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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2010
i really enjoyed the single player experience. battling big bosses never got old and the graphics and storyline are amazing. the Online (not campaign) seemed alien and odd to me, i didn't enjoy it at all(probably because i didn't understand it)but as i only played the one game i can't really rate it. the controls i found where great and very easy to pick up even my friends who rarely play video games didn't even have to ask me. overall this games excellent and great value for the price its going at nowadays.
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on 16 May 2010
As a big fan of the original I bought Lost Planet 2 eagerly and jump straight in... kind of!

The games changed a lot and I actually found the menu interface confusing which tends to happen with some of Capcoms games; as you enter Capaign mode you are asked to find a server - I thought I'd selected Multiplayer by mistake - but no, after reading through the manual (something you shouldnt have to do with a good game just to start it up) it turns out that the entire premise of the game is that you are playing in a group of 4.

With the new release of the game there wasnt anyone to hook up with online so you are allocated 3 robot AI players and the AI is appauling, they go running around the screen, occasionally backing you up - this game certainly needs you to have real colleagues to play.

As for the game itself it's certainly epic in terms of its scale and quality of visuals, lots of detail in the cinematics and plenty of things to shoot once you get stuck in. But here in lies the problem for me, the gameplay acually feels like filler for the movies - the levels are far too short while the movies drag on and cant be skipped - even as you reach mission points you have to stop while being presented with a countdown - so between the movies and the roadblocks theres very large gaps in gameplay.

I think another factor that hasn't found me engaged as much as I want, is the lack of a central character or general purpose to play - your in game persona looks exactly the same as your 3 comrades (if you can call annoying AI comrades) or any of the other 'backup' soldiers that you come across. To add to the confusion of who you are, the game starts with an intro showing 3 guys struggling through the snow with 2 of them saving the 3rds life; for no apparent reason they are set upon with 2 dying- cool so is this a revenge game? Am I going to be a lone survivor from this 3 man party, nope I play one of the murdering snow pirates who just offed these 3 people... no reason why these men were murdered, so looks like I'm a group of psychopaths in a wolly jumper!

I think overall I can sum up Lost planet as a visual improvement over the original with very dramatic cinematics but very little substance and a mess of a premise; we have no central character to engage with, frustrating game flow and generally a very disjointed story thats not drawing you in. But if you want a mindless shooter then this could be for you - personally I feel cheated as its no reflection on the original in terms of story or gameplay, hopefully when a few more people get online we can see how the multiplayer holds up.
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on 3 December 2013
On its second outing, Lost Planet takes a more hands off approach on the character driven story-line and instead focuses on following a series of different groups from chapter to chapter. I'd say this has been a bit of a double-edged sword for capcom's sci-fi sequel- It creates new perspectives on the story and how it develops, and some the characters you get to play as to create an amusing experience. There lies the problem- "some". The characters aren't particularly memorable, and feel more like empty vessels to get you from A-B without any attachment. This makes it difficult to get wrapped up in the story, which isn't helped by the abrupt "stage" system commonly found in arcade games.
Every time i began to fall into my stride and start enjoying the gameplay it would be interrupted by another "Stage complete!" screen. The flow felt disrupted all too often and would take me out of the universe completely.
Two player split screen is messy too, as the horizontal screens don't actually fill your whole TV screen (similar to Call Of Duty World At War, to put it in context) which, combined with tiny text can be a head-ache even on a 40-inch TV.

All that put aside, grab a few mates and open up some beers and Lost Planet makes for a good laugh. Working as a team flying around on grappling hooks and piloting Vital Suits (mechs the humans use to survive and fight the Akrid) is enormous fun. The multiplayer is fairly well executed as well but don't expect to find games easily now. If you get this game, get it for the co-op campaign.

To conclude, if you want a game that has a solid story-line and depth, I wouldn't point you immediately to this game. BUT if you enjoy jumping down the throat of a giant monster and shooting it up from the inside out, piloting robots and flying through the air on the end of a grappling hook with your mates, then i couldn't recommend a more suitable game.

