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306 of 309 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 22 September 2009
Having owned and used a variety of external hard drives. I feel the Samsung Storystation is one of the better variety.

The drive it well packaged and it seems that most if not all the packaging is easily recyclable. The drive is packaged in reinforced sturdy egg carton type cardboard that supports the drive very well during transit. A non-surprise but noticible difference to other external drives is that the cable connecting the drive to USB port is a mini-usb type. So that spare Usb printer cable won't fit here.

The drive is mainly matte plastic housing for the face, back and bottom. The top and sides is a very attractive brushed aluminum secured by 2 screws on either side.

What stands out about the unit is that the dial on the front is also a dimmer switch to control the light intensity (drive activity light) below the drive. A novelty, but nice to have.

Onto performance. The drive is very snappy and responsive and copying off the drive and general tasks. Of particular note is that when transferring batches to files concurrently, there is not a massive slowdown as with my other two external hard drives. Both transfers are definitely slower than if I did them each separately, but quicker than If I had done the transfer on my other drives. Thumbs up here.

Noise is of no concern. My philips drive is very noisy, making heavy disk transfer noises. The Samsung has been transferring around 400gb of data today, movies, pictures and music, and the only way to hear any disk activity is to have your ear up to the drive. So excellent for those who are thinking about storing music and keeping this drive next to desktop speakers.

Heat is a non issue. Transferring 400gb with many transfers simultaneously has led to my Philips aluminium drive burning up, whilst the Samsung has only reached "hardly warm" despite being on the whole day with heavy transferring. The ventilation is helped by well placed vents in the plastic at the back and bottom of the drive. Something I wish my Philips enclosed Aluminum drive had.

If you want a drive that doesn't get hot and truly is quiet, look no further. It's no slouch writing to the drive, just don't expect eSATA speeds. It's the best of the USB2 bunch of drives and styled better than the WD/Seagate and even my original Freecom Aluminium 500gb.
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75 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on 11 January 2010
I should begin by mentioning that the first one of these I received was faulty. Both my desktop and laptop rejected it with a Windows error 43 (essentially indicating that the plug & play device was faulty). This can happen with hard disks so, although disappointed, I wasn't put off too much. I used Amazon's "returns" process and chose to have a replacement, not the refund option. Amazon's returns process should be carefully followed. If it is, you will find that it is excellent. It even gave me the option to have DHL pick up the faulty item at Amazon's expense, which I set up there and then and they turned up the next day as requested. My replacement arrived two days later in spite of the current spell of freezing weather which is causing delays around the country, and in spite of it being a Sunday! So, full marks to Amazon for what is probably the best returns process I've ever used.

I've read a few negative reviews about the Samsung Story, though very few compared with the number of positive ones, and mostly those bad reviews have, in my opinion, marked the Story down for silly reasons. I'll make reference to some of those below so you can make up your own minds.

It still amazes me that there are people who have not grasped the terminology when it comes to hard disk sizes. Of course this disk shows as 1.36Tb and not 1.5Tb in Windows. Windows uses multiples of 1024 to determine Kb, Gb, and Tb, not 1000 as the hard disk manufacturers do. That's how it's always been and it's probably not going to change now. Get used to it. In fact, Windows does show that the 1.5Tb Story has 1,499,198,94,560 bytes available for storage. Okay, that's a tad short but hey, it's close enough. When was the last time you took a 2 litre car back and complained because it had a 1998cc engine?

Elsewhere I read a review from somone who had problems with his device not working out of the box, and I did wonder to myself, "Why didn't you just return it as faulty instead of griping on about how rubbish it was and how you were out of pocket because of it?" If it doesn't work, send it back. It's not rocket science.

Having got my replacement recognised in Windows (7), I transferred all the photo files on my PC to it, 96,000 of them which amounted to 469Gb. This took about 7 hours, though I was still able to carry on with other tasks that didn't access the files I was transferring. It's not something I expect to do very often, thankfully. Now, I realise this is a USB device, not Firewire or eSATA so I'm not going to mark it down for a lack of speed. I knew that when I bought it. If speed is more important to you than price then spend more on something with a faster interface. Don't do what yet another reviewer did and give it a low rating because it's not Firewire. Did he not read the spec before buying it? What's the point in buying something you know must be slower and then complaining it's not as fast as the more expensive ones? Frankly, I'm happy enough with the speed and if I need to transfer a large amount of data I'll simply do it when it's most convenient, like overnight! Accessing individual photos, even larger RAW files, is acceptably fast, so for everyday use I'm perfectly happy with it.

