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on 7 November 2009
This is my second Dyson and I absolutely love it! I never cease to be amazed at what it sucks up...even when the carpet or floor doesn't look that dirty. I have two cats and it effectively vacuums up their hair/fur off of the floor and furniture. For anyone struggling choosing between an upright and a canister, I use the hard floor attachment on the wand and the rest of the Dyson "follows" along behind me on its wheels, very similar to a canister. This DC27 model does NOT make that horrible buzzing sound when the front edge of the vacuum hits the baseboards, like our first Dyson vacuum did. I also love how easy it is to empty the dust and dirt it picks up - one touch is all it takes. Your hands need never touch the dirt! I do not find the weight to be an issue as one of the other persons who posted a comment did. It feels sturdy and well-made to me. Dyson is the only vacuum I will ever buy based on my experience with them.
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on 2 November 2009
We go this delivered on Saturday and what a change from our previous Vacuum.

Previously we have bought 'cheap' (Sub £100) vacuums from the supermarket. We have a dog who sheds hair constantly and it goes everywhere. Our last one was supposed to be a 'Animal' one but apart from the Dalmatian markings it didn't appear to be any good.

This Friday we had enough and decided to look at getting a Dyson. Previous friends had always warned us away from them as 'constantly breaking' which is why we went for cheaper models. What a mistake by us!

We narrowed down our search to this model and Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners. Although the DC25 was the newer 'Ball' model it had a much smaller collection bin. Our dog sheds a lot of hair and we wanted to be able to clean the whole house without having to constantly empty the dust bin. We felt that we'd prefer the larger bin and have not been disappointed. The bin is really easy to empty and even easier to remove. Our old Vac needed the hose to be removed and to be dismantled before you could get the collector out. Even then the collector needed taking apart which made emptying a nightmare and also very messy! The DC27 is just a click of a button.

It does come with a mini-head for furniture. This made removing the dog hairs from the sofa a breeze. Having recently changed from a Leather suite to a fabric one, cleaning the dog hairs has been harder. The Dyson makes sort work of sofas and curtains!

If there had to be a downside to the Dyson DC27 then it is the weight. The DC27 is heavy. If you are pushing it around then it isn't a problem and it moved freely on both laminate and carpet. Only lugging it up the stairs reminded you that it is a bit of a beast! It is for this reason only that I've given it 4 out of 5 stars. Life is always about compromises though and if you are looking for the best cleaning power then your can't have everything. The Dyson does come with a 5 year warranty which means that we'll have trouble free cleaning for the next 5 years. Bearing in mind we've previously been buying a 'cheap' hoover every 18 months, the Dyson should also work-out cheaper!

Once again Amazon manages an amazing deal on price. Other shops (including on-line) were coming in £60-80 more expensive than Amazon. Whether this was a short term deal by Amazon I'm not sure but factoring in the saving for the DC27 Animal means that you can opt for quicker delivery and still cost you less than most places.

If you've never owned a Dyson before I can recommend the switch. There are other models that Dyson offer but this one looks to be the best solution for Pet owners looking to deal with troublesome pet hairs! It managed to make our carpets look really clean and shows that cheaper vacuum cleaners really can be a false economy.
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on 10 August 2009
I bought the Animal 27 last week and I've not been disappointed.
It replaced my old Dyson DC04 (retro) which packed in after over 5 years loyal service. I thought about a Miele, but I was so used to having a bagless cleaner I decided to stick to Dyson.
The only bits that need putting together are the hose attachemnt, and adding the tools to the main body.
I have a black labrador, who sheds the usual amount of hair, and leaves the usual amount of muddy paw prints on the carpet. The fisrt time I used it I was shocked at how it stuck to the carpet! You know when you're using it it's really working. The nozzle attachment is really good, and a lot better than my old one.
When it comes to emptying it, it's a lot easier than my last one. It empties for the bottom, which means no more dust going everywhere.
I haven't mentioned delivery because I didn't get it through Amazon but still wanted to review it.
In short, if you've got pets this is the hoover for you!
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on 12 January 2010
Have had a Dyson for several years. In our experience it was very satisfactory,UNTIL, our new secondhand Border Collie came along. Terrier hairs were not a problem but a long haired dog caused a problem. We decided to buy this model Dyson because of its recommendation from other users. We had used the old Dyson and then ordered the new one from Amazon. It arrived the next day. We unpacked it and decided to give it a spin. We had only just used the old one two days earlier. We couldn't believe our eyes, it was full after using it in two rooms. We are very pleased with it and would recommend it to pet lovers with hairy pets.
Ray & June Lock.
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on 21 December 2009
I've now had my Dyson Animal a fortnight and I am very pleased with it. Admittedly it IS heavy, but it glides over carpet very smoothly so not a problem until you want to take it upstairs! The operation of it is easy to master, and, unlike some cleaners, the upper of the 2 cable holders actually twists to release the cable. I'm not sure it cleans as close to the wall as some others. but the turbo brush is easy to attach and does its job brilliantly - just as good an attachment as I was hoping. Emptying out the dust is a doddle - do remember to have the container OVER the bin before releasing it !!
I didn't realise it was for pet hair - I thought the title referred to the animal greediness for dust & bits - ha ha!
It's quite expensive obviously, but will hopefully last longer than cheaper and inferior versions.
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on 2 December 2009
The best hoover ever!!! easy to use not too heavy all the tools are within easy reach and easily assembled.Gets rid of all the cats hairs and sucks up anything in sight!!!!
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on 6 February 2010
First of all may I congratulate Amazon and the delivery team - I received my new DC27 animal in TWO days. WOW!!
The vacuum cleaner is the best I have ever used - well done DYSON. The speed at which it cleans is amazing and I like the fact that it can be changed between hard and carpeted floors. The attachments "lock" into place when in use so it makes it easier to change between attachments. This "bit of an animal" has replaced my DC04 which has also been a great vacuum cleaner but as it is now 10 years old, I thought it should have a bit of a rest! We have a Kelpie who likes to roll around on the carpets so you can imagine the fur that covers the surface. NO PROBLEM FOR THE DC27. I was astonished at how much fur was collected upon my first use of the DC27. I have a large house with long staircases and the hose reaches the top stair so it is about the same length as the hose of the DC04. It is about the same weight as the DC04. I love the new attachment with the rotary brushes. This is great for the stairs and cleaning the settees etc. My daughter likes the gold colour so has named the DC27 "goldilocks" !!!! All in all a great vacuum cleaner.
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on 10 April 2010
Ok, the time in my life has come when I get excited about hoovers. I hoped this day would never come but it's here so I am embracing it with open arms.

