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3.9 out of 5 stars180
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Four medical students along with three women, with a fourth to join the group later, go to a remote snowy mountain cabin on Easter break. They have a good time and seem to have no problem with the odd house in the freezing cold. While at the cabin, the proverbial visitor warns them they should not disturb the evil in the hills as legends of WWII German soldiers still roam the mountains.

I think we know where this is headed, unless you got a DVD without any cover art. The dialouge was pretty good, with some humor and dark humor. The zombies were not the foot dragging variety, but moved rather quickly and with some forethought. The soundtrack was excellent ranging from classical to European industrial. The cabin aspect brought back memory flashes from "The Evil Dead" plus the fact they mentioned it in the film. The blood and guts effects bordered on Troma style. It was comical to watch a brain fall out of a victims head...sorry I laughed.

I bought the 2-disc version at my local Walmart for $9.96. It defaults to Norwegian language and English subtitles. I watched it in English with English subtitles. The spoken English was a bit hipper than the written subtitles which appeared to be more of a word for word translation without bothering to create a loose feel. Great entertainment. I wished they had reused the classical music somewhere in the final scenes, which they had opened the film with, bringing us full circle. I don't know if I would place this in the top 25 zombie films as the cover claims. If it did make that list, it would be nearer to 25 than to number 1. But then again, I watch a lot of zombie films.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, no nudity.
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on 17 April 2010
Norwegian film makers get it. This is how to make a cool movie; balance the humor and horror, special effects that don't over power the movie, and most importantly: actors that care what they are doing and do it well!. The story revolves around a bunch of medical students getting away for some rest and relaxation during the Easter break. Unknown to them, they've set up camp at the absolute wrong place. Back in the day, evil Nazi's used these hills for an escape route or safe haven way back when, and it's said that this is where they supposedly holed up and eventually died. Well, they ain't all that dead. Our medical students eventually meet these blood-thirsty German maniacs and the red stuff starts flowing. A mad dash for survival ensues, and it all ends up being a 'hail' of a lot of fun, there's chainsaw action, decapitations, rope pulling with intestines, axe murders, machine gun concerts and disembowelment. The effects are top-notch in spite of the obvious budgetary restrictions, and the make up art on the zombies is very impressive. The rotting uniformed corpses look quite menacing, especially their leader. The snowy landscapes were beautiful picture to behold, although it's even more amusing to see the white snow color red with blood! Tommy Wirkola is a clearly talented director and hopefully a promising long career awaits him. The flick however isn't perfect as it suffers some from small horror clichés, like dumb decision making. But at the same time, they handle these clichés in a somewhat refreshing manner. Some cheap scare tactics are used early on to get you on edge, but those are barely used later on, when violence and creative gore take hold. Dead Snow really surprised me. I wasn't expecting such a fun flick and the characters were all well-fleshed out, the dialogue well-written and funny, the gore aplenty, the horror nods abundant and awesome (Braindead t-shirts?!), and even the score and soundtrack were good. This should become a pretty big hit for horror fans, well I hope so anyways.
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on 24 June 2012
Liked the sound of this film based on the Amazon reviews so took a punt, despite being a little concerned that the subtitles might detract from the overall experience. Happy to say I was wrong. As you might expect in a zom com, there's little talking during the action parts so no chance of missing anything whilst reading the subtitles and for some reason much of the dialogue seems funnier when read rather than spoken. Genuinely makes you jump in places but overall very entertaining and funny. A worthy addition to any collection.
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Every now and then a film comes along that is really good, and this is one of those. Unfortunately the horror genre is full of dross these days and so it is really good when something like this comes along. What makes it even better is that this didn't come out of Hollywood or Japan, but our neighbours Norway (those people who send us a Christmas tree for Piccadilly Circus each year).

This film is definitely tongue in cheek, and a great parody of the genre, especially of The Living Dead. The humour is dark, which I always love and there are loads of blood and guts. A group of medical students decide to head away for the Easter period to a remote cabin and have a relaxing break. What should be a nice relaxing time of drinking and sex just isn't going to happen, because suddenly they run into a regiment of Nazi Storm Trooper zombies. Cue people being torn apart, and zombies being cut up. If you like something that is different and is going to make you laugh you will love this. With such things as hanging off a cliff face with zombie guts as your rope this is something that has been well thought out, and is well acted. The location shots with all the snow add something to this, really bringing home the desolation and isolation of the group of hapless students. There is no nudity, before you ask, but there is a fantastic scene where a girl is having sex with a bloke, whilst he is sitting on the outside toilet after going out for a dump, also this has the beautiful Charlotte Frogner in it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2013
Død snø is directed by Tommy Wirkola who also co-writes the screenplay with Stig Frode Henriksen, the alter of whom also co-stars. It stars Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner, Lasse Valdal, Evy Kasseth Røsten, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Jenny Skavlan, Ane Dahl Torp and Bjørn Sundquist. Music is by Christian Wibe and cinematography by Matthew Bradley Weston.

