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on 26 October 2009
I finally bit the bullet and went for a mac, and can truly say now that once you've had mac, you never go back! I've got a trusty old desktop which runs XP reasonably well (ok, yeah, it has had 2 disasterous lose-all crashes) and last year I bought a cheap toshiba laptop with vista - which has spent much of it's life "not responding". I'd always thought macs were a little pretentious and arty, and that people who paid that much for a computer had issues...

"Then I saw it's pace, now I'm a believer..."

There were too many people telling me how good they were, and I was fed up ctrl-alt-deleting and still never getting where I wanted to be, so I went for it. Awesome. Expensive yes, but if time is money then I wish I'd done this years ago as I would have saved an inordinate amount of staring at status bars, trying to undo the upgrade or service pack that brought down your system, waiting for task manager to cough and sputter it's way into life because you dared open one too many windows... Nope, from the second I turned this baby on it just WORKED. Out of box, plug in, detect wifi, enter apple ID and we're good to go. A couple of updates downloaded and installed and we're there. Insanely quickly.

Being a mac novice I was a little concerned about getting to grips with it - I'd tried one in a shop and was all over the place! But it guides you through, and after an hour or so it's an old friend. Going back to a mouse seems awkward somehow, unneccessary. It's very intuitive. The battery life is as good as they say, the screen is gorgeous, and everyone who has seen it is "wowed" by it.

What can I say. Buy one now, before you spend another second of your life waiting for windows!!!
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on 19 July 2009
I've long admired Apple laptops from a far, and when my Dell desktop finally seized up after 6 years of tremendous service I felt it was time to jump ship - firstly to a laptop and secondly to the Apple brand that had impressed me so much with my iPod Classic and iTunes. I went for the higher spec 13" Macbook Pro as I felt the faster processor, bigger hard drive and double the RAM (4GB instead of 2GB) were more than enough to warrant the extra cash. In short, it was a great move. Mac OSX is fast, user friendly and easy to adapt to - even by hardened Windows users like myself. Design wise the machine is stunning - light, sturdy and oozes class. The screen is vibrant and I've had no issues with glare. The keyboard is a perfect size and the backlight is a real touch of class. The trackpad (after a little getting used to) is also a joy - it's also fully configurable to cater for individual's tastes.

My laptop is usually hooked up to my monitor (via the VGA adaptor I purchased) so it doubles up as a desktop remarkably well. One very nice add-on I'd recommend purchasing is the Apple Remote - controlling all your music, videos and photos via remote (via the built in infra-red) is a fantastic novelty that I'm still not bored of!

I appreciate this review is a whistle-stop tour but please leave a comment if you have a specific question, particularly from any potential purchasers who are reluctant of leaving a Windows machine. I am now part of the Apple 'family' and with an iPhone 3GS next on my list I am soon to be fully Mac'd out! This laptop comes HIGHLY recommended. Enjoy...
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on 2 October 2009
I am rarely motivated to write reviews but I am so impressed with my new Macbook Pro 2.53GHz that I though I would share.

As with the majority of Apple products, everything is well thought out and immaculately presented - from the box it is shipped in, to the actual packaging never mind the stunning design of the machine itself.

From opening the box to being fully set-up I reckon it took a total of 15 minutes. Within half an hour I had installed all my other software, completed any online updates of the pre-installed software and customised the machine to my own settings. I have been a Mac owner for a little while now but the set-up is superbly efficient even if you are coming over from what I now consider to be the archaic PC. Mine was shipped with OS X Snow Leopard, which I would definitely recommend you ensure is pre-loaded, from the Apple Store. The updates to iTunes even allowed me to transfer my music collection wirelessly.

I also recommend a subscription to MobileMe. This not only assists with the speedy set-up but also ensures that your iCal, Notes, Contacts and Mail are all available on every product you own. For me this includes my Mac Mini, iPhone and now the Macbook Pro.

Whilst this is a touch expensive compared to the PC 'equivalent' it wholeheartedly recommend it. To describe the entire experience in one word - seamless!
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on 12 October 2009
I converted from my Dell laptop and I agree with previous reviews the whole affair was seamless. I rarely turn the laptop off, just closing the lid is good enough. It is a fantastic piece of design and the build quality is second to none. It is true you can get a PC clone with more memory, greater chip speed and for less money, but once you have started using a mac nothing else will do.

If you have money buy one - especially the 4GB Ram 250GB HD model. For ultra portability go for the 13" model. If you do not have the money then save up and buy one.
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on 3 November 2009
First mac I've ever owned and I am very impressed. Elegance from the moment you open the (highly compact) box. Everything has been exquisitely designed from the ground up. Love the styling and little features that other designers would consider superfluous luxuries - side battery display, magnetic power cord, unibody casing, slot loading dvd drive etc. In fact they are so intuitive, useful and classy that I wouldn't consider a laptop without them in the future. You'll know you've bought the best. Snow Leopard is also a joy to use. iPhoto and other bundled software is a rare combination of power and accessibility. Only wish that Apple had included a Blu-Ray drive and HDMI out.
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VINE VOICEon 19 December 2009
My MacBook Pro has replaced a first generation Intel MacBook Pro. The ability to have a smaller machine was much appreciated from a travelling point of view, though you can get a larger machine if you want it.

All the good things that you would want are still there like the MagSafe connectors, easy to use wi-fi and accessible connections. Firewire has been upgraded to 800 so the connectors have changed for my hard drives. The build quality on the machine is even better than my old machine.

The biggest change is the move from the matt LCD screen to a glass-fronted screen with back lighting from LCDs. I was a bit concerned about visibility on this screen and colour reproduction. I need not have been concerned, colour balance is good and the screen is bright and easy to use.

