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on 15 October 2009
Purchased this a week ago and have been delighted with the quality and ease of use of this device. It is small enough to drop in your pocket and powers on quickly allowing you to capture the moment in 720p HD film, all for £140!

* Fantastic picture quality
* Easy To use
* Very portable
* Good build quality

* Need to download beta FlipShare (which is hard to find a link) for use with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (or Use iMovie)
* Takes forever to charge (7 hours!) (TIP: As you can use any AA batteries purchase some good quality rechargables with a rapid chargerand use these instead, such as the GP Recyko 2 Hour Fast Battery Charger & 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries!)
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on 12 July 2009
I've had the Flip Ultra HD for 48hours now and couldn't be happier.

Open the box, install the batteries and you can start shooting straight away. The controls are intuitive and the instruction manual is welcome in it's brevity and ease of reference.
Connect the Ultra to your PC and the software will install straight away. I was a little concerned that the minimum system requirements (Intel 3Ghz processor) would cause an issue but my Intel 2Ghz copes admirably and the videos playback without stutter-or-stalling.
I bought the Ultra so i could have a HD recording device to hand to capture those unique moments when my eternally amusing children perform their acts of circus. We bought a camcorder a few years back for over £800 but because of it's bulky dimensions, it's literally never been used. The Ultra is the same size as a chunky nokia phone of the 2006 era and is easy to fit in your pocket and transport around - easy to get-to-hand and start shooting and capture those memorable moments: exactly why i bought it.

All in all, very happy. Only disappointment was that the Amazon product description told me that an HDMI cable would be included in the box, and it's not. Turns out that any generic HDMI cable will work, AS LONG as it has a mini-connector (type c; which fits the Ultra) and standard HDMI connector (Type A - which plugs into your HD TV). I'm off to PC World to buy one of these later. If there's any issue in playing back on the TV, I'll let you know.
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on 24 September 2009
A very handy and pratical HD camera that is easy to get out and use at a moments notice. Only slightly bigger than a mobile phone so it is very easy to carry. Some reviewers have mentioned that is does not come with a charger which is true but the item description shows it doesn't include this as you charge it up via your computers USB port. A charger is available but this is an optional extra which you purchase separately.

This camera can store up to 2 hours worth of footage and is super easy to download to your PC. The editing software supplied with the camera is very useful and easy to use. It allows you to trim films but unfortunatly this doesn't mean the file size decreases as it only marks the stop and start of where you want to see rather than trimming the file. It does have a nice feature of being able to join footage together and add titles, copy etc. So for the price the package is very reasonable. If you need a better editing software then you could purchase one separately.

Another good feature is that it uses standard AA rechargable batteries so should you be away somewhere for a while where it isn't easy to plug in a charger or charge via a PC then you could use spares instead. So far we haven't had any problems with the battery life and haven't had to recharge whilst out.

We are very pleased with the camera and again for the price of HD camera's this is a good buy in our opinion.

As a busy family I find this camera very easy and quick to use and its captured some instant moments.
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on 15 September 2009
Hi, if you want a camcorder with good quality and value for money this is the one , plus you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
Easy to use, and the software that comes in the camcorder is great you can play around with your movies, photos add music.
We are very satisfied with this product.
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on 26 June 2010
I bought the Flip Ultra HD 8gb last week. It is an amazing camera. The sound quality and picture are supurb when you upload it to your computer. I am completely impressed with how the bass is not diminished as it is on most cameras. It is so easy to use. I LOVE it! Here is the big rub:

Being a Flip, there is an option of uploading it straight from your camera to the internet via the little flippy out USB connector. You just press it and it plugs straight into your computer and you can put your video straight into Youtube or myspace or in an email (which sends the recipient a link to see it online at a flip site). The problem with the HD version of this camera is that although the picture quality after uploading straight from the camera to the internet is beautiful- the sound absolutely suffers immensely. It sounds as if the audio was recorded under water because it phases in and out so dreadfully. It is not at all good enough or even good at all. It is relatively quick to upload to the web straight from the camera, but I think because this Flip is HD, it compresses it so much that the sound becomes distorted.

