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on 8 November 2010
Bought this for my partners birthday (who has a passion for gadgets & wanted a coffee machine!). I must admit i thought that it would possibly be another one of those kitchen items that never really gets used BUT, having had it now for just over two months, i can safely say that our kettle is redundant!! We use it for every hot drink we do! Which brings me to the fabulous selection of tassimo drinks you can get! The hot chocolate & the Twinings tea! Lovely!! I personally am not a huge coffee drinker but due to the wide selection of drink you can use with this machine i would still recommend it & he, who does love coffee, never bores of all the different variaties & it is very quick & simple to use.

My only gripe would be that it doesnt make a huge either need two discs or to make sure you add more water (which there is an option to do)OR you could just used smaller mugs!

We have a large kitchen so space wasnt a concern but this machine is quite slimline & im sure would fit nicely in most kitchens. A very good design.

very impressed & would definately recommend.
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on 6 August 2011
I've used a Dolce Gusto for about three years, and thought it was a perfectly decent machine. This year I fancied a change, so after trying out the Senseo at CentreParcs (worst coffee I've ever tasted) I thought I'd give the Tassimo a go. The impressive range of drinks also looked interesting, and after a quick model comparison, I went for this one (T65).

The machine itself is a little more compact than the earlier Dolce Gustos, and sits nicely out of the way on the kitchen worktop. Using it is simplicity; unlike the Dolce Gustos (well, all bar one), it does all the measuring for you, so you get a perfect drink every time. You choose a capsule, pop it in the top of the machine, press the button and wait. The LCD screen prompts you, but doesn't really offer anything of use - it's not a reason to buy this model over one without it, as it turns out. If you've chosen a drink that needs two capsules, then when the first is finished you simply take it out and pop in the second.

In terms of the drinks, I'm very happy with them; they don't taste artificial to me (well, except for the tiramisu and creme brulee flavoured ones - they're awful). The hot chocolates are lovely - the Milka is better than the Suchard as it includes milk - and I was also impressed with the English breakfast tea. Yes, I know a teabag is simplicity itself, but this takes away the faff of judging the correct amount of time to let it brew; it makes tea just how I like it, so I'm happy. Favourites are the two macchiatos - the normal and the caramel. I'm trying out the Jacobs coffees too, so far they're all quite similar, none are really standing out as great. But they're not horrible, and there is such a wide choice that there's bound to be something for most people.

I've knocked off a star on this model as the LCD screen serves no purpose other than looking fancy, and the mug light is only occasionally useful when preparing a night-time hot chocolate when you don't want to turn on the main kitchen light; however the water filter saves having to use a separate filter, so that's something.
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on 16 November 2010
I bought this Coffee Maker to replace my 6yr old Tassimo. I think this new Model is a lot better. It makes good latte coffee and it stay hotter longer than my old machine. The Brittax Filter in the water tank also makes your drink taste a lot better. Its great!!!
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on 19 January 2012
Wonderful xmas present my girlfriend reluctantly bought for me because I had a habit of buying gadgets, then using them a few times before consigning them to the storage cupboard. Would this coffee machine end up in the "useless gadgets" kitchen cupboard as well, just like the smoothie maker, the chocolate fountain, the fondue set or the magic garlic peeler?

Thankfully, we use this several times a day. Its made the kettle obsolete, is a decent hot water dispenser like the tefal quick cup, and makes good coffee and hot chocolate too.

This model has a fancy LCD screen, ring lighting, LED lighting and a brita water filter tank, so you get good tasting clean drinks as an added bonus. And it requires minimal cleaning and maintenence.

Pop in your coffee pod and you're good to go. Fresh, restaurant/cafe quality coffee for a fraction of the price, at the touch of a button. Minimal hassle. When you are finished, go ahead and pollute the planet with the mountain of used t-discs you will inevitably end up going through.

