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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars364
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2009
I love this album. Florence Welch is so different to any other artist I know, with the use of the harp being prominent and refreshing on several of the album's songs. I can listen without skipping a track, and the mix of songs is quite eclectic, with indie-rock 'Kiss with a Fist', dark, nonchalant 'My boy builds coffins' and the hugely powerful and tribal sound of 'Cosmic Love'. Perhaps my favourite non-single (so far anyway) is Hurricane Drunk although i'm really coming round to Cosmic Love.
Main review stops here - for longer version, read on...

I'll quickly review each track.
Dog Days are Over - Quiet ukelele gives way to full-blown havoc
Rabbit Heart - A bittersweet reflection on the achievment of fame, 'sacrifice' of life for the shiny 'looking glass' - 'who is the lamb and who is the knife?'
I'm Not Calling You A Liar - Not the best on the album, but with a beautiful switch of key for the chorus.
Howl - A real belter, one I loved as soon as I heard it.
Kiss With A Fist - Based on this song and Dog days, Florence was awarded the Critics Choice award of 2009 at the BRITs. Quality, not quantity is the key in this song.
Girl With One Eye - Dark lyrics 'i'll cut your little heart out, cause you made me cry' - kind of evokes music from Westerns.
Drumming Song - This should have done better as a single. Louder and louder...
Between Two Lungs - breathy (naturally) and light, I haven't really got this song yet. but enjoyable.
Cosmic Love - A real punch in the face - Florence's voice is at its most powerful and astonishing here.
My Boy Builds Coffins - not one of my top 5 songs but an interesting and disturbing listen.
Hurricane Drunk - great, accessible. About her being rejected. 'I belong to the hurricane'. great lyrics
Blinding - not my favourite but still different to anything else on the album and I like it.
You've Got The Love - Fantastic reworking of the old classic, I hope this charts well as a single.

Top 5 songs: Rabbit Heart, Howl, Drumming Song, Cosmic Love, Hurricane Drunk (You've got the love... ok 6 songs then)

Sorry this was so long.
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on 17 January 2010
Florence and the Machine dazzled me last year with her haunting vocals and beautiful compositions. Therefore without purchasing the original CD last year and feeling slightly guilty, It was only right that I should purchase this box set and there are some good points and bad points.

General Contents

CD 1 - Lungs (Album)
CD 2 - Live At Abbey Road Set
CD 3 - B-Sides, Remixes, Rarities and Acoustics
DVD - Live at the Rivoli Ballroom, Acoustic sets and music videos


The box set is really good quality as it has an almost book feel to it. The hard cover gives it durability and weight which is nice when your paying all this money. The disks are nicely spread out and the book in the middle was a really worthwhile addition although I'm disappointed that full lyrics were not added in. 9/10


The album 'Lungs' itself is a winner and needs no rating as it is pure brilliance. The live set at Abbey Road was great as it really showcases Florence's vocal range. The content on the B-sides was good but there were some annoying absences. There were no demos, 'Addicted to Love' and 'Falling' were not included and in all honesty, the third disk just didn't do the box set any justice. 8/10


I have mixed feelings about the DVD. The live set at the Rivoli Ballroom was a mixed bag to be honest. The camera work was excellent but the sound quality was poor. Although the music can be heard clearly, Florence's vocals, which are the main focus of the entire band were really quiet and fell to the background. Also I didn't like the way the DVD flowed as it kept cutting to the next song, which didn't show her personality which is a spectacle in itself. The acoustic sets were good and the addition of the music videos was essential really. It would have been nice to have included the film of Live at Abbey Road Set and maybe a documentary but the DVD is worth having. 7/10

Overall, the Florence and the machine deluxe box set is a mixed bag. The album itself is fantastic and the box set looks nice on the shelf. If you like Florence then I would recommend just buying the album. But if you love Florence and have some spare cash lying around then get the box set, even if its just for the sake of saying you have one.

