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4.4 out of 5 stars185
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2005
Well, what can I say! This has got to be the funniest film I have ever seen and their are just soo many classic moments and quotes that it is impossible to list them all here.
The 'Stonehenge' scene alone makes it my favourite comedy EVER, but that is not all it has to offer. Who could forget the famous amp scene (these go to eleven) or the pod prop diaster!

And this DVD has so much to offer as well, the deleted scenes is basically another film as well (I think there is an extra hour and a bit!)It's hard to beleive they left so much out. The best 'outtakes' have got to be the album signing scene and the zoo scene! There is also trailers, music videos, promotional stuff and loads more.
So if you fancy a film that never gets boring, never loses its comedy then watch this.

So to finish this review on the greatest film EVER, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it.... 11!!
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on 21 February 2005
But it is not a line that Spinal Tap needs to worry about. Spinal Tap is a razor sharp spoof/satire.
Spinal Tap is a great comic movie - hilarious from start to finish. It takes the (much copied but never bettered) form of a mock documentary (or rockumentary, if you will) following the spoof band as they go on tour of the USA to promote their new album.
Heavy Metal may seem to be beyond parody but Spinal Tap manages. The band is a glorious, grotesque caricature of a heavy metal band: misogynist & sexist, vain, split by internal dissent and artistic differences and hopelessly lacking is self-awareness.
The boys in the band all excellent and totally convincing and there are a lots of great cameos. The songs are glorious parodies of heavy metal songs; listen to the lyrics, they are often hilarious (and of course deeply offensive). The film is full of laugh out loud moments and memorable lines that have entered the lexicon (the airport metal detector, turn it up to 11).
To cap it all off the extras (listed in the product description above) are fantastic and hilarious.
Buy it, watch it, enjoy it
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on 11 December 2000
This DVD goes up to 11 - one louder. This is what the DVD was created for. The first disc of this two-disc set contains the film and a commentary from the band. The picture quality is superb and the sound is excellent - the ...metal numbers are perfect CD quality. The second CD contains what basically amounts to an alternate version of the film - out-takes which are almost good enouhg to have been in the original. On top of that, you get piles of extras - videos, trailers, archive footage, interviews and, of course, adverts for bizarre Australian savoury pastry products. What more could you ever ask for from a DVD. The film itself is excellent. I had heard so much about it beforehand - mainly from sad obsessive fans - that I watched it for the first time wanting not to like it. But it really is well worth watching - even if you can't stand Heavy Metal. Everyone plays it completely straight - and that's what makes it all so funny. The songs are also superb in a terrible kind of way. There are too many wonderful bits in this to mention - but the show-stopping performance of the theatrical soft rock classic Stonehenge has to be the highlight of the film.
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2010
Given Amazon are lumping all versions of Spinal Tap together for review purposes: just to be clear, this is about the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray only.

There's little point reviewing the film "This Is Spinal Tap": it's enough to say it's both a cinema and rock'n'roll classic that's spawned hundreds of catch-phrases ("Hello Cleveland", "It's one louder", "This much talent", "Lukewarm water" etc) and inspired any number of later comedy films and TV shows (notably the most famous fake-documentary style TV show, The Office).

The Blu-ray is the best looking version of the film it's possible to get although hardly a showcase for the Blu-ray format given the use of hand-held camera and 16mm film stock (used to create the documentary feel of the film). There's still plenty more visible detail than any previous DVD version, not to mention an incredible quality upgrade from old VHS versions which will be how most Tap fans saw the film in the first place, so the upgrade is worthwhile for devoted Tap-heads.

The Blu-Ray, like the 25th anniversay DVD version, is packed with extra features which are both a blessing and a curse. The trouble is that while the quantity of material is good, some of the features are simply incomplete, frustratingly so. "The Return of Spinal Tap" is only the first 50 minutes of the 110 minute feature (available in full on DVD) which isn't even an edited highlights version, it simply ends mid-scene and doesn't even include the end credits. Likewise the "Live Earth short film and performance" doesn't actually include the short film Tap made for Live Earth and is just the first 6 minutes of their live set, again ending abruptly in a fairly bad edit. As an illustration of the lack of care applied to the disc: if you selected scene 11 on previous DVD versions, you went to the "amp that goes to 11" - the chapter settings on this version has messed that up!

