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on 18 August 2009
The Good
This is a slick piece of kit. I'm totally new to the Mac and boy am i thrilled with the decision. Firstly the screen is bright......when i say bright i really do mean bright. It takes your breath away, which for photographs is amazing. Battery life is so far impressive, obviously the more you do the more hungry it is but easily getting 5 hrs plus. Better than any windows laptop.
It feels really stable, i've only had to force quit (close down) once and that was with an external hard drive full of window files. Shutting down the machine is simple and again very fast.
This is a capable machine, to give you an idea..... i was transferring 4gb video footage from iMovie to mem stick, surfing the web, online poker on, itunes playing all at the same time.....not even hint of lag.
The only game i have tried is Eve Online, not like i play it but wanted to test out the main graphics a treat, very smooth. Although i did notice the machine was getting a tad warm.
Apparently you don't need virus software, as windows users know, loading up virus protection does have an impact on yr machine. Now i'm not totally convinced by the apple shop telling me this but so far so good. Just need to stay away from the dodgy websites.

The Bad
It's expensive, very expensive.
It's fairly heavy for its size, but i went for the 15" for the viewing pleasure so can't complain.
The interface is different and it has taken about week to get fully up to speed with how it all works (obviously the basics) - i'm a little concerned if something was to go wrong, i'd have to ship it off somewhere. With a windows laptop/pc i'm pretty sure i could fix anything - this is no blight on Apple or the machine just an observation you should make when purchasing

The Ugly
Only 2 USB ports. Don't like the fact that DVD drive can only be operated from within (ie no eject button). Some models have an SD only slot, i'm mainly an SD card user but had a ExpressCard slot installed just in case, already been useful. To switch the main graphics card on you need to log out, fairly annoying which i'm sure Apple could fix with a patch but nothing to put you off. I apparently purchased a 320GB hard drive, but only realised yesterday it's 300GB - i'm not sending it back for the sake of 20GB, not when i'm fully loaded with my photos/movies etc. Had i noticed before then maybe i would have.

The Undecided
Compatibility is obviously an issue, and i've yet to pluck up the courage to load windows into boot camp. I've watched all the tutorials and it does look simple but need to research further as i'm concerned with virus/trojans etc. But all fingers point to it's an easy procedure. It allows you to run windows and it's applications just like on a PC. I want to get some good usage out of it - do i need to put windows on. If i did why go for a Mac. So far i don't but it's only been a week.

Why Purchase
If, like me, you use for mainly photographs, video, web, poker, itunes then this machine is a pleasure to use, i'm sick of my PC crashing, struggling with tasks, freezing. It will bring a new lease of life to photo images. If you're a games player i'd probably go for a windows based machine (although see The undecided) as it would be simpler all round - games are expensive too - but i'll update if i put windows on - apparently all the games will work.
The OS takes a little getting used to as slightly different to Windows but for me it was like getting a computer for the first time. The apple website is very useful too.
The trackpad takes some getting used to and really didn't like it at first but i think it's winning me over. I did read you couldn't have a right click but i can assure you that it's not true.

Expensive but worth it. A good number of applications provided (garageband, imovie, iphoto etc) to start you off. Great to work on (screen is bright). I'm still only at the basic stages but so far so good and if this trend continues it won't be long before i trash my PC and switch to Apple completely.
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on 10 January 2010
And I assure you, a Mac wins.

Look at it like this if youre on the fence; If youre a consumer looking for a bargain PC - get a laptop and save your money. If youre looking for a premium computer with superior build quality and a better overall value in the long run - spend more money and get a Mac. There is a logical, arguable reason why they are more expensive.

A way to think about it is; if Windows-based PCs as a whole are thought of as a top selling car like the Ford Focus, Apple's Mac computers would be more like a luxury car, like a Porsche. Porsche sales are just a fraction of Focus sales because it does not sell any models in the low-end price range. But at the same time, Porsche makes more money on each car sold and maintains a premium branding. If Porsche started selling cheap cars, it would move a lot more units, but it would no longer be the Porsche brand that we know. Youre paying for the premium. Youre paying for the better quality. Youre paying for the niche market. The service. The brand name and everything that comes with it.

Anywho. Apple have truly excelled themselves with their latest line in Macs. They have become such high quality that, as far as Im concerned, there is now only ONE reason you would get a laptop or PC over a Macbook Pro ; Gaming.