A group of Norwegian medical students vacationing in the snowy countryside find themselves menaced by Nazi Zombies!

It's one for the Zombie and Splatter crowd is this, a Norwegian comedy horror fusion that revels in homaging its influences as much as it does swimming in blood. It's not particularly fresh of course, as the story follows a familiar course that sees a bunch of youngsters killed off one by one, though the foe, in the shape of grizzly looking Nazi Zombies, is cheerfully put to menacing, and funny, use.

A little back story is brought into play courtesy of a mysterious hiker who stops by the cabin for a coffee, and then at the mid-point all hell (literally) breaks loose and it's The Alamo out in the snow. Genre staples are adhered to, complete with stereotype characters, and Wirkola has a keen eye for gruesome killings and dismemberment. It doesn't add new fuel to the genre fire, it just keeps it alight and has great fun doing so. 7/10
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on 18 June 2012
If Peter Jackson were Norwegian Dead Snow would surely be the result. Tommy Wirkola has the right idea here, create a zombie movie that doesn't take itself seriously and opts for the intestine-strewn laugh. Seriously, anyone watching a film about Nazi zombies won't be expecting any Oscar nominated script. But that's fine; sometimes you only want a horror flick with the sole aim of gross-out and humour. Thankfully Dead Snow delivers well on both counts.

Plot - for what it's worth - sees bunch of medical students holing-up in a mountain cabin for some R'n'R. Unluckily for them, said mountains are also home to a bunch of bloodthirsty Nazi zombies out for revenge. Anyway, who cares about the plot; show me the innards! Once the films kick off after the first third is when the fun really starts and it enters firmly into the realms of Braindead - right, let's see how much blood-spattered mayhem we can squeeze into the remaining running time.

Highlights include a Skiddoo with mounted Gatling gun, impromptu triumphant auto-dismemberment (nod to Evil Dead 2) with a chainsaw, cranial seperation, and a 'you've got to be kidding me' two-finger salute of an ending.

Watch if you like humorous mindless violence; avoid if you're looking for a meaningful discourse on existentialism.
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on 14 March 2013
I really enjoyed this movie. It starts off like so many nordic horror movies with usual team of horny guys and girls heading out for a snowboarding weekend in the wilds of nowhere. Initially, it follows the usual formula and you do not see who is behind the attacks but about half way through it really kicks in and it becomes one of the best (and daftest) horror comedies I have seen for a long time. Plenty of blood and gore as the movie heads towards its conclusion but also a great deal of fun and some real laugh out loud moments. Nothing new but a welcome addition to my dvd collection.
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on 16 June 2012
You will need a sense of humour to enjoy this film and preferably a predilection for horror-comedy and zombies/Nazi-undead. Do not expect a complex plot with a deep and brooding subtext, in-depth character development, thought provoking allegory, an aching build of suspense and a terrifying denouement. Instead, be content with a film, which from the outset, quite openly and unashamedly presents itself as a tongue-in-cheek pastiche to the horror/zombie genre with stark references to Romero's Dead Trilogy,Braindead,Indiana Jones,Evil Dead et al throughout, whilst happily adopting the usual horror clichés in a humorous and satisfyingly predictable manner, with much montage, chainsaws and gore galore.

The story adopts the classic set-up - a group of friends go on vacation to a remote cabin in the woods; there's a mysterious and untrustworthy stranger; a revelation of a dark, forgotten past; and most obviously...a monstrous lurking horror (Nazi zombies), which is soon made apparent come nightfall. For the little character development involved, all the friends are relatively well rounded and the early conversational and later deadpan script, nicely reflects the geeky, rude and blunt dialogue one would expect among friends, given the highly ridiculous scenario. As a result, they all come across as suitably likeable and 'believable' characters. Perhaps most enjoyably there isn't a clearly defined hero/heroine, so at least we never actually know who is going to die or when, we just know there will be...death and snow that is. Much to my pleasure, the film lives up to its name and features plenty of snow (the blood spattered kind, but also some of the boring white stuff too) and following the night-time introduction, Wirkola relishes the daylight to accentuate the beautiful location and the much desired contrast of blood/Nazi's/death on snow. The gory moments are suitably gory, the ridiculous moments are largely intentional and some of the more humorous moments are of the typical 'dim-witted zombie' fare, often accompanied with darkly comic overtones. Nods to the work of Romero, Raimi, Spielberg, Edgar Wright, Peter Jackson and Nordic folk lore are prevalent and perfectly suit the tone and context of the film.