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on 14 September 2009
This is a review for the vinyl edition of Florence and the Machine Lungs album. It's now a couple of months since I've had this album and I still don't tire listening to it. The Gatefold Vinyl presentation is first class - photography on both inner and outer cover tremendous plus photography on both sides of the sleeve insert makes this a fine addition to my vinyl collection. Nice touch on side 1 and side 2 of the record being labelled "in" and "out" - you won't get that on any other format like CD and definitely not on a digital download! Sound quality of the tracks is first rate played on a quality turntable and noticed that same track listings as in CD release so nothing added or lost.

Florench Welch's fine vocals and energy like a fusion of Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux - can't wait to see her perform live in Dec 2009 Glasgow.

Great to see new artists releasing their material on Vinyl. Just ordered Bat for Lashes "Two Suns" also on Vinyl and hoping that it will be of the same standard as Florence and The Machine's album. Keep it up for us vinyl collectors who still like to physically hold and cherish their music collection. Vinyl still rules for presentation of Album artwork, lyrics you can read on bigger fonts and of course the sound quality on a properly produced album such as this.
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on 2 December 2009
I won't focus this review on the main album here, Lungs, as chances are you have already heard it if you are looking at this box set. Suffice to say it is a fantastic album and easily worth 5 stars in its own right.

The remainder of the box is a very worthy addition to the collection of any Florence fan - the Live At Abbey Road disc has very strong live performances of 8 tracks from the album (including all 5 singles) plus a good cover of "Oh! Darling".

The third disc is actually quite a disappointment - the "Remixes Covers and Rarities" on offer are a woefully small selection of the great rarities that Florence already has to offer. What is there is generally good, but there are glaring omissions such as her great covers of "Hospital Beds", "Addicted To Love" and "Going Down" and the contents of the original bonus disc from the 2-disc version of the album. It also would have been nice to see the acoustic version of "My Boy Builds Coffins" there given that to date it has only been made available on vinyl (on the Drumming Song 7"). Finally, it would have been amazing to have the bluesy, gutsy demo version of Coffins on there too. But for all these flaws in the track listing, I can't really fault what is there as there are still some strong tracks on this disc.

The fourth and final disc is a DVD, live from the Rivoli Ballroom. I haven't actually watched the DVD yet, but I was in the front row at the concert back in July and can safely say that Florence was on fantastic form and provided that the camera has captured the set well it will be a fantastic DVD that I look forward to watching soon. It's also good that the entire set that she played that night has been included on the DVD. As a bonus to this DVD there are also acoustic versions of four songs and videos to four of the five singles from the album. Sadly it doesn't contain the video to Kiss With A Fist, but in my opinion that was her weakest video so far so if they had to leave one out at least they picked the right one!