If you want a Mac with the same footprint as the MacBook Air, but with decent performance and practicality then this is the machine for you.
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on 24 January 2010
I finally gave up on PCs after my Sony laptop broke just over a year after I bought it. As somebody else said, with Windows Vista it just kept not responding and crashing and when the internet connection became more than random (nothing wrong with my actually internet!) I snapped and bought this little beauty. I was a little apprehensive about getting used to it but had absolutely no problems with it. It was dead simple to set up, thanks to Office Mac I had no problems transferring any of my documents and its super fast.
I also like the fact that you don't need to bother with all the anti virus stuff, scanning, defragmenting... and everything else that you have to keep doing with a PC to keep it at least a bit functional. All your downloads go to just one place and stay there until you decide to clear the folder; on my PC I could never ever find where my stuff went as it seemed to decided rather randomly where to send files.
The only small problem I would point out is that the two USB ports are too close together and if you have to use them both at the same time you need an adapter. But on the scale of things, this is really minor.
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on 11 September 2009
I'm still getting to grips with my PC to Mac conversion (fingers and thumbs on the wrong keys and I'm still looking for a left and right click), but what a revalation the Macbook Pro has been. After years of wait, wait , wait for the Vista operating system to boot or update, all the associated malware and nasties, and just the overheads of an inherantly innefficient operating system; the ease and speed of OS X is just mindblowing. The build quality is superb, the wee touches like the magnetic power plug are top and the battery life is ace. I can work from the car all day without charging, hurray!! I'm a very happy customer.
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on 23 February 2010
First of all Amazon gets 5 stars for price and delivery. Much cheaper that the Apple Store and I have even seen refurbs for more that what I paid for a new one from Amazon.

I am not so sure about the Macbook Pro. Over £1000 is a lot of money for a notebook especially when the screen is only 13.3 inches. I am having to lean forward to type this as the font is so small. I paid £999 for an HP computer 4 years ago for my wife and a similar price for a Samsung 15 inch notebook for myself. Now you can get a pretty good notebook for half this or less. Apple still charge the higher price.

I have been an IT professional for over 30 years and have been forced to work on PCs as that is what all the big companies use. Like so many people I am trying to get away from the big MS. The thing about Windows is that the software has to operate on many makes of machine. Apple on the other hand make both the machine and the software so the fit should be better. I can't understand my MS do not make their own machines.

Anyway, getting back to the Macbook.

Good points.

Can run run Windows using the Bootcamp function. Can use the machine just with Windows if you wanted.I seem to spend a lot of time on the Windows 7 partition

Graphics are spot on

Track pad very clever with multi touch functions

Connected to my wireless network and printers in an instant

Not a PC

Bad points

13.3 inches is too small but the 15 inches costs a hell of a lot more. I'm sure I will get used to it or get stronger glasses.

Apple Software like iWork is very poor in my opinion especially NUMBERS the spreadsheet application, sorry, app. Far better to use MS Office on the Windows partition or, better still, use the very good and very free OpenOffice. iWork seems to be very clunky, not very clever and is very infuriating at times. When you first open an Excel Spreadsheet it tells you all the functions it cannot support and has removed. Not very inspiring. Don't buy iWork until you have tried OpenOffice first. The PAGES app (WORD) uses an american dictionary for the spell checker. I am still trying to turn it off. You could always use Apples own Office Suite but that is mega bucks.

Email setup is not as clever as Apple claim. The setup was unable to find the correct servers for my Yahoo accounts. I had to manually correct the settings. I thought Yahoo was fairly common

I don't like Safari as a Web Browser. Luckily Opera runs on the Mac and is much better in my opinion.

Limited software compared to Windows although many printers etc come with both Windows and Mac drivers

Tricky just opening the lid. No catch so you have to grip the thing and prise the two parts apart. Silly

No dedicated Delete key and the @ key is in the US position (Shift 2)

Pretty heavy for aluminium

Screen brightness difficult to adjust from the auto setting. Very dim compared to my oldish HP.

I am unable to change to size of the mouse. Very difficult to see on this screen

No keyboard shortcuts.


I will continue with the Mac but unless you are a lottery winner, banker or Stephen Fry I am not convinced the Apple is worth the extra cash.

I was going to buy the wireless keyboard so I could sit back and type but not much point as I wouldn't be able to see the screen. This is probably why Apple are trying to get me to buy a separate monitor. More expense

This is all just my own opinion. You may find the Mac perfect for you. I wish you luck

UPDATE. I returned it less than a week later. I spent all my time on the W7 partition so what was the point. I now have a 17" HP notebook that flies and is considerably faster than the Mac. No more spinning rainbow umbrellas.
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on 14 March 2010
Yes I can highly reccommend this laptop...its my first foray into "macdom"and I`m more than happy with my choice.Although I`ve only had this machine less than a week,after having used a PC for many years,my transition to a mac has been pretty much seamless.
The Snow Leopard OS is not that much different from XP Pro which i`ve used (and will still do on occasion)The machine itself is a beauty...turning on,registering and using took less than 20 mins but it took another 30 mins or so to set up my mac to access my msn email accounts(my fault for being a dork!)With there being 4GB of ram,the mac is very nippy with any program and multitasking is a doddle.There`s plenty of help built in if you need it and everything is very well thought out..some lovely touches like the magnetic power connection,SD card reader,no tray dvd/cd slot,long battery life(yes it really is LONG life!)..the screen is very clear and certainly large enough for me..I think the next model up would have been too big...I`ve even been able to buy the Applecare Warranty online for less than impressed have I been that I`m thinking about changing my desktop to a mac in the near future!Well Done Apple!!
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