTG adds a glitz and glamour backdrop. Think of this as Vice City's Ocean Beach, but given a serious HD makeover. The nightclub theme of the game injects much needed colour into Liberty City, immediately adding vibrancy and stylised design.

This is a lively side to the city that is most welcome, presenting neon colours and fluorescent lighting to add a little sparkle to different areas of the city. Character performances are as eccentric as ever, embodying the camp nature of the game. Voice acting is superb, punchy dialogue and in-your face humour are never in short supply.

There are still some issues regarding texture pop-in. The draw distance can become a little jagged and obscured when observing the city from high view points.

Mission structure, side quests and core game mechanics remain untouched since GTA IV. Most of the time you will be required to manage Tony's nightclubs and get him out of a few sticky situations. At the clubs you can take part in group dances, take part in drinking games and have sex with random women in the restrooms. There are some great story-based missions to take part in, some of which require Luis to eliminate enemies or help friends to kill their enemies.

New weapons help boost the existing line-up, consisting mostly of explosive firearms and new grenade types. You can really wreak havoc across the city and cause endless amounts of chaos. Another cool aspect of the game is how key characters loom in and out of the story, and have some kind of attachment to certain missions you will do. Accompanying Yusuf Amir on some of his personal tasks is just a blast, mostly when you are allowed to pilot his attack chopper!

Unfortunately, the cover system is a little rough around the edges and doesn't respond well to camera tracking. Helicopter still feel sensitive and a little awkward to grasp.

This is how DLC is done! TBOGT completely lightens the tone of GTA, mimicking the satire of GTA Vice City. Great characters, destructive gameplay and Empire City's glitzy underbelly create an immersive world that surpasses the efforts of GTA IV.
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on 21 September 2011
The game itself is good and the way the previous story of 4 merges with the two new stories is good and promotes immersion. I was however disappointing to find that some vehicles were online exclusives as i expected the new vehicles all to be in story mode. The game offers much less story time than 4 but the story is fun to play with new weapons and characters. a 4/5 overall a good game for the money but it could have been done better
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VINE VOICEon 31 October 2009
I actually downloaded the Episodes as and when they came out, but it's the same content, and awesome it is! It is also very much an ADULT title, and I can't stress this enough. Especially The Ballad Of Gay Tony....that 18 certificate is truly there for a reason. Besides, younger people would just not understand the story, or the humour!

The Lost and Damned is an excellent new angle on life in Liberty City. It's all about the bikes and the metal. If you're not into thrash metal, don't worry, it can be avoided most of the time, but it's very much a part of the 'feel' of the of grit, and grime and general dirty work.

Packed with new bikes, plus some new cars, and an arsenal of heavy weaponry, TLaD is also brilliantly written, with a story that's as fun, entertaining and exciting as the Niko Bellic story of GTAIV. The missions and story carefully intertwine TLaD with that original Niko Bellic story, so if you played GTAIV (and paid attention) then there will be plenty of people and events that you recognise, without any of them actually being direct ports/repeats from the parent game.

The immersive single-player game of TLaD would be enough to make it worth the £ alone, with the addition of new activities like Gang Wars and Bike Races, but the multiplayer is just as good, so there's plenty to keep you going.

As if that wasn't enough (which it is), there's also the 3rd 'episode' - The Ballad Of Gay Tony. To my amazement, it is even better than the first 2 episodes. It is a rich and fast-paced world of money, girls, drugs and high society, with addictive new luxury cars, bikes, boats and armaments. There's also the addition of military-grade helicopters, with the Minigun-toting, rocket-firing "Buzzard" being the most indulgently brutal form of transport since the "Hunter" in GTA San Andreas.

TBoGT is wonderfully written, with a story and voice-acting that puts many movies to shame. Again, there's new activites, like Drug Wars, Club Management, Dancing and Drinking Games, plus some new random characters to meet. It's humourous and intelligent and highly addictive, and there's plenty of stuff to keep you going, which, again, includes great multiplayer content.

Rockstar really know how to do it. Nobody else has ever crafted a title that is as complete as the GTAIV series. The quality of writing and design and production is second to none, so I can't rate it highly enough.
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on 7 January 2010
2 fantastic games:

The Lost and the Damned actually makes driving motorbikes pleasurable (unlike the original GTA IV game), which was my primary concern when I ordered. Whilst TLAD was good, it didn't add much to the game itself other than ~25 additional biker-themed missions and a few new weapons.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is superb - Rockstar etc have put a lot more effort in to this game than TLAD - on completion of each mission, you're awarded marks for lack of car damage, time it takes, and your remaining health and accuracy of shots, which makes for greater replay-ability. Additionally, the missions don't just start with the traditional 'drive her, drive there' - there's a bit more thinking (well, shooting) and involvement from earlier missions, which is refreshing.

