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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars111
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 6 November 2009
So, my husband and I love to play together - and that's why Resident Evil 5 is one of our fav games.
When we picked up Borderlands in the shop and saw Co-Op we went straight to the till !

The game is pretty good for a FPS. Action good, controls easy and similar to many of the FPSs around. Nice.
Graphics are retro-comic, and I love it that way. It can be very amusing, and when you meet the Bosses, you get an introduction screen with some quip about them (Nine-Toes has 3 balls, aparently !)

Although the RPG part of it is slim compared to most, it is still designed so you have to make a strategic choice in the first 25 levels to decide what you're going to focus on. After which, you can pretty much choose what you want (fill em up!).

We've played as all 4 characters, but our fav paring is Lilith (siren) and Roland (soldier) - and I play Roland, and other half as Lilith ! Good voice acting, and soooo many quests, you'll never get bored.

When we got it we had a 6 hour stint the first night, and have played it for at least 2 hours every night since. It's definately addictive !

Definately one of the best Co-Ops out there. And as per the other reviewers....Co-Op is the way forward !!! Get in there !

Awesome !
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on 23 October 2009
Borderlands is quite simply a very cool game. from the funky graphics, looney characters and endless amount of weaponary, there is bound to be something you'll like about this game!

The first thing you notice are the graphics, they are nothing like what we are used to (although these graphics have been used in the past occasionally). They work on a "cartooney" effect known as cel shading, which is very bizzarre at first, and kinda hard to explain but please don't dismiss borderlands because of this. The graphics are actually very nice and they work very well, it is extremely refreshing to see something a little different for a change. The voice acting in this game is excellent too, really entertaining, and the story line is good enough too, although a little aimless at times maybe.

Borderlands is more of a multi tasking game rather than a straight through single player campaign, there are loads of goals to complete and you can start and stop any of these at your own will. It is very easy to navigate your way around the borderlands world thanks to its easy to read map and navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
You can also play through the game on an online co-op game which is great fun, although makes it very easy to defeat enemies as they barely stand a chance against 4 of you.
It is also an RPG FPS and you level up as you progress (obviously) and can upgrade weapons and grenades etc to your preference.

Vehicles add a new fun factor to borderlands with a mini gun and rocket launcher to cause extra damage, but it's much more entertaining to just run everything over! Fortunately you can stick to walking for the most part which I must admit I am pleased about because the controls for driving are just awful at first, they take some real getting used to and can be very annoying at times.

Overall Borderlands is definitely worth giving a go as I think most FPS fans will find it great fun. The controls are similar to BioShock so if you are a fan of that you will feel right at home with the R2 to shoot rather than the typical R1 of most FPS games, and also fallout 3 fans will be able to see some influence here (which is only a good thing) the enemies are very similar to the raiders and creatures from the capital wasteland. Borderlands isn't copying any other games, it does stand out quite a lot, but there are some definite influences from other titles.

The only down side to Borderlands is the loading times from one section of the world to another. They are disgraceful, and the loading screen images are amazingly boring! Also the vehicle handling is a big no no for me too, they could have made the controls far better and user friendly. And although The Background music works pretty well it can be a little monotonous at times, but you can turn it off or down if you wish.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming.
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on 27 October 2009
Borderlands if foremost a First-Person Shooter, and second a role-playing game. While you investigate the world doing quests and killing various enemies, you gain experience points. Upon reaching a new level, your maximum health increases and you get to put skill points into you character's skill tree. You get to choose one of four classes, which are all no standard archetypes from other roleplaying games and quite unique:

The Hunter - is a sniper-type rogue who can improve his skill with pistols and sniper-rifles via his skill tree. His special is a bird calles "Bloodwing" which you can send out to do damage upon enemies.
The Soldier - jack-of-the-trade with all guns, specializes in Combat Rifles and Shotguns. His special skill is putting up an automatic turret with some kind of bullet shield for protection
The Siren - Female Character who specializes in machine pistols and other smallarms. Her special skill is the "phase walk" where she walks into another dimension, and un-seen from the enemies can stalk around for sneak-attacks with elemental damage.
The Berserker - huge guy with massive health who like wielding rocket launchers. His special skill makes him invulnerable and punch enemies for huge amounts of damage in close combat.

The quests are typical. Kill twenty of that, get ten of that items, run there, talk to that dude, come back and so on. I wasn't overly impressed by the quest design. The bosses are quite challenging so far and need different tactics to be taken down. Each area of the game has its own "Monster" type which you encounter a LOT. A little more variety wouldn't have hurt but its at least consistent and the enemies fit in nice. Several items in the game and some dialogs are quite funny and made me at least grin for a while. (Gameplay 4 of 5)

Travelling: To get from one zone to another you have to activate portals, loading times could be faster but are ok. Later in the game you get to drive vehicles (with somewhat awkward handling) to improve travel times. Even later on you can teleport around from various stations to another.

