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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 22 July 2009
this has to be a condtender for the best female cd of 2009.after listening to her sing her heart out i can see why she won american idol and her writing skills are nothing to joke about.her vocals rise and fall with ease and to me the best track has to be the cover of one of the best dance track ever .let the music play by shannon.her first cd was a great launch into a wonderfull hit filled career.not only can this young lady write and sing but she is beautifull to boot.i can imagine her career going in a same vien as the likes as donna summer and whitney houston i just hope she stays true to her roots.10 out of 10 jordin keep the melody coming .excellent second outing cant wait to see her touring.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 28 July 2009
Jordin has really grown since her last album....a real mix of slow ballads. I would reccomend to all Beyonce, Mariah and Leona Lewis fans. Oh, and all previous Jordin Sparks fans! If you don't want to buy the whole album, download 'Walking on Snow' , 'Emergency (911)' and 'The Cure' favourites.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
The Wolf can do shallow. Nothing wrong with a bit
of shallow once in a while to lighten the load.

There's good shallow and bad shallow of course and the line
between them is a very fine one and although Ms Sparks dips
perilously close to the wrong side of the tracks occasionally,
for the most part her new album 'Battlefield' more than adequately
redeems itself with this collection of formulaic but largely likeable
power-pop anthems.

She has a whole houseful of writers and producers at her disposal.
I have no idea whether or not she deserves it but she's a pretty girl with a good
voice and a prominent public profile so that's got to mean a whole lot of moolah
in the bank even before she's sung a single note. Someone's a winner here !

The voice is perfectly pleasant. Ms Sparks has the ability to sustain
big brassy top notes with conviction.
Beauty and talent then - surely some kind of mixture for success.

My tone may appear to be a tad sarcastic but I did actually enjoy this album a lot.

Opening track 'Walking On Snow' is a cracking song performed with passion.
More than worthy competition for the Leonas and Mileys of this world.
(Susan Boyle doesn't really stand a chance however !).

Title track 'Battlefield' is a strong contender for Someone-Who- Won-American-Idol
-R&B-Anthem-Of-The-Year-Award-2009. Apart from a couple of very wayward high notes
almost lost in the fade (Yes I am the kind of saddo who pays attention to such details !) it
is, none-the less, a fine song, well sung.

'S.O.S. (Let The Music Play)', a very limp take on Shannon's 1983 monster dance hit, is
a mistaken inclusion. An utterly dowdy production which misses credibility by a mile.

'No Parade' is a pretty ballad which shows off her rich lower register to fine effect.
(I was reminded suddenly of Toni Braxton but her image faded almost in the
same moment that my mind's eye conjured her to life).
Ms Sparks really belts out the big crescendos with this one. I loved it.

'Emergency (911)' sort-of delivers a droll urban rock-chick narrative.
(I'm thinking stick with the big torch songs girlfriend).

'Was I The One' - now that's much more like it !
Soulful. Emotionally captivating. Something to connect with.
We'll forgive the cliches with a performance as riveting as this.

The bluesy gospel of 'Faith', too, is one of the album's highlights.
Our heroine sings her little heart out and lives to see another day.

'Tattoo' gives the voice a little more room to move than some
of its near neighbours. It is a voice worth hearing.
Call me a soppy old Wolf if you must but this is my favorite !

'One Step At A Time' is a rhythmically beguiling closing number.
The staccato melody and richly layered harmonies are delightful.
(Loving that classy mid-song key shift too !).

Well executed tabloid pop of the very highest order.