Games will run better, and by that I mean at higher resolutions and detail, but ONLY JUST. The slightly lower dip in FPS (frames per second - i.e. how smooth the game runs as you up the graphical detail) shouldnt be put into consideration when you look at all the benefits the Macs have over PCs and Laptops these days.

This 15inch Macbook Pro is definitely what is known as a 'desktop replacer', basically you can get rid of your current desktop PC (tower under or ontop of your desk, get rid of the monitor) and use this laptop as your main PC.

PC mobility has become such a high demand from society these days as the phenomenas of Facebook and Twitter continue to roll into our lives more and more, people just cant stay off these things while having Coffee in...some airport that nobody really cares about, as with most people's status updates (lets face it).

I would write about how a Mac is better than a PC, but im sure youve either seen the adverts on TV, the internet etc, or atleast seen on the Apple website why a Mac is better, and youre probably sat reading this feeling on the fence about what to get, Mac or Laptop, and youre not sure which side to fall on seeing as youve been using a PC or laptop all your life so far, and a Mac seems somehow alien; is it a laptop or isnt it?

Just do it. Stop dipping your feet in the pond and just jump in. The first..week will be confusing, like getting used to a PC all over again, or a new piece of tech.

Anyway, lets get down to pros and cons.


-Can install Windows and Linux; through boot camp, you can install XP, Vista or Windows 7, as well as Linux operating systems, as well as having Mac's own OS on your hard drive. So, start the Mac up and choose which operating system to load up. Easy. Very simple to do as well.

-Unbeatable build quality; Apple have really excelled here. The build quality is...astonishing. Anyone that has picked up the latest series of the iPod classic will know. The metal used is light, brushed finish that just somehow feels fantastic and solid. You just get this feeling that the Mac will not break, bend or get damaged in any way. Its got an expensive feel of quality to it, and is a wonder to look at. Its just beautiful.

-Screen is amazingly bright, detailed and has a quality look to it.

-Keyboard is beautifully backlit in a blue glow around each key and feels robust. The keys feel wider apart than on a normal laptop, so typing for long periods takes some getting used to. If youre really that fussy, push the laptop further away and plug in your USB keyboard from the PC youve been using. Simple.

-Faster loading times on everything.

-Free photo and video editing software for those of us who love that kind of thing; Macs are aimed specifically at this sector of the market. You wont get a better editing experience than with a Mac.

-Huge hard drive that runs faster than any other laptop in it's price range and specs (reducing loadup times and increasing speed of loading large files etc).

-Easy to upgrade.

-Has everything that a normal laptop has, just more of it and better quality.

-Will never freeze on you.

-Will never get a virus or spyware; no more restarts, virus scanning, slowdowns, blue screens etc.

-Battery life is incredible considering the processing power and screen.


-Price; Lets face it, its expensive. But its how you percieve the cost in regarding the quality:price ratio, and your perception of VALUE. For example, I will never understand why someone would be willing to shed out thousands of pounds for a guitar. Why? Because I dont play a guitar, therefore I cannot put a value on a guitar or any musical instrument. I love PCs, work on them everday, so I appreciate their value. So, I'm willing to shed out more money for something I know is the best you can get. Yes maybe you can get a better laptop for less money, but to me, youre ONLY PAYING THIS MUCH MONEY FOR A GAMING LAPTOP. Macs will run today's games at only slightly lower detail and fps, but a Mac replaces your existing PC and has more pros than cons in comparison to a normal PC or laptop.

-Heat; It can get quite hot when under load (mainly gaming) when you switch to the 9600 graphics card from the 9400. Because of the metal used, it can also be deathly cold to touch first thing in the morning. You rest your hands down on the keyboard, which is pushed quite a noticeable distance away from the front of the laptop toward the screen, so your wrists and forearms rest on the body at the front; quite a shock when youre not thinking about how cold the metal is, can make you jump.

-Errr...Price. Again, its the only reason it will put you off buying one. Once you get passed that mental stage, its a no-brainer purchase, and you wont regret it.

-Software Compatability; Some window's software wont run on Macs. SOME. I'd say 90% of all software that runs on windows is now compatible with Macs, and Apple is constantly updating the non-compatible software, which is usually specialist software anyway that most of us will never use, so that they will run on all Macs. The essential software like Word and Excel etc run, and games are all compatible with Macs these days anyway. Just check the back of the software's case before purchasing. Simple.

In the end, the pros far outweigh the cons, to the point where you dont even think about the main con; the price.

