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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars448
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 20 November 2009
Well, I have to say, this game is superb. Maybe I'm biased as I grew up in the era of the NES but the old 2D Mario platforming games are amongst my favourite games ever! Sure, I like to play modern games such as Modern Warfare 2 and while these are perfectly good games (which I enjoy!), I miss a time when games were simpler and you didn't need 80 fingers to play them...

Old skool Mario gamers will love it's nods towards Mario nostalgia - remixed versions of old tunes, old enemies, characters, level layouts, point scoring at the end of levels on flagpoles, card games in Mushroom huts - it has so many references to all the old Mario games that if you were a fan of them, you're going to be instantly won over here!

Currently, I'm only playing this as a one player affair... but the addition of multiplayer will make for some fantastically frantic and fun games! Having played LittleBigPlanet as a multiplayer, all I can say is that this game will blatantly work just as well - in fact, probably a lot better! I found LBP a very good game as well, but for me personally, it lacked the character of Mario.

This game is blatantly aimed at old skool gamers - this game starts off fairly easy but expect the challenge to increase throughout the game! It never gets frustrating and due it's simple design never feels unfair. No glitches, unfair deaths or alike here... it's all your own doing!

While this game looks superb, it doesn't push the hardware to the max. While some people may frown upon this, I think it is refreshing that this game revolves around gameplay rather than graphics. A lot of modern games are certainly guilty of this. Having said that, this game does look very nicely presented - and Nintendo have pushed the graphics as far as a game of this stature will allow.

Finishing note - I haven't felt this inclined to play through a game for a long time. Quite often I can only play a game for a short while before I want a break - this game makes me want to come back for more and I'm having to prevent myself from playing it in order to be more constructive with my time! All I have to say is that if you're an old skool game fan, a Mario fan or just want something more traditional and less complex (but certainly no less deeper) look no further than this game!
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on 28 November 2009
18 years it's been since a proper 2-d scroller! And now mario makes his way back to rule the living room.

I won't make this to long!
Straight to the point! The first thing you will notice when you play this game is it's charming new look. Playing it on a big telly will add to the amazement. Older gamers will be happy to know that everything from the origanal mario bros. is still here! The music is in-geneous, It is a remix from the ds version. The new multiplayer is excellent! And if all this still isn't enough, the levels are completly new and never played before!

This is all a bit overwhelming if you are a parent thinking of buying it for a child for christmas. So i will do what I always do sum it up in points.
1. fun for everyone (even parents!)
2. great to play for a party
3. new gameplay is excellent
4. controlls are as simple as beans on toast
5. kids will, I repeat will love it!!!
6. game lasts for ages
7. ideal christmas/birthday gift
8. multiplayer and i will say it again is excellent
9. Starts easy ends as hard as nails powerups
11.timeless mario magic present

uh oh.. BAD points
1. Yes you can ride on yoshi but it's limeted
2. as the game gets harder, yes there will be cursing going on.
3. is it a bit to hard for young kids?
4. the mega mushroom is missing...
5. can be a tad frustrating at times

Overall though an outstanding game for people aged 3-infinite. Ideal for x-mas and don't hesitate to comment on the review. I will awnser any questions.

Merry X-MAS!
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on 20 September 2011
Every games console has a watershed moment, a moment that shifts units and provides the consumer with a game that is as essential as the latest fashions or album (PS2 = Grand Theft Auto, Xbox = Halo, Xbox 360 = Gears of War). 2009's "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" is the Wii's moment to shine.

Super Mario Galaxy, the previous "number one" for the Wii was and still is technically an amazing achievement. However Super Mario Bros Wii trumps Galaxy hands down and then some. This 2D re-imagining of the old school NES and SNES classics to suit a modern platform is utter genius and a total reaction against the transition of video games into violent movies you can play along to. Super Mario Bros, from the eighties to today, is all about fun. This is pure gaming fun. It doesn't look jaw-dropping (though still perfectly pretty and pleasing to the eye) and the sounds are re-hashes of tunes we've all heard a million times before but this, amazingly, does not matter. Nintendo have cracked the most important of gaming nuggets - gameplay.

A brilliantly simple control scheme means just about anyone can pick up this gem and instantly feel comfortable playing it. However the game is challenging enough for even the most experienced of gamers. I've completed the original Super Mario Bros. a couple of times and played most of the other titles in the series and this is as difficult as any. However, even for those who may not be able to finish the game, there are enough goodies, such as the astounding 4-player co-op mode to warrant a purchase. 4-player is where the true fun lies. On your own, sometimes it can be frustrating to die constantly but with friends, it's a riot. More fun than any multi-player game I have ever played.

The game is bright and colourful enough for the kids, but evokes enough nostalgia and childhood memories for any seasoned veteran to appreciate. It's also decent value for money. In an age where criminally, games are being released with sub 10 hour play-times for £40, New Super Mario Bros, for a full 100% completion may take anything up to 50 hours. That's some serious game time. The only game I have ever played with similar longevity is the release of the epic Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. That however, does not contain the multi-player that extends the game's life indefinitely.

