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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars43
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 27 May 2010
When you think of Disney .... sleeping beauty .... jungle book .... 101 dalmations comes to mind and then you see Disney Interactive and you think .... Ha Ha!! but look at their lastest game Pure (PS3). What a hit that was but it did have a few annoyances here and there but the graphics were awesome, gameplay was good and it had good replay value too for their first proper game that is not for kids.

Their second "proper" game is Split/Second .... downloaded the demo thought it was awesome and had to buy it!

Starting the game up, installing the game took quite awhile but it was worth the wait when you are taken straight into a tutorial on how to play the game on a test track, taking you through from how to break and accelerate to the feature of the game which makes it "split/Second", the power plays. These power plays range from simple blowing up cars, to the catastrophic explosions such as towers and plane crashes but be careful that you don't take your self out! these are gained by drifting, drafting ect

Structured like a television show, Split/Second's singleplayer mode plays out over a 12 episode "season". There are 4 races immediately available in each unlocked episode, and winning or placing in races rewards players with credits, which unlock additional cars and grant access to each episode's Elite race. The variety of different types of races make sure you're never spending much time on race modes that don't catch your fancy.

The controls in Split/Second are somewhere between Burnout and Project Gotham, with a heavy emphasis on drifting and drafting which is simple to do. Its a fun and easy game to play but if you slip up for even a fraction of a second they are back on your tail! (thats a good thing)

Overall, it is such a good game that makes me what to play over and over but i don't want to complete it too quickly!

Any racing fan will love this
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2010
I bought this and modnations at the same time and after having plenty of online probs on the first day with my initial "i must have" modnations, stuck this in... and didn't get back the MNR the rest of the day!

Split/Second is set in a rigged to blow tv studio world which 8 drivers race round for the win. By drafting, drifing, passing and jumping you can fill up a power gauge under your car that once filled to at least one of three segments, can be used to tactically blow up parts of the track or set off set piece events that can then take out your opponents. Some of the set pieces literally made my jaw drop, as it all kicks off in such a big way and the graphics never slow down, not even online.

However once the initial thrills of the explosions and wrecking half the field subside a bit, it then becomes much more tacticul - especially racing online as everyone knows where half the stuff explodes, and its more about trying to wrong foot drivers and then catch them off guard or if someone moves to avoid say a blown up building, you blow up the bus next to them instead which takes them out, or drop a pile of metal girders on them instead!

I have to say its been one of the best and most instantly gratifying experiences that then stays with you and lasts I've had with a game probably on the PS3. Love it and recommend it to everyone who likes their racers.
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on 23 May 2010
Split second is a funny old concept: blow stuff up to try and blast your opponents off the track or crush them under the rubble of something monumental. It's a popcorn, Hollywood, nonsense of a concept that would be great fun to watch drunk with your friends if it where a film (I'm seeing Jason Statham as lead here), but is it fun as a game? Well you'll just have to snack on this handy list of good and bad points using your eyes and brain to assimilate and digest the information!

- Graphically it's a definite winner. Not only are all the reflections and other staples of the genre firmly in place but on top of all that, and a silky smooth frame rate to boot, you've got planes crashing inches from you, towers crushing cars in an array of fire and dust, helicopters firing rockets and the game just pulls it off with great panache.
- There is a good selection of cars to burn it up in - some great, some a little naff.
- Once you get used to the effects of each explosion and how they can be used to destroy things it all becomes a much more cohesive and enjoyable experience as you begin to time your destruction like a pure super villain. Of course this means that you have to play the tracks a good few times, and this can feel a bit trial and error, but if the game grips you with its unique hook then this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
- The levels where you have to dodge helicopter rockets and successive dodges = big point combos is a stroke of evil genius, it's both addictive and annoying as hell but it'll be sure to keep you glued till you snatch first place.
- The overall points system is cool, but more than a little bit `Burnout' in its logic - but what worked for one game works well enough for another if implemented with enough skill, and this is a suitable enough way to reward you for your hours spent with the game.
- Sometimes this sense of epic chaos takes over as things are crashing all around you and you're blowing up cars left right and centre while burning round corners. It's these moments of unbridled madness and exhilaration that make this title shine.
- The music is, for most part, bombastic and magnificent mixing dance and electro beats and effects with movie inspired crescendos of strings. It accompanies the action well and rarely falls flat.
- Same goes for SFX, explosions rattle your speakers and screetching tires ring out perfectly.
- Online is great, a mad scramble of conniving tactics and skilled driving is the only way to reach the top - have you got what it takes?
- The coolest mechanic in the whole game is the one that on one hand has you setting off explosions (or power plays as the game calls them) to smite those in front of you but you become the hunted the second you're out in front making staying in pole position a butt clenching exercise in pre-emptive thinking and lighting fast dodge reflexes. It ain't called split second for nothin' folks!

