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3.5 out of 5 stars1,480
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2011
I felt I had to review this steam cleaner because I almost didn't buy it due to some of the negative reviews. Despite all the good reviews the negatives always stick with you.

My steam cleaner arrived this morning and I put it to good use cleaning my entire kitchen. My appliances were in storage a few years back and came back looking like they'd been stored in a coal mine and I've never been able to get the ground in dirt out, especially off the top of my fridge which has little hole type patterns on top, and my washing machine which had dirt in the crevices and around the dials which I could never get at. Today my fridge is completely clean inside and out as is my washing machine. I also cleaned my oven and grill which had congealed grease and caked on bits on and it took a matter of minutes to clean. Popped the steam cleaner on it and then wiped over with a sponge and voila! Clean. Like most women I hate cleaning the oven, it requires nasty chemicals that end up getting on your chest, and you are on your hands and knees for ages scrubbing. I did not get on my hands and knees once today. I spent most of the afternoon going "Wow!" and calling in my partner to look at the oven and the fridge, even he was impressed and normally he doesn't notice anything.

About the cleaner itself. It is about the size of a small kettle. The lid is easy to get off, and this was why I nearly didn't buy it because one reviewer said she spent 20 minutes trying to get it on and off. You push it down and turn anti-clockwise and unscrew it until it comes off. Takes a matter of seconds. It comes with a little measuring cup and a funnel. The funnel goes in the hole where the top was, and the water from the cup goes into the funnel. Screw the lid back on tight and plug in. The little light on the side near the bottom will go out when the steam is ready. Press down the lever button at the top of the handle to release a little steam. Point it at what you want to steam and hold the button down and move the steamer around the area you want to clean. For ground in stains and crevices you will need to get the nozzle in quite close to target the area more effectively and you will see the dirt start to run away. Wipe over with a damp cloth.

The lead is not as long as a vacuum cleaner lead, but it is longer than a standard iron lead so you can move a fair distance from a plug socket before it becomes a problem. I intend doing the bathroom with it tomorrow so will need an extension lead as there are no nearby sockets but I don't see this as a problem.

It does clean grouting etc very well, but as I said it is no good standing at a distance and waving the steam over it, you need to put the nozzle in close and target that area.

Some people have said it is no good on shower screen doors. I don't have a screen door, but I used this on my cooker doors which no amount of soapy water can get clean (rented house cooker came with it), and the steam cleaner wasted no time getting off the grease splashes, a quick wipe and it was sparkling. I don't see how it can have trouble getting soap stains and scum off a shower door.

I also did my stainless steel draining board and sink which is now shining again, after being dull for a long time. Got rid of all the grime and limescale at the bottom of the taps.

A lot of people have said about the fact that you can't see when the water is running out, you don't need to see this as it stops heating when the water runs out so it will not blow up or burn out (it tells you this in the manual). When the water is low it will begin producing less steam until finally there is no steam just like a steam iron.

My only bug-bear is the capacity of the water compartment. Despite the size of the base, it seems that the majority of the space is taken up with the heating element. The capacity of the water compartment is about the same as a steam iron, and therefore I was filling it up quite often. Five to ten minutes maximum with the steam on constantly. Maybe take a little more room for the water and this little guy would be perfect.

I hate cleaning as I work full time and like my free time to do fun things, so that this cuts down on the time I have to spend cleaning is a major bonus. I wish I'd bought one sooner. At this price you really can't go wrong.

