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on 10 March 2015
The first film was built for the term 'hit and miss' so i must admit even though i went to see it at the cinema like the first i didn't think it could improve a great deal,i was wrong thank goodness.
What we have here is a much better film with a more exciting story and funnier lines and certainly a more Steve Martin film this time around and less a imitation of Peter Sellers.
As i said before the story is a lot better this time around with The Pink Panther diamond getting stolen once again along with some other artifacts and Clouseau along with more detectives from around the world investigate as part of a team.
The cast is a excellent one,as well as the genius Martin we have British legend John Cleese as Inspector Dreyfus(a much better choice than previous star Kevin Kline),top Hollywood actor Andy Garcia as the Italian detective,British actor Alfred Molina as the Brit detective,Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai as the Indian detective and returning stars from the first film French actor Jean Reno as sidekick Ponton and lovely British actress Emily Mortimer as Clouseau's love Nicole and unlike the last film they have camaraderie.
It is a lot funnier this time around with more great lines instead of just slapstick which half the time wasn't that funny in the first movie and when the slapstick does happen it works as there is a use to it and Steve Martin is very much like Leslie Nielsen in getting the best lines out as well as getting himself into a state when it calls for it.
Nothing really is bad this time around even if like the first film it can stray into silly at times but nowhere near as much as the first movie and you do lose track of things a couple of times.
But its so much more enjoyable and a very funny movie and stands with the superior sequels pile of films.
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Having succeeded at the box-office where Alan Arkin, Ted Wass and Roberto Begnini failed, it wasn't too surprising that Steve Martin would return for a sequel to his 2006 Pink Panther, but it's a far from promising sign for this outing that where each of the previous films had a proper title, even if it was a simple matter of adding a word like Return, Revenge or Trail to the title, the best they could do here was stick a `2' on the end. Yet overall, The Pink Panther 2 turns out to be an improvement both on Martin's first outing and Blake Edwards' increasingly desperate non-Peter Sellers sequels in the 80s and 90s.

Some problems from the first film have been addressed - Kevin Kline's unmemorable Inspector Dreyfus' has been replaced by a more frustrated but still not homicidal John Cleese, Jean Reno's sidekick has a bit more to do this time and new director Harold Zwart is a bit better at staging the pratfalls than Shawn Levy even if he can't disguise some very obvious stunt doubling - while others persist - Martin still doesn't have much of a grip on the character and his accent still isn't funny. The first couple of reels aren't very promising. Part of the problem is that where Sellers realised the joke was that Clouseau not only didn't realise he was an idiot but actually thought he was cool as well as brilliant, his Clouseau isn't played straight enough, with too much face pulling to emphasise it's a comedy but too often coming across like the kind of performance in children's television shows that even children find patronising. It's hard to tell whether he gets better or you just get used to him as the material improves, but things pick up immensely once the plot kicks into gear and Clouseau finds himself the least qualified member of a dream team of international experts tracking down a master criminal: Andy Garcia's Italian Lothario with designs on Clouseau's sweetheart (Emily Mortimer), Alfred Molina's British deductive genius, Yuki Matsuzaki's barely developed Japanese computer expert and Aishwarya Rai's crime writer.

As usual the plot's just a springboard for the comic set pieces which see the Pope humiliated, Clouseau receiving political correctness seminars from Lily Tomlin, fending off surprise karate attacks from Jean Reno's children and destroying Italian restaurants, providing a surprisingly decent smile count even if belly laughs are rarely to be found. There's one neat bit of juggling with wine bottles (real in Martin's case, CGI-enhanced in the case of the extras) and a nicely executed closed circuit camera sequence that owes more than a little to Martin's encounter with the guard dogs in Father of the Bride that are particular standouts, but for the most part this is more undemandingly pleasant than hysterically funny - more Sunday afternoon fare than Saturday night special.

The film's failure at the box-office (it took less than half as much as its 2006 predecessor) is reflected in the threadbare extras package: where its predecessor got a director's audio commentary, lengthy deleted scenes (and with Johnny Hallyday only appearing briefly in one scene with Jeremy Irons in the sequel, it's quite possible that if it had been more successful we'd have had some here as well), six featurettes and a couple of music videos, this has to settle for a gag reel and a couple of featurettes. The widescreen transfer is adequate, but the overlit children's book style visuals don't really benefit much from a Blu-ray transfer so this is one you won't be losing out on much if you stick to the DVD release.
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Haha....being a life long fan of the Pink Panther movies, I HAD to watch the first one of Steve Martin remakes, and I loved it! I actually had no idea that a second one had been made, so I have only just watched this! I know people slate these movies, but I watch them with an open mind, and I can't see a problem with them. I personally think Steve Martin embodies the spirit of Clouseau perfectly. The best moments for me were the choosing of the wine, and the secret password! Lol
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on 29 August 2015
Anyone who dislikes Steve Martin as the hilarious inspector is either butthurt about the remakes of an already fantastic series or lives a miserable life.

Both 1 and 2 were excellent and Steve Martin along with the rest of the cast mould together just nicely. A funny, well shot film with plenty of slap stick fun for the family.

The cast is a multicultural cast / characters of Indian, Japanese, French, Italian and English which was a breath of fresh air. The so called "racism," someone has used as a way to low rate the film in another review is ridiculous. The jokes regarding race, sex, hair colour (dumb blonde etc) are simply their to show the inspectors innocent ignorance and slight arrogance, but is not exactly racism nor offensive. I doubt if the film was racist, any of the cast would have signed up for it.

Some people are either far too sensitive or looking for an excuse to low rate because they get a kick out of it. Unleash the big kid in you, and give it a go. It is a joy to watch.
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on 11 February 2016
Summoning up the courage to watch Pink Panther 2 after watching the really dire 2006 Pink Panther 1, one is obviously prepared for the worst. The opening scenes start with modest optimism with John Cleese in Basil Fawlty mode as Clueso’s boss. Throughout the film Steve Martin is now surrounded by a fine heavy duty cast almost as an insurance policy to avoid a further film flop. But this fine cast only highlights and isolates the monotonic moronic stream of buffoonery as Martin tries to emulate Sellers. To be fair to 2 it is an incremental improvement over 1, with occasional amusement such as in the restaurant La Plat de Nada, the tissue in the shoe, and the two piglet children who replace Cato as the covert house attackers. But Steve Martin’s repetitive moronic grimaces become just too tedious as the plotless film progresses. And the rest of the cast just look embarrassed much of the time and seem to be waiting for their pay cheque whilst thinking "Please end, please end.."
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on 22 June 2014
Being a long time fan of the original Peter Sellers films I was thrilled to bits with Steve Martin's own unique take on this classic character. Thoroughly entertaining! If you're in two minds about buying this - then don't be. Just buy it! You will regret it rien!
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on 16 January 2015
Amazon streaming doesn't ever seem to work very well on LG TV's. It's not so much the film but on trying on multiple TV's with different internet connections, it still has the same problem so I never got to see the whole film and there's no way of being able to get a refund. Netflix it is then.
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on 17 July 2014
not as funny as the first one but great if your a little kid again it will be more funnier
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on 4 April 2016
Brilliant funny & good clean family fun
To watch joseph
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on 5 August 2009
Steve Martin and the cast are great, bringing the Pink Panther up to date for the current generation. Of course Steve Martin will never portray the role of Clouseau in the same way as Sellers, because he is not Sellars! He adds a new perspective to the role, interpreting Clouseau in his own unique way. The whole family enjoyed this film and there were lots of funny moments.
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