Do register your machine on the Tassimo website, you get a £20 voucher to spend on drinks.
I recommend the Mastro Lorenzo range if you like the very rich continental coffee/espresso taste.
Kencos are quite weak and tasteless. Carte Noires are very good, the Lattes and Cappucinos are ok if you can't be bothered to froth your own milk. The tea T-discs are a waste of money, buy regular tea bags instead and use the machine to dispense hot water as described below.

How to use the Bosch Tassimo as a hot water dispenser:
Buy a spare yellow service disc and tape on a barcode from a used t-disc. I recommend the Kenco Cafe Crema barcode, it will produce a good cupful of boiling hot water for your tea etc.

How to froth your own milk on the cheap:
The UHT milk t-disc varieties are quite expensive, you will get 8 drinks instead of the normal 16 and the froth doesnt last that long. Its better just to microwave a small amount of fresh milk in the cup first and froth with an aerolatte. You will still get the 3 layer effect. Add a Mastro Lorenzo coffee and you get a much better tasting latte or cappucino. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy the bosch tassimo, its a wonderful machine.
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on 13 January 2011
Like many people I've ummed and arred over one of these. Will it be another expensive ornament eventually destined for the car boot sale or loft. The answer is a resounding NO! Yes the T Discs are a little more expensive (the most is about 50pence a drink) than instant coffee/chocolate/latte/creme/cappucino/tea/tiramisu flavour/creme brulee......the list goes on. But be honest...instant coffee ? No such thing (till now). That soluble rubbish we all drink is just that, and it tastes awful too. All the drinks I've had so far I've enjoyed, even the family, who aren't as enthusiastic as I am over coffee like it. And with a little imagination, like using your own hot milk with espresso T discs, the morning drink will never be the same again. The Latte's look fab (glass cups). I can't praise this machine enough. And it takes no effort to clean. just a quick wipe with a kitchen towel over the dispenser tip and your done. My old machine, a "real" coffee maker is now gathering dust. Although it made great coffee, it took too long, was too difficult to clean and just took up too much space. This does it all in about a minute (at the worst). A couple of pals have bought the cheaper TA 40 but go for this one. It has the water filter, an illuminated cup stand and the LCD display means if you can read you can work it. It's as difficult as "put in the disc and press the button" The only difficulty you will have is deciding what to drink! Bloomin Brilliant !! (if you like your coffee scalding hot, and I know some do, pop the completed drink in the microwave for a minute, it'll be roasting hot) And no I don't work for Tassimo. PS. When you register your machine you get a £20 voucher to spend on line on the drinks. This model is currently on sale for about £100, cheaper than the lesser model ! and about £40 cheaper than [...] or the [...] website.
Go know you want too!! Just wish I'd bought one sooner. Cliff x
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on 6 March 2011
My husband and I bought this after watching videos online, we were going to buy the T40 but this one is far better.
It has a water filter on the back which comes in very handy if you live in a hard water area like we do.
And we especially like the digital display on the front.
It's not big like we thought it would be which is a good thing and it looks really stylish in our kitchen.
For that little bit extra we are glad we invested in this model and not the T40.
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on 29 December 2012
We bought one of these for one of our daughters this Xmas. I am very impressed! We have a Dolce Gusto machine ourselves, but this one leaves ours standing.

Here are some of my thoughts:

* Setup involved feeding a "service disk" five times, presumably to clean the machine out.
* Bar Codes! Yes, no longer do you need to fiddle with a manual control or set an output quantity or temperature! Each disk has a bar code, so it is all automated.
* The tank is large. The footprint, however, is no larger than the Dolce Gusto's. The tank has a carry handle to lift it off and carry it.
* You can use a water purifier in the tank, and one filter is supplied.
* No free samples are included, so make sure you buy a supply when you order!
* You get a twenty pound discount voucher when you register online. Otherwise, Amazon supplies the disks at a good value price.
* Instructions about the order in which to use the disks in a two-disk drink are absent. With Cappuccino, we decided coffee then milk was right, otherwise all the milk remained at the bottom of the glass, with coffee over that and then milk foam at the top.
* You can override the bar-code settings if you want to.

