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4.3 out of 5 stars207
4.3 out of 5 stars
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This review is based on having been to see the film in the cinema with my family.

Although the film can stand on its' own, it is a sequel to the original "A Night at the Museum" film (2006), which was very loosely based on the book by by Milan Trenc. There are a lot of little details which will be amusing or poignant to viewers who had seen the first film but will go completely over the heads of those who have not. I would advise anyone who is thinking of going to see this and hasn't watched the first film to rent or buy that one first.

Both films are based on the idea of museums in which all the exhibits come to life at night. Where the first film was played occasionally for drama but mostly for laughs, this film is played for laughs from start to finish. It's no great work of art, but it aims to be funny and entertaining and often succeeds.

As someone who liked the first film a lot, I didn't think this was quite up to the same standard, but my seven-year old twins really enjoyed it, while my wife and I coped by switching off our critical faculties, ignoring the holes in the plot, and just enjoying the humour.

With the exceptions of Carla Gugino as Rebecca the receptionist, and of Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs as the outgoing night guards, almost all the star-studded cast of the first film get at least cameo roles in this one.

Ben Stiller returns as the central character Larry Daley, Jake Cherry as his son Nick, and Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee, the Director of the New York museum of natural history.

Robin Williams reprises his role as the statue of President Teddy Roosevelt, Patrick Gallagher as the statue of Attila The Hun, and Mizuo Peck as the statue of Sacajawea (the Indian guide who guided Lewis and Clark, while Rami Malek returns for a brief cameo of his role as Pharoah Ahkmenrah.

Those who liked the previous film will probably be pleased to learn that, apart from Ben Stiller, the characters from that film who get the most significant parts in this one are the tiny Roman and cowboy leaders, Octavius and Jedediah, played by Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson - and this time Wilson gets the billing he should have had in the first film.

New characters in this film include a very feisty statue of Amelia Earhart, played by Amy Adams, wearing a pair of form fitting trousers which will give dads a good reason to follow her scenes closely, especially when the camera angles are from behind.

Also joining in the fun are Bill Hader as a statue of General George Armstrong Custer, and Hank Azaria who gets three roles: he plays the film's villain, Kahmunrah, who is the elder brother of Pharoah Akmenrah from the first film, Rodin's statue "The Thinker" and President Abe Lincoln's statue from the Lincoln Memorial.

Former World Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman has a cameo role as himself.

The sequel is set some two years after the original film. Larry Daley, who as an unsuccessful inventor took a job as Night Guard at the New York museum of Natural History, has finally managed to become successful and is now CEO of his own company. He occasionally returns to the museum to see his old friends. At the start of the film he comes back to find almost all of them being packed away in boxes. The board has decided to replace most of the exhibits with holographic projections and put the originals into storage in the federal archives underneath the Smithsonian Institute at Washington D.C.

The gold plate of Akmenrah which causes everything in the museum to come to life at night was supposed to stay in New York: but a naughty monkey grabs it, and it is taken to Washington. Larry gets a phone call, and realises that everything in the largest museum in the world is going to come to life. Worse, one of the exhibits in the Smithsonian is the mummy of the brother of Akmenrah, who knows what the plate can do, and is out for revenge, to conquer the world, etc ...

As you would expect from a film with such a big name cast, there is some really good acting: Stiller does a good job of playing "straight man" to the absurd events around him, Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson are brilliant as the tiny heroes, and Hader is mostly entertainingly mad as Custer, though he is given a rather poignant serious scene towards the end of the film. Hank Azaria repeatedly cracked me up by playing the Egyptian baddie with a lisping parody of an effete English aristocratic accent.

But probably the best performance is by Amy Adams, who quite steals the show with her zestful performance as the statue of Amelia Earhart and would have been worth watching even without the daringly tight trousers.

Quality of the humour varies enormously, some of it is pretty basic slapstick such as Ben Stiller getting slapped on the cheek by a pair of monkeys, but one or two moments and lines, which I had better not describe for fear of spoiling them, were absolute classics.

