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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars32
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 19 July 2010
This is truly a brilliant game which deserves much more recognition than it has gotten so far, this is probably due to it's badly timed release, at approximately the same time as Final Fantasy XIII.
I have split up my review into different categories.

I think in terms of JRPGs, the story isn't the best one created, as i have had times where i'm not entirely sure whats going on sometimes. But there is a bit of humor in it, as well as the usual sad moments which so many JRPGs have, but all in all, it is an ok story.

The graphics are good, they are by no means the best you can possibly have, but they are still very good. A feature i like in this game, is how you can dress your characters up depending on how you like it. The result is, in both battle and during the cut scenes your character will be dressed up in your clothing scenes. So you could end up having a really serious scene with a character with a bee on her head.

This game can be set to either Japanese or English speaking. And i must say, the voice acting on both tracks seem pretty good. So just choose whichever you prefer usually.

The game is very unique in both its battle system and world map. The world map being a large grid of hexes which you move around using a kind of curser, and you unlock new areas using special items named 'Energy Hexes', which are obtained through battles and quests. These hexes can contain things like cities, items, fight buffs, items, or just simply a chance of a random enemy encounter. The size of this map is large, and allows a reasonable amount of free-roaming. The whole map system sounds weird, but it actually works quite well.

The battle system is a little complex, making it a little difficult to understand at first, I'm still discovering new things about it several chapters in, but it is very fun to play. It is basically a turn based system, crossed with real-time and cinematic style attacks (some of these look very cool as well as humanly impossible). The rest of this paragraph describes the battle system, it will sound complex, but trust me, it's really good fun to use.
The characters take it in turns to attack. Upon starting your attack it changes to real time, in which you may run, attack or heal each other, unfortunately, so may your opponents, if you move normally, then stand still, your turn timer freezes. Upon executing an attack, reaching the end of your chosen route (I'll describe later), or running out of turn time, that characters turn ends, and either the next character takes over, or the enemy does.
When you attack you charge up these multiple sort of power bars and release perform damage, the amount of power bars you have depends on your level in that gun type, and how quickly it fills up depends on your gun modifications (both described later). You may attack once a turn, unless you choose to perform a 'hero action' which lets you run to a chosen location. Whilst using this, you may attack as much as you like, with no limit as to how many enemies you attack, until you reach your chosen location. The side effect of using these is that you use up 'bezels', if you use these up you, go into a critical status in which you move slower, attack slower, and take direct damage, (these bezels are also used up to automatically heal near-dead team members). You may also use special attacks named 'tri attacks' which are basically when everyone swaps positions shooting as they move, forming a triangle of attack. These also use bezels in addition to resonance points.
There are 3 main ways of attacking; these are using SMGs (these cause scratch damage), Handguns (direct damage) or grenades (direct damage to multiple enemies at once). Scratch damage causes the largest numbers of hit points to be taken off from the target, put the damage will be healed in time, and an enemy will stay alive even if all of their health bar has been taken from them. This is where direct damage comes in, it removes all of the scratch damage taken, and causes addition damage to the health bar, this cause much lower damage, meaning that you need to tactically set it up so that you attack with scratch damage, followed by direct. You can also use special bullets and items to improve your attacks, adding things like elemental based damage. There are a lot of things to consider making it difficult to get used to, and tactics are very important. It may sound daunting, but trust me, when you get used to it, it's very fun to use.

Your battles will also be made easier by preparation. You are able to equip items and weapons, which can effect certain resistances and damage amounts/speeds. Customization can be used to add things like sights and magazine clips to increase the amount of bullets you fire per attack, and the speeds in which the attack bars move up. Unfortunately your modifications aren't visible on the gun itself when its being use, you may only see your changes in the customization menu on a sort of blueprints. Each addition to a gun makes the gun heavier, if it becomes to heavy, you're character won't be able to carry it The good side is you can make some ridiculous looking designs, for example, the other day i made an SMG with 14 sights and 6 barrels!

The level system is based purely around your individual gun levels. By dealing certain amounts of damage with each type of gun, you gain a level in that gun type, increasing the amount of bars you have to charge up, (each full bar increases your damage multiplier) and occasionally you gain additional stats such as increased bullet penetration. By leveling up a gun level, you also gain a main level, which increases your total hp and the total weight you're able to carry. This means you'll be able to carry more gun customizations, better equipment and even dual weapons. So if you are lvl 10 SMG, 10 Handgun and 5 Grenade, your total level will be 25.

