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Death Note Complete [DVD]
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on 26 January 2010
All of these reviews are about the anime, so I'm going to write about the DVD box set contents, so people know what they're getting for their money. ^.^

* The Packaging:
The box set houses 9 thin DVD cases. Each DVD has a different character printed on the cover, and is 'dedicated' to that character i.e. most of the artwork, galleries & voice actor interviews on that disc are based on the cover character.

* The main contents:
Each DVD has 4 episodes of Death Note, DVD 9 has 5 episodes. In total there are 37 episodes of Death Note.

The language settings:
You have 4 options
1: English Dubbed
2. Japanese
3. Japanese with English Subs
4. English Dubbed with English Subs*

* The english DUBs and english SUBs are not the same (as the SUB is the literal translation whereas the DUB has been altered to fit the animation). So if you want to watch the English dub with english subs on at the same time (e.g. for the hard of hearing), they will not match up.

All of these are in Dolby Digital 2.0 sound. The sound is still very good though. ^.^

* The extra contents *
- Production Artwork galleries on 8 of the DVDs (images of initial artwork in a slide show)

- Behind the scenes - interviews with the english voice actors and clips of their recording sessions
Each of the 9 DVDs has a 20 minute behind-the-scenes recording session with a different character (usually the character on the cover of the DVD case). Being able to see Kirby Morrow (Mikami) in action ('Delete, Delete, DELEEEETE!') is just awesome. XD

- An interview with the director and one of the character designers
- Audio commentaries by english voice actors (on a few selected episodes: 7, 17, 23, 25, 30, 37)
- Clean opening and closing (opening and closing animation without credits)
- Trailers of other animes (Bleach etc.)

This also comes with a 67 page illustration booklet. This has sketches of all the main characters, and full colour images of some of the locations.

*The DVD extras & booklet contain spoilers.*
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on 14 July 2009
Death Note is an excellent example of how well anime writers can adapt a small idea and create something original and imaginative. The story is based around the idea of Shinigami, Death God(s), who in this series use humans' deaths as a means to prolong their own lives. They are depicted in different ways in other anime.

The main character is Yagami Light- an intelligent and ambitious teenager who stumbles upon a "Death Note" in the middle of his schools courtyard. Inside the book are written instructions on how the book works, which he tests on some thugs that are assualting a woman in the street. When Light realises that he has the power of a "God" in his possession he decides to start killing off all the criminals who have committed the worst crimes.

Light believes that fate has given him his calling, to be the Leader of a new order where people will live obedient and peaceful lives, free of crime and war. The city begins to stir, through both fear and admiration, that there is someone who is willing to step up to the responsibility of getting rid of scum that the law protects. He is subsequently given the name "Kira" (to sound like killer). However, the police department see his actions as nothing but cold blooded murder and a huge task force is set up to hunt and catch him.

I will stop there as I only want to give you a general idea of how the series begins, if I go into any more it will spoil the experience when you watch it. The series is an extremely clever game of "cat and mouse" as Light strives to continue living his normal life but also adopting his alter ego as Kira, doing his utmost to avoid police detection.

What's also interesting is the realistic, yet alarming, change that a person goes through in order to simply survive. Human nature's ability to adapt simply for self-preservation is shown in shocking and (at times)breath taking form. Death Note will take your mind through several twists and turns as you struggle to figure out how things will work out. Ultimately, you pose the question: how much power can one handle?

The series is relatively short, there are only 37 episodes spanning the nine discs. It won't take you long to watch them all but it is thoroughly enjoyable and gripping, and you will be surprised how your views change towards each character as the fast-paced action reaches a climax.
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A hit series in it's native Japan and now a growing phenomenon in the west, Death Note the entire anime series has been comprised in one boxset. If you have never seen death note, this is the time to do so. The story revolves around Light Yagami, an intelligent, good looking and confident teenager with a strong sense of justice. At the start, Light comes across a mysterious book called the Death Note. Inside it are some instructions and rules of use; some of the main ones being 'the person whos name is written in this note shall die' and 'if the cause of death is specified within 40 seconds, it will happen, if not, the person will simply die of a heart attack. Light initially takes no notice of the Death Note, however, when he later tries it out, he is astonished to see that it really works. With this power at his hand, Light plans to create a new world by ridding the world of all criminals. Later on, Light is introduced to Ryuk, a Shinigami from the demon world, and the real owner of the Death Note. Seeing potential in Light's sense of justice as well as his willingness to kill, Ryuk decides to act as a spectator to his actions. As Light goes about creating his utopia, he soon earns the name Kira (which comes from the english word - killer) and he also attracts the attention of genius detective L who has never failed a case. Soon thereafter a deadly game of cat and mouse is set up with either side convinced that they are justice and determined that they are going to win. So begins the epic thriller that is Death Note.