Not everyone will like this film: it has taken something of a caning from the critics, and anyone who tries to take it seriously will end up picking it to pieces. However, most children aged between about six and twelve will probably love it, especially if they liked the previous film. Adults who can suspend disbelief, forget how ridiculous the whole thing is, and just enjoy the ride should also be able to enjoy it. I will buy the DVD for my children when it comes out.
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on 21 January 2010
We really enjoyed this movie. My son loved the first one so we really wanted this when it came out.

I am very careful what I let him watch, expecially PG stuff as he is only 3 and I find some things rated as such can be a little scary still, but this was no problem at all. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a couple of hours entertainement!
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A seven-year-old's summary: "It's a brilliant film! It's different from the first one, and better too - especially in Blu-ray! It was a bigger museum with much more interesting characters. Larry made friends with a lady called Amelia and they fought all the baddies together. It was really funny when the dinosaur skeleton acted like a pet dog, wagging his tail. I loved this film and I want to see it again."

A ten-year-old's point of view: "I really liked it! I felt it was better than the first film, I liked the lady called Amelia who was a famous aeroplane pilot from the early days of aviation, and I thought there was more action and humour this time. I liked the way the animals came to life - monkeys, a giant octopus, an ostrich, a moose, a squirrel, a zebra and a mammoth. I'm going to tell my friends to get this DVD."

A fourteen-year-old's opinion : "It was a brilliant film, with the same characters as in the first film as well as some new ones, facing new threats and new dangers. It was funny and adventurous, and one of the things I liked about it was the bringing to life of some famous historical characters and events, managing to mix humour with a bit of education as well. I'm keen on history anyway so I particularly liked this. I'd recommend it to my friends at school."

As for me, I was captivated by the visual wonders of the high-definition on display. I've seen a lot of Blu-ray films now, and I would guess that only about half of them are clearly worth paying the extra for HD. This film is definitely an example of Blu-ray adding value and justifying the price, as it simply adds to the viewing experience. The story is almost completely fantasy so its presentation is very important, and because the extras were in standard-def 720p it was easy to appreciate how much better the film itself was. It's aimed at a young audience of course, and I doubt that I would have ordered it for myself only, but for children of almost all ages (say seven and up) it's just right to keep them amused, entertained and even educated too. It's another of those films that's noticeable for conspicuous 'product placement', and while that's perfectly justified for the incredible Smithsonian Institution with its 19 museums, it's a little irritating for the minor consumer items such as laptops, mobile phones and flatscreen televisions - in all cases the manufacturer's name is discreetly (and sometimes not so discreetly) on screen, and these companies pay big monies for this kind of long-term advertising. But children won't notice it, although subliminally they might carry those memories forward to adulthood which, who knows, can influence their buying patterns.

But that's to distract from what is, in fairness, a very good film especially for its technical and CGI-based achievements. It's a film that children are likely to want to see over and over again, making a strong case for a purchase as opposed to a rental. It can sometimes lose the children's attention when it gets a bit 'talky', but the visual treats that soon follow always compensate. Gets the thumbs-up from me.
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on 12 December 2009
Night at the museum 2, is a great follow-up from night at the museum,
In museum one Ben Stiller was the care taker, and everything came alife at night.
This was such a good laught and had a good story line.
In night at the museum 2 BEn stiller had bought this own little company, after work one night he went to the museum to find they were packing everything up to put it into storage. He got up set and wanted to find where they were keeping everything, he found where they were storing things and broken in to try and get the tablet which is what made everything come a life. Without the tablet the museum would be just like every other one at night.
This film is great for all ages to enjoy, at great night at home with the kids and pizza.
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on 23 February 2010
I loved this film at the cinema, so couldn't wait for it to come out on Blu-ray. This is an excellent addition to any collection and the Blu-ray extras are really good. I liked the fact that it came with a digital copy for my iPhone. I highly recommend you buy this.
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on 23 December 2009
Great follow up to the original movie that built on the relationships between the key characters and introduced a number of new themes. Liked the story line and the film absolutely stood up on its own. Nice excerpts from history generally. Some very funny and equally moving scenes. Sequels are often difficult and for me and my family (aged 10 to 41) the film worked and was greatly enjoyed.
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Things have started going very well for Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) since we last checked in with him. His inventions have started to take off. He's the head of a company and hawks his own products on late night TV infomercials. In fact, he's just days away from signing a deal with Wal-Mart.