The graphics are decent and something new setting the game apart from the market. It's quite gory at times allowing you to shoot bodyparts of and make heads (or complete mobs) explode. (Graphics 4 of 5)

Others here state that the Voices are outstanding, well i can't agree with that since there's almost no voice in this game at all. The NPC's always say the same sentence when 'clicked' and when given a quest you mostly have to read through a text instead of having any interaction with the other characters. (Sound 3 of 5)

Loot: Throughout the game you will collect tons of different weapons, all with diablo-esque modifiers like +5% damage, -10% reload time, +12 magazine size, -30% recoil etc etc. There are myriads of different combinations a given gun can have, which keeps you hunting for the "ultimate" one nonstop. You also get to upgrade your class skill via 'Artifacts' (like giving your Bloodwing Attacks elemental damage), you can use different grenade mods for different effects (like bounding nades, contact grenades, fire/shock/corroding grenades etc), you can upgrade your backback to have more inventory space and/or carry more ammunition and last but not least there are dozens of different 'class mods' to improve various skills of your class. (Lootveriety 4.5 of 5)

All in all i like the game so far. It's a solid experience and makes a polished impression.
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on 17 October 2011
What is Borderlands?? Is it a FPS or RPG or a mix of the two genres? Is it better than Fallout 3?
These are just some of the questions surrounding this game, admittedly a lot of them have been answered as it has been out for a while and it can be picked up for a reasonable price now. The one thing I can say for certain is this game is it divides opinions on if it is any good as it is a love it or hate it title.
Borderlands is an adequate if unremarkable FPS game with a hint of RPG due to the levelling up that is required to progress and boy is there a lot of levelling up to do! The term `grind' fits snugly when describing this game as that is what you will be doing, killing numerous enemies over and over again as you undertake yet another mission in order to improve your XP so that you can complete the story mode.
Graphically the game has quite a unique style to it in terms of the enemies that you come across and the environment is quite sizeable if bland in places.
The co-operative mode which I tried for all of 10 minutes seems like it could be interesting if you have the right partner to play through the game but to be honest this didn't really interest me as by the time I tried this function I was already suffering form Borderlands fatigue!
The game will offer you a lot of playtime for your pound which generally would be a good thing, unfortunately for me due to the constant grinding it felt a bit tiresome and I committed a cardinal sin of checking a walkthrough to see when the game would end, not for any hints or tips I might add in my defence!
The main thing missing from this game is character, as in there is no personality whatsoever just go to collect a mission complete a mission return and repeat what seems like a ridiculous amount of times. Sometimes it would have been nice to have some interaction with the other non playable characters in the title but there is nothing. Even the boss battles are instantly forgettable which is a shame as the developers seem to have resorted to the old belief that bigger is better!

The comparisons to Fallout 3 are unfair as they are different in their approach as Borderlands is definitely more on the FPS side of the fence than Fallout. But this title seems like it was missing something to push it into the must have let alone classic category that Fallout 3 occupies.
Its an Ok game which if you have nothing else to play and fancy dedicating a fair bit of time to one particular game then pick it up.
Borderlands 2 has recently been confirmed and I'm hoping that some of the issues I have identified will be rectified in that version.
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on 25 October 2009
first and foremost borderlands is a first person shooter. It is not story driven it is pretty much all about the action, but it is fine action.
At first the guns seem a little underpowered and some enemies are clearly out of your league so are best avoided or taken down gradually via the respawning system (fortunately the enemies regain health too so it isn't too easy).
Graphically it is very bright and stylized, which I think works, the tone is quite light making it fun to play not overly grim. The sounds and voice acting are all pretty solid, in fact the whole thing is a pretty polished product.
For those rpg fans wondering if it is worth picking up, well it isn't really competing against fallout 3 thats for certain. Sure there are similarities and where fallout 3 was very much about the RPG element Borderlands is about the shooting (and looting for that matter). In fact imagine fallout 3 fused with timesplitters and diablo and you have borderlands.
I have only been playong for a day at this point so I cannot say about long term appeal but I suspect the multiplayer aspect will be the keeper. What sets this apart from so many other fps games is that it is playable split screen.


Anyway, the multiplayer is good fun and certainly adds to an already solid game.
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on 15 November 2009
The first thing that struck me about this game was the graphics, which I thought were very cool; very Scanner Darkly. It struck me as a really good way to give some dimension without losing out/taking from other areas of the game.

From what I've played so far the game progresses well and its not some insane mission to kill a boss, but it's also not a walk in the park. Cool game looking forward to playing more, recommend. Does take a mo to load up the next bit to a map; that crossover thing where you turn a key/open a door blah blah which is just a narrative way of loading up a new map, yeah that takes the usual time, but doesn't take away from the fun of the game though.

Wish it had given me a car or a bike straight away though, save on the legs. Must've gotten lazy from the days of GTA4 I guess; see it, take it, drive it away. Thats the only reason this isn't a 5 star game. Great buy though.
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on 17 November 2009
This game seemed to appear out of no where, a friend recommended it prior to the games release. I scouted out a few gaming web sites watched a few reviews and it sounded good/ be honest I wasn't really blown away by the previews of it, sure it looked pretty but I wasn't convinced. But my friend convinced me to pre-order it and so it arrived on its release day and I prepared to play.