I do wonder why Samsung format it as FAT32 and not the more efficient NTFS. Do they feel that's still necessary? Could they not maybe give this as an option? That's the only negative thing I have to say about the Story, and I knew about that before buying so it was my choice to accept it or take the time to reformat to NTFS.

I've not used any of the software supplied on the Story so cannot comment on it.

The on/off dial which also controls the brightness of a light underneath is perhaps a bit gimmicky, but how nice not to have to fiddle around at the back for a switch to turn it off. The Story does, however, power itself down when the PC is switched off, or at least it does with mine. Construction seems very solid and it's whisper quiet, with just some gentle noise when you wake it up. So far it's not generated any excess heat, with the outer casing not even warm to the touch. The USB cable (which uses the smaller USB connection for the Story end) is about a metre long, perhaps a little under, so reasonable if not excessively generous. The power cord will stretch about 2 metres in total. (Very approximate measurements!)

All in all, I'm very happy with my Samsung Story 1.5Tb drive and at last I've got enough storage capacity to clear my PC's hard drive of all those photos. Would I buy another? Undoubtedly, yes. Thumbs up to Amazon too for brilliant pricing and service.

Finally, I'll confirm what others have said about the packaging - it's excellent. Hang on to it though, just in case you need to return your Story.
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134 of 137 people found the following review helpful
To keep my PC drive as uncluttered as possible, I use external USB drives to store all my working files and data which includes masses of photo and video files. I now have four Samsung Story 1.5TB drives - having purchased my first in September and been very satisfied with it, I bought a second in early November and have since ordered two more - they really are the best!

The drive feels solid and well built, even stylish - if ever such a utilitarian component could be considered as such, with its sleek aluminium casing and white LED downlight with a rotating dial to increase or decrease the light intensity. I'm not sure why an external hard drives needs this feature but it sets it apart from its seven neighbours on my shelf. It's silent in use, doesn't become hot and is ventilated beneath. A downside, for me at least, is that it isn't designed to be used vertically so it has a large footprint but several can be stacked together to overcome this.

The drive was recognised as soon as I connected it to my PC and performance has been good - just as I'd expect of Samsung and the included backup software works reliably and well.

If you plan to format the drive into NTFS, remember to copy the included backup software folder onto your PC's hard drive first!
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 27 February 2011
I already have 2 Samsung 1.5TB disk drives (HD154UI/Y) in my NAS system, which have worked well since new.
I bought this Story Station (Sept 2010) to backup the NAS drives and store the data away from home for safekeeping.
Like many here, on only the 4th useage, the Story Station wouldn't power up, no light etc.
The power supply was fine, at 12V, so no probs there.
I looked at the Samsung RMA return option but they wouldn't tell me what would happen to the returned drive or personal data on it.
Plus I would receive another Story Station in return, with the same potential issue, so I wasn't prepared to lose the data and have another unreliable Story Station.
My solution (not for everyone) was to buy a 3.5" SATA to USB enclosure for about (£15), open the Story Station, break the warranty seals and extract the HDD (just requires a torx driver of the right size).
The drive worked fine once in the new enclosure, so the fault must be some failure of the Story Station HDD/USB interface electronics.
My suggestion would be to buy a different brand of backup product or, if the Samsung cool running HD154UI/Y drive is that important, just buy the drive itself and a separate 3.5" HDD enclosure to slot it into. Avoid the Story Station itself.
In any event, never rely on a single backup drive for treasured data... any drive can and will fail, so you need at least 2 independent copies at any one time.
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91 of 93 people found the following review helpful
on 2 December 2009
I was looking for a drive with additional storage that i can format to NTFS and just plug and play. I usually purchase the Western Digital Mybook range, but due to the new Mybooks having smartware installed and the added hassle of removing it. I decided to venture out and purchase an alternative drive.
First impressions of the Samsung Story is that it looks better then the pictures shown above. It is has a solid build quality. The air vents are situated at the bottom which worried me a little as the original WD Mybook have a larger air vent circulation. However, on using it i found the drive stays cool even when transfering large amounts of data over 100gb (using usb connection supplied). The transfer rate is fairly quick and is comparable to the original Wd mybook drives. (I won't go into much detail on this as rates can be affected by your computer set up. However, I'm using a dual core processor with 2gb of ram on Windows 7.
The sleep mode when not in use is a little slower then the WD Mybook range. It takes an additional 2 to 3 seconds to wake up when not in use.
One of the cool features of the Samsung story is the ability to turn off the drive with a dial and also alter the indicator lights brightness level. Those with the Toshiba External HD will see the problem of the lights brightness level.
In conclusion if you're looking for an alternative drive for additional storage or to back up your files. I would recommend the Samsung Story as a good alternative to the more expensive hard drives out there at the moment.
(Note there is software on the hard drive which i did not test.)

