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4.7 out of 5 stars59
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 September 2000
Well, what can you say? The twists and turns of this man's career beggar belief. Gary's return to top form of recent years has silenced even the most belligerent critic. It's satisfying to hear well over 100 contemporary artists ranging from Marilyn Manson, to Beck, Blur to Boy George - all paying tribute to Gary's influence on modern day music either by covering his songs (Random, Random-2 amongst the many releases now available) or confirming their respect in magazine interviews.
Gary's music now retains the cold, dark haunting moods from classics such as the Replicas and Telekon albums. But he has listened to what is out there, and has masterfully mixed in new, industrial themes to record one of the most lavishly produced, grandiose albums of his career.
If you have ever been tempted by any of his music, buy this album now. But don't expect a throw-away poppy radio-friendly LP. This is 'grown-up' Gary with swooping melodies, crashing anthemic storms and thought-provoking lyrics.
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on 20 February 2012
With the release of `Pure', Gary Numan's reinvention as industrial metal tour-de-force was complete, as the circular influence of Numan on NIN and vice versa bloomed into a huge album that was fully and authentically absorbed into the genre, whilst still being SO Numan that it couldn't possibly be anyone else.

It also confirmed the direction that most fans suspected he was heading and for me personally, as a long-term metal fan as well as a die-hard Numan fan, it was a direction that I could have only dreamed of 10 years before!

Everything about `Pure' is right and from the moment the crushing title-track kicks in to the final strains of `I Can't Breathe', the quality never dips. Along the way there are some real killers such as the powerful `Listen To My Voice', the stunning `Prayer For The Unborn' (which was subsequently improved even further on the Limited Tour Edition of this album) and the almighty `My Jesus' to name but a few.

The general atmosphere is characteristically moody, but the music is much more varied than on its rather sparse and samey predecessor `Exile', and whilst some songs still see Numan railing against God, there are plenty of more personal, emotional lyrics this time too.

As ever though, Gary Numan can't honestly be compared with anyone else and the industrial influence is just that, an influence...this is a heavy NUMAN album.

`Pure' is a brilliant album and it's how Gary Numan sounds now. Try it, you'll be impressed.
You probably love it. Recommended without reservation.
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Everyone knows who Gary Numan is don't they?
He's that bloke who did Cars isn't he?
Well yes he is, but don't expect this to sound anything like Tubeway Army or his early solo stuff.
For years now Gary has been experimenting with audio sound scape and this is his pinacle so far - there is a new album on the way soon....
Expect wall to wall synths, drum loops, guitars and Numans haunting voice. This album is a dark and brooding as anything by the great goth bands of the 80's - it's also chillingly beautiful with some great melodies. If you liked Exile then it's more of the same, except that the quality is much improved.
An album to listen to on a dark cold night, with the volume turned up and the weight of the world on your shoulders.
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on 28 April 2003
You think Numan is a synth-playing robotic freak? Forget it. This album is guitar driven, with a full, industrial sound and haunting lyrics. The songs are fast moving, confrontational, and cling desparately to you.
Trent Reznor quotes Numan as one of his inspirations, but things have gone full circle as on "Fallen" and "My Jesus" Numan claims back some of Nine Inch Nails' sound as his own. On "Pure", "Rip" and "I Can't Breathe" he moves smoothly from gentle accusation to screaming demands, and back again, meaning that the choruses leap out at you - this is not an album which fades into the background but one which compels.
Lyrics like "I want to feel your innocence, I want to hear you beg for 'Him'" and "...feels so warm inside of you" are also reminiscent of the Nails' mood in "Closer", but despite these apparent similarities, you won't need to already be a fan of either Numan or Nails to enjoy this. The sound is unique - probably the best album Numan has made.
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on 20 June 2005
This album is regularly credited as numan's best ever, I fully agree with the praise it has received! In my own opinion, I would say this is definitely one of the most atmospheric and beautifully dark and brooding album I have ever heard in my life. Numan has reinvented himself into the rock genre and what an amazing impact he has had, long may his musical journey be continually succesful!!!
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on 13 February 2001
Easily Numan's best album since the early 80's. (The recent-ish Exile and it's predecesor Sacrifice were both excellent albums, and marked the start of this blistering return to form, but neither hold a candle to Pure.)
Gary seems to have rediscovered the joys of writing for himself rather than what he thinks his fans want to hear (and I speak as a fan of some 20 years), and this comes across in the confidence and menace of each and every offering here.
But how to make a brilliant album even greater? Simple. Include 5 tracks from his recent Brixton show which, as any Numan fan who was there will tell you, was the most intense, dark and powerful gig that Numan has done in years, if not ever.
(Oh yeah, and 2 remixes, but hey, you can't have it all...)
He owned the stage at Brixton that night, stalking it like a man both possessed and reborn, and this comes across in the live offerings here.
In short, this double pack is dark, brooding and magnificent. An essential addition to any Numan fan's collection. (If you've already got Pure, then still buy this and give your original copy to a friend who still thinks all he's ever done is Cars - chances are they'll be (un)pleasantly surprised.....)
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on 5 November 2009
Replicas, Pleasure Principal and all the other 1979 to about 1991 are many that I like being a massive fan of New Wave.

