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4.6 out of 5 stars585
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2013
In short this is probably the worst fitness game on the wii (and I have tried lots over the last few years, all the EA sports actives, Mel B, Exerbeat, various dance games etc)

I have tried it over several days and it just doesn't get any better.

It is obsessed with balance rather than fitness and backs it up with very dodgy science. It starts by telling you that you harm your body if when you stand you don't evenly spread your weight THEN the games get you to shift you weight between your feet to control the action (by it's own logic the games will actually harm you.)

It's feedback it highly negative, yet any diet or fitness expert will tell you you need ENCOURAGEMENT not negative comments. Yet in many of the games if you make 1 mistake, the game ends, some sad music is played, you are told you are 'unbalanced' and scored 1 star out of 4 (regardless of how you did up to the point where you made the mistake) What's wrong with having some cheerful music and a 'beginner' rating (rather than 'unbalanced')

The scoring is random. For example on the obstacle course if you make a mistake you are sent right back to the start, your final score (if you don't finish the course) is your distance from the start when the time runs out, regardless of the maximum distance you got. So if you make a mistake on the last obstacle and get sent to the start right before the time runs out, your distance might only be 1 metre. Madness.

Some of the exercises can't be detected by the balance board. For example the torso twisting exercise (you raise you arms at your sides then twist your upper body) The balance board scores you on whether your centre of gravity stays in the target circle and helpfully shows you where your centre of gravity is on screen with the target circle shown. HOWEVER this exercise shouldn't move your centre of gravity (hence the target stays still) so if you stand on the board and don't move you will score higher than if you do the exercise (as any attempt to do the exercise will move your centre of gravity at least a bit)

Not all the exercises even use the balance board. The 'jogging' games you do jogging on the spot (not on the board as this would damage it) holding the wiimote, or putting it in a pocket. And this is probably the best exercise in the whole game.

If you stop an exercise part way through then the game doesn't record the time or calories spent. All other fitness games I've used will give you the credit for what you've done.

You will struggle to get any form of workout with this game with SOO MUCH waiting between exercises and games, most of which will barely get you moving. There are other games for the wii that will give you a good workout. Rather than this, buy yourself Exerbeat Gym Class Workout (Wii),Get Fit With Mel B (Wii) or any of the 'Just Dance' games (all these games you won't need a balance board for, and most are cheaper than this too)
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on 9 February 2010
I'd bought Wii Fit in the summer following the birth of our second child and, predictably, spent the first two months using it religiously before my enthusiasm gradually waned.

So I bought Wii Fit Plus on the spur of the moment just after Christmas and it has reignited my enthusiasm. If you don't already have Wii Fit then you only need Wii Fit Plus as it has everything the original does, and more. Wii Fit Plus is a great addition if you feel you've exhausted Wii Fit or if, like me, the honeymoon period is over.

The 15 new games in Wii Fit Plus are great fun and it has additional features which give you more information about how much energy you'll be using while playing them. New yoga and muscle exercises also feature. The addition of the calorie counter is a welcome one, but I'd query how accurate it actually is. Still, it's a good guide. You can also choose a food type as a goal to burn off that many calories. I find my bowl of rice (220cals) takes me around 1hr 15mins.

Wii Fit Plus gets past the clunkiness of Wii Fit which sees you doing one exercise, finishing it, choosing another, doing that, finishing it, choosing another... My Wii Fit allows you to string both muscle and yoga exercises together in your own workout programme. It even tots up how long the workout is likely to take while you're creating the routine. My Wii Fit also contains a dozen suggested workouts which combine games/aerobic exercise and yoga or muscle exercises to achieve certain goals e.g. a trimmer figure, target hips & thighs, relax.

As a fully paid-up member of the 'I loathe exercise' club I can testify that Wii Fit Plus doesn't feel like you're exercising and has enough fun and challenge to keep me coming back five (yes, five!) times a week. No wonder that baby weight has fallen off me...
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on 14 June 2011
Are you dubious as to the credibility of the Wii Fit in its claims to help you to lose weight and gain the body you have always dreamed of? So was I! But I umm'd and ahh'd over the last few years since the release of the original Wii Fit, so when the new Wii Fit plus came out I was certain that I wanted in on this fad, to see if it was up to anything special. SO I eventually gave in and purchased the Wii Fit plus, along with balance board.

As I am writing this review my boyfriend is puffing and panting away to the jogging game. You see, there is a wide variety of games and activities on this disc some requiring the balance board, such as the cycling, hula hooping, many yoga and muscle exercises and all of the balance games, but some, including jogging, require just the wii-mote (with or without nunchuk).

I have been using the Wii Fit Plus for about 5 weeks now, and although I have only lost about 4-5lbs, I can really tell that my body shape has changed, some of the lumps and bumps have disappeared or lessened, and my attitude to exercise has increased exponentially. I now exercise every day using a variety of different Wii games, workouts and strategies. It is fun and really makes you aware that different exercises target different parts of the body. Plus the balance board has a cute personality and really helps with fun tips, hints and encouraging motifs that really make you want to workout every day, even if only 30 mins. :o)
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on 21 March 2010
Wii Fit plus is one the funnest Wii games in my opinion. Not only does it keep me and my friends and family entertained for hours but it also helps to keep you fit. There are quite a few more games, yoga poses and muscle workouts than normal Wii Fit. However there isn't the fun of unlocking activities apart from 3 on the yoga and muscle section, which means there's not much to aim for apart from losing weight, which is some people's cases, isn't needed.
But overall I think this is an amazing game and definitely at a good price for what you get.
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on 23 November 2010
I already had the Wii, balance board and the original Wii fit, so it was probably inevitable that I would buy the Wii Fit plus. It contains the same exercises, plus a few more; and I really like the new ones. I also like that all exercises are open straight away, instead of having to open them by completing others first.