But he isn't as happy as he used to be. One night, he decides to visit his old friends at the Museum of Natural History, only to discover that they are about to be shipped to deep storage at the Smithsonian. When he gets a late night cry for help from Jedediah (a credited Owen Wilson), he heads to DC to help.

It seems the gold tablet that brought the exhibits to life has other powers. The ancient Egyptian ruler Kah Mun Ra (Hank Azaria) knows this and wants to use it to take over the world. He teams up with Ivan the Terrible (Christopher Guest), Napoleon (Alan Chabat), and Al Capone (Jon Bernthal) to get the tablet and unleash the undead. Only Larry can stop him, with the help of friends old and new including Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams). Can he do it?

While I enjoyed the first one when I first watched it, I will admit it had to grow on me. Not so with this one. I loved it right out of the gate. The comedy is great, with so many little moments that made me laugh I suspect I will be watching it several times before I catch all the jokes.

The plot is something completely new as well. I couldn't help comparing it at times to The Mummy, even though this movie never forgets it is a family comedy. Many of our friends from the first movie are reduced to smaller roles, but that helps keep the story fresh and entertaining on this go around.

That's not to say anyone is missing. The main original cast all come back and does fine with the parts they have. The new cast perfectly fits into the franchise as well, making this feel like a brand new adventure with friends.

Of course, the special effects are everywhere. They manage to not take over the story but help tell it. And I believed everything I saw.

So gather the entire family together for a great night of action and laughs
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on 16 January 2010
Having liked the original film I was keen on seeing this one on Bluray.

First of all the story. If you have a good film it makes sense to make a sequel, but it also makes it very hard to match it. This one comes very close, if it doesn't quite match it. Make sure you see the first film before watching this one. There are a lot of references and story continuity that only makes sense if you get the references. The film is good, stylish and amusing. There is still some very good acting, with Robin Williams being particularly good as well as the interaction between Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson. A well-paced entertaining film.

Secondly the Blu-ray. This one comes fully loaded, with a Bluray, a DVD and a digital copy. The Picture Quality was very good, slick visuals throughout, with lots of attention to detail. There is also a 5.1 DTS HD audio track. I checked the bundled DVD as well, just for my own entertainment, and there is a big difference in picture quality.

I've never been too sure about digital copies, but with a new Walkman MP3 player I decided to give it a go. The transfer was a little fiddly, but eventually I managed it, via windows media player. It would be fun to provide some amusement on a train or plane, but apart from that I don't see it as very valuable. It's unlikely I would ever watch a whole film on it.
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on 2 May 2014
I bought this film for my dorter, Dorothea, but mussay I end up enjoy it justasmuch meself. Ben Spiller is illarious wile Steve Cougarn an that bloke with a bent nose both take good parts as coboys and row mans oldiers. I've never been to a reel museum meself if u don't cuont Drabford foot grafts and media, but can easily imagine it would be just like this after darkness falls and I must say that fellow who is an Egypshan as an veryf unny speach impediment all most like my first/last/ex- wife, Dorothea's mother, Daphnia, the overbearing sea hag. All of which thaid I look forwardth with great antithipathion to he nextht inthtallment! Ha!
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on 12 November 2009
Ben Stiller returns of the nightwatchman turned sucess he returns to the musem to find most of the are going to the Smithsonian and are to be replaced by holographic information giving exbitis.

Ben is jouined by the fampus faces from the first film and some new one's I have seen this film 4 times it doesa start to lose something after so many times but there isn't much else to do on a plane if you can't sleep, This film is great for people who enjoyed the first and has some great funny bits but is very slow also.

It great to add to have both film but be warned not good as the first.
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