TL;DR: Great even if you haven't played GTA IV (which you don't need to play the game) - heavily recommended!
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on 13 August 2010
People at work kept on telling me, that as I love driving games and action games, that I would like this just as much.

But, procrastinating as I do, I kept ignoring their advice. That was, until last week when I thought, I'm not playing anything else on my XBox, I'll give it a go.

All I can say is, I absolutely love this game even though, I am only playing "The Lost and Damned" game at present.

Most reviews have said that; "TLaD" was ok but the other game is better. If that's the case, I'm in for a good time.

The quality of graphics is fantastic. The reality of riding motorbikes and driving other vehicles is excellent.

The game itself is brilliant, esecially when Jim is put back in jail and you become the group President and have to complete tasks.

Putting the tasks aside. You can create your own fun by stealing Police Cars and watch other traffic move over when you put on your lights and siren. Have a Police chase when you steal an Ambulance or Fire Truck and watch everyone die, when you create a traffic jam and your vehicle explodes - Such a buzz and yes, I'm sick but if that's the way the game has been written, why not? : ) or, Ramp jumping your motorbike across a 350ft wide river is cool, especially if you land the other side : )

You can steal other peoples bikes, cars, trucks. Basically, if it's drivable, you can steal it.

You can visit "men only" clubs and get a private room where you can have your own personal lap dance. WARNING! Do not get out your cell phone and attempt to take pictures of the lap-dancing girls. Why? Try it and find out lol.

There is just so much you can do in this TLaD game, that I have only completed 55% as I keep wondering off and doing my own thing.

Two things:
1, I don't know how to view the photo's I have taken with my cell phone.
2, You're in your "Safehouse" and you accidentally nudge a group member and yet, they turn around and beat the crap out of you. As group President, I don't think that should really happen. Still, you can just reload the game from your last save point and save paying the in-game health bill.

All-in-all, a fantastic game with endless hours of your own fun and doing the in-game tasks if you wish.
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on 24 July 2010
I had rented this game as I was dubious whether it lives up to it's reputation, GTA IV was a big letdown for me in terms of story, drive there, drive here, kill him, kill them etc etc. Went on for hours, just mindless driving from A to B with a relatively confusing plot to accompany the lame driving about, the characters were empty and only a few stood out for me personally, Roman and Irish, that was about it.

The episodes however, do live up to their reputation TLAD was an alright add on and at first it was relatively stale, there were little mishaps in graphics that were clearly evident but could easily be forgiven for being so small. As I have said the start was slow but the story slowly continues to grow including more and more characters, you even meet some of the other characters from GTA IV and the Ballad of Gay Tony, same for the Ballad, you see the bikers and Niko etc. Some of the missions overlap and you end up seeing each other as well, making you laugh at the little references that have occurred in the past if you have finished both the GTA IV and the Lost and Damned. The bikes were relatively fun but what really bugged me was the fact that default radio station every time I got into a car was thrash metal, I love rock but thrash metal is not my sort of thing - if there is a way to set a different default station it would make life a whole lot easier, unless of course you like that sort of thing.

Anyway, the Ballad has a unique story with interesting twists, the dialogues are funny and often engaging, making you watch the cut scenes most of the time. The addition of different weapons into the mix makes the game more exciting and a tad bit varied to its predecessors, if you did not like GTA IV for being too funless and just soulless in general you might like this, in this instalment you are able to Parachute as well as drive an APC and I am only a third into the Ballad whereas I have finished TLaD. Overall if you have enjoyed GTA IV you will definitely enjoy this if you hated GTA IV avoid with passion but if you were neutral on the subject of GTA ie - it was alright, nothing special you might find these episodes a refreshing and interesting aspect.

At least worth a rental, I would give this game a 9/10, ditching a 1 as the long driving around is still present in some aspects of the game, just get taxi to speed things up a bit.
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on 15 March 2010
--The Ballad of Gay Tony Review--

We have finally come to the end of what can only be described as one of the best journeys in gaming history this generation, Grand Theft Auto IV. From the six month delay till 2008, and then another 10 months before the first expansion was released, it has been a long time coming. Now at the back end of the 2009 the game is finally over, but not without one last explosion!