This game has a brilliant battle system, good graphics, quite a good story an interesting, large world map, and even the ability to build a gun hundreds of scopes on. And just as a note, I have only described a small section of the game and it's battle system.
If you like JRPG games this is definitely a game worth picking up, if not, I still recommend it. I personally think it's one of the best JRPGs which have come out in a while, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
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on 29 March 2010
The main appealing feature of this game is the combat system. Which is brilliant, I would recommend going to the arena first to learn the system before going into proper fights. The combat is a mixture of real-time and turn base which works very well. Hero actions which are your main source of damage they are moves you have to plan carefully as your Hero action points protect your characters from damage. Its a interesting mix of when to hold back and when to attack.

The diffuculty is hard, this game will punish you if you make a mistake. But hey I love this there arent enough hard games out there as the mayority of new games are dumbed down carbon copys.

The world map gives you a sense of freedom which was lacking in the latest Final fantasy.

Storyline isnt the greatest it is confusing most of the time. I havent finished the game yet so maybe it will make more sense later on. But I would say the gameplay more than makes up for it.

Graphics = Steampunk. Sorta reminds me of FF7

Players can Customize there characters which is cool as you see the changes in cut-scenes, the weapon customization is pretty interesting to.

If you want a hard game and arent to bothered about the story I would say buy it!
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on 13 May 2010
This has been one of the most enjoyable JRPGs I've played to date on the Xbox 360. Gameplay wise this game is very enjoyable however will disappoint those looking for a good storyline. The game hints on having a deep storyline but does somehow come up a bit short. This game has a fair bit learning curve and difficulty. Those who love having variety and complexity in equipment, different combat command options may find the combat a bit too limiting.

If you're looking for that really good all-round RPG, this ain't it but if you want try an RPG that is fresh and unique, this game is definitely worth a try.

This game will take about at least 50 hours plus to finish.
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on 23 February 2011
This is one of the best JRPGs I've played since Final Fantasy 7 and 8, it reminds me alot of that sort of gameplay, I must say that at first the game is rather confusing due to the complexness of the combat gameplay, I strongly recommend playing the Arena(Tutorial), once you understand how best to play the game it becomes rather fun, it is alot more tactical than previous JRPGs, which I personally like.

The story line is very nicely written, I will say it is very similar to all other JRPGs, in the means that, big evil enemy/corporation/entity aims to ruin the world as you know it, you play the average everyday characters who get tangled up in all this and save the day, or do they...

The cinematic are rather impressive, they combine the seriousness of the current situation with light humour to keep the players spirits up, so its not all doom and gloom.

The customization of the characters is rather nice, limited but nice. you are able to change all the items of clothing, including hair, which adds that more player unique feel to the game.

The ability to customize your weapons is an added bonus, giving them more damage, faster rate of fire, more accuracy, etc. is rather good, instead of waiting to level them up through gameplay.

The reason I gave this game 4 stars on how fun the game is, is because, yes the game is rather fun is you enjoy JRPGs, but at some points you feel like the odds are unfairly stacked against you, which does mean you may have to grind(battle lower level enemies) your way up a few levels before being able to beat certain enemies.

Overall I would say this game is a very good game, and worth getting if you are a fan of JRPGs.
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on 7 November 2010
Now, I'm a big fan of RPGs anyway, so whenever I see a new RPG enter the starved Xbox community, I lap it up pretty quickly...and I was expected not so much then what I got. I was very nicely surprised with the punkcore style of the game, and the more I played it, the more it came to life for me.

Firstly, lets talk about the graphics and visuals. In terms of the places you go, and the variety of scenery you see, this game is beautiful. Everything is slighty dark and dingy because of the setting, but still...beautiful. Characters can be made to look however you want with various clothes, dyes, accessories and other stuff. One the main things I noticed is - I know this might not be such a big deal to some, but I very real gripe for me - the fact clothes are "loose" on the body, and not simply painted on as a texture, this really does make a difference for this game, as you'll be running around spinning around in the air, firing your gun madly, and seeing your hair and clothes flap in the wind really does add a major something to this game.

Gameplay is good, learning to play the game well takes a little while as it's not really like anything you've done before. Once you've got the hang of it, it's a lot easier to play. Sometimes get the impression that the world is broken up a little bit with the map screen, but you can't have it all ways! There's a lot in the game, and sidequests that will keep you entertained for ages, and to master everything with each character will take some time indeed!

