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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 May 2014
The servers have completely shut down, and and this game is online only it cannot be played.

Should be pulled from the store.
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on 31 January 2010
Let's just make one thing clear. If you haven't bought this yet, dont listen to the reviewers who compare it to COD. As they think that they represent everyones opinion when they say it isnt up to CODs standards! Ignore them!
I have always played COD, and do love it. However, so far i am also enjoying this game. In fact, i havent played on cod since i bought this, (the day of release). It is really enjoyable, with its massive maps and different objectives. There are many other positives, but im not a fan of long reviews. I do recommend it though!
If i could suggest one thing, approach this game with an open mind, and dont instantly compare it to COD, as it is a very different game.
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on 4 February 2010
MAG is a very challenging game for us oldies. As you can imagine a 128 a side game makes the life expectancy of a rookie very short just as in real life. I think that's the attraction for me. It's much more realistic than any other shoot 'em up games. COD has become almost a fantasy game made easy for the user. This is hard. It takes a lot to level up and the weapons start off very weak. Upgrades are hard to earn. Snipers are everywhere and, just as in real life, there is no kill cam and friendly fire is off. At the start you join one of three armies and play all your games for them. More realism. Once you get into the big game with 255 other players it's just mayhem. Your team of 8, along with 3 other teams, is given an objective to attack or defend within the big war. It is, effectively, a 32 a side game of Demolition. Once you have achieved your objective the game isn't over because you are given another one as you would be in real life. Experienced players in the game get to make those decisions but I haven't got up to that level yet and I'm not sure how it works. It's Great Fun!!

This is a new concept in gaming, online only, and definitely the way forward. 256 players crammed on to one map is certainly different for me. The game is modelled along the lines of that PC gamers favourite - Battlefield. Bringing hardcore gaming to the PS3 is a stroke of genius. This is a much more mature and sophisticated game than COD. It takes longer to get into.

The down side is that the servers can be difficult to connect to and stay connected. It looks like they may be having some issues there. As I write this the whole game is unavailable. The respawning is slow and then you have a 20 second run back to the action. When you are being sniped as soon as you get back in the game it does get frustrating going back and starting again. There are a limited number of maps and you do find yourself doing the same operation over and over which can be dull when defending against teams that aren't very good. It can take time to load all 256 players into the game. But once you're in the game it can last 30 minutes so your evening soon disappears.

I recommend this for anyone looking for a more interesting and challenging game than COD but you do need time on your hands to get into it. Be prepared to be frustrated before enlightenment.
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on 1 February 2014
This was possible the best FPS in a 5 year span call of duty in any shape or form could not compete for scale of play but after firing Zipper Sony took it upon there selves to close the servers down for this game as from the 28/01/14 this game can not be played as this was an online game only please read before thinking of buying as this game is no longer playable.
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on 12 January 2015
Bought this game for my son for Xmas. He was so disappointed because this game's server is down permanently therefore no chances for playing... Very disappointed because this game shouldn't be in sale anymore.
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on 10 August 2010
As someone with lots of experience with fps since the very beginning and clan experience in pc fps I have to say this the best online fps I have played in recent times.

I took part in the beta and that was quite rough which resulted in me not buying the game at first. Recently got the game last month through pure luck. Feeling tired of the current crop of fps there has not been much in the way of fresh ideas or advancement. I was quite pleased and surprised to learn that the game has been very well made and tweaked to perfection after release. Gone are the silly issues in the beta and now we have possibly the most balanced set of abilities in any fps.

First aspect of the game to point out that its very tactical. Easily the most tactical fps to date. So good leadership and teamwork are key. This is not Call of Duty neither is it Bad Company or Killzone. Having said that dont be intimidated, there is alot to aid you from a special 3d map to the HUD displaying what you need to know. The objectives are always clear and the game types allow for different playstyles. Also Feel free to tell people you are new and many should help if you are confused. The community is quite nice. The game modes are brand new and not retreads of what already exist. This in a large part helps the game feel fresh as old game modes are rather tiring now and mostly designed for basic deathmatch fps not games like MAG.

The maps are huge but extremely well designed. There is alot of cover unlike more recent fps. You have room to sneak around as well as going run and gun or lone wolf. Guns are used better than other games as there is room for each ability. For example long range assault rifles with scopes have genuine use over red dot sight or snipers where in other games would be the snipers job. Snipers go even further in MAG where you literally almost see tiny dots, fortunately you have different scopes and a variable scope too. I hope that gives an idea of scale and weapon balance. But everything is there and has good use allowing lots of playstyles.

On the downside I recommend new players to avoid Valor. They are quite disorganised! Graphics are weaker than many fps but that because of the sheer scale which makes it very impressive. Amazingly its not that far behind Call of Duty in looks. Besides the gameplay and fun factor are more important than anything and that where this game truly shines! The future of the game also seems bright with patches adding more content in the way of guns and the maybe even possibility of 3 way battles, instead of the traditional two way system.