Having said that, I do have a couple of minor niggles. In the original, the jogging exercise had a set course, but you could deviate by following the dog. In the Wii Fit Plus, you follow the dog by default; it's almost impossible not to. I'm also disappointed that they don't have a few more options, as I would have thought that they could easily have packed a couple more different circuits onto the disk. I also think that the calorie counter is bit irrelevant; it shows the same values for a given exercise, whether you work hard or take your time. I'm going to say that it probably is not that accurate.

However, I will say that this is a great game for all of the family. Yes you can work on this on your own, and it is a good way to get yourself moving. But it is also a lot of fun to share with others, and kids will love it. I would suggest hat it is not going to give you a sculptured body, but if you combine this with a sensible diet, it is an easy and fun way to watch your weight and improve your physical condition in the comfort of your own home.
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on 8 January 2011
If you like Wii Fit, you should love the plus model. Some of the extra games are excellent (snowball fight is a personal favourite), but what is really impressive is that it is like Nintendo have listened to customer feedback; they've certainly fixed a few of my gripes about the original. Your history transfers over as well, so you are not starting from scratch again which was a good touch. The addition of activities which use the board and the Wiimote together was a very pleasant surprise (Snowball fight!).

One of biggest concerns I heard/had about the original was it was actually hard to use it to have a "proper" workout, I rarely got sweaty unless I did some of the aerobics, whereas some other fitness programs I've used you set a time length &/or objective and sets the exercises accordingly & you get tired! Wifit plus doesn't go that far, but you can set a routine of your favourite/useful exercises and it runs straight thru' them without all the messing about switching menus etc. that means you cool down...... still it more towards the fun aspect than the serious workout, but there are other programs for that - this is one you would use everyday & enjoy it! All the new games seem to be more of a workout than the originals; a ploy on Nintendo's part? If so, go with it, and you get fitter whilst having a lot of fun. Highly recommended.
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on 31 December 2011
This game is great with levels varying in difficulty from super straight forward (so much so a young child or likewise could play them) to levels and exercises so difficult that I am aching and panting well before the end. If you forget about your score on some of the harder exercises and focus on form and what the on screen trainer is actually doing then you will get a very good work out. Or if your just playing for kicks you can do certain things to tilt the odds in you favour (your workout will obviously suffer a little if this is your aim). The Balance games are great in particular for people who don't understand complex games or ones with button presses. Whilst most of us can understand complex things some people are really not so lucky. And for them this game offers more than 1 game they can do and really enjoy. It is also simple for those who are not that into games, they can be introduced to things harder than they would normally try if it has been built up and is a great way for getting them used to pressing the A button etc.

I have no criticism except that including extra sensors a la ea sports active 2 would have made exercises such as the Bird dog (aka arm and leg raise) more exacting and as such at present one has a dilema of whether to aim for high score (but less of a workout) or to aim for form and forget about score.
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on 7 November 2009
Already had the Wii Fit game, but I am very happy with the upgrade. All game scores and data from the Wii Fit were transferred to the Plus game on first install.

There are some new features I really like:
1. approximate calories burned - so motivating! I am also now thinking twice about reaching for that biscuit!
2. 12 pre-set routines, approx. 5-10 minutes each. These can also be combined to fit time available.
3. Random yoga and muscle routines - you set the time (5 minute increments) and the Wii recommends a number of exercises to fit
4. easy access for favourites now sorted into three categories: frequently, recently and rarely.
5. it is now possible to access the balance tests already unlocked for practice outside the "body test". this is helping already with the wii fit age. There are some rather challenging exercises here.

There are some additional yoga and muscle exercises. No new aerobic and balance games compared with the wii fit (i would have really liked more step routines) but there are 12 additional mini games grouped under a new "Training Plus" menu. one of the other reviewers has already provided a list so I won't repeat it. I have only done a couple (love the Rhythm Kung-Fu), but it seems a good selection.
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on 29 March 2010
Good add on type game to the original Wii Fit. It's a bonus that the Wii stores all the information for your Miis from the original game. We love the new games that Wii Fit Plus offers - my daughter now wants to join a majorette squad! The games are suitable for all ages, young and old. The calorie counter is a good idea - my son now knows how much exercise he needs to do to burn off a packet of crisps! Would have liked a new variation of step aerobics but I suppose you can't have it all!
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on 27 November 2009
I really enjoy the new games and have a lot of fun. I also like the fact you can make your own workouts.
The first time we tried it out we used the chicken and my grandson who is 8 went first, we where all laughing so much we cried. It is great entertainment not only for the kids but adults too. (I am 57). Will definately use the WII more again now,makes a work out a lot of fun.
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