I was however slightly upset with the dull tone of Machine and Soul, Felt that Sacrifice gave an ok direction and despite everyone elses love for it I very much dislike Exile. However Pure I found felt almost something similar to me that maybe even Replicas did only replacing Synths with Guitars.

The title track PURE has a powerful chorus and comparable to the NIN song Sanctified.
RIP has a simple yet powerful chorus as well.
WALKING WITH SHADOWS is nothing but a chilling gothic anthem
LISTEN TO MY VOICE is exactly what you want to do when you hear this track.

Probably his best album in 10 years!
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on 25 September 2009
I agree with every single word "The Lone Voice Of Reason " wrote.That guy is in my head. Positively chilling.
Most of all . i agree with, and call attention to his comment about the...'mumbled,muddy..impenetrable' vocals. It started after Telekon , and has pretty much gotten worse with each release since then.
The lyrics are wonderful here, some of his best ever,if not the pinnacle, but god in heaven(ha,if ya know the lyrics), i defy anyone to understand/hear what is being sung without the lyric sheet.
I still, despite that major complaint,love this album , and recommend it to everyone.
I feel certain it was Gary's precise vocals on his earliest works that 1st caught the ear of the general public,well...his voice and the synths.okay.I have always believed that ,once it became nigh-on impossible to discern his words, the public were going to lose interest.
Everybody can sing a few lines from 'Friends','Cars','Complex',yeah,i know Gary is sick of those songs, but the public/rock history, wouldnt have concentrated it's attention on a small number of earlier tracks. if he had'nt alienated (ironically ?)them with the horrible vocals on , Warriors,White Boys,Stormtrooper,We take Mystery, and the rest...

In 1979, i cut a pin-up,out of 'Look-In' magazine.I posted it to Gary parents house as mentioned in the interview.I still have the autographed "Good Luck, Robbie", that Gary returned to me.I was 16. I treasure it. Ha, i later sent the album sleeves for 'Tubeway Army','Replicas','Pleasure Principle', for signing , to the same address.I never saw any of them again.haha .Serves me right.
I am and always will be a loyal Gary Numan fan-atic.
I don't want to mess with his artistic vision, what with my negatives above...It's just that i miss THAT VOICE , and i can't hear it om the new stuff.
It's still there ,clear to hear on the live don't give me that.
I think Gary would have had as many hits as Bowie if he had retained the early vocal delivery.
No .it's not about hits either. ....At least the 'voice of reason' ,sees eye to eye, hears ...ear to ear,...with me.I will differ with him on one point though, i still love this album.5 Stars.
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on 19 September 2000
Like Jimi Hendrix had a way of taming the power of the electric guitar, Gary Numan has done with technology. It's one thing to turn it all on and make a big tech noice. But on "Pure", all that power is tamed and directed making electronic music with balls that does not scream at you. Although having industial qualities, "Pure" has color in it's sound.
It is one thing to have technology control the artist, and that is quite common. But Numan is in charge of the technology and that makes this work a classic. It RRRRRROOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKSSSSSS!
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on 5 May 2003
only someone who has experienced the live numan phenomena can fully appreciate my title for this review,however the closest next experience is PURE AT FULL BLAST,just as the music deviates from the most delicate piano to the ground wrenching power of numans synths and guitar,the lyrics and atmosphere generated will drag your senses along the ups and downs of the rollercoaster of your emotions,from your most painful experience to the most seediest experiences in life.When though you eventually reach the end your insides will have been touched in such a way you will want to go back to see which way this album will take you next time. the sound is vastly cathedral-like,yet delicately beautiful,hauntingly etheral and supercharged by amp busting bass synths and numans voice has never sounded more in authority yet sometimes painfully torn by experience.theres more emotion here than any of the glass shattering divas on offer in todays music charts,this is a real genius at work not one of your pampered ponces who just turn up to sing,everything you hear on pure is numan back at his best. Forget cars,are friends electric etc this album leaves them in its wake this is a new millenium sound that will be influencing the pop world for years. Numan has the imagination to create this and the on stage presence to carry it off once youve experienced that you will then understand my title!!! add pure to your collection but only if you appreciate real talent,this time from the godfather of electronica
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