All in all highly recommended and its nice to be part of this game as I am sure many games will copy MAG in the future.
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on 18 February 2010
Title says it all really, you either love it or hate it. I thought it was a great game and certainly tried to push the FPS genre on consoles further in terms of scale and player count. MAG basically has you make up part of a massive bunch of soldiers which are divided into squads and platoons and then basically fight against the enemy for objectives.
Graphics wise it is nothing stunning but you would not expect this to be the case with so many people in each match (256 players in domination). Sounds are pretty bland as well but this doesnt really detract from the whole experience.
The first time you log in you get to choose which PMC (Private Military Company) you work for (Valour; American/British (like the modern day military) Raven; Europe (slightly more high tech than today) and SVER; Russia (have a militia feel to them) Each has there own strengths and weaknesses Valour: jack of all trades master of none with regards to weapon damage and rate of fire, Raven: high rate of fire and lower damage and SVER high damage and lower rate of fire.
There are 4 game type modes with each giving a varying experience which stops the player becoming bored.Domination is the only mode to feature 256 players in one game.
There is also the chance to customize your character skill tree to either make him a sniper, LMG expert, medic or assault rifle expert etc. You never have enough points to unlock everything from every class so choose wisely, you can re spec you character if you made a bad choice but the more you do this the more points you need to earn to re spec your character next time so beware.
The biggest flaw with this game is not Zippers fault its the players. To play this game I would suggest that you buy a mic. it makes the experience so much more enjoyable. If you dont have a team that communicates then it gets very tedious, however, MAG really shines when you get a squad and if your very lucky a platoon leader that communicates and gives orders to the rest of the team or platoon.
All in all in my opinion a very good game, hopefully this is a picture of what is to come with the FPS genre. I would recommend renting this game first before you buy it as it really is love it or hate it, if you played in the beta and enjoyed it then I would recommend purchasing this game.
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on 3 February 2010
I agree with others that say don't compare this to MW2. MW2 for all intents and purposes is an ARCADE military shooter. It's played on small maps, with a small amount of players bunny hopping all over the show, health regeneration (why?) and absolutely no depth whatsoever. Why are you fighting each other? Is there a reason other than to level up or improve a K/D ratio? It's not in any way representative of any kind of conflict or war. Even though I've enjoyed playing it, it's simply not the same type of game as MAG/BF/OF on the consoles. But alas I'm not reviewing MW2...

MAG is very much a war game. The scale, immersion, the players, they all help to make it feel like you truly are at war with one of the rival factions. The squad and platoon co-ordination, when done right, makes you feel like you're part of a team that's actually making a difference.

I've had no problems with campers AT ALL in this game. And spawn times are at a maximum of 16-18 seconds (that's if you missed the spawn window), NOT 30 seconds as someone else stated. The graphics are also exceptional for the sheer volume of stuff going on. Anyone that compares them to PS2 graphics are clearly blind as hell and completely ignorant when it comes to the processing required for a game of this scope. And the controls work perfectly. Why should you just press a button to throw a grenade? Surely you would HAVE to get a grenade out in real life, prime it and then throw it? That's why it's done this way in this game. The aiming and movement are spot on too.

The only things I would like changed are:

Changes to the health system. I want to die or be capacitated in 1 or 2 shots.
More vehicles.
Some balancing issues to iron out.

That's it. There's literally nothing else I would change.

People that compare this game to anything other than Planetside/Battlefield/ArmA2/OF are quite simply ill informed.

I'm throughly enjoying it and I totally recommend this game to anyone (except rabid MW2 fanboys that will shoot down any FPS that isn't related to their beloved CoD series).
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on 16 December 2013
While this is a fantastic game, sadly dwindling player numbers see its flagship mode no longer played, and the servers being shut down on 28/jan/2014. Its prob not worth getting into now, with existing players coming back for a Reunion during the last 6 weeks, before we all sob for our loss and try to find another game like this one. Please pester Sony about making MAG 2.


Again; this game has NO SINGLE PLAYER MODES and will simply NOT WORK come 28th of January 2014.
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on 29 January 2010
This game hinges on the people playing it. People 'Spawn camping', not following orders, not usings mics etc take away from pretty much any FPS game multiplayer I've ever played. So, for the review of this game I am ignoring these issues.

The game iteself has far more longevity than I thought it would with skill points and Experience points allowing you to advance your fighter and try new maps as well as being able to advance your position in your chosen Private Army.

The game has good (not excellent) graphics but the gameplay is well balanced and lends itself to those different types of players - snipers, commando-types, tacticians etc... and everyone can enjoy it.

But the main point is this game signals a whole new type of online play; on a scale never seen and you do truly feel like part of a 'bigger' objective while playing. I would advise you to buy it and give it a go. You'll be pleasently suprised. I was.
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