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4.4 out of 5 stars220
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 13 May 2014
After a few years of trying to decide which Battlestar collection to buy, I bought this one when it came up at a good price. There are several collections out there but none are perfect. I hope that by letting you know what is in this box set, you can make a well informed decision too:

** Mini-series **

** Series 1 **
Disc 1:
Episode 1- 33
Episode 2 - Water
Episode 3 - Bastille Day
Episode 4 - Act Of Contrition
Disc 2:
Episode 5 - You Can't Go Home Again
Episode 6 - Litmus
Episode 7 - Six Degrees Of Seperation
Disc 3:
Episode 8 - Flesh & Bone
Episode 9 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Episode 10 - The Hand Of God
Disc 4:
Episode 11 - Colonial Day
Episode 12 - Kobol's Last Gleaming (part 1)
Episode 13 - Kobol's Last Gleaming (part 2)
Bonus - deleted scenes, buck rogers trailer

** Series 2 **
Disc 1:
Episode 1 - Scattered
Episode 2 - Valley Of Darkness
Episode 3 - Fragged
Episode 4 - Resistance
Disc 2:
Episode 5 - The Farm
Episode 6 - Home (part 1)
Episode 7 - Home (part 2)
Episode 8 - Final Cut
Disc 3:
Episode 9 - Flight Of The Phoenix
Episode 10 - Pegasus
Episode 11 - Resurrection Ship (part 1)
Episode 12 - Resurrection Ship (part 2)
Disc 4:
Episode 13 - Epiphanies
Episode 14 - Black Market
Episode 15 - Scar
Episode 16 - Sacrifice
Disc 5:
Episode 17 - The Captain' s Hand
Episode 18 - Downloaded
Episode 19 - Lay Down Your Burdens (part 1)
Episode 20 - Lay Down Your Burdens (part 2)
Disc 6:
Bonus - deleted scenes (episodes 1-9)

** Series 3 **
Disc 1:
Episode 1 - Occupation
Episode 2 - Precipice
Episode 3 - Exodus (part 1)
Episode 4 - Exodus (part 2)
Disc 2:
Episode 5 - Collaborators
Episode 6 - Torn
Episode 7 - A Measure Of Salvation
Episode 8 - Hero
Disc 3:
Episode 9 - Unfinished Business
Episode 10 - The Passage
Episode 11 - The Eye Of Jupiter
Episode 12 - Rapture
Disc 4:
Episode 13 - Taking A Break From All Your Worries
Episode 14 - The Woman King
Episode 15 - A Day In The Life
Episode 16 - Dirty Hands
Disc 5:
Episode 17 - Maelstrom
Episode 18 - The Son Also Rises
Episode 19 - Crossroads (part 1)
Episode 20 - Crossroads (part 2)

** Series 4 **
Disc 1:
Bonus - deleted scenes, 7 minisodes
Disc 2:
Episode 1- He That Believeth In Me
Episode 2 - Six Of One
Episode 3 - The Ties That End
Episode 4 - Escape Velocity
Disc 3:
Episode 5 - The Road Less Travelled
Episode 6 - Faith
Episode 7 - Guess What's Coming To Dinner ?
Episode 8 - Sine Qua Non
Disc 4:
Episode 9 - The Hub
Episode 10 - Revelations

** Final Season **
Disc 1:
Episode 11 - Sometimes A Great Notion
Episode 12 - A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode 13 - The Oath
Episode 14 - Blood On The Scales
Disc 2:
Episode 15 - No Exit
Episode 16 - Deadlock
Episode 17 - Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode 18 - Islanded In A Stream Of Stars
Disc 3:
Episode 19 - Daybreak (part 1)
Episode 20 - Daybreak (part 2 & 3)
Disc 4:
Bonus - Sneak peak at Caprica, David Eick's video blogs, What the frak Is going on with Battlestar Galactica, The evolution of a cue, A disquiet follows my soul (unrated version)

** Bonus Disc **
Season 1 series lowdown
Season 1 behind the scenes featurettes
- From mini series to series
- Change is good, now they're babes
- The cyclone centurion
- Future-past technology
- The doctor is out (of his mind)
- Production
- Visual effects
- Epilogue
Season 1 sketches and art photo presentation
Season 2 deleted scenes (episodes 11, 13-20)
Season 3 deleted scenes (episodes 2, 4, 5-8, 10-20)
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on 24 February 2016
The content of the box is great. But the picture is misleading! You do not get the nice big hardcover box . Instead, all DVDs sit in a plastic compact DVD box with a cardboard box around it. Probably better to store, but the picture is still misleading and that should not may happen!
review image
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on 17 June 2010

Can't yet comment on the presence or lack of extras in the UK version. Haven't finished watching it yet, but I thought I should put up here what we just noticed:

Our limited edition (which was just the tin box by the way - no cardboard exterior) Battlestar Galactica Complete Series had disc 3 of season 2 missing, and it its place was a duplicate disc 4. And we're not the only ones to have duplicate discs... Google it, and you'll find quite a few comments posted right here on Amazon, but sadly difficult to find here on the product page.