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on 21 August 2010
Ever since hearing No air and purchasing her debut album I have been captivated by Jordin Sparks' music. Her debut album was amazing and I had never heard anything so amazing from a female artist before. There was something so touching and inspiring in the music which I could immediately relate to. I couldn't get enough of the album and songs like One step at a time and Young and in love were inspirational and song writing genius.
As she is a pop artist it wasn't surprising that she was releasing her sophomore effort a year after the debut. Although this can be good for the fans it can also be a bad thing as the album can be rushed with a lot of filler songs. My 1st entrance to this album was when I saw the video for Battlefield. Immediately I wasn't impressed. Whereas with previous singles like Tattoo and One step at a time they were inspiring and they had a youthful and innocent feeling about them, which was portrayed throughout most of the album and suited her style. With Battlefield I could see that the music style had been changed quite a lot with Jordin portraying a more aggressive and dominant persona telling a lover 'You better go get your armour' and 'Why does love always feel like a battlefield?'. I totally couldn't accept this style and it's still my least favourite song on the album. I really liked how the debut had that youthful teenage feel to it but it was also really powerful and pretty influential. The change of style I saw in Battlefield is carried out in the whole album where she has gone from the character of a teenage girl experiencing life to a much more adult and mature role that you would expect from an older artist.

On my first listen of the album I really wasn't impressed. I couldn't feel the magic like with the debut and the songs were just not of any decent quality to try to even compare the albums. The album definitely took me a few listens to accept and appreciate the music and this adult role.
The first song Walking on snow has quite high pitched vocals in the chorus and although it's not the most powerful song the album, it is a decent song and a pretty catchy one at that. Battlefield then kind of ruins the feeling. Although it's written and produced by Ryan Tedder who's 1 of my favourite songwriters (for his OneRepublic material) it really doesn't suit what I would like her to sound like and kind of ruins that image I had of her as a singer before hearing this song. Don't let it go to your head is a pretty good ballad, where even though she takes a mature role it's not in your face and pushy like with Battlefield. SOS is like nothing she's done before. It's a pop song with a serious dance beat and feel which isn't really that powerful but doesn't take you long to like. With lyrics 'Listen girlfriend, better step back right now... `cos we about to get down', she portrays a chick not to be messed with! It takes more doesn't really stand out but has a good message of 'you need to treat me better 'cos I'm better than that' and I think that's a good message to be putting out there to girls/women who listen to her. The T-pain written Watch you go seems to be a pretty banal kind of R&B song about breaking up and then getting back together again. No parade steps it up with a great sound with a piano basis and a great chorus melody. Let it rain follows on nicely with a similar sound but with a more bouncy beat where Jordin showcases her higher pitched vocals in the chorus. Emergency 911 is probably my 2nd least favourite song about her trying to impress but the dude letting her down. There's nothing powerful about it and lets her take the adult role. Was I the only one is breathtaking. Either Jordin can seriously relate to this song or she's a good actor because her voice is incredibly emotional and it sounds like she's breaking up. One of the best; about a one sided relationship. Faith and The cure are my 2 favourites and they`re co-written by Jordin. Faith is about picking yourself up from harder times where it feels like she's talking directly to you. On my 1st listen it may sound vain but I thought she'd written it for me! The cure is another song where she's speaking directly to the listener. It has a great chorus melody and helps you believe that there are women out there that don't want to break your heart! She's saying that she is the cure to the pain which I think is amazing.
The album then ends with 2 of Jordin's singles and best songs from the debut album. Seems to me like the record company is trying to mix it up but reminds me how much better Jordin Sparks was at the first album. These aren't really bonus tracks - they're just unnecessary additional songs which don't really fit with this album for me no matter how good they are.

A decent album and respectable follow up to the self-titled debut but really not so groundbreaking and such great quality as the amazing first album. Jordin adopts a different role with this album and it's up to you which you prefer.
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VINE VOICEon 9 August 2009
I was won over by Jordin's debut album, which remains one of my favourite albums. It came in for criticism, as apparently it lacked direction and Jordin's all too "nice" persona didn't fit with some of the songs on the album. No Air has to be one of the best ballads in recent memory. So it was therefore with great anticipation that I awaited Jordin's second effort. The signs were extremely promising-Battlefield is an immense pop song despite it's all too lowly chart positon, does the album match this? No-but then again that's not to say it's in any way a bad album-although at times it feels a bit clicheed.

