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4.1 out of 5 stars63
4.1 out of 5 stars
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The film starts with a crash but is seems quite slow paced. Mr. Perry (t Andre Braugher) thinks that it is time for a therapist Claire summers (Anne Hathaway) to do something practical so she is assigned to help the passengers of the recent plane crash. The passenger's accounts of the plane crash vary greatly and soon the passengers seem to be disappearing or at least not coming to the sessions. It appears that the airline is covering something up and everybody is in on it. Is Claire paranoid to the point where she cannot function properly?

With the creepy mystique and the slow pace and mysterious people, our minds are racing ahead. We remember all of the conspiracy movies spooky movies and just downright movies of all kinds in the twists. Okay which one is this one going to be? Now who is paranoid?

It is best to let the movie unfold into with the flow and you may find that you enjoy it and with all movies that have a mystery about them you will want to re-watch this to see what you missed.

One suspicious character is Airline representative Arkin played by David Morse. See him again in "Contact" (1997).

I only saw the Blu-ray so I cannot compare to other versions but be sure to also listen to the voice over commentary by Rodrigo Garcia - Director and Patrick Wilson who plays Eric.
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I knew absolutely nothing about this film before watching it and that's the best way to experience this particular film I think!!

The film is primarily suspense/mystery but it's also a drama, romance and thriller; there are elements of eerieness which really caught me off guard! It got my attention very quickly and managed to hold it to the very end. It's an interesting, unusual film that will have you periodically wondering what the film is actually about! It's not a loud action-packed film but more of a quiet film that will unfold in its own time and it's definitely worth the wait - I liked the way the story and the characters developed and I was quite moved by the end of the film which was unexpected!

I don't even remember seeing a trailer for this film so don't let this one fly by under your radar - it's a satisfying treat of a film! Highly recommended!
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on 25 January 2015
Claire (Anne Hathaway) is a grief counselor. She is assigned to group of passengers who have miraculously survived a plane crash. She has a group therapy of four people plus Eric (Patrick Wilson) who refuse group counseling, but allows Claire to do one on one sessions in his home, where he tries to pick her up.

Claire eventually succumbs to Eric (Patrick Wilson), but is troubled that her patients have stopped coming to group while suspecting the airline is attempting a cover-up. The ending I had figured out before I watched the film from reading the back of the DVD cover.

Hathaway always gives us a good performance no matter how bad the script. She was the saving grace of this otherwise predictable film. Blu-Ray included deleted scenes as extras.

Guide: No F-bombs. Implied sex. Minor love making scene. Butt crack nudity.
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on 12 January 2011
A young psychothrapist,Claire (Anne Hathaway)is asked to deal with the traumas of five plane crash survivors. She soon becomes intimately involved with Eric (Patrick Wilson),one of the survivors. As this unethical liaison is developing, the survivors begin to mysteriously disappear one after the other, and Claire, suspecting some foul play, needs to find out what is going on. And that becomes clear about ten minutes from the end of this movie.

I found the pace of the movie rather slow, and the movie itself lacking any dramatic development. There was,for example,a clear opportunity, which the film failed to exploit, to add some extra depth to Claire's therapeutic sessions with the patients/survivors.
Also, the embarrassingly unethical relationship between Claire and her patient, Eric, was taken , for most of the movie's duration,as an every day's occurrence, and with no explanation what so ever. The viewer has to wait for more than an hour for every thing to be resolved by the end of the movie.
I have given the film a 3- star because although the acting, especially by the two main leads, is good, one can not enthuse much about the quality of the script nor the dramatic element of the mystery itself.
Finally,the concept of a dreadful aircrash would not ordinarily be my first choice for a relaxing movie watch.
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on 13 July 2009
I rented this for my sister as she's a fan of Patrick Wilson and the film sounded good for a Sunday night. When Claire (Anne Hathaway) meets five surrivours of a plane crash and begins to get closer with one, Eric (Wilson), they soon disappear and she must solve the reason why. It's entertaining hour and a half with a good round of actors and actresses, it isn't going to win any awards but it's a simple film to watch. The twist at the end could be prejectable to many but I didn't see it coming, when it ended it was okay as many films with a twist end really badly but this was fine. Good enough pefomances from Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson and David Morse keep the film going, it looks lovely on Blu-Ray and it's recommened for anyone who likes any of the stars or a film to see.
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on 4 September 2011
The ending was a little too easy to predict but on the whole it was an enjoyable movie. The cast were good and kept my interest right up to the end even though I had guessed what was coming. Love Anne Hathaway and she's gorgeous as usual in this. PQ and AQ are very good. Even though a tad formulaic you won't be crying over having spent 7 pound on it.
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on 24 September 2015
Right until the middle of the movie I thought it was rubbish. Then I changed my mind. The idea is not new and going very slowly, but nevertheless it turns into a touching story of passengers after a plane crash.

I was quite irritated at the beginning because it didn't make much sense, doctor seemed to be as vulnerable and disturbed as her patients, her actions were illogical, her therapy bleak. The suggestion that the air company is covering the facts sort of hang in the nowhere, nobody acted the way I would expect under the circumstances. It all fell into place in the end leaving me with a couple of tears even. There was something about it that touched me deeply. I think acting was pretty good and was one of the reasons why I didn't switch it off before it all made sense.

So, it is not a disaster movie, not a thriller movie, and not really a ghost story either. But it is story of love, human relationships and the importance of being in touch with each other.
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on 12 September 2011
I loved this movie. The build-up took some time and I was beginning to wonder whether it would be a let-down (since I was completely unfamiliar with the movie) but it turned out to be a hidden gem. It left me wondering why so little was heard of and known about this film.

And of course Anne Hathaway was there...
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on 24 May 2016
great movie, touch to the heart. Unthinkable end. I cried in 2008 when i saw it the first time, i cried
again in 2013. There is nothing morereal in life more than death I Apreciated the movie secuence and the
great end., I do not know why people rated low this movie, for me this movie was phenomenal. I imagine
people are getting less sensitive in this century or people are forgetting to life free of materialism,
violence and hatret. This movie is the oposite; true and pure love, respect to those gone and a good
reason to clearly understand life.
"They Don't Own Me" is another Richard Ashcroft masterpiece. I'm binge-listening to it ever since I first
heard it. the other songs are okay, and I think I will enjoy some of them more and more as time goes on,
but I'm just glad there's another great R.A. song that I can listen to and think about
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on 6 December 2012
This is an interesting film and I watched it to the end. Not sure about the ending but it was definitely unexpected. Sometimes people have a great story but don't know how to link it all at the end and this felt a bit like that. At least it wasn't the usual predictable story.
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