If your a fan of anime or manga, you're bound to have heard of this title. If you haven't seen it already, then you need to buy this set set as this is one series that deserves to be in every true fans collection. The collection consists of 37 episodes over 9 discs, most of which will fly by so quickly as it is really difficult to watch just one episode at a time. The series is crafted so beautifully that each episode draws you in and keeps your attention hooked throughout. The number of twists and turns in this series is unbelievable, making this one of the most intricate and well thought out animes ever. The sheer concept of the series alone is enough to draw you in with the argument whether Light/Kira's Death Note killings are justified and whether he has the right to play God. Depending on which side of the argument you side with, you may find yourself either rooting for Kira, or hoping that he gets whats coming to him. The cat and mouse situation between Light and L is ingenious as they go about outsmarting eachother. Just when you think one of them has won, they throw another twist in your face that you would never have seen coming. This series is also good at creating some genuinely unbearable tension, especially in the really early and really late episodes.

Created by studio Madhouse who produced hits such as Ninja Scroll and Trigun, Death Note is series that looks absolutely gorgeous. The sheer detail of the animation coupled with the rich colour pallet and a delectable display of CGI really makes the series look high budget and unique. As for music, the series has quite a few good tunes, some of the best are the opening and closing theme songs. The first set of theme songs are from a J-rock band called Nightmare, and the second set are from a Japanese metal band called Maximum the hormone. All of these tracks are really catchy and also go well with the feel of the show. Another thing that deserves mention is the terrific english vocal cast. If, like me, you prefer not to read text then you will be pleased with the dub for this series. The voice of Light is brilliantly portrayed by Brad Swaile who played Rumina Asagi in Tokyo Underground and Keisaku Satou in Shakugan No Shana. Battlestar Gallactica fans may recognise the voice of L who is played by Allessandro Juiliani who also plays Felix Gaeta in the cult sci fi series.

Death Note is a series that is just too addictive. The quality of story and plot lines, as well as the numerous twists and turns are so well thought out and brilliantly devised that it rivals major American shows such as 24 and Lost. This is one series that wont take you long to watch as I said before, it is really difficult not to watch more than one episode at a time. Although the series does see some weaker episodes at around the sixth and seventh discs, the pace really does pick up to deliver a truly memorable and beautiful finale. Death Note is truly a series you need to have on your shelf.
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on 23 August 2011
Death note is considered by many fans of anime to be the best anime series of all time, this series is also great for people that aren't into anime! I know about 3 people that denounce anime but love death note.
The series is about a High school student called Light that discovers a book that was dropped by a god of death, whoever's name is written in the book will die and the author can specify how and when that person will die as long as the author can visualise the persons face when writing. Light uses this book to cleanse the world of crime but a detective known as L has to try to stop him.
If you have seen the movies you can still watch this, and vice versa, the movies came after the series and ended in a completely different way.
This box set comes with 9 DVDs, each with 4 episodes (except disk 9 that has 5) each disk comes in a slim case. All episodes on each disk comes in 4 language settings: English dub, Japanese, Japanese with English subtitles and English with Japanese subtitles.
As well as the episodes each disk has bonus features such as interviews with voice actors, directors and writers but there is also production art.
The box set also includes a 67 page concept art book which I recommend looking at after watching the series as some of it may be considered as spoilers. The art book contains sketches of characters, important items and locations.

Watching Death note was an extremely memorable experience and I recommend that everyone that is a fan of crime fiction, anime and even if you're not an fan of anime maybe just heard about it from someone you should check it out.
An easy 10/10
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on 7 December 2011
I must say I am really happy after purchasing this product.

Before buying it, I thought this box set would be much bigger in size, but actually it is not so big, which in the end is a good thing.
The whole set consists of 9 DVDs (4 episodes per disc). Each DVD is presented in an independent DVD case (not the regular size, but half width).

You also get a 67 page booklet with illustrations, and everything comes together in a cardboard box.

I really want to put emphasis on the fact that the price of this box set is really good, considering what you get.
You are paying less than a pound per episode, and the audio/video quality is much better than anything you can find on the internet.

The only flaw I can find is how the subtitles look. They are yellow, in my opinion they could have looked better, but anyway you get used to them.

I did not mention the plot itself because it needs no comments, it is simply the best series I have ever seen, the plot is amazing.

In conclusion, go ahead and get it ;)
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on 7 January 2011
Well firstly I would like to say that the product arrived 2 days earlier than expected so that is kudos to Amazon for incredably fast shipping and delivery.
Arrived fully boxed and complete with paper padding on the inside has ensured it arrived with absolutly no visable damage whatsoever.
To the product itself:
9 discs, all in their own seperate box and a lovely art booklet accompanying the set, admittidly, the art will only appeal to some people but for what it is worth I love it.
The quality of the anime itself is exactly what you would expect and personally I would advise anyone who has seen it before, read the books (which I also own) or just has a passing interest in this sort of anime, to get this collection, well worth every penny!
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on 21 October 2010
not much i can say that the others didnt, but i will say that i usually only like actioned packed fighting or completely supernatural animes but this is one of the best I've ever seen. the story did get thin towards the end though where things seemed to get drawn out, also for me the ending was a let down yet with a series as good as this it would be difficult to make an ending that could match it. nice box set to add to the collection and watching it again gives you the opportunity to find many more hidden gems in the story. dvds are slimline and excellent value for the asking price
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on 26 April 2011
I just finished the series yesterday in a span of 3 days. Literally, when he final credits came rolling, my jaw was still on the ground from the previous episode. It was amazing! The plot is credible (as credible as it can get for a supernatural genre). The characters were perfectly developed and bonds were made quickly between character and viewer.

