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3.8 out of 5 stars49
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 October 2009
but it's a enjoyable and entertaining horror comdey with upcoming actors/actresses and a story to follow without thinking too hard. It begins with the head girl taken away from the school, then five days before it's the funneral of a boy who was seriously bullied and tormented due to his weight and breathing problems. But it dosen't end there as the dead boy is planning a bloody revenge on those who did wrong and boy, is it gory! At first when I looked at it, I thought it was going to be a very boring chavy movie with plenty of sex and not a lot going on. Yes, there is some sex scenes but they arren't too graphic or distasteful. I think the best one out of the lot was the rather good-looking Alex Pettyfer, I last saw him in Wild Child and here he is a total different person. He played his part really well, I look forward to many more of his films in the near future. So is it worth seeing? Yes but don't take it too seriously or expect it to be a jumpy out horror, look elsewhere if you want something like that but I highly recommened this movie if you loved the series Skins or just a horror comdey to watch.
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Tormented is directed by Jon Wright and written by Stephen Prentice. It stars Alex Pettyfer, Sophie Wu, April Pearson, Calvin Dean, Dimitri Leonidas and Tuppence Middleton. Music is by Paul Hartnoll and cinematography by Trevor Forrest.

A bullied teenager at Fairview High School takes his own life but appears to have come back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates.

Gruesome, fun and flavoured by pinches of satire, Tormented is a far better film than the internet ratings suggest. The serious subject of bullying makes its point, particularly late in the proceedings, but the makers are more interested in capturing the spirit of the techno teen times while focusing on the antagonists in their natural habitat. They are a dislikable bunch, not only in how they treat those they view as inferior to themselves, but also to each other. Even the central "couple" at the core of the plotting, the closest the film has to someone for us to side with as they strive to survive, come with bile baggage that reveals itself as we hurtle towards a deliciously spiky finale. There is much self-absorption and crudeness, sexulisation and ignorance, it's a bit of a kicker is this, but we are firmly on the side of the recently departed Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean). The cast performances are a mixed bunch, but this hardly hurts the picture, while serious gore hounds will lament the lack of close ups for the "killer" scenes. But this is more than a generic slasher, it has psychological smarts and nifty observations on modern technology's usage for cruel intimidation. It also knows how to have a good time, and you should too. 7/10
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on 13 October 2009
A group of bullying teenagers are targeted individually by a student
who committed suicide.

Before pointing out that reviewers and critics have established this as
"Skins with killings", it is worth mentioning that the E4 programme is
a drama, containing controversial yet equally fun and poignant
entertainment for teenagers and adults. It in 2007 was a refreshing
establishment to represent the English nation with teenager's wrong
doings and the stereotyped lives of the 16 to 17 year olds, and with
its issues on drugs, sex and school it was to be taken seriously. This
picture, is not.

Also noting that British horror has fallen into some what convention
recently, do not expect to be scared witless. Last year's Donkey Punch
for example was a slasher that brewed with high octane teenager zest
that was highly predictable but undoubtedly thrilling. But likewise it
wasn't especially scary, and neither is this owing to the fact of the
build up and perhaps repetitious plot. Someone has come back from the
dead to get his revenge. We have seen that with Sorority Row amongst
others already this year. However this film is fantastic.

When watching a horror you expect to be thrilled and scared and be
glued to your seat or hiding behind your sofa. This is a glued to your
seat styled slasher that brims excellent verbal disgust, spicy
protagonists and quite gruesome death sequences.

Scream was perhaps the first original slasher that proved everyone
wrong with its many red herrings and ups and downs. This 2009 picture
has some very effective montages of thrilling entertainment from an in
car sex show to blunt and extravagant vandalism. And whilst the
majority is predictable it is simple entertainment built for quick
enjoyment and representation of the digital age with the mobile phone

Alex Pettyfer thrives on the tough lead bully, a sharp and distasteful
protagonist with attitude for anyone who gives one. He brims with bad
genes and is the quarter stone for the stereotypical English bully. As
before whilst this film isn't to be taken seriously as Skins, it is
worth noting that this has an underlining theme of bullying and the
wrong nature of degrading others. The essence of karma is present
likewise which adds tension and an extra spice which is occasionally
lost in inevitability, but is likable.