You wont regret the purchase. It takes a while to get used to the different layout of the operating system, but once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without your Mac.
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on 6 July 2009
Wow - first mac, and I just can't get over how great this is. Screen fantastic, Mac OS X incredible, I love the software that comes with it (Garage band in particular - free lessons to learn the guitar and piano). Touchpad gestures are great. Above all, the battery life is superb - easily getting five hours in reasonably low use. Yes, the price is much higher than many Windows notebooks, but you get all the above with this.

If you do want to run Windows - you can via Bootcamp. Can't see this happening though!!

The only slight niggle is the lack of Blueray.
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on 25 November 2009
I know this is an expensive Laptop but the quality, screen and the general feel just beats a PC Laptop down. I had been looking at a top spec XPS 16 and at the last minute I decided on the Apple. I am so glad I did! I have used a MacPro for a couple of years and have to say it boots up as fast as it ever did and has never let me down with Software. The interface for the Macbook pro is excellent.

- Screen is very crisp and clean - great for watching HD itunes content
- Keyboard lights up wonderfully - May seem an odd benefit but surprising how useful it is and far better done than on similarly price laptops
- Speed of boot-up and general user interface
- At las - A half decent graphics card - not great for full gaming but It plays WOW with all mods on at 40-60FPS
- Build quality - Outsanding
- Slim and relatively light
- Battery life is staggering
- I personally like the trackpad

- No Blu-Ray option
- Would like better spec graphics card
- More USB ports
- No HDMI port
- No easy right-click option

Overall - get one - as a final point it will be worth twice as much as a similar PC in 2 years time at least and it will still load up almost as quick unlike a PC that just gets slower and slower month after month.

I didn't think this was overly expensive for this quality and spec. A little more than a Dell but not materially.

Get one - you won't be disappointed
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on 20 March 2010
got to say this is streets ahead of windows and pcs. You can feel the quality and everything feels so slick, smooth and fast

Only been using it for a week and must admit, trying to learn the mac os is a bit of problem but thats only because I've never used one before

The only downside I can see so far is the price, there is a whopping premium for a mac (2 1/2 -> 3 times the price) compared to windows pc - is it worth it? really couldn't answer that yet.

Fantastic bit of kit but you could buy a much higher spec if you went down the windows route.

Can't help thinking if Microsoft/Apple roles were reversed would Microsoft maintain sky high prices and be happy with small share of the market or price cut and destroy the opposition with superior products? the latter without a doubt!

Dropped a star due to the price but may end up worth all 5 in the end!
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on 20 March 2010
Well I know there is 2011 models of the MBP now but this was the first design that Apple have kept using. I go my MBP in June 2009 so yes this is a VERY late review, I got mine from Apple and not of Amazon.

Thin, sexy, great battery life, great bright display, best trackpad of any laptop, backlit keyboard which is very useful.

Mac OS X is a pleasure to use and Windows can be run on it too if you want to gam but the MBP will get EXTREMELY HOT so its not recommended on a laptop that doesn't have big heat sinks and fans.

Also the MBP on average use stays cool and fans are very quiet.
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on 7 April 2010
Bought this marvellous machine a month ago which is a joy to use. Genuinely plug and play, and and has major poseability. Yes my husband bought his sony laptop for half the price but once you use this mac it's hard to imagine switching back to a pc. Small details make it great - the backlit keyboarrd, magnetic connector, screen quality and intuitiveness of the software. Also try out the genius stores - the level of service is excellent.
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on 21 July 2015
I bought a second hand one, still a fantastic machine. The condition is excellent. The display is so much better than my last laptop, colourful and vivid, and I love the key pad very much! it's unique, so smooth to touch and very easy to type, the best key pad I've ever used. Generally a great and nice laptop to have if you are already familiar with the OS X, or don't mind to learn to use it.
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on 27 November 2014
I ordered this after my Toshiba windows laptop broke before my grand-daughter's exams. Absolutely brilliant piece of work. The design looks professional and at a premium standard and arrived promptly within 3-5 days. Costumer service was polite and informative with delivery information. Overall a beautiful laptop and a stunning display. Definitely never going back to windows.
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on 26 April 2010
I received the Apple MacBook Pro within 48 hours of ordering, and it arrived, as you would expect, in first class condition. This is a very versatile piece of kit and extremely quick in responding to commands. I am now of the opinion that Apple have things pretty much sewn up relating to this particular type of technology. Needless to say, I am totally satisfied.
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