The cappuccino is delicious! AMAZINGLY, though, there is no Mocha!
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on 24 April 2013
I've been looking for a method of making a decent cup of coffee for some time now.After doing a lot of research,I decided to invest in a Tassimo machine and have not been disappointed.It does a perfect job every time and the only catastrophe I've had was choosing a cup that proved to be a bit too small after putting the coffee onto the frothed milk.Sometimes the machine waits a few seconds whilst reading the barcode and bursting into action but it is only seconds.It is a bit noisy once the water is transferred from the tank into the heater but,around a minute later,there is a welcoming cup to enjoy.I am not a tea person,so cannot comment on that aspect.The everyday coffee is very good,as is the chocolate.My favourite is the cappuchino in a tall glass with chocolate sprinkled on the top.Come to think of it,I'm off to have one now.Writing reviews is thirsty business and I deserve one .........!
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on 14 April 2012
That noise you can hear is me emptying the last of my instant coffee into the bin!

For a long time, my family has tried to find a device that produced coffee with that fresh coffee-shop taste that didn't take a degree to operate or require an age to clean up afterwards. Having just spent £60 on a percolator and being thoroughly disappointed with it, we were about to give up in despair when we saw what some people were saying about these coffee pod machines. Having done our research, we decided that the Bosch Tasssimo was the best option and, as I sit here, drinking my caramel macchiato, it was a decision well made!

The device itself is quite compact (something it had to be as we don't have a great deal of space in our kitchen) and should easily fit on a counter top even if you have wall mounted cupboards (brewer dimensions: 27.3cm high, 20.4cm wide, and 33.4cm deep). The cup stand can be removed, so you can fit extra big mugs under the nozzle with ease. The stand will also collect any drips from the machine, although a quick wipe of the nozzle after brewing eliminates any drips at all.

The machine is extremely easy to set up and use; simply put your Tassimo t-disc of choice into the machine and the in-built bar-code reader will identify the beverage you're brewing up and will dispense the optimal amount of water and heat it to the desired temperature. You can dispense more water for an extra big cup (stronger coffees still taste great but some beverages like hot chocolate will be too weak, so you might need to experiment). Once brewed, simply remove the empty t-disc and throw it away - no mess, no grinds and no hassle.

We chose the TAS6515GB model with the Brita Maxtra water filter as our tap water tends to have quite a strong smell of chlorine (not to mention scale build up), but this model cost less from Amazon than the very basic Tassimo T20 model from competing retailers so thumbs-up for good value! You also get a £20 voucher to use at the Tassimo website to spend on coffees, which is a nice extra. You can also walk into your local supermarket and pick up a pack of t-discs if you run out, although they tend to be slightly more expensive (a few pence) than Amazon or from the Tassimo site direct.

Undoubtedly, it's more expensive (roughly £0.25 per cup) than buying a jar of instant coffee, but it's still a heck of a lot cheaper than buying from your local coffee-shop and tastes much better than instants (all of ours now tastes like stewed twigs by comparison). The only down-side is you won't want to drink anything else...
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on 11 February 2012
I do not drink huge amounts of cofffee, but when I do, I like good proper coffee, hence hardly ever use freeze dried muck from a jar. I can't be fussed using beans + cafetiere for one cup.
So after reading copious reviews of all different machines avaliable - Tassimo, Nespresso et al, and taking in comments from friends who have similar, I chose the Tassimo. Main reasons being it's flexability in range of drinks, and bar code reader to optimise the amount of water delivered to the cup.
The machine works well,
no mess,
easy to use,
looks stylish,
above all, makes good coffees.
The range of coffees is good and varied to suit all tastes, albeit most of the best variations ( my opinion, depends on you taste in coffee)are only available online, although a good range is available from main high-street outlets. Tassimos' online store is generally 50% cheaper than Amazon ( sorry Mr. Amazon), but the downside is a minimum order value. To circumvent this, a few colleagues order a job-lot and share.
All in all, a good machine, worth the money, and enjoying the coffee - even the Team Olympic couch potato teenagers use it.
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