The Ballad of Gay Tony puts you in the shoes of Luis Lopez, co-manager of two nightclubs in Liberty City. Hercules, the all-gay club is a low class club, whereas Maisonette 9, is a very high end club. While the placing of these clubs is a bit lazy (same road for both clubs and safe house), Rockstar have certainly made up for it. Inside the clubs, you can take part in dancing mini-games, which could lead to some romantic `treat', champagne drinking games, which make you incredibly drunk and club management games, which involve walking around and watching a cut scene now and then. This is not the most exciting mini-game but gives you a sense that you own the club.

The story is a bit erratic this time through. You are simply just assigned missions to fill in gaps of GTA IV and The Lost And the Damned storylines. The game starts off at the bank robbery in GTA IV storyline, and finishes around the same time as GTA IV does, but there are a few crossover missions, like diamond robbery at the museum, to name one. The game does however make up for the weak storyline by including an excess amount of fun in each mission. Blow the crane up with a sticky bomb, steal a subway train, start a police riot, or bomb a boat. There are however some really bad missions, like driving to an internet cafe, posting a comment, and that's it. Not impressive, and certainly just another way to waste some missions when the ideas stop.

Each mission is graded up to 100%. There appears to be a few glitches such as in easy missions like in the one above where you should get 100% but for some reason the timing does not match the quality of the mission. How do you drive from Broker to Alderney in under a minute without damaging your car? It does give some replay value, but gets incredibly frustrating after a while.

By the mid-point in the game, you will have unlocked some base jumping based missions, drug wars, golf and fight club games. The base jumping means you can jump off a building, and parachute onto a target. Drug Wars is a replica of The Lost and the Damned Gang Wars, but without, y'know the gangs. Golf mini-game is challenging, but equally quite boring, and the Fight Club has random AI, sometimes really easy, sometimes really hard. All these games need to be completed once to go to 100% tariff, but none of them are broken and certainly add more to the length of the game.

So the missions are mostly fun, with ridiculous targets, but there is an excess amount of extra stuff to keep it ticking over its short life-span, however the game has a few threatening glitches. The game has an annoying knack for car popup. It can be a clear road and then suddenly there are thousands of cars which you go crashing into, possibly ruining your mission goals. Also AI tends to be coded to run in front of you regardless of whether you are shooting or not, again leading to a possible failure in your mission. The game is also showing a sign of lackluster graphics. The HUD looks out of place, the buildings are quite grainy and blood isn't really effective. There are some really cool songs on the soundtrack, but no new radio stations (except on the actual Tales from Liberty City disc with includes one new station), so it can be hard to find these songs.

Multiplayer wise, the game features everything from The Lost and the Damned and GTA IV and puts them all into Free Mode, along with underpowered tanks and missing helicopters. Death match has been updated with new weapons, and new payouts per kill, and racing is adapted for the brand new Nitro. It's pretty awesome stuff, but takes a while to recharge. Plus Liberty City streets are so short, you really need more straight road races to get the most use out of it. There are no major glitches in the game though apart from connection lag and the like.

Truth be told, I was expecting much more from this expansion, I would have expected the game to be thoroughly tested before release, and some improvements made in terms of graphics and storyline. It is fun for a while, but when you reach the ending you know it's over and that's probably for the best. If you're a fan, go buy this now, but if you are over GTA IV and Liberty City after 18 months, maybe this is best avoided.
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on 24 June 2012
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is a great game. It contains the DLC packs for GTA IV in one disc, along with three exclusive radio stations. In TLAD, you take on the role of the Vice President of a biker gang, Johnny Klebitz. You do many gang wars against another biker gang in the missions as well as other criminal activities such as an attempted drug deal gone wrong and a kidnapping. Overall the missions are great and almost never repetitive. This game also lets you do more activities and has more vehicles/weapons than in GTA IV. There's also lots of new music to listen to as well, which is mostly awesome as long as you keep away from the heavy metal rock station LCHC. However, the fun that you get from this game doesn't come close to the tons of hours you'll waste in TBOGT. This time you take on the role of Luis Lopez, assistant of Tony Prince in managing two popular nightclubs. You take on many extremely fun over the top missions from stealing a subway train to blowing up a crane, train and plane. There are also excellent new cars and epic weapons. It is full of hilarious characters, great nightlife (dancing in nightclubs), awesome disco music and finally sticky bombs.

Certainly buy this game as soon as you can
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