I can only think of one tiny gripe with the game, the needless shaking of the Wii remote. It can lead to unexpected deaths and for a game that demands such precision, sometimes you will wish that one of the unused buttons could be utilized instead. This however is an extremely minor and nit-picky point.

For those that haven't played a 2D Mario game, I urge you to pick up this title. In fact, I urge anyone to pick up this game. It made me smile like a child at Christmas. It's utterly outstanding and one of the very best games I have ever played. Hyperbole this is not, this is a brilliant, shining and rewarding example of how a video game should be made. 5, 6 or even 10 stars if I could.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 December 2009
This is exactly the game you'd expect if you've ever played one of the Mario Bros. platform titles before - it's the same scrolling from right to left concept with the same characters, the same format of worlds and Bowser confrontations at the end of each one.

The important difference is that up to four people can play it at the same time - this turns it from a rather solitary and unsociable pursuit into many evenings of fun.

The levels themselves are very difficult - some of the bonuses are only achievable with more than one player playing unless you are very skilled with the controller, especially the time-based collection tasks - which lead me to conclude that this was designed as a multi- rather than a single-player game.

It manages to keep both types of player happy though - both dedicated ones and casual. At first there's 8 worlds to explore, but if you manage to get all the large coins then a 9th opens up for you to try (but you ned to get ALL the big coins in all other 8 worlds to progress to different stages in the final world). This adds a real longevity to the game because once you have it mastered, there's an addd incentive to get all the coins.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to play a fun game with children who have a basic level of proficiency to their gameplaying skills; it would make a great gift too.

Edit: it tok me a week before I realised that if I held the 1 button down while moving, my character would sprint - and therefore jump a little further too (I wish I had known that earlier), and that if I pressed the 'a' button at times of extreme danger I would go back into my bubble and be safe (another thing I wish I knew earlier).

Edit 12March 2010 - my partner and I are still playing this game, having fun looking up the location of the secret coins on youtube! A great game.
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on 21 June 2010
After loving Mario Kart and having such enjoyment out of that game, I was looking forward to this game being released. I bought it as soon as it came out and I would give it 5 stars.
Mario bros has so many good points that they fully outweigh the one bad point that I will describe.
Basically there are 8 worlds. Each world consists of 3 levels (the last one containing the boss). You start the game with 5 lives, but you are not able to save until after the boss on the 3rd level. When you lose all your lives you go back to level 1 of the world you are in. If playing alone this can get quite frustrating and very repetitive. There is no option to continue, meaning you go all the way back to the start L
However the solution to this problem is to play with friends. Basically as long as you and your friends do not lose all your lives at the same time, then you are able to continue without having to go back to the start.
The game can cater for 4 people max, and you all play on the same screen. Its like a group of Mario buddies trying to get from the start to end. You have to wait on your friends though, as the screen will push them off if you go too far ahead. If one of your friends dies, they come back to life in a floating bubble that you have to burst.
The graphics are good. The levels are fun. You can play this game for hours. Any age group (I'm 28 lol)
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on 16 November 2010
Having grown up with the likes of Mario 64 and the previous platformers, I was dubious about how successful a game that reverted to a more 'dated' style would be. Thankfully, this game completely proved me wrong and was an absolute riot to play through from start to finish.

To start, the graphics, as have been said before, are about as good as they can be for this type of game without being hand drawn/murasama-esque. Its not cinema style, 'WOW!', joy to behold stuff, but its vibrant, colourful, enjoyable and adds to the nostalgia of the gameplay. Don't make the mistake of thinking its kiddy either. this is a game I defy anyone who seriously plays it to dislike.

Gameplay, of course, is where the mario genre excels, and this game is no exception. It is absolutely outstanding. Single player is fun. Personally, its not outstanding. Definitely enjoyable though. Get two or three people round, however, and this game explodes into an absolute riot of backstabbing, exasperation and grudging cooperation. I was fortunate enough to regularly have four players at once, and as far as I'm concerned, the game was over far too quick. It was crazy: a year or two on and I still have really fond memories of the mad-cap enjoyable action. Absolutely brilliant; as far as multiplayer goes, having played a wide variety of genre's, I think for sheer playability this ranks as the best game I've played to date.

I can understand how difficulty is a factor for some, especially on single player. Playing with four, and even graced with my god-like ability (:P) we still struggled to overcome some levels, although we did manage to completely 100% it in the end. However, it never became tedious, and the rise in difficulty after a gentle introduction only served to improve its longevity. The cannons are a nice touch: get stuck on one world and you can shoot further on, meaning to beat bowser you can leave out nearly any world (bar 1 and 8). This helps those that are looking for a really casual approach, but this is a game that you get more out of the more you put in, and the deceptively simple controls belie a subtlety that takes time to perfect. This notwithstanding, for pick-up and play value it is still excellent. I just wouldn't recommend it based on this alone.

Music was similarly excellent, rehashed mario classics that are never tiresome and always enjoyable, and as ever perfectly suited to add, and never detract, from gameplay.

