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3.7 out of 5 stars69
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 28 February 2011
I have never played the first game so if anyone that has not played Dead Rising before is interested in buying this, just rent/borrow this game. If you like what you have played buy it. This game does require patience. I am not going to go into the story in detail just a brief summary. The character in the game is called Chuck Greene framed for the recent zombie outbreak. The story is not bad but you will probably skip the cutscenes just to do the things you need to do.

The RPG (Role Playing Game) part of this game is that you can upgrade Chuck (you) by saving survivors and killing psychopaths which will give you Prestige Points (PP). The maximum level for Chuck is Level 50. When you gain a new level you can gain more health, speed, attacks, skills as well as gaining combo cards. Combo cards are there to show you what items you can combine into a weapon you can use against the zombies. The weapons you create using the combo cards are useful. The only bad thing about the combo cards is the idea in general; it can hinder the creative part in creating weapons. You might want to create a weapon of your own choice however you can only create the weapons that the combo cards show you (the game). You can dress Chuck in whatever you like from kids superhero robe to high heels.

In the game everything is timed, the story related parts are timed, rescuing people is timed. This can be a good thing or a really bad thing. If you are good at time keeping and want a challenge, the timing is a good thing. The timing in the game makes it feel like a survival game. If you want to take your time and do certain things at a certain pace it is a bad thing. In this game you cannot go back to some parts after the message has expired but you can restart the story back to day 1 if you have messed up on the story part or if you want to save the survivors or kill the psychopaths. The good thing about restarting the story is that your character level will not reset and you will still have all the combo cards you have obtained. The loading times can be annoying sometimes when skipping story cutscenes.

You can also play the story mode with a friend online which is a good thing if you need help with the psychopaths. There is also a competitive multiplayer mode called Terror Is Reality (TIR). I cannot comment on the competitive multiplayer mode due to the fact I have not played it.
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on 3 August 2011
Right first off, I have finished this game probably about 7 times though the story and about 12 times in total, so hopefully I can give you guys an in-depth reveiw here.

Because the original Dead Rising was an Xbox 360 exclusive, alot of people may be trying out Dead Rising for the first time with this game. Firstly, there isnt a game quite like it. It mixes sandboxing and keeping to a time limit, and personally i think this works. The game has no auto-save feature which may put some people off but the way the game is constructed to work around a time scale, and being strategic with when and where you consume food to gain health, i also think this works, personally.
This game offers many features that i have come to like and i would point out as the pro's:

The single player campaign is long and well paced out thanks to the time contraints of missions, and playing through the gam in one playthrough WILL NOT be enough to see it all, This game allows the player to start the game again at any point, whilst still carrying over thier stats, new moves and unlockables to the new game.
The charecter, Chuck Greene can be dressed up in many different clothing found around the various shops and casions around the city including super-hero costumes, baseball outfits, dresses, dinosaur masks and hundreds of others.
The co-op in this game as been designed to allow a friend t join in as their own version of Chuck, complete with each player being able to have different outfits and weapons. The competative multiplayer is kind of fun, but not as much fun as the single/co-op campaign, but any money earned by playing online can be transferred to a singleplayer save game of the players choice.

However as much as i love this game I am well aware of some of the cons:
The loading does take quite a while when moving from area to area, upwards of 20-30 seconds sometimes when playing it on Xbox 360, even when installed, and the game may freeze on loading (but i have only ever seen this happen with a badly functioning Xbox 360 console)
The save system in general may annoy some people, as forgetting to save at an allocated save point and playing for an age, then dieing, can come at a harsh shock having to do it all again. Saving comes natural after a while anyway.
Co-op gameplay, although fun could have been implimented a tad better, forcing the host to go thorough a loading screen when another player joins can be annoying.

For fans of the original game, the controls for the seqeul have been completly changed allowing for easier use of guns, throwing items and pulling of the over-the-top melee zombie killing techniqes. No more annoying phone calls to notify of missions as this time around we have little notifications of missions, sort of like texts messages, acessed through the watch menu.