The plot in a sentence, is about a high school lad who earns the ability to kill WHOEVER he wishes. What will he do with that power? Well you gotta see that for yourself. As the plot thickens, so do the schemes. The characters are so intelligent that you have to smile at their capability of 'planning ahead'.

If you're a manga/anime fan, this is a must-see! You know what, even if you're not, you came on this page for a reason so buy it already! I even got my anti-anime brothers hooked on it and I'm watching it from scratch again with them today :)
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This anime is so cleverly done and everything has really been thought out.
The storyline is so gripping and will drag you in from the first episode and it just gets better & BETTER!

You get a real connection with all the characters which to me is very important, you see what other peoples views are to the situation:
You have light, a genius who hates criminals and wants to elimate them from this planet; he thinks he's doing good, however when the police are on his tail he corrupts himself and will kill anyone who gets in his way!
Then you have L the worlds best detective in the world who has solved every case he goes on, however this case proves some difficulty. He regards whoever is doing the killing is a murderer and a criminal and should be executed themselves!

Another thing I love about this anime is that it's not too long and it actually has an ending, I hate things that go on and on, so watching Death Note was a joy for me.
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on 23 June 2014
Continuing the theme of nostalgic teenage interests...

The next anime up for review is a big one - Death Note. So giant that it has its humble roots in print (manga), rise to popularity in this anime and went further by having a video game and 3 live action films plus light novels. My only warning about the following is of possible spoilers as this series is 37 episodes long and has an equally large and intwining stories.

Light Yagami, your average no.1 high school genius, popular with all the girls with his brains and brawn, youth tennis champion 2 years running... yeah not sounding like your average plot... Well this guy spots a lone diary sitting on the grass whilst attending school. Curious, he picks it up to find that it is called a 'Death Note' - a book with the power to kill anyone by merely writing the name of a person and knowing their face as it is written. It can also determine the circumstances in which a person dies - the standard being of a heart attack, but elaborate suicides and symbolic deaths are bound to occur.. However, there are rules to this process... Regardless, Light sees this as his opportunity to rid the world of evil and usher in a new dawn of kindness, in a world where he will be a God... Grand plan.... Anyway, his goal is one fraught with obstacles and soon, his reputation for disposing of wrong doers gets noticed by the police, media and eccentric individuals and is soon dubbed 'Kira'. This alias is both praised and revered - some see him as a man of justice, others a delusional killer.

Ryuk - a tall winged creature with jagged teeth, make up and a gimp like outfit. A 'Shinigami' aka a God of death (whom the diary belongs to). If anyone touches the notebook, they are instantly greeted with the sight of him. Harmless in nature, he tends to offer comic relief, stating that "Humans are interesting!" after hearing Light's ideas. From another world, he came to earth because he was bored - plus he promised to take Light's life when it reaches its climax. He can also offer him a deal that would see Light's life get halved but offer him a far greater power...

L - the eccentric individual I was referring to, he remains pretty much anonymous by name, a real prodigy who has solved some of the worlds most puzzling of cases. This is a tad grating for me as he often puts together illogical theories that just couldn't be comprehended by any means. He meets Light, making an unlikely friendship after an intense tennis match. Massive eyes, a slumped demeanour and about 6 sugars in his coffee, well you get the idea...

Misa Amane - A model who owns a second diary, 'dropped' by another Shinigami, has traded half her life for a most valuable ability - one which Light finds crucial in his plans. A bit of an airhead, she tends to only care about meeting 'Kira' (as she has reasons to worship him) and ends up dating... sorta. More comic relief really. Bit of a stereotypical girl role though.

It's refreshingly original for one, so it's fairly addictive throughout when it offers up possible twists and turns. The cast are also quite charming despite the death-inspired storyline and it engages your brain every now and then, making you think back to remember everything said and done as well as ponder the future of the anime. I'd take this over any other detective style series - CSI and all those other crummy american shows can suck it.

From the very beginning I have HATED the intro theme to this show. Like most anime, this song is a terrible unknown Japanese band that has zero sense of timing, rhythm or song writing - thank Shinigami they changed it halfway through to a hilariously loud hardcore-banzai-whats-up-people TUNE. Some of the decisions made by the characters are also questionable (they way they go about hiding details of themselves or attempting not to give away and clues that would reveal an identity - by bluffing or being ballsy enough not to etc). I also felt it was far too long at 37 episodes - I believe it would be better suited to around 25-30 - as there is a major change towards the later episodes that doesn't really deserve as much airtime as the earlier ones. Finally, the ending just pissed me off really. It could have been hugely original and/or gone against the norm. But no, it went with the cliche', in a quick and obvious way, yawn.
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