12 solid hours after putting the disc into mp PS3 later I stopped (for a much needed toilet break and to actually eat something) I was blown away by it, it more importantly hooked. It is at heart a very simple first person loot driven role playing game. The character skill upgrades are simple to manage with weapon proficiencies and unique skill trees (three per character). The mission are rather simple go to X/go get X/ hunt X/ collect X etc. All end up with you having to fight your way through various creatures/monsters and relatively human opponents.

The weapons you used can be collected from defeated foes, purchased from vendors or found in weapon crates dotted around the various landscapes and have a simple colour coded value system that also indicates how powerful effective they are.

But as the icing on top of the cake the whole game from start to finish can be played in co-op with an online player or party of up to three extra people as well as in two player local split screen. Adding an extra person or group to your game just makes the shooting and looting action even more fun. Personally this game gets my vote for Game of the Year.

All in all simple, enjoyable blast away fun that is really so worth a purchase I can't recommend it enough, with additional D.L.C missions promised I hope a sequel is planned too.
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on 30 March 2010
This game is digital crack cocaine. i cannot praise it enough for the amazing fun it contains!
excellent gameplay and amazing art-direction is what helped make this game a hit despite it being released so soon to ModernWarfare2, arguably the biggest FPS of last year.
this game is a never ending well of fun (especially when playing with a friend, locally or online), and the expansions only help make it even more harder to leave it!
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on 23 October 2009

I recently bought this game with a lot of expectation. I had read all the reviews and was intrigued by the graphics, the cross between an RPG and a 1st person shooter and the whole online co op potential it offered.

I wasn't disappointed. Anything that could make me put COD away has to be very very good. It plays excellently, and is challenging but not impossible to advance. The quests (for want of a better word) are varied and original and don't leave you frustrated and stuck / or bored. Just the right blend.

There are billions (?) of weapons and the variety is refreshing. Can't wait for more an more people to get it and to play online. Plus the down-loadable content should keep it interesting for a lot longer then other games in this genre.

Thanks 2K!
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on 10 September 2011
Borderlands was one off if not THE most surprisingly good games of this generation. When it was announced and shown off there was some good buzz around it but noone expected it to be anywhere near as good as it turned out. With hundreds of thousands of guns, grenade mods, shields to collect, 4 different characters with each having to 3 separate skill trees too level through and a massive world to explore and loot, how can this game go wrong? plus add in that you can travel through this huge campaign with up to 3 friends in 4 player online co-op.

Some people will compare this game to Fallout 3 (PS3) which I feel is not true, fallout 3 is a RPG with some shooter mechanics while Borderlands is a shooter with some RPG mechanics. This may not sound like they would be that different but trust me they are vastly different.

Borderlands plays strangely like a typical RPG; you wonder a open world going from city to city completing quests, gaining experience and money to buy new upgrades or weapons so you can continue killing creatures and going into dungeons to kill bosses. While it is structured like an RPG it always feels like an FPS, it took a long while for me to notice when I was killing groups of enemies that I was just grinding exp, which in a regular MMO or RPG would be tedious and boring but in this it never does.

You play as either Mordecai; the sniper, Lilith the Siren, Brick the Beserker or Roland the soldier, each character has different skills that can be upgraded and a special attack.
Mordecai uses ranged weapons, his skills increase his ranged attacks, the teams accuracy or allows the team to gain more experience. His special attack is launching an eagle towards the enemies, this eagle can be upgraded with electric attacks, poison etc.
Lilith Is a close quarter shooter, she gains exp quicker than the others and most of her skills are just boosting herself in either ranged or melee attacks. Lilith's special attack allows her to move at twice her regular speed, turn invisible and then explode, damaging any enemies nearby.
Brick Is a straight up shotgun or SMG guy, with him you just want to run into the middle of the fight and go crazy, his skills increase his own defense and melee. His special makes him invincible and increases his melee damage for a set amount of time.
Roland is the support class, he is best played if you know you will be playing in a group as he boosts other's weapons or gives them ammo and health bonuses. His special attack let's him place a turret down which draws the attention of any nearby enemies.

The game takes place on the fictional planet Pandora; a planet once filled with rich minerals. Many companies flew to the new planet to harvest the minerals and once it was mined out all the people that could afford to moved off of the planet, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. It was rumoured that aliens had created a vault with technology in it that was incredibly superior to anything previously known. Your goal in the game is to find the mythical "vault" and find out if the myths are true.

I felt that the overall plot wasn't compelling but that wasn't important to me because the journey to that destination was incredibly memorable. The bosses in each dungeon had their own moments which made them distinguishable, the environments were impressive and the cell-shaded graphics give the game a look that stands out more than any game out at the moment.
Any fan of FPS games should not have a problem with this, and in the same breathe fans of RPGs that don't play shooters often will find a lot to enjoy in this game. I played a total of 20something hours in my first play through and that wasn't including all side missions and now all the DLC.
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