What I ended up doing was uploading it to my computer which took a long time- then I uploaded the videos to the internet from my computer. Each 3 minute bit of film took a full hour to put onto the internet (I have a superfast braodband connection) from my computer because it is "HD" (normally it takes about 15 minutes when it is not an HD Flip or when you upload it from the HD camera to the internet), but it is better quality from the flip to the computer to the internet than the hellish uploads straight from the camera. If the sound does not matter so much, it will probably be ok to share right from the camera to the web- but if it is music- don't waste the 15 minutes it takes to upload right from the camera. Spend the hour it takes to do it from the computer to youtube/myspace /in an email etc. I had a Flip 4GB that was not HD and this problem did not happen- it uploaded straight to the internet and both the sound and picture quality were brilliant. If you are looking for a fast convenient way- get the non HD version of this camera (plus it is a lot cheaper)... But it is nice if you are not bothered about sharing your videos online. It takes 6 hours to charge the battery - you do this by plugging it via the USB into your computer, which must be kept on for the 6 hours in order for it to charge. The battery lasts for about 30 minutes of filming. You can also install normal batteries if you need it in a hurry and your lithium re-chargeable one is not ready. Would I buy this Flip HD version again or recommend it to a friend? No. But I love the idea of the Flip so much and I love the older version that worked so beautifully. I hope this helps you decide what to buy.
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on 3 January 2011
I purchased this camera a while back and worked great at first. I loved how easy it was to use and really easy to upload videos (although the settings for my computer would change to basic). I used it a fair bit but after about 6 months the videos I shot were jumpy and missed out frames. I would then charge it as normal, but when I went to use the camera, it would only have about 2 minutes battery life in it. It was very disappointing as I had not had the camera that long and now it is completely useless and I need to purchase a different camera. I have heard about many people experiencing problems with this particular camera - they work great at first, but do not seem to have a very long life, so just bare this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing one.
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on 20 December 2009
Out of the box the Flip is immediately ready for use (comes with some charge in the battery which is a novelty). Completely intuitive so you can be recording in no time....just press the red button.

The 2x zoom is pretty limited but at least is smooth. In general, the device cannot be faulted on what it is supposed to do: a small HD recorder with easy interface for saving the videos.

The software is not great. I thought it might have some useful editing functions but it does not seem to in the brief time I tried to use it. You can cut down length apparently and tack on videos to each other, and add a soundtrack, but not anything more than that. Speaking from a novice perspective I used Windows Movie Maker nearly ten years ago to achieve more than those functions. But the problem with Movie Maker is it saves in only its own format....have not tried recently to see if it is better.

After purchase I came across an alternative device, the Zoom Q3, which in retrospect may have been better for what I needed because it has much higher quality sound recording. In truth this is more likely to be useful to me for band/live recording etc, even though it is not HD video. The Flip is okay on sound in a normal social situation but I imagine it will go to pieces in a live music environment and get completely overwhelmed.

This doesn't sound like a particularly positive review but the device is really good at what it does so deserves 4 stars. I simply should have done more research and will need to get a better editing program to put together videos afterwards.
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on 14 January 2010
This is a great little camera for the money. It is very small and dead simple to operate and easily fits in a jacket pocket. It is ready to use in an instant and I shot various clips over Christmas and the software within the Flip can simply enable you to blend all the clips together to make one continuous movie with music and titles. Being HD the quality is remarkable for such a small piece of kit. It has no wires so no messing about trying to find the wire or falling out with the wife or kids as someone gets the blame for moving the wires..... My only, small, criticism is that the zoom is not powerful at all so don't buy this product if you want to capture lots of footage at a distance. I was recommended this product by a friend and have in turn recommended it to sevral people, all are as delighted as I am.
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on 24 January 2011
The good stuff:

The Flip Ultra HD couldn't be ANY simpler. It switches on and is ready to film in about a second - which fact alone makes it an incredibly useful tool for documenting unexpected events. The picture quality is great, the sound is surprisingly good (considering the puny mic that must be onboard) and you can just pile two hours of video onto 8Gb. It captures night time scenes like no other camera I've seen: blacks are inky black and light sources stand out. Goodbye over-compensated orange night scenes.