- The drift system is a little bit less than fitting with the rest of the `arcade' style experience as it can be finicky and very sensitive. Perhaps I'm not good enough yet or I've not found the right car but keeping in control while drifting (and hence building up your power play metre: the whole point of the game) can be more than a little annoying at times.
- It does ape Burnout a heck of a lot: from the entire look of the menu system to the chaotic mechanics and action cams it's Burnout flavour through and through, but it doesn't ever quite reach the heady heights of the pre-Burnout Paradise instalments in the series. That's not to say it doesn't give it a darn good try but it just never quite hits those peaks. Sadly.
- Not being able to properly customise your ride with simple decals is a real pain, especially if you want to stand out online. Decals are instead applied directly to your vehicle as badges of honour; you have no say in where they go, all you can do is change the cars colour. Surely more options could have been jammed in this day and age.
- You'll never quite have that first time experience of blowing up a massive structure and it caving in three cars. It's still satisfying but once you've seen it once you want to see what the next tracks have to offer, and ultimately there are only so many tracks.
- Why the heck have Disney given people the option to just buy and open all the tracks and cars through DLC? Those of us who like getting by on our skills, and experiencing an entire game, rather than simply unlocking everything for a couple of quid are now faced with a ton of fools online thrashing you in much speedier cars without having to put in any effort at all. Be sure of this DLC girls, I will get my revenge! Bitter much!?

Make no mistake Split Second is a blast (literally) but it tries so hard to be like another certain franchise that it can feel a little soulless at times, and you can't help but compare the two, especially as it never quite replicates the thrills of other said series. However you will be sure to have a good old time with this natty little runner up, and at times it will have your heart pounding as you struggle to first place through the sparks and rubble, and that's got to be worth something. Many games are fun, even exciting but few manage to be both these things and, at times, be utterly exhilarating - Split Second Manages this but not as constantly as a lot of people would like or, I'll wager, where expecting.
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on 4 July 2010
Split/Second is a racing game with a slight difference, the races are part of a tv show which incorporates a death race style , full of explosions , missiles and destruction. So not only are you racing to win, your racing to survive.

Everything about this game is aiming at being larger than life, this is no Gran turismo and definatley aims at the Need for Speed crowd. Right from the off we know it's a little unrealistic as the announcer tells us we are racing and that billions will be watching........right.

The explosions and attacks are part of the games innovative "powerplay" system, basically the more flair and outlandish moves you pull off on the track, the more the power meter fills, This includes jumps, drifting or staying close to the back of your opponents car.
Being in 3 segments you can choose to save them up for one big explosion or use them as soon as you get it to gain a quick advantage, but that might not last as long, so a little bit of tactics is thrown in. The meter is a bright neon blue and trails behind the car, its not intrusive and doesn't take your eyes away from the car or the track, I would rather it be there than somewere else on the screen as it lets you keep your eyes on the action.

The explosions mean the race has an ever changing dynamic track, they can cause obstacles, shortcuts or even a whole new section of the track altogether. This means that everytime you race something slightly different will happen and you will have to expect the unexpected if your going to finish first.

Using your powerplays is a simple press of the button, when your able to use it on a car or area , a blue sqaure will appear over the object letting you know you can use it here. It doesn't prompt you to use and it doesn't force you, it just lets you know its available. This is great as a lot of games will often make the decision for you and thats not the point.
But when using the powerplays on cars they do have to be timed , otherwise you may miss e.g. not best to try and do it on a corner because they wont be there for long, but doing it on a big straight also means they could swerve out the way.

Another big change in the game is that, due to the everchanging track style there is no map. You dont have a speedometer as the game allows you to feel how fast your going, what it does have is the lap, position and the meter. This keeps the screen extrememly clear, the last thing you want when racing is having to peer through all the needless guff on screen.

The games set up is done by episodes in the series, their are 12 in all and around 70 events total across these episodes. The games events aren't only "normal" races, where its first to the line, that would be boring. No the game also has Air strike/Revenge and Survival modes.
In Air strike a helicopter hangs over the map firing big missiles down at your car, the objective is to make it round the course without dying. This is fun and frantic, but it can also be quite frustrating.
Air revenge is a chance to get your own back, when driving around you will still have the chopper firing at you, but by drifting and jumps you can fill the meter and jam its targeting system, sending its missiles back up at it. Giving it a well deserved taste of its own medicine.
Finally Survival, a set of giant 18 wheeler trucks are driving around the tight track, and unfortunatley a set of oil barrels are rolling out the back of them. Blue ones will slow you down but red ones will kill you instantly, this is a points based game so the one who dodges the most , as well as overtaking trucks, wins.

Theirs a handful of tracks including airports, citys and dockyards all packed with unique level deisgn , as well as 3 or 4 alternative track routes which can be created in each one.