Excellent fun, but one you need to be in the mood to play.
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on 25 March 2014
This game will leave you incredibly puzzled, and asking many, many questions. Questions such as. "who am I? who are my squad mates? Do we even have names? Are our characters even relevant? What happened to those two characters in the starting video? What happened to the characters From the last game? Is there a time gap between the start of the game, when one unfrozen area is a rare occurrence, and the rest of the game, in which deserts are the norm, and the threat of the planet returning to its icy state is a plot motivator? "why do I only have access to a few weapons, and will have to replay to get the interesting stuff, which can only be unlocked via a jackpot that never gives the prizes the game seems to take as a given you will have? Why did the sand pirates disappear when I just undertook a mission to open the door and let them in? Why did the giant Ice age causing shoggoth monstrosity go utterly unnoticed by 99% of the entire planets population for weeks on end, then emerge, swallow a city and have the entire planet ganging up on it within hours of said swallowing, yet it was made very clear that the Ex nevec were well aware of its presence for several weeks, yet for reasons unknown took no action until it swallowed said city? Why does the plot make no sense chronologically? Why does seemingly every single snow pirate on the entire planet want to shoot you, then team up an be buddies at the end? Why do the developers miss obvious chances for a really good soundtrack, (E.g the giant worm/train chase) but squander them? Why do we keep respawning real time when we die? Why does our corpse keep level with the train if we get shot off it? Why does the helicopter keep level with the train? Why do certain buildings fall apart like paper, yet others are more unyielding than Judge dredd when he caught a villain in the act? Why are aliens that are very clearly a hive mind fooled by costumes to the point where they allow themselves to be covered in weapons and ridden like giant, multi limed glowing war elephants? Why are the bad guys so bad at building self contained space stations? Why are they trying to kill all life on the planet, because even if the never mentioned terraforming project from the first game failed, the planet has terraformed itself, Right? How did the planet terraform itself so quickly? What happened to storytelling? was this game designed purely for multiplayer, as the player has to start the game by selecting start match and setting it to single player? did I really buy this new for full price? Am I even enjoying this? Do I like This? Do I dislike this? Do I hate this? What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
Hopefully these questions sum up this utterly befuddling game. It has fun parts, it has bad parts, but the simple fact is, you will likely not have the slightest idea what is going on, so put your feet back, enjoy the explosions and terrible voice acting, and let your mind go blank And try to keep a straight face while doing it. Also, the answer to the last question was 42
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on 1 June 2013
Just overall bad game, it went on sale literally 2 weeks after release and I wondered why. When playing splitscreen it decides to not be efficient and use all the screen but places two small screens with a black background (could of been my TV resolution but that's what happened for me).
Might be worth getting if extremely cheap but other than that, just another game to leave in your shelf for collection.
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on 18 November 2010
Visually the game is impressive, apart from that the game lacks story, and the game-play isn't challenging at all. I got it specifically to play split screen co-op after reading others reviews, the horrible camera makes it impossible to play without a magnifying glass. Buy something else.
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on 27 August 2010
I enjoyed playing this game, it was a bit harder than the usual
games you get these days. You can play it over and over again and
it will still be fun and hard. Once you have completed the game,
you still have to play the game to get more weapons/clothing/emotes.

The Co-Op on one Lost Planet 2, on the same machine, is annoying
with is one of the cons of this game, you have a small screen if
two people are playing on the same Xbox. Online Co-Op is good
and a fantastic experience. I find the more players you have online
that are not NPC's the game gets harder (In my opinion).

The PvP eliment of the game is nice and fun, but also very hard.
Play Deathmatch and kill everyone else without help, or if team
is your thing, Team Deathmatch might do the trick. If you're not
a killing person, trying scoring the goal with an Akrid Egg, or
post capturing.

Over all, I find this a good game and a good purches for anyone
that likes Shooting Games.
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on 22 June 2012
Okay, so I blame myself for doing the stupid thing of buying this game from watching a commercial and thinking it would be anything like that commercial suggested.

Battling large monsters at the end of each level is where it deserves the 3 stars, had they have integrated this element of the game in to an online, team based, multiplayer mode it would be much more of a hit.

The only good thing about this game is the large beasts, but sadly they're far too easy to defeat, so it's all over just when you start to think it's getting good. The rest of the game is a mediocre FPS really, okay you get to jump in the occasional mech type vehicle and stomp about, shooting it's big guns but there's not really enough of that either.

The online multiplayer modes aren't great either. Basically it's deathmatch or team deathmatch in lazily designed arena's. There's just nothing special about it.

Overall, had this game included a massive wad more of giant beasties, especially for multiplayer, it would have had something fun and reasonably original about it, otherwise it's just falls in to the could have been great, generic, mediocre, FPS that feels somewhat unfinished.
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on 24 August 2010
Lost Planet. I remember when the original demo surfaced on the 360. It seemed to have a heap of potential. Then the full game was released and it was disappointingly average. So I had no real expectations for the sequel. It seemed to divide opinions, with many people swearing blind the campaign was great fun online.

Must have been a different campaign to the one I played then. There were four of us on Live last night playing it for the first time. Not one of us had a clue what was going on. Sure, there are some nice cinematics to drive the story but when we commenced playing it was just a series of confusingly designed levels with mind numbingly dull objectives. Sure, many of you will say it was just us, we sucked at the game etc but I'm not having that. This game is hopelessly designed. Not one of the four of us could readily explain what was going on or what exactly we were supposed to be doing. Surely it wasn't just activating beacons? Perhaps we were just meant to move from Point A to B shooting everything that moved in between? Suits me just fine. That would have been great if wasn't for the combat.

Yeah, then there's the combat. Oh my. You lumber around seemingly in slow motion. Movement is dreadfully cumbersome. The guns feel lightweight and sound like pea shooters. Enemies in certain levels are incredibly hard to see. Collecting amo from dropped weapons is a pain. I can't tell if I'm going to switch weapons or just pick up bullets. There's no apparent cover system so evading enemies, particularly as you already move like you're carrying a fridge on your back, is somewhat frustrating. You'd think four guys armed to the teeth taking down huge Akrids together would be fun but it isn't. At all. It's just incredibly boring.

We all gave up after a couple of hours with none of us interested in ever trying it again. This has to be one of the worst games I've played in a while. There are far, far better co-op games to play than this. If you want to fire thousands of bullets with a few friends online then get the amazing Borderlands - it has more fun in one mission that Lost Planet 2 has in probably it's entire campaign

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on 26 January 2011
I was so excited about getting LP2, but when i actually sat down and played, I was bored and confused. Just couldn't get to grips with it, which is such a shame because it's such a good looking game! The graphics are really fab, so I won't put those down. I just didn't feel there was much guidance to new players, and the storyline seemed all over the place. I had no idea what was going on, and in the end, couldn't be bothered. Three people in my household (myself, my game-addicted brother, and my boyfriend) all agree that this was a complete waste of money. Big shame.
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