In short, the Flip Ultra HD really IS as easy to use as a video camera can possibly be. Carry it in your pocket and capture anything, any time, anywhere.

Now, the not so good stuff:

First, the battery. I plugged in after my first few 'out-of-the-box' shoots to recharge only to find... it wouldn't recharge. Great. So off I went to Google to research. Before long, I found a significant number of people experiencing the same - and I discovered the fix - so listen up. The rechargeable battery pack comes with two AA size cells covered in a plastic wrap. It also has two plastic 'arrow' shaped seating lugs sticking out at the top end. The purpose of these is to seat into slots inside the Flip and tell it that it has the correct rechargeable pack in place.

Unfortunately, on too many of these packs, the plastic wrap runs over the 'slope' of the lug that faces into the body of the Flip. That effectively turns what should be a pointy lug into a gradient or slope with the result that it doesn't seat properly and doesn't tell the Flip to recharge.

Solution is to take a craft knife and cut away the plastic wrap where it runs over the base of these two lugs (particularly the smaller, inward-facing of the two). This will allow the lug to seat properly and Presto! you'll be charging in no time.

Second, the Flip Ultra HD's dislike of movement. This camera really doesn't like you moving. Unlike old-fashioned analog video (from years ago), the Flip digital video goes into super-jerky ultra-high frame-rate effect when you pan or even move. Everything just looks...jarry. There's no other way to describe it. This unit could do with some kind of image stabilisation. If it has it, I'm damned if I can find it. For the best results you're going to need to stand still or at least pan incredibly slowly whenever filming. I'm hoping I can get used to it.

Once you know the battery modification and you remember to carry a tripod or move slowly whenever you're filming, you wouldn't want any other video camera in your pocket but this one. I also bought the waterproof case (can't WAIT to go snorkeling somewhere to try it out).

Thanks to Amazon for the speed it organised a replacement (before I learned the battery fix). In the end, I sent the new one back - figuring what was the point, since I'd only have to take the craft knife to that one as well. Flip, take note and do something on the production line, willya? Search Google for 'flip ultra HD not charging' and you'll find a bunch of post on the subject (mine included) but nothing from Flip.

One last thing (and this isn't Flip's fault but something they really COULD make simpler): the Flip makes filming so easy that you're suddenly going to be facing a problem you maybe didn't have before. What to do with all this video data?? In my case, owning the Flip has rapidly revealed the limitations of the MacBook, iMovie and iDVD. Putting the video through either or both of those applications introduces a 'stagger' to the playback that is really unacceptable. Not only that, both programmes are so unwieldy that I've been failing all week to make a DVD of all my pieces of video. The result is that after only two weeks of owning the Flip Ultra HD, I'm about to run out of disk space.

Flip - if you're listening: More than anything else, I really need the Flip Share software to take all the bits of video on my camera and burn them all together in a single long stream of video on DVD. No editing, no 4 hours building movies...

Seriously, if I don't find a solution that makes archiving video data quick and easy, I'll end up NOT using the Flip which seems utterly mad - but there you have it.
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on 8 July 2009
I have had this Flip camcorder a little under a week now, using the camcorder itself could not be more simple and the results are brilliant. When I purchased the product I did not think about the accompanying software, but when I plugged the Flip into my PC the software popped up where I was able to edit my vids, taking the chunk I wanted and add a soundtrack, then upload to youtube using a link provided, not having done anything like this before and not being very technical I was kinda smug at being able to do this so easily :-) I'm really happy with this product, it's loads of fun, although now I can use youtube I'm not sure my mates feel the same way :-D
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