If you're keen on horror, humorously inventive graphic gore (akin to Braindead), the delightfully referential work of Edgar Wright (though it's no Shaun of The Dead), all on a low budget and in an astoundingly beautiful landscape, then you'll most likely garner much satisfaction from this film. Camp, dark, funny, sanguine and stupid (with a few jumps for good measure), this is a thoroughly fun zombie flick and not a bad companion piece to another Norwegian stand out, Troll Hunter, which similarly adopts clichés, humorous reference, stunning landscape and folk lore for its betterment.

Unfortunately, much of the criticism toward the film is the fact that it is foreign, has subtitles, isn't a Romero film, or isn't historically accurate...(some people eh!); all of which is made abundantly clear in the product description, film details and promotional material, so please ignore such redundant criticism and at least consider the above, as well as the many more considered reviews. Even without this information one should at least be able to apply a little gumption and infer as much for themselves anyway and enjoy Dead Snow for what it is: a most enjoyable zombie film with gore aplenty, humour and homage, to satisfy more than a few viewings.
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on 21 January 2012
A lively horror / action / comedy film with plenty to recommend it. The element, for me, that stands out the most is the excellent direction in this film. Scenes and sequences of shots are well crafted and carefully made giving a powerful impact as the story plays out. The characters and dialogue are good too and the film moves at rapid pace. The horror element comes across well, the zombie nazis look great and have menacing gutteral growl as they close in on a victim. Sadly the film is not without its flaws. The plot is fairly weak and it feels that it has been added in to justify having the concept of Nazi zombies verses standard horror film teen fodder. There is potential in the relationships between some of the female and male characters but it is never really developed, so none of the eight characters really emerges as a lead, as in Alien, The Thing, The Fog etc, so the viewer doesn't have anyone to root for. The main element that lets the film down is the comedy, which at times becomes almost slapstick so all the menace and drama so carefully cultivated in the films first half is somewhat thrown away. Comedy / horror films are not easy to get right, and one element should really dominate ie comedy over horror (Shaun of the Dead) or horror over comedy (American werewolf in London) Dead Snow opts for a 50/50 approach leaving one a little unsatisfied with both. The early scenes, were the horror element is played straight, give a taltalising view at how the film might have been if it was played as a straight horror flick, and with a more developed plot and some character development this could have been on a par with 30 Days of Night, or Carpenter's classics The Fog and The Thing. On reflection Trollhunter is possibly better example of Norweigen horror/comedy. Nonetheless this is worth watching and a cut above (pun intended) the teen -chop-em-up horror flicks that are so frequently churned out in the U.S. Despite the dollops of well choreographed gore - Evil Dead it ain't.
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on 28 February 2011
I'm a little perplexed by all the rave reviews this movie has got. While it's by no means a disaster I'm not sure if the Director wanted to make a scary Zombie film or a Comedy. He tries both and doesn't quite manage either.

The first half of the movie seems to have a more serious feel to it, trying to introduce the characters and building the tension but it never managed to make me jump. They could have also done without the 'stranger' who turns up who only seems to be there to try and give what's about to happen a back story. It might have been more menacing had we not known.

The second half of the movie turns into a comedy, certainly quite funny, but completely different in style. I think had the director stuck to this theme all the way through the end result would probably have been more satisfying.

It has obviously been made on a smallish budget and I'm certainly not going to complain, like some people have, about the uniforms being incorrect etc. It's a film and we get what the Zombies are supposed to represent. Thats good enough for me after all It's not 'The History Channel'. I'm also not worried about how easily they can be killed. Again it's a film and surely how a Zombie moves, walks, talks or gets taken out is open to interpretation. Lets not judge every Zombie film on Romero

I will give a thumbs up for the Horror Film References and am more than happy to accept it's a damn sight better than many of the films coming out of the U.S., but, I was expecting more.
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