1.Walking On Snow-A brilliant rocky start to the album-shows an amazing potential. 10/10
2.Battlefield-The afore mentioned single. Divine! Pop perfection! 10/10
3.Don't Let It Go To Your Head-A bit of a sappy ballad, but the vocals are great. 8/10
4.S.O.S (Let The Music Play)-This song just doesn't do it for me, it's not the style Jordin should be singing in and should NOT be the second single. 5/10
5.It Takes More-A grower and actually an enjoyable little number. 8.5/10
6.Watch You Go-A bit forgettable and bland. 6.5/10
7.No Parade-The best ballad on the album, and it really is good! 9/10
8.Let It Rain-A great rocky ballad, again the vocals and even amateur dramatics are what makes the song. 9/10
9.Emergeny (911)-A bit of a joke song, do joke songs really have a place on serious albums like this? This isn't bad having said that though. 7/10
10.Was I The Only One-The worst offender of cliche on the album, I skip this one most times. 4/10
11.Faith-This too is clicheed, but then again I like this one... 8/10
12.The Cure-Pleasant ballad to finish the album with. 7.5/10
13.Tattoo-Strange that she should choose to tag her two previous singles on the end of the album, however they are both particularly Tattoo. 9/10
14.One Step At A Time-Classy R&B 8.5/10

Buy it certainly as Jordin certainly deserves the chance to make a third album, but don't expect perfection, as it certainly doesn't wait for you here.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 23 July 2009
I bought this album the day it was released and have had it on heavy rotation ever since. I haven't played much else since I bought it. Every single song is extremely listenable and I haven't found myself skipping anything so far. I'm able to listen to it the whole way through which I struggle to do with most albums these days. I thought her debut self-titled album was also wonderful and it didn't take me many listens to get into all the tracks, but Jordin is just going from strength to strength with "Battlefield." Great lyrics, catchy hooks and most of all, that voice soars. I felt like she held her voice back a little on her first album, and Ms. Sparks really shows us WHY she won American Idol here. I've not heard a better album in 2009 as of yet.

1. Walking On Snow - This track is instantly likeable. Singing of a broken love which Jordin does not care for anymore, this track is actually very uplifting and creates a rather upbeat mood due to its happy melody. This was my favourite track when I first listened to the set (though it keeps changing every few hours!) and a fantastic opener to a brilliant album.

2. Battlefield - The title track and first single. A fiesty and fierce little number which speaks the truth; love IS very challenging and absolutely does feel like a battlefield. Backed with a dark, eerie and haunting beat, Jordin's cutting-edge vocals and a brilliant choir to boot, the excellence continues and it's easy to see why this was chosen as the first single (though there could have been SO many!). You better go and get your armour! ;)

3. Don't Let It Go To Your Head - A brilliant cover of the Fefe Dobson track. Jordin does this song a lot of justice and it's a beautiful song. One of the best ballads on the album and it also has great hit potential.

4. SOS (Let The Music Play) - Time to dance! Jordin takes it to the floor with this pop-dance/disco number which really displays the variety of the album. It's not really like anything else she's ever done before which is why I guess it's been hinted for second single release, further displaying her talent. Fantastic track, and check that bridge - so catchy! I hope it's a big hit!

5. It Takes More - This track immediately stands out. We see more of fierce Jordin here as she angrily tells her lover it takes more than buying flowers to keep her. And she's damn right. Another extremely relatable track where Jordin is once again heavily exercising her vocal chords.

6. Watch You Go - Another quality track which, like SOS, doesn't really sound like anything she's done in her career before. Great production and lovely vocals from Jordin again.

7. No Parade - This one seems to be a fan favourite and it's pretty easy to see why. Backed with heartbreaking lyrics and a boombastic chorus, you can hear Jordin's hurt and emotion throughout the song. Another gorgeous number which shows her incredible talent.