Overall i think Blue castle did a good job with re-creating the seris with betters controls and addin the fun co-op experience. If you can get around the little niggles and quirks that this game has, you could get yourself into a very fun and silly zombie killing game, with a good plot to match.
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on 10 January 2011
If it's a zombie game you're looking for then you have found the right game in Dead Rising 2, as this is as true as a zombie game you will find with it's shopping mall setting it's like playing a version of George A. Romero classic film Dawn Of The Dead, lately Zombie's in video games have changed such as the Resident Evil series which doesn't really have zombies any more instead most games now have super zombies, the Dead Rising series has done away with that as most of the time in the games the zombies wander around stupidly and are not strong by themselves however get surrounded by dozens and you're going to be in trouble!

You play Chuck Greene who after losing his wife now has to take care of his infected daughter Katey by getting her Zombrex and giving her a dose once every 24 hours or she will die, Chuck has also been framed for the outbreak and has only a few day's to clear his name, before the military arrive, as with most games it will be a case of who do you trust and who's responsible for setting you up. You will have a timer and a map as well as a directional arrow(very helpful as Fortune city is big)as you choose what cases to take, there are some of course you have to take the rest are side missions that will have Chuck trying to gather up survivors and taking them back to the safe house.

There is loads of weapons in the game, from strong ones to useless ones and us go along and level up Chuck he will be able to combine weapons and make them stronger, there is a good few save points(toilets) which is helpful, some of the bosses can be tough on your first play through but come second time around you will have them well mastered, with so many side missions you will not have enough time to do them all so it's well worth playing this game a second or even a third time. Loading from one area to a next can be slow sometimes which is disappointing.

The graphics and sound are top notch especially in hd and 5.1 surround sound. Dead Rising 2 is one fun game that if you are a fan of zombie games will have you in zombie heaven.
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on 20 September 2011
Okay, I'll admit that I only got about half way through Dead Rising 2, which doesn't make for a balanced review. But the reasons for that was that it was just too repetitive. I love zombie games and movies and this one's okay but it didn't hold my attention for long. Gameplay is fine. Graphics are fine. Game world is okay in size. Concept is good.

I just felt ... uch.. I can't be bothered. I'll go back to pummeling the crap out of villains in Batman.
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on 11 August 2011
A very good game if you Enjoy slaughtering zombies. However if you are a Call of Duty Zombies fan this game isn't very much like it resulting in the fact that you probably wont like it if that is the only Zombie game you play. It has good Graphics and some funny areas in the game and a good storyline. Hasnt got very much online areas, However you do get a 4 player or less Multiplayer Co-Op where you can invite your friends to your game And a online "This is Terror" I think its called by memory were you do mini-Games for "Big money". Time to state the obvious - It is an 18 so expect some Mildly graphic content. And remember it is a Zombie game so if you don't Enjoy ripping apart Zombies.. This is not the game for you! Out of 5 I have given it a 4 but it's opinionated.
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on 14 February 2011
Great game. I haven't played a game through more than once since Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, but I've done this one twice and I'm sure I'm gonna go a couple more times (each time through takes about 8 hours). Love the fact that you 'level up' as you achieve certain things throughout the game you keep and expand on these attributes when you play again. Online play is pretty good, although perhaps a little repetitive... I only play it to make money to transfer into my story mode game anyway. Overall, well worth a bash, there's loads to do, my two times through have been completely different. Not a lot of thinking involved, just mindless, violent fun! This should keep me tied over until they decide to make 'Grand Theft Auto: Undead City'!
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on 31 May 2011
Very goood game, loads and loads of zombies and its a fun yet tricky game to play! Also if you have the PSN, play the terror is reality online, its really funny!!!
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on 26 October 2013
This game is difficult, which would not be so bad but for the tedious time limits and save facility that spoils any progress that is made as it doesn't take much to get set upon by lots of zombies to lose hours of gameplay.

The bosses are ridiculously tough so it is advisable to team up with someone online, although there is very few people actually playing this now.

If you are an expert gamer with lots of time and looking for a challenge this is one for you, but not me.
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on 21 December 2011
killing zombies has never been so much fun, especially for £10.00, brand new sealed boxed, delivered fast, worth buying if you want to kill some hours on the ps3 :)
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on 1 May 2013
this game is an ideal boredom buster for any zombie fan, the free roam capabilities are pretty vast for an oversized shopping mall and the customizable weapons are genius althoug the story mode is strangely difficult and awkward however i like the idea of using alternate endings depending on how you attempt the story line, overall worth the 4 stars
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