A quote from the film goes "there's a thin line between stupid and clever": while the film is clearly way over on the positive side of that thin line, the total Blu-ray package is in danger of crossing over to the other side.
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on 17 October 2000
Where to start? This is quite simply one of the best DVD's yet released.
The films great (obviously) but there's so many extras and nice touches here that the disk is essential to anyone with a DVD player even if you already have the standard version on DVD (or video).
There's over an hours worth of deleted scenes (its almost like having a second movie to watch) and the commentary by the cast (in character) is hilarious.
There's also 4 music vids, trailers, tv clips and more - even the films menu screen is guaranteed to make you laugh!
Buy it now - it's worth it for the deleted zoo scene alone, but with all the other extras it's essential!
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on 6 May 2007
One of the greatest comedies of all time. Spoofing the pomposity of rock bands of the time, black sabbath, deep purple, zeppelin etc and getting it spot-on. Such accurate lampooning throughout - from the mini stonehenge, to the band images based on star signs, to the concept album based on Jack The Ripper 'Saucy Jack'!, and so much more. The whole cast are exceptional but of course Christopher Guest & Michael McKean are the standouts. The extras on the special edition are great as well, especially the commentary by the actors staying in character as Nigel, David and Derek. I actually find watching the movie with commentary as funny as the movie itself, so congrats to the boys for staying hilarious after all these years. Rock on and remember you can't dust for vomit!
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on 29 March 2007
This is the greatest film ever made. Citizen Cane? No lycra-clad middle-aged rockers to be found. Casablanca? How many dancing, set-destroying dwarves in that film? Porkies II? Sorry about that last one but as David St Hubbins says: "There's a fine line between stupid and clever".

This Is Spinal Tap follows - in mock documentary style - the misadventures of a fading British rock band on tour in the U.S. The plot is, of course, secondary to a series of hilarious scenes in which the ridiculousness of heavy metal is laid bare. The hair; the clothes; the self-indulgence; the prima donna behaviour. That's not to say that die-hard rock fans should avoid this; on the contrary, anyone who's followed heavy metal (or better still, been in band) will appreciate the humour all the more (I speak from experience!). The acting (and musical) performances are all pitch-perfect and the script just the right side of believable.

The DVD extras are well worth a look too. The band's commentary (with the actors still in character) is extremely funny and the deleted scenes, whilst of great interest to Tap enthusiasts, just go to prove that the final cut of the film could not have been bettered.
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on 7 September 2009
I've just received this at my workplace so haven't had chance to check out the actual content. However I feel it worth mentioning that this contains only 1 disc - not the 5 discs Amazon's listing states.
It was the thought of having such a plethora of bonus material that it warranted 5 discs that made me rush to buy this.
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on 4 December 2000
Well, what can you say, it creased me up on video and it still does it today. And, even with the dawn of DVD, I never thought that I would see as many extras and special features as you get with this one. The extra footage alone must amount to an entire films worth and you cant help but ask yourself 'why they would cut any of it out? I can understand that had they not cut certain scenes the film would have been close to the three hour mark, but the extras are just as funny (if not funnier in some cases) as the original. Rather than spouting off more praise, I can only urge you to buy this even if you dont have a DVD player! The scene with the limo driver singing frank sinatra numbers, stoned and naked is worth the 20 quid on its own. This is a seminal masterpiece which has never been (and I dont think it ever will be) beaten.
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on 4 May 2009
This is a certainly a classic movie with tons of funny stuff (American actors imitating English accents, the infamous "drummer problem" since then, cover artwork conflict, "Stone'enge" stage incident among others) that is viewable again and again. However, the publisher did little to treat customers right, as there are no subtitles, no bonus material, just a copy of the original VHS tape to DVD. I was somewhat disappointed by that, so I would suggest prospective customers to turn to a better packaged release.
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