I would conclude, therefore, by heartily recommending this game, particularly if you have regular access to others that'll want to play it with you. Single player is really good, multiplayer is unreal. Seriously. If you like mario, get it. If you're new to the franchise, get it anyway. its simple enough at first to suck you in, but it'll spit you out a grizzled, smiling veteran. Most epic boss battle in a mario game ever, too.
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on 27 October 2010
I am not a hard core gamer and this is the only Mario 'platform' title I've ever had apart from Galaxy. I found the standard 'story' mode of this game insanely and infuriatingly difficult. You really will have to become a master with the (VERY fiddly) controls to not end up dieing constantly. With no real ability to save progress you are forced to repeat previous levels over and over again, just to get back to the level that defeated you. Honestly I found this absolutely NO fun at all. In fact I could have put my controller through the screen on occasions.
HOWEVER... Multi player coin battles on this game are up there with Mario Kart when it comes to fun. What a contrast to story mode. You can battle on any level in the game, and there are loads with Yoshi in them which is even more fun. The levels for the coin battles will only unlock as you progress through the game, so I'd highly recommend just downloading a free 'completed' save game file from the internet (lots of people post these on forums) and copying it onto your Wii with an SD card. It will unlock everything immediately giving you well over 50 stages to battle on. As you play, the game keeps a tally of who's won how many rounds in a session, and also marks all the levels you've completed.
The creativity and graphical beauty of some of the levels is fantastic. You can battle on moving roller coasters made of dinosaur skeletons, in jungles, under water, in deserts with sand/coin storms, and up in the clouds on moving and rotating platforms. The power up suits are great and there are loads of them. The music too, is addictive. Some of the purest, fun gaming I have ever enjoyed. And my 7 year old is mad about it too!

In summary: Well worth every penny, just for the coin battles. Just avoid the story mode unless you enjoy subjecting yourself to mental torture...
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on 29 June 2010
-This review was written by my 12 year old son-

Some of you may be puzzling at the title of the review, so I'll explain. I own the DS version of this game and had immense fun with it for a long time. If you enjoyed the DS one, you'll probably like this one even better! Just because the Wii is new and has motion sensing et cetera, doesn't mean it can't be as good in 2D!
This game lives up to Nintendo's reputation and then some. The difficulty is maybe slightly decreased from the DS, though that may just be that I've got better since I played it there. For some small details, you know the koopa troopas? they can now be properly killed with a ground pound rather than just sliding about. There are some new power ups added and some old ones, sadly, taken away. Among the new ones there is Ice Mario to freeze enemies and a Propeller Suit allowing you to soar into the air by shaking the remote. Two removed ones are the blue shell and, yes, the poor deceased mega mushroom.
The plot is very similar to that of the DS. Bowser and his children (Yes, in the plural this time) kidnap Princess Peach inside a giant Cake and retreat to their multiple towers and castles. After eight worlds ranging from "Wow, that was easy!" and "Glargh this is PURE TORTURE!" Mario rescues Peach and receives a kiss on the head.
There is a maximum of four players, and you can battle for coins, co-operate to progress or just play in free mode.
One more thing: Yes, you can at some points ride Yoshi and eat enemies to your heart's content!
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on 22 December 2009
Not only did I buy this game, I bought a brand new Wii just to play this game! I was very young when the original Super Mario Bros was all the rage, and I remember it being the most engaging game I played (at the time). When this new game came out, it immediately hit the nostalgia chord, and I found myself getting the console just so that I could relive those happy memories.

As it turns out, either of two things have happened since. Either my gaming skills have gone down and now I find this game difficult, OR that the newer version is indeed made for the newer generation of gamers that LIKE a bit of a challenge.

I have now played this for a week and have just entered the "5th world" and it has been very engaging indeed. I am thoroughly enjoying it. The good thing in this version is that 2 to 4 players can play together on the same screen, help each other or even compete with each other, and this doesnt make it boring for the "other" person as it did in the original version. Mind you, it can get a bit competetive if you are playing with your partner :-)

Overall, a must buy for all gamers. When repeating the stages, I find myself enjoying it even more as a relaxed time-pass playing a nice game.
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on 1 November 2011
If you want Mario Galaxy, buy it (I can't believe the people trying to give this a bad review because it isn't like MG).

However, I must say that this game is fantastic! It was well thought-out and well made.

It goes from very easy to just plain difficult, giving hours of gameplay, but still letting players in gently. It is similar to the New Super Mario Bros DS (but more complex with more stuff - like the Penguin costume.), so if you like that, you'll like this.

Basically, you are on a long platform. You have to jump, dodge, attack, duck and do everything that you do in normal 2D Maio platformers. It is a cute game with great graphics and suitable for people of all age-groups.

The Wii gets a lot of bad press, but I think this game gives a true reflection of it capabilities and how amazing it is. You can tilt the remote to move platforms and shake it to jump!

***The only reason this isn't a 5* review is because I haven't felt addicted to it, like I did the DS version. It can be a little too difficult at times, which for someone with little patience, gets very annoying...Yet almost fun at the same time!
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