All in all, if you're a fan of RPGs like me, I would recommend you give this one a go every time. It's something new and different from the norm, yet it does it well! Take it for what you will.
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on 12 June 2014
This game is an odd beast. At times you feel like giving it a terribly score but then you remember all the good times you had playing and you want to give it something better.
Resonance of Fate is an action RPG that excels in gameplay (mainly the combat system) but suffers from a terribly presented, but interesting, plot, subpar graphics and forgettable music. Although, Japanese voice acting is there for anyone interested.

I highly recommended watching video reviews of this game before buying because the gameplay will either make or break your experience.
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on 20 August 2013
This game is fantastic, I would highly reccomend it if you like games such as lost odyssey or final fantasy. The graphics are beautiful, as is the voice acting. The gameplay is the dealbreaker. It's unlike anything I've played before. The closest game I could compare it to is Valkyria chronicles on the PS3. The story is deep and will seem confusing at first, but after a while you'll get into it. this really came as a suprise. I honestly hadn't heard of this game until It was reccomended to me.
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on 29 July 2013
I know a lot of people have panned this game for various reasons, among them a nearly incomprehensible plot and a combat system that does not evolve past the midway point in the game. But I absolutely loved this game. I sunk countless hours into it without realising it and loved every minute.

If you're looking for a fairly tough game with an innovative and fresh combat system, then try this one out.
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on 30 November 2012
I'm just writing up a quick review here, not going to go too in-depth. This is a very complex, combat driven RPG. There doesn't seem to be much going on plotwise, I'm only 4 chapters in though so maybe it picks up later. The problem is I can't be bothered sticking it out to find out if it does, I've put in around 14-15 hours play time and probably 95% of that has been spent doing nothing other than battles/grinding. The combat system is pretty cool, it requires strategy and is constantly challenging, but it's ALL you do, it gets old incredibly quick. I've never given up on an RPG so quickly before because there's usually a variety of things to do to keep you interested, or the storyline motivates you to keep going, that isn't the case here.

Graphically the game is pretty good, the character models and cut scenes are very nice, as is the first (and only) town I've found so far. However, dungeons and battle screens are a bit bland looking and all very samey, which doesn't help with the monotony of endless grinding.

There's a lot of customisation that can be done on the guns, which can help you out substantially in battles, so people who like to tinker around with upgrading weapons and stuff will find a lot to like here.

All in all, some interesting concepts in this game but they aren't executed all that well. If you like grind-heavy RPG's you'd probably find a lot to enjoy here, but if you're like me and like having a solid storyline and varied sidequests, you might want to give it a miss.
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on 25 January 2011
After my disc 4 of Lost Odyssey not working, I goy Infinite Undiscovery (by tri-ace) which was just awful. Later I came across this little gem (also by tri-ace, but not to my knowledge upon purchase)

I won't go into a lengthy review but it's great. It's set in a dystopian future (with a steampunk theme) and takes place on a large tower protruding into the clouds; the clockwork city called Basel. The tower exists because the earth below is ravaged by a poisonous gas, and it is built to clean the earth.

You play as 3 lovable characters: Vashyron, Leanne and Zephyr who meet under individually odd circumstances. Vashyron runs a bounty hunting business, where he and his new company report to a guild message board and do requests for people, in exchange for money.
This is the bases of the game, following the lives of these 3 interesting characters and watching their friendship grow. It sounds dull but this games pretty funny!
It's not until halfway through the game you're given a real hint of what is going on, and an insight into the characters pasts. The underlying storying has some severity to it and doesn't feel pointless, you just have to keep playing through.

The lovable characters and their funny banter isn't the only good thing, nor is the map which to traverse you must lay different shaped hex pieces down (it's quite fun) The other highlight is the battle system.
You first do Scratch Damage which is done by machine guns (it's strong but can't kill enemies) then you transfer that scratch damage into Direct Damage with handguns (they're alot weaker but can actually kill or break enemies HP gauge's) The other is grenades. molotovs etc, they do both and have several effects.
The gun play and acrobatic moves the characters each do look awesome aswell and fighting the enemies is simply fun!
There's also character customization to a good degree, and weapon customization (no appearance but it's attributes go up) There is also an arena with lost of challenges.

The game has a good lifespan with alot of things to complete in it, I'm just over half way through and at 63 hours. Then after there's a chance to play through on hard difficulties if you wish.

The colors of the environment can seem abit drab at first but all else is good. 5* for a JRPG
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