Update: I bought two of these during the time of the review and they are still working on 30/06/12
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28 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 23 November 2009
For a small footprint this has a large storage capacity. It writes a little slower than my previous WD hard disk, but that's not too much of a problem in practice when doing back-ups or transferring some files. It runs pretty quietly so fine for a relatively quiet room. Very good value for money.
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50 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on 8 November 2009
A nice, quiet,attractive drive which runs without getting hot. Read somewhere it uses less power than most other drives too. The on-off switch dead useful. The light dimmer is a nice touch if a bit gimmicky

Comes pre-formatted to FAT 32 which is good if you plan to plug it into a PS3 (create folders called PICTURE, MUSIC, VIDEO, GAME for the PS3 to recognise [and allow 'display all' on the PS3 to view whole file trees]) but you may want to convert to NTFS if you only plan to use on a PC, should take several hours to reformat. NTFS is more secure and can hold files over 4gb which FAT32 can't.

Well packaged and good delivery from Amazon.

Only had a few days, has been on permanently and not broken, so far so good.


Update: 28 months on and this drive is still going strong, and i've given it a fair hammering over that time...
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45 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on 5 November 2009
I personally use a LOT of storage space. Producing video eats up terrabytes, so having some reliable backup solution is very important. The Samsung Story Station offers up some serious storage in a nice looking package. You will also find a handy formatting tip for Mac users. Some of the good points to mention about this product are -
*large capacities
*brushed metal enclosure
*affordable price
*Very little heat generation.
This is no doubt one of the best hard drives I ever used.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 26 December 2009
Originally I purchased the 1TB model of this drive from Amazon, when it arrived it came with a European power adapter so I was unable to use it - Amazon quickly dealt with the problem via a full refund and I decided to buy the next model up for very little more as I'd read great reviews about it - I defiantly wasn't wrong.

As others have said it is very well packaged and crafted nicely - it does have a sense of sturdiness about it. As for speed it does very well - I have a Seagate 500Gb which is defiantly slower than this and apart from a slight delay when it comes out of sleep (as I use it as a backup drive so saves power when not in use) I find it pretty much matches the speed of my internal SATA drive - not bad for a USB drive at all! I am currently using it with a Mac as a drive for 'TIme Machine' for this it was a simple set up - I plugged in the drive and a notification came up on mac asking if I'd like to use the new drive for Time Machine. I was tempted to click yes immediately but paused as I remembered about the software that came with the drive that aided backups with Windows (which I do not intend to return to incidentally) so I backed this up and then told Apple to use it as a Time Machine Backup. It quickly reformatted it (from originally FAT32 to HFS+ -Apples own format) and was ready to go. It backed up both my internal and external which combined it close to 600GB of data in about 5 hours which I was very impressed by - now it just backs up automatically when needed and is a great drive.

It stays very cool and wasn't even warm after doing an original backup which is great for me as the only place I have for it is under a chest of drawers.

A great hard drive and if I ever needed another external I would defiantly buy again.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 8 December 2009
When you receive the drive I would recommend doing a full NTFS format if using windows (not a quick format). This takes a few hours but the drive will perform much better as otherwise when using XP Pro anyway I had problems copying large amounts of data 300GB or so. After the format it worked as expected and have 1.4 TB of data on the drive with no issues.

It's not the fastest external drive out there but the finish is nice although the switch at the front is a little gimmicky, it has a white light underneath when it on which is quite handy.

I have a 500GB maxtor external HD also which is noisier so it's operating sound levels are more than acceptable.

I use the drive to stream full DVD movies via a LAN to a playback client with no issues so it's quick enough for media usage. Go for an external SATA drive if you want really quick data access.

Overall a good piece of kit though and 1.5TB is good value for money.
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