Jon Wright's style here adds your spice and zest with some digital
camera shots to give that extra sense of real life and whilst the
placement of Mullet in the shock sequences is dreadful, he gets the
majority on target for the narrative to work.

So, a Skins episode with bloods and gore? In a sense but this doesn't
have the heartfelt intention and controversy of the TV programme but
unlike the Bafta winning smash, this is to be taken sitting down with
enjoyment and dark drama on the heart.

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on 26 September 2009
I enjoyed this film a lot.. interesting start with a going-back-in-time sequence, little bit cliche these days but not a problem. Acting pretty darn good. The deaths are very inventive and gruesome, so all bloodhounds should be rather satisfied by the gore. BUT, if you're looking for full-blown scares that'll make you turn around in a dark room and fear going into the next, then look elsewhere. This isn't the scariest of films, because it's more of a horror comedy that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Enjoy it if you may, have fun watching the deaths. The only down side is the lack of total fear that I had while watching it, you yourself may think differently, and sometimes the dialogue was a little disjointed, unrealistic and childish. Perhaps one to watch for a night in while you're slightly.. epiphiated
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on 16 January 2010
A school pupil Darren Mullett has commited suicide, and his classmates gather for his funeral. As head girl Justine is reading out a tribute, a friend of Darren's jumps up and shouts that the mourners are all hypocrites. He is thrown out of the church. Justine becomes involved with a boy called Alexis, who belongs to a popular clique of sixth formers. She attends a party, but at the end Alexis and his friends all recieve texts from someone purporting to be Darren Mullet, swearing vengeance on the group. Soon Justine discovers that her boyfriend and his pals know a lot more about Darren than they are letting on, and that she may have unwittingly contributed towards his suicide. Then the texts start again, and the members of the group start to die one by one. Has Darren Mullet returned to wreak a bloody vengeance on his tormentors?
This film has been compared to teen programmes like Skins in other reviews. Well, on a cosmetic level this may well be the case, but dig a little deeper, and you will find that this film is in fact a clever, witty British horror film with a social message. It offers observations on various teenage tribes, the politics of popularity and the culture of bullying. The young British cast all equip themselves extremely well, its got some great gory set pieces and is also full of dark humour. One aspect that is not played for humour are the flashbacks to the bullying, which are uncomfortable to watch. I think that the film can be enjoyed by both younger viewers and also old farts like me, who have watched the progression of British horror over the years, as its a worthy addition to the genre. All in all, a very enjoyablre film, and also an excellent DVD release with some nice extras. 4 out of 5
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on 16 April 2010
I was quite impressed with this low budget horror effort. While it adds nothing new to the overfilled teen slasher genre it holds its own against comparable product and possesses an energy and sense of humour that eludes many mainstream Hollywood flicks. The film opens at the funeral of overweight, asthmatic teenager Darren Mullett, who committed suicide after suffering brutal and sustained bullying at the hands of the popular and obnoxious teens at school. Rather than feeling guilty - and staying true to genre - the clique decide to throw a party that very evening. Little do they know that Darren has come back as a zombie to kill them all... The bare bones of the plot sounds a lot like a remake of Carrie, until you realise that Tormented is low budget and British. Everything is darker and grittier, with a nihilistic humour. Tormented is clever, original and shockingly funny. The film is perfect down to every small detail, from the fast, jerky camera movements, to the clueless headmaster who is so busy sucking up to the governors, he doesn't notice mass carnage happening around him. It is clear from the outset that Prentice and Wright are true horror fans - with careful references to Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th and others laid out through the film. At 91 minutes, Tormented is fast-paced and constantly entertaining although some of the acting was a bit rubbish it was still nicely done.
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on 13 November 2011
i know a lot of people dont like this film but i really do!
it's a clever idea and the moral is good even though its not very realistic but when is a horror movie?
someone on a 1* review said the brits have trouble making slasher movies like the americans but ive seen a few slasher movies in my time and this is very good.
it's funny too as the comedy horror genre suggests and the actors are also very good
a couple of people from skins and some other quite well known british actors not to mention alex pettyfer who has now made his name in hollywood.
plus he's not the worst looking guy ever ;)
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on 18 March 2015
Justine is the head girl of her plush grammar school, Fairview High. She has won a place at Oxford University, when In-Crowder Alexis asks her out on a date.

