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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars365
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2009
At last an album to make me interested in music again. I have had a couple of babies recently and have therefore been out of music for a while trying to cope with all that! I have just got back into it all again and thought I would start by buying up some hyped up albums. Loads of them have got 1-2 good songs and the rest is quite frankly rubbish. Then I put Florence and the Machine on and WOW. An album I can listen through and appreciate EVERY SONG. Haven't had that for a while.

People were commenting that Lily Allen didn't get nominated for a Mercury Music Award. Well thank goodness. If you put this album side by side with Lily's new album (which does have a couple of good songs), they are a complete world apart. Florence is deeper and more rich by far.

Enjoy it!
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on 8 May 2010
This could possibly be my favourite albulm ever.

It includes the famous songs like Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) and You've Got The Love, and not so famous ones such as My Boy Builds Coffins. They are all equally calming and, well...awesome.

I was a bit dissapointed when I first got it, as I had been expecting more tracks, as I had been listening to the extended albulm on Spoitfy, and I hadn't checked this was the right one. But, the other thirteen tracks are so brilliant, it doesn't really matter.

If you like Florence and the machine...Buy it!
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on 28 December 2009
Me and female singers have never really gotten along. I much prefer to listen to the sounds of Thom Yorke or Brandon Flowers or (dare I say) Bono. Whilst my mates fawn over Bjork or Tori Amos or Britney they kind of leave me cold. Then along comes Florence and the Machine. In a year which has been pretty shoddy for decent albums this rises head and shoulders above any other long player. it's so good I could almost imagine Kate Bush discovering this album and sending her minions out to bring this 'florence girl' straight to her. I was fortunate to see her live last month and she's truly a star. When you hear music like this and know that we're still able to discover stars in the world of digital disposal music it makes you sick to your stomach that Simon Cowell is driving the heart and soul out of music. The odd thing is, Florence probably wouldn't have made it past week one of X Factor.
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on 23 November 2009
I wasnt sure Id like this album since I pictured Florence as a Choir singer. I kept hearing the songs on the radio though and kept hearing rave reviews from some most unlikey sources for the musical style. She has the finest voice ive heard for sometime and the composition is catchy and upbeat. Its an album that just keeps growing on you every time you hear it. I Loved it the first time I heard it. Now I have an almost addictive compulsion to play this album as often as possible. The original is in the CD player. There is a copy in my car and ive ripped it to my phone. Its still not boring after these weeks! Whats more ,everyone that hears it comments on it in a positive way. Its rare my freinds and I agree totally that an album is AMAZING.
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on 5 October 2009
'Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)' and 'Drumming Song' seem to be the two songs on the radio and music channels that are highlighting this quirky group. If you've investigated from enjoying the former, you shant be disappointed with 'Lungs's selection. If you came looking for the album for the latter, however, it's likely to take a few times listening to the whole thing to like it. It's very much a mixed bag and folksy bounce, poetic bleakness and something rather more unclassifable. It's undeniably unique, though, with more songs catchy than not and the rest suiting the mellow, slightly 'out there' atmosphere of a solitary drive down the motorway in the middle of the night. Worth a listen.
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on 5 October 2009
but I saw Florence on one of the small stages at Reading Festival in 2008 and immediately was drawn into her weird and wonderful soundworld . This album is a step on from what I saw that day , but says enough about what is going on with the music scene at the moment to give Florence her own special musical moment . The single "Drumming Song " is now heard on the muzak in supermarkets , I wonder if those shoppers are getting any subliminal messages ,even if it might be that this is the best new band we have and the pull to buy the album will show other artists that finding your own place in music is better than copying and scalping yesterday's music .
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on 16 August 2011
The album is quirky and original. An uplifting, indie sound with powerful and distinct female vocals. I love her use of diverse instruments such as the harp. It lends an ethereal quality to her music. An impressive start from this compelling artist.
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Florence & The Machine's "Lungs" has to be one of the most astonishing debut releases of the year, if not of all time. A distinctive, artistic, powerful statement of an album, full of emotion and drama. I have to admit that it took a couple of listens to really start to appreciate all but the standout tracks, which had been released as singles, but when I became accustomed to them, I soon realised there wasn't a weak song on the whole thing. One of the most remarkable things about "Lungs" is the use of imaginative percussion. The drums on many of the tracks are almost tribal African sounding in their prominence and rhythm and they really get the blood pumping throughout the body. Juxtaposed with some of the more folky melodic instruments used, such as ukulele, harp and the strings, it makes for a really interesting listening experience.