The DC27 Animal is AMAZING. Ordered it yesterday and it arrived today 8.30am.

You just have to attach the attachments and you are ready to go. These all satisfyingly click into place and the instructions are all easy to follow pictures. DC27 is actually very impressive looking and feels sturdy and good quality.

I have now tried it out - having hoovered yesterday I wasn't expecting to pick much up. I have, along with 3 cats, a very shaggy rug which to be honest has shed more hair than the cats since I bought it 3 months ago - every time I hoovered up within minutes I would see a fluff ball from the rug appear somewhere on the hardwood floors surrounding the rug. I am not one for tidying up that often so when I do I like to stretch out the results for ALAP so this was frustrating.

Today I was determined to keep hoovering (maybe I should call it dysoning from now on) the rug until no more fluff came off. I ended up filling up a whole 30L bin bag just of dirty fluff. The suction is amazing it really does stick to the floor and wow does my rug look like new again. It took quite a few empties but DC27 brought a smile to my face each time as it was so easy, 1 push to detach and 1 push to flip open the bottom lid so all your dust emptying can be done deep inside the bin. It is easy to change from upright to slanted position using your foot and the turbines switch to accessory when in the upright position which I thought was quite nifty too.
Other people's reviews said this was heavy, but I don't think it is hard to carry due to the specific carry handle.

This really feels like a professional cleaning system; I highly recommend it!
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on 21 January 2010
The time came to part with our old vacuum cleaner and after researching loads I decided to go with the crowd and went for a Dyson. The reasons for my decision - needed something that would pick up cat hairs - a short list of 3: this one, a Seba and a Miele - the Dyson won because it didn't use bags, and I am hopeless at buying replacement bags.

At first glance it looks really plasticky. Not sure there is any metal in it, but it seems solid enough. People have complained about the noise, but it was no noisier than my old one. Does it work? Wow, my carpets have never been so hair free. Just running it over one carpet almost filled it, and it was a carpet we thought was not too bad to start with.

You really do have to hand it to Dyson for their design ingenuity. It looks good, but more importantly works good. Everything is stored neatly and is simple to use. The attachments are easy to fit and the DC27 Animal comes with a neat little gizmo that attaches to the flexible tube like a mini vacuum cleaner and enables you to remove hair and dust from the sofa and other furnishings (I haven't found where to store that on the main body, which is a minor annoyance).

It is a bit heavy, but with the holding handle is easy to lift. It works better on carpet than hard flooring where I found it would just nudge bigger bits of debris out of the way rather than suck it up. Emptying it is very easy, and, to echo another reviewer, make sure you empty it into a dustbin and not over the floor...

With the Dyson, vacuuming is still a chore, but a little bit more fun now.
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on 1 May 2010
This is such a good vacuum that every time I use it I could knit another puppy. Seriously I have two dogs and a cat and this cleaner is amazing. My carpet is about three months old and it still looks as good as the day that I bought it. I use it every day and I get a real kick out of seeing how much pet hair I can pick up. (sad woman)


This is still going strong! Still works perfectly I love this hoover I use it every day
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