In summary, this is a very nice extended version of a fantastic album, which loses a star because of the missed opportunity to really capture Florence's outstanding collection of rarities on Disc 3. The casing and booklet are also very attractively designed.
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on 20 March 2010
I first discovered Florence and the Machine whilst watching the Glastonbury 2009 highlight's on the Red Button (too muddy for me these day's) and also when they guested on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". On the strength of these appearances I went ahead and purchased Lungs completely on impulse. I'm so glad that I did..... Lungs is a terrific album. There are a variety of tracks here which show a great versality and diversity of styles. Florence and the Machine are way out there but still keep their feet both firmly on the ground..... Outstanding!
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on 17 July 2009
Hype- destroyer of hope and waster of well earned money. Hype can be a dangerous thing, in this day an age of media overload fool hardy consumers can loose a lot of cash believing all the reviews, previews, awards, back slaps and chin strokes that barrage the eyes and mind about `fresh new talent'. So Florence and the Machine's debut was approached with great caution and a pair a heavy-duty rubber gloves as I gave it its first listen. I was quite ready to hate it, and to be fair hating things is often more fun but alas I loved it and now hear it's lovely melodies ringing in my ears. Some reviewers have complained about its `all but the kitchen sink' production, however it could be argued that not every album should sound like The Stooges or Delta Blues. Epworth, Ford and Mackie have done a great job at balancing the heavy use of strings and percussion and to be honest its this layered melodic but clean sound that adds a lot to `Lungs'. These things are obviously hardly most important, what really stands is Florence's unique and impressive voice coupled with her dreamy and often dark lyrics. The overall package is some kind of alternative, indie, goth tinged fairy music that acts as both great background noise and summer evening groove. Florence and Co may not be to everyone's taste but for people looking for something new and a little different- an artist to watch has arrived.
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on 28 December 2010
This is a very beautiful and unique music collection by a one of a kind singer. Like many reviewing this collection, I was taken in by her song "Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)". I also saw the video to this song on youtube, and my interest in the song increased even more (the video to this song is definitely worth checking out as well). I admit that I am still making out the full meaning of the "Rabbit Heart" song. The best that I can make from the meaning of the song is that the symbolization relates to some type of passionate love affair that she must be emotionally strong about. She gives reference to King Midas (which many know to be about the story of the king who turned everything to gold with his touch). She mentions in the song "this is a gift", so the meaning of the song most likely implies something positive. There are other gorgeous songs in this collection such as "Cosmic Love" and "You've Got the Love" (which is another song that I like). There is also the catchy and energetic "Dog Days Are Over" (which is a great poppy song). The music to this collection is very original and a great symbol of the eclectic mix of music that is coming out of the current music scene.
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on 10 January 2010
How refreshing to hear true "talent" in an era when winning the X Factor or some equally banal show apparently allows you to produce utter tripe and get away with it
Well there is none of that here, at last we have a band that can produce real music, the last time I heard vocals as excellent was when Maddy Prior was at her prime with Steeleye Span
The entire CD is a pleasure to behold as every single track holds its own special charm
Florence and The Machine are simply the best band to evolve so far this millenium
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on 5 July 2009
When I first heard Florence and the Machine on Steve Lamacq's show I didn't get it. Here was an artist who was being hyped as a live sensation and one of the tips for 2009 and it didn't impress me. I didn't see anything special in the music, the voice or the delivery. It just didn't add up for me. But then recently I heard most recent single `Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)' whilst driving on a sunny day with the windows down and the radio up. Then it clicked. And so here I am on a Sunday afternoon sitting on the floor of my living room with a beer in hand having just watched the Wimbledon Men's final, and Florence is singing down my ear "I'll cut your little heart out, `cause you made me cry."

Florence and the Machine for me is the glorious sound of someone who has sat down with a piano and a drum kit having just listened to too much Tori Amos and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Florence has a strangely ethereal voice helped along by the slight echo in quieter moments of the songs and the layered choral like backing vocals. The sound is deceptive. It is simultaneously demanding and seductive. The drums are relatively simple designed for no other reason than to drive the songs. The piano adds melody in support of Florence's voice and if you listen carefully there are subtle layers an nuances in it that will slowly be uncovered as you listen more.
To follow all this Florence and the Machine could not hope for a better debut. It is simply a joy to listen to. The tracks fly by but you remember every beat of them. `Dog Days are Over' is a brilliant start and following this with the most recent single adds a nice bit familiarity. Tracks like `Howl' and `Kiss with a Fist' are then great additions before the rhythmic genius of `Drumming Song'. It then gets a little more widescreen and epic in its sound with the combination of `Between Two Lungs' and `Cosmic Love'. It then relaxes down to a more intimate and personal sound for the final three tracks which round off the whole album nicely.

It is a well crafted album that exhibits the quality and diversity of this band and especially Florence's wonderful voice. I feel like I have now found Florence and I don't want to go back.

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on 12 September 2009
From a 45 year old geyser who's only bought about 3 albums in the last 10 years, who's into 70s progressive rock, Van Morrison, Genesis, John Martyn and even Teena Marie (now there's a clue).

I love this album, I loved it when I first played it (heard it in the shop) and I love it after 2 months. It's powerful, it's beautiful, it's frenetic. I love the layered vocals, the drumming, the passion. I've heard it's over produced. Who gives a ..? Sounds great to me.

It reminds me of so much that's gone before. I can hear the Pretenders in "Kiss With A Fist", John Martyn with "My Boy Builds Coffins", Sophie B Hawkins all over the place; but I don't get the Kate Bush references - it's not that whimsy. However I do reckon she'd do a great duet with Peter Gabriel.

Cosmic Love is my favourite, love Hurrican Drunk, Howl and Blinding aswell. Can't wait for the second one.
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