My personal picks of the compositions are the album opener, "Dog Days Are Over", which has really arresting dynamics, the thumping, atmospheric "Howl", the Kate Bush at her 1980s best leanings of the brilliant "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), the sensational bluesy vocal performance on "Girl With One Eye" and the very original, subtly building "Between Two Lungs". In fact, I could carry on naming one track after another, because each composition has something quite special and at least interesting to offer. The bonus track, "You've Got The Love" is a brilliant cover of the club classic which has the distinction of being one of the few club tracks I have always really enjoyed, so to hear Florence's great version is, indeed, a bonus.

Definitely one of my favourite albums of the year and highly recommended.
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on 1 December 2010
When I first listened to this album, I didn't really like it except for a couple of songs. Florence seemed to be wailing and shouting and making a right din with her unusual voice and her loud 'machine'.

However, when I gave her another chance and listened through again, without skipping the tracks I thought I didn't like, something strange happened. Her music began to grow on me. Something clicked. I discovered the wall of noise was not a wall of noise after all, but actually an astounding collection of incredibly passionate songs.

After that, the more I listened, the more I wanted to listen. Even now, after sky-rocketing in my estimation, her music is still growing on me yet more. So what do I like about it?

The songs are full of energy and passion. Florence conveys this not only in the style of her singing, but in her lyrics. The music complements this well, with effective use of percussion in many songs; it sometimes sounds almost tribal, driving the songs forward with incredible life force when coupled with her voice.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) has a great melody sung with much gusto, with inspired lyrics with the theme of becoming brave. Energetic percussion, harp arpeggios over the top, and Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass references give the song a slight eccentricity that works brilliantly.

Howl is sung with boundless feeling, and is driven forward by lively percussion. With the lyrics speaking of intense desire, the song has a kind of primal appeal. It is great fun to get caught up in the passion and sing a long at the top of one's voice!

Drumming Song, like Howl, has a primal appeal. It is passionate, energetic, and full of desire. The lyrics use a simple but effective extended metaphor that really hits the nail on the head in conveying what it feels like to be in love and intensely attracted to someone.

Blinding is a slower song, but despite this is works up a great deal of power. I can literally feel the anticipation building up as I listen to it. The lyrics are really evocative.

Other stand-out songs are the energetic 'Dog Days Are Over', the ominous 'Girl With One Eye', and the epic 'Cosmic Love'. 'Hurricane Drunk' and the cover song 'You've Got The Love' are also very good.

In my opinion, the four tracks I've not mentioned so far are not so good - a bit mediocre. However, the rest of the album is so brilliant that it more than makes up for this.

Make no mistake, this is a brilliant album, full of passionate singing, evocative lyrics, and driving music.
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It's been difficult to miss this fiery redhead this summer with appearances at Glasto and just about everywhere else it seems. Finally my heart over-ruled my head (which was fighting against the hype) and I got some Lungs. Glad I did to be honest as it's a stormer that greatly showcases Florence's fantastic vocal and lyrical versatility. The girl really does have a great set of lungs and uses them to great effect in this album mixing gothic chic with an indie edge. Very breathy, sexy, powerful and just the right side of shouty at times, her voice is tailor made for these songs. I'm a fan of bonkers birds like Bjork, and our Flo shares vocal and eccentric traits with my favourite swan wearing Icelander. This is a good thing with Debut being one of my favourite albums. At other times she compares mostly to the wonderful Dolores of the Cranberries, (if you like this you will love No Need to Argue) though where she gets the Gaelic twang from, being a Londoner is anybodies guess.

Aside from the hits, there are some quirky songs here also - My Boy builds Coffins stands out for me, ditto the rocking Hurricane Drunk. She pulls no punches with the Morrisey-esque Kiss With a Fist but the cover of Candi Staton's You've Got the Love (some songs should be left alone) is a disappointment and one of the original reasons behind my reluctance to buy. That aside, this is a fresh, rocking and well polished debut album and the best I've bought this year.
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