But Alexis and his friends aren't quite as hip and glam as they seem. Underneath the clique's veneer lurks a pack of vicious tormentors who find it vastly amusing to tease anyone they consider worthless.

Their main target Darren Mullett, was bullied him to death by the crowd. The overweight, asthmatic nerd was so relentlessly victimised by their taunts, website intimidation and mobile phone recordings, he committed suicide.

But death is not going to stop Darren finding the courage to stand up for himself. With nothing left to lose, he takes revenge on his former classmates.

And the In-Crowd soon discover to their horror there is no point reasoning with a very angry entity......

The first time I saw this movie, I wasn't very impressed with it. I found it to be immature, pretty inane, and rather boring. But for some reason, I was always compelled to watch it again for some reason. The film had something, and I feel that my shortcomings of dismissing it as just a British slasher wannabe was unfair.

On second viewing, yes, it's much more than bullies getting their just desserts, it's also about fitting in, do we actually fit in? And why do we want to fit in? For status? Justine clearly doesn't need status, she's a free bird, able to fit in wherever she wants, and it appears as Darren is following her path with her, realising that she isn't the person he was infatuated with, as the 'In-crowds' amalgamated personalities are slowly melding with hers.

It's pretty deep, I know, but so is finding yourself, coping with inadequacies, loss of innocence, and and the fundamental aspect, bullying, and why they do it. It appears here it's done for acceptance, for power, and scarily, for fun.

When you look at it from a different angle, the crowd are the monsters here, and Darren is the ghostly form of Karma, giving each bully a metaphorical taste of their own medicine, and the biggest sinner, Justine, beds up getting the blame for everything.

Or is she bullied, and having delusional fantasies, just like Darren did, and instead of taking the cowards way out, exacts bloody revenge on all who made her feel worthless.

On this level, its a pretty deep movie, but I feel its misunderstood, and dismissed a slasher movie.

Either way, its fun.

And here's food for thought, why on earth would the bullies have Darren's mobile number, they made his life hell, why would he share his number? A minor flaw....
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on 8 July 2013
Ms. Barbara M. Muirhead's own review, for Amazon-Canada, is a nice enough one, for whatever the film that she saw may have been, but surely she saw another movie of the same title ("Tormented", a moniker that several films have borne)! The one with Alex Pettyfer et alia, which this entry on Amazon lists and describes, is quite good, so I hope that the film of this title which Ms. Muirhead saw also was at least as good as this one.

The lover-boys who are among the high school's male students in this film are very good-looking, indeed, and not just Alex Pettyford, who himself is in fine fettle in this gory thriller. The first of the two sex scenes is really "hot", for the young guy, Dimitri Leonidas playing Alexis, is sensuously and sweetly cute, youthfully svelt, and romantic, and the girl whom he beds, Tuppence Middleton as Justine, is demurely pretty. Alex Pettyfer's shorter erotic scene, in the role of Bradley, a fatal one for him as well as for his girlfriend, Natasha (played by April Pearson), in which they have sex on a car seat, is shorter and the camera reveals less of Pettyfer's famously fine, sinewy lad-flesh.

The zombie or apparition, of Darren (acted by Calvin Dean) who is the suicided student, back from the dead, whom the other kids had bullied in life, really is a nemish-type, grossly overweight and ungainly, looking rather like a young James Levine; the famous conductor, who, however, in contrast to poor Darren, seems to have been popular in his own real life when so young, because of his great musical talents, widely admired early in life. Darren, for his part, in this gory saga had been one of the film's two ultimate targets of bullying by the movie's viciously tormenting schoolmates.

One of the few things about the film that disconcerts inconveniently is how hard it is to make sense of so much of the action, which is complex, with a bewilderingly large cast of characters, of whose names it can be difficult to keep track. The plot summary on "Wikipedia" helps considerably. Although the entire film at present (mid-2013) can be viewed on YouTube, there are no subtitles there, which, present on at least some of the DVD editions, also can help viewers quite considerably, especially those outside of the U.K. who are unaccustomed to the sound of British English or who are hard of hearing.

Happy (and fright-filled) viewing!
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on 28 October 2009
I really enjoyed this film, I thought it was really good fun with some really funny imaginative death scenes. The cast was uniformly good and at last a British teen movie that looks like a proper film!
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