8. Let It Rain - VERY inspirational and uplifting song. The verses really set the scene and theme of the song and the heavier, rock-inspired chorus builds the song to great heights. The rockier chorus goes extremely well with her angry vocals. Fantastic.

9. Emergency (911) - As soon as this starts you can tell Jordin's love has done bad again as she roars in with "You know my ringtone! Why don't you answer the phone?!" This song is very fun and is backed with guitars and a dance beat. The chorus, as well as the first bridge (which is hilarious - "Aren't you my boyfriend? You were supposed to be here like an hour ago!") is particularly fantastic. As I said, it's a very fun song and not to be taken too seriously. ;) VERY relatable at the same time, however. Awesome!

10. Was I The Only One? - This track is beautiful. Jordin's vocals start off soft along with the beautiful guitar. A beat is then added with violins and her vocals start to soar. This song is proof that a gorgeous music is still possible with proper instruments and a LOVELY voice to top it off! You can really hear her hurt on this one too, and it's very heart wrenching, especially if you can relate. "Was I the only one who fell in love? There never really was the two of us. Maybe my all just wasn't good enough." One of my favourites.

11. Faith - Another beautiful, inspiring track. Having a little faith can definitely help in life at times as I have learnt, and as Jordin demonstrates on this track. The last chorus and Jordin's ad libs are AMAZING. Listen to that emotion! Lovely.

12. The Cure - The introduction on this song will probably remind you a lot of Leona Lewis' "Better In Time." Jordin sings of being there for someone and stopping one's pain when they feel low. Jordin has a very soft and angelic vocal on this track which really ties in with the meaning of the song. This is also one of my favourites (though I have many! ;)) and is a gorgeous closer.

The UK version of the album also includes "Tattoo" and "One Step At A Time," the big hits from her debut set (though for some reason her biggest hit "No Air" is excluded). The Deluxe Edition of the album (which unfortunately has not yet been released here in the UK) also includes two bonus tracks, "Postcard" and "Papercut." These are all brilliant tracks. The Deluxe also includes a bonus DVD which is worth forking out the extra money for.

All in all, this album is just astonishing. Jordin's vocals improve and improve (not that they ever needed improving; they were fantastic from the start of course!) and the material on this album is extremely strong, but it's Jordin who makes the album what it is. If you're a fan of the title track and are considering buying the album, I'd highly recommend it, as well as if you enjoyed her debut. If you don't have either of her albums, you're missing out - become a fan today!
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on 30 July 2009
After an amazing debut, Jordin returns with this new album featuring the song of the year Battlefield (amazing song)as well as many more placing her up there with the divas of whom she is so regularly compared with.

Walking On Snow - Upbeat + Catchy - 10/10
Battlefield - The song of the year - 100/10
Don't Let It Go To Your Head - Moody, Memorable,Magic - 11/10
S.O.S(Let The Music Play) - Perfect dancey pop (2nd single) - 12/10
It Takes More - A Dip but still pretty good - 8/10
Watch U Go - Classic but more fillery than others - 9/10
No Parade - Sticks in your head - 10/10
Let It Rain - Heartfelt and powerful - 12/10
Emergency (911) - Disco/electro heaven - 11/10
Was i the only one? - Not one of my faves - 8/10
Faith - Absolutely stunning - 12/10
The Cure - worst song on the album - 7/10

A classic album and an absolutely brill sound - a continuous improvement and development from her 'Tattoo' days
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 20 December 2011
one of the great talent from back in the states jordin sparks really got it and really knows how to combine great tunes, mix in a lot of great r&B, soul even some rock to make a masterpiece anyone coud and should enjoy!
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on 21 November 2013
The main reason why i bought her cd was because of her song "battlefield". i like d the song when i heard it on Tv and decioded to buy the CD but i do like every song on the CD
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on 7 February 2013
I loved her previous album and this one didn't disapoint either, love her voice and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, i have it on when i am driving around. Very good album.
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