Tomorrow I will be cleaning my bathroom and next weekend I will be trying it out on my two sofas that have been grey since storage.
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on 19 September 2011
I hate cleaning and so I'm always on the lookout for anything which makes it easier or quicker. This little gadget is definately it. Windows - steam and a couple of micro cloths and they sparkle with no effort. Things that can be awkward to clean - like fireguards - quick squirt and it's done. Toilets which are my most pet hate - so easy and quick and of course hygenic as the steam will sterilize. The water reservoir is a bit small but that means the steamer is light and easy to handle - you cant have it all ways - The top is easy once you get the hang of it - which is to make sure the pressure has gone before you try to open it - rather like a pressure cooker. It amazes me that the steam doesn't leave huge puddles and if you accidently get your hand in the way it doesn't even seem that hot! No chance of accidental scalds which is one of the reasons I didn't get one before now. I absolutely love it and have not used any form of 'cleaning solution' since I got it. I even use it to dust - means I don't have to move everything or have rub marks where I have tried to rub round things. I'm thinking of perhaps the dogs ears - oh perhaps not!!!
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on 20 June 2010
i would say this is a brill product it cleaned my bbq great and to parts that a cloth cant reach in the house
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on 4 September 2010
Absolutely fantastic. We have an oven that had been abused as the house was rented a lot before we bought it and it tackled the grease and grime without difficulty. We did have to scrape off some of the dirt but we steamed first which loosened so made this process very simple. For 70ml of water you get 45 minutes and it cuts out when out of water. Energy efficient totally brilliant wish I had bought one years ago. Comes with four adapters for curtains, furniture, grease and carpets.
Totally recommend buying one the price is outstanding
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on 6 January 2013
A video review showing the Steam Cleaner being used on a glass shower screen, so you can decide for yourself.
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on 28 February 2016
Please don't bother wasting your money. You can use it for approx 5 minutes and then you have to wait approx 20 minutes for it to cool down so you can fill it up again.
If you have nothing better to do go ahead and buy it!
Think elbow grease is a cheaper and easier option.
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on 1 December 2009
Does what it says but tends to run short of steam earlier than i expected. Still value for money.
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on 26 January 2013
I purchased this machine after reading all the reviews, I decided to give it ago even though there was quite a few negative points highlighted by previous customers of this product, I bought it & it arrived good start, I carefully read through all the instructions, I filled the machine with water, Excited to get cracking and bring my kitchen back to sparkling new I switched the machine on by the wall socket and BANG! went the socket, I contacted the seller they of course apologised and sent me a return label for me to download, I had to repack the item take it to the post office and email the seller when I had done this, Then the seller would send out a new machine to me, I did all this, I then waited over a week to receive a new machine which in total took nearly three weeks from ordering the first machine now that's not good.

My new machine arrived today, I unpacked it and set it up to start cleaning carefully plugging it in to the socket has I did not want another repeat performance from this one, Ping the indicator light came on fabulous! I set about cleaning and I must admit it gets rid of the hard to get at areas ie around my upvc kitchen window which was my first task, I managed the bottom part of the window only the water ran out, It took seven fill ups to clean one small kitchen window and at least 1 hour to complete the task, The cap that you have to take off also is a bit dodgy you seem to have to fiddle about with it till it decides to open, It does not feel like a quality item when in use, The cable is far too short I found I had to buy an extention lead to get across my kitchen with it, The amount of times you have to fill it up and wait for it to cool before you do so is very annoying,

I have given this a 1 star rating because I could not give it a minus 5 rating,
I think this is one of those learn by your mistakes for me and it is probably true you get what you pay for, Definately not a good buy.
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on 6 July 2015
I have had a number of steam cleaners in the past. This one is not well designed, the angle of the handle is very wide and the button to press for steam is in an awkward place. There is no mechanism for holding the button in the pressed down position if using the cleaner for a long job. This means it requires constant thumb pressure at an awkward angle. Unless you have a very big hand, and a very strong thumb you should avoid this model

I requested to return the item and was told that I could only send it back at my own expense as the item was not actually faulty.
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on 12 April 2016
I have taken off one star for the reason a lot of people have given. In that one refill doesn't last long. I am no stranger to steamers l have three. One of the best upright machines on the market. For bigger jobs. A clothes steamer and a portable travel iron clothes steamer. I just wanted a small handy quick steamer. Blimey, I have a facial steamer as well! Hey two!!!! Well l was in the Health and Beauty industry. Maybe l have a steam fetish?! Anyway, this little steamer does the job. Someone commented that it sprayed nothing but water everywhere. The secret is not to overfill giving the steam room to build up. It works as it should then. I put in one and a half measures and find that it works well. If not for to long. If you press the top down after use it will release the residue steam. Then you don't have to wait long to refill. One good thing about steam. It traps dust and wets surfaces enough to clean them. Without constantly using chemicals. Chemicals have to go somewhere. Just pushing a wet cloth back and forth moves dirt and grease about. Use a microfibre cloth straight behind the steam. That's the trick! It is a nice little sturdy steamer. I like it.
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