The good news is Amazon were very courteous with us. Despite the fact that my 30 day return ran out in April (it's now halfway through June) having phoned them up this is what they did: They said I had a choice, I could get a replacement boxset which would mean a) sending the old one back to them (and also paying a hefty recorded delivery bill), or they could send me the missing season on its own as you would buy it separately on Amazon.

Taking the latter option, they have done this free of charge, and better still if anything else goes wrong or there's something wrong with the season boxset, I can send it back and get a replacement free of charge, and if that fails, I can get a refund (presumably having sent everything back). So they've sort of extended my options which is nice.

But seriously, if you're thinking of getting this boxset to replace your old season boxsets... Keep the old seasonal boxsets on the side somewhere until you've watched everything in this complete boxset - you never know what you might otherwise be missing...
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on 4 October 2012
After being an avid fan of the original BSG I finally decided to give the new version a go.. And it took about 30mins of the original mini series to get into it. I am now half way through season 3.

If you like Sci-Fi with some underlying sub plots and stories then you will enjoy this version. I must say it is a more grown up version in comparison to the original, but times have changed. This box-set was very good value especially in comparison to what iTunes wanted for just a single season. I just need more time to continue with my watching
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on 22 September 2009
Like G Meakings' mentions above, this is NOT a Complete or Ultimate Set as described. Whilst this isn't Amazon's fault, Universal Playback (the UK branch of Universal who released this set) have screwed up big-time.

1) The set does NOT contain material like extended episodes, the Webisodes, many of the audio commentaries and the longer, uncut version of Razor! However, the Region 1 US version DOES include most of these!

2) Worse still, the UK set advertises many of these extras in the set booklet, and on the back of the box, but are not actually included! What happened, Universal? Couldn't get the legal issues/copyright details sorted in time? Couldn't be bothered to make the extra effort, or just hoped that UK BSG fans wouldn't be hacked-off?!

3) The DVD's are identical to the ordinary individual UK season sets, and so the artwork on the discs themselves, do not match, and are stupidly labelled too. Again, this is Universal in the UK being lazy! Would it really have caused too many problems to create artwork for the discs that matched, across all of them?

4) Season 4 is stupidly split into "Season 4" and "The Final Season" (which actually contains the final 10 episodes of Season 4), rather than just having all of them labelled as "Season 4"! Again, Universal in the UK split the season, probably to milk money out of the UK fans, but this could easily have been rectified for this so-called "Complete" boxed set.

The tin set itself,is nice, although I would advise checking it for scratches and dents. Annoyingly, the DVD's are stupidly labelled as being in different ratios, namely: 16:9, Full-height anamorphic, 1.85 widescreen, and 1.78:1! Was it too much to ask, to simply label all of the discs and the box, with just the words "Anamorphic Widescreen" instead? After all, only the anally-retentive fan is going to worry over the pettiness of 1.78:1 over 1.85:1, and for 99.9% of fans, they aren't going to notice the difference on screen, and aren't going to care.

The problem you now have, though, is do you buy the US version of this set, but get an inferior box, paper sleeves that scratch the discs, but more extras, or do you settle for this UK version? For DVD fans, I'd have to go with the UK release, only because damaged discs and a bad box design is NOT what we should be spending the best part of £85 on. Clearly, if you can, get the US or UK Blu-Ray releases, but for DVD-only fans, it's a horrible choice!

What a shame that such a great show, has been damaged so badly, by Universal UK! I love the show, and it's absolutely worth buying, but this set is not what it could have been, nor what it should have been! Such a disappointment! I urge all UK BSG fans to contact Universal to get these issue rectified, and sets replaced immediately!
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on 21 February 2016
This product is not as it appears in the picture. it is not packaged in the box presented in the image and the discs are stacked two on top of each other which is inconvenient and could possibly lead to the discs scratching. You physically have to open the box from the side which could damage the cardboard.
On the other hand, This show is one of my favourites and I recommend it to anyone who wonders whether they should watch it or not.
review image review image
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on 6 September 2013
When you buy the DVD edition it doesnt include a booklet like amazon makes out, it's also missleading for amazon to use the same reviews for both the blueray and dvd editions as the packs are different. The photos amazon is useing for the DVD edition are also wrong.
Battlestar galactica is frakking awesome, it's easily one of the best tv shows ever
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on 21 September 2009
Received my box set in the post today and was very disappointed with the lack of Special Features. Gone are the extended episodes, Webisodes, the majority of the Commentary tracks are missing and no extended version of the movie Razor. All of these are contained on the American version of the complete series (except the Season 4 Webisodes which are missing from both versions) and the Blueray editions.

It is a big shame that for the same price the UK version is missing the majority of the features especially as a good number of them were even advertised as being contained within this box set.

This is a very good TV show and I will recommend it, I just can't recommend this box set as it is incomplete.
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on 1 April 2013
this box has got all the seasons and mini-series included.
reasonable price too.
One of the best shows of all time, BUY IT NOW!!!
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on 23 September 2009
Extremely disappointed. This is missing a lot of the promised extras. Surely this is mis-selling. Univeral need to be written to and complained to.

Great series spoilt by a promise that wasnt delivered. This is NOT the ultimate collection. I want to send it back :(

Shame as I was looking forward to it...
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