The cars are all very expensive and appeal to the boy racers out there. Im a little depressed there wasn't the Dacia sandero ( Little top gear joke ? ) , but the cars are a feast for the eyes and their sparkly chrome and vivid paintwork is wonderful. There are 30 in total and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses on different modes, so choose wisely.

Talking of that the graphics in this game are pretty spectacular, the explosions are fiery and dark smoke billows from th remnants in your rear view mirror.
The tracks are full of well designed set peices such as planes and buildings , no doubt put in to distract you from the task in hand but unfortunatley it often can. The sun dances of the tarmac causing shadows and glistening reflections of the clean cars, it's a lovely game to look at as well as play.
Unfortunatley the cars dont seem to pick up much damage which is a big let down, if I am driving through flames I expect the car to have some proof, smoke or chipped paint should be on the car but instead they keep their gleeming, of the forecourt look. All the cars though are well designed , it's just the little niggle of a game which bases itself around destruction, that a car doesn't even pick up proper damage.

The sounds of the game are a mixed bag, whilst the soundtrack is a hearthumping encounter, which raises the adrenaline even more. The sounds of the cars and explosions dont pack a true punch, my sound system is not bad, it does well with the likes of CoD, but here there is no real rumble from the collapsed buildings, the cars rev but you cant feel it like you should.

The games handling is OK , at times it can feel as though you are racing on a scalextrix track, the cars just slide around around and have no real weight. The different aspects of the car are just wether they are really fast or weather they have problems turning, but none of these are really felt in the controller, the responce to powerplays is fast and that keeps the action pacey.

It was a great idea and looks stunning, but once again bits of the development let it down, It will keep you occupied for a while but will soon be gathering dust.
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on 5 November 2010
Brought this for our son and he said it's brilliant and cant stop playing it and he said the graphics are fantastic.
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on 4 August 2010
This is a much funny game with some Hollywood feeling.
You will value every inch you get closer to your opponent.
The good sound tracks will help to keep the tension.
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on 6 November 2010
This is easily the best game I own, the graphics are incredibly good and the gameplay is amazingly realistic, I have had this game for a few months now and I am still playing it more than any other game, and a few weeks ago I started to play online. I don't have a very good internet connection at all, because of my location; but still this game works brilliantly well and didn't lag once.

There are 11 fantastic and well thought out tracks, and there are 6 different game modes: Race, Survival, Eliminator, Air Strike, Air Revenge and Detonator. Each of these game modes are just as good as the racing, and in Survival, there are 4 added tracks to fit that event.

It is worth every penny and would I recommend it to everyone, people of all ages because the exciting prospect of blowing other people up in spectacular and wonderful way appeals to everyone.

The only slight problem that I have is that-here and there- there are a few glitches and quite a few of the cars are very quick, but will not turn a corner; but all of this is easily blocked out because those are only minor problems, while the rest of the game is exciting and in some events, can become incredibly addictive.
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on 30 August 2010
An awesome game made of explosion, nervous races and HD show !
the gameplay is simple and perfect,the season is just a little short.
have fun with it !
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on 21 April 2011
Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent game. But I feel it needs a sequel to make it perfect.It has all the necessary components of a good driving game, fast paced action, great settings and excellent CPU drivers. But this game's added bonus is the 'Power Plays', set explosions that you can trigger if you've charged up enough energy by drifting and drafting. The explosions can blow your opponents off of the road and it gives the game a whole new dimension, dodging and weaving. It also comes with other very good other race modes - Survival, Elimination, Time Attack and Air Strike, all of which provide the same great racing experience just with different goals.

However, there is just a bit of refinement needed. Perhaps the physics engine could be a bit better, cars seem to move unlike real life, sometimes too heavily, and the rocks and debris from explosions often fall strangely. When travelling fast or cornering fast the graphics can blur and lose quality.

But these are just minor things- things that should not put you off buying this practically excellent game or from eagerly awaiting the sequel which the ending of this game all but promised.
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on 3 June 2010
Burnout 1-3 were excellent , Burnout Paradise (Ultimate Pack) is excellent. Split Second is really an improved version of Burnout 3 without the boost but plays twice as fast. Imagine racing down a run way for 8 + players and a 747 comes crashing down onto the runway. You have to avoid parts, stay in the lead or kept your position, get through the dust. Avoid the traps which are called power plays, which are activated by yourself and other players. The game is perfect, hard in places. The game does give you an easy learning curve. One complaint, I loved Stunt Car Car it had over the top tracks, this would be greater with that. Is better than Blur, they are both 2 different types of games. And would recommend purchasing both, its sad there no ps3 demo of blur to make a god decision. Online options need to be changed, you have to choose race, elimator , etc separatly you cant just pick any race. The game is very exciting and proves that great graphics and gameplay can blend well. Its one of those games you will be playing a year from now....
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