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4.3 out of 5 stars538
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2009
I have had the 305 and 405 and whilst these are both great products in their own right had a few short comings which, for me, the 310XT addresses

It fits nicely in the wrist and is lighter than the 305 and more comfortable than both the 305 and 405 that both feel a little rigid due to the satellite receivers. It has the great satellite pick up of the 405. Its waterproof so great for swimming and triathlon. The virtual runner shows both time and distance ahead or behind (305 only shows time). You can vary your target pace as you run (like the 405). The screen is easy to see whereas the 405 can be a bit difficult. The screens are more easily customisable than the 305 and 405 and has extra options such as actual speed e.g. 12.5kph when running rather than just pace.

The buttons for scrolling are simple and faultless (the 405 bezzel is a nighmare when wet when it rains or you are sweaty)

It has the ANT wireless and pairs easily with your computer

It doesnt have the pre loaded runs like the 305 such as 10k, half marathon but they take seconds to set up via the custom option on the watch or training software so they can be reused.

It also has vibrate alerts so you know when a split has been taken or you have started the timer etc as well as the usual beep option - I didnt think I would be to bothered by having it but now Ive used it its pretty handy.

Its a bit more expensive than the 305 and 405 but worth every penny
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on 15 June 2015
As a runner, I think this is exactly what I was looking for. Functionally, it does everything I need. Things I love: Day-to-day functionality, virtual pacing partner, big battery life, big screen, faultless satellite reception (I live in the countryside), faultless pairing with Windows pc / Garmin Connect, comfy strap, lightweight, waterproof, big buttons that are easy to press whilst on move and not easily accidently pressed (can be locked too), HR monitor is great and as a training tool this Garmin device has helped me improve without question. I also love analysing all the data it produces via the Garmin Connect site. I am not sure I have any negatives but might comment that I only wear it whilst running as it is not a day-to-day watch, and (a) the manual may take a bit of time to wade through and (b) to ensure great HR monitor performance every time wet the strap where identified in the manual AND wet the skin too, then fit to chest. Summary, one of the best things I have ever bought.
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on 24 December 2009
I have owned the Forerunner 205 and 305 and was happy with both. This model though is a cut above. I considered buying a Polar, but was disappointed to read you have to buy a £50 gadget just to download data and even then they are not Mac compatible. I read reviews on Amazon and bought this one instead.

The watch is a good size and not heavy at all. The size is bigger than the 405 but you wouldn't wear it as a normal watch anyway, so this is fine for me.

Here are the positives for me compared to other models:

1. The GPS pick-up is superb! It is quick, even if you move locations. I moved from Abu Dhabi to Brussels and it picked up satellites in less than a minute. It even worked in my kitchen!
2. The vibration alert is really useful as you don't always want the watch beeping during events. Also if you have music on you don't have to rely on hearing it.
3. The charging cradle/lead is really easy to use and small enough to travel with.
4. The virtual partner function is very useful again.
5. The ease of uploading data to my Mac. The watch automatically pairs with the supplied USB 'dongle' once initially setup. It then transfers data to your computer very quickly.

As a final positive, the Garmin Connect software is superb. It tracks maps on Google and shows you split times, etc at each lap. The stuff you can do with this software is excellent. It seems that Garmin are committed to improve the software/firmware as updates seem to be worked on regularly and a firmware update was available for me yesterday. I have not used this online software before but it really is very easy to use and shows great information. Much better than the Polar online stuff!

The only negative thing would be strap!
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on 4 April 2015
A great little Garmin for the price, of which this is my first one. It gives even more useful data now I have a HR monitor and footpod. For those who don't know it gives details across your route of speed, elevation, average and peak heart rates, strides per minute, and average stride length (even on a treadmill). It usually finds the satellites quite quickly though can take up to about a minute sometimes. Though quite a large display, which I was looking for, I wish some of the button labels and screen instructions were a bit bigger, but then I am longsighted although I don't generally need to wear glasses for things apart from small print reading these days. I've used it for 1km interval training and it felt a little clumsy to use so I ended up going back to manual timing. It would probably get easier if you are prepared to persevere.
All in all it is quite a beguiling little piece of kit, that you feel you wouldn't like to be without once you have tried it, even though I managed for twenty years without one.
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on 27 September 2014
Very good running GPS watch. Especially for the reduced price as this model is being replaced.

The first watch I received had two issues that seem to be common, so beware and test yours for these.

1. The watch did not keep time when it lost the satellite fix. This issue is fixable by a full reset of the watch, so no big problem.

2. The watch did not keep a charge even when switched off. Charged to 100%, left it switched off for a day and found battery empty. Recharged to 100% and left on the charger over night, only to find it empty in the morning. This issue is apparently not fixable and a known problem according to Garmin.

Amazon replaced the watch promptly (sending out the replacement with next day delivery before I sent the defective watch back) and the second one works perfectly.

So if yours has these problems, it's a flawed batch example.
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on 22 September 2011
Wonderful bit of gear - easy to use, comprehensive features and very intuitive to operate whilst training. Alone the 310 is great, but couple it with the online 'Garmin Connect' software, and it becomes an invaluable aid to planning, analysing and understanding your swim / bike / run (or almost any other sport, for that matter!) routine. I bought it with the bike cadence meter and bike mount, both of which were easy to fix to my bike and set up with the 310 - the cadence meter makes the tricky job of maintaining a steady pace (90+ rpm in my case), a piece of cake and when combined with the map / elevation info of Garmin Connect, the user is offered genuine insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their training program and performance. This is a wonderfully intelligent combination of GPS, heart rate monitor and training computer - highly recommended.
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on 14 March 2016
Like much of the rest of the world, Garmin have dumbed down to style over substance leaving a trail of wasted hours in your evening shuttling through endless menus when you should be doing something more useful with your life. The complete tragedy of this powerful kit, is that this can revolutionise your running, and, indeed, your life. But the power behind the GPS system is left flailing in the wake of the poor software which accompanies this awesome potentiality. Whereas before, the Garmin Training Centre allowed you to come home, grab your shoes and do a workout easily grouped into pace zones, then come back, upload it and check your stats, Garmin have decided its more important for you to be able to share their product brand across social media and produce a plethora of pointless graphs and stats. All this of course, detracts from the actual experience you want- running. The drag and drop capability of Training Centre is now discontinued and you are faced with frustrating hours of to-ing and fro-ing across, albeit, quite visually pleasant menus. Even other apps like Strava cannot hide the laborious limitations of this software. I purchased this as I thought it would interface with Training Centre but a shaky wireless connection has rendered it pointless. Off to Ebay to pick up an old 305 at twice the price- but, if you are serious about running, and less serious about reading what some virtual coach has to say about why your beer gut isn't going down....then do not contemplate any Garmin kit that relies on its hapless software. Two days, two Garmins returned....
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on 25 July 2012
This is such a clever watch! I'm sure I haven't used half the functions yet but from what I've used in running, cycling and a triathlon it's been fantastic. You can swap between kilometres or miles which is useful for different types of races. Downloading the data from the watch to your computer is wireless and easy and once downloaded the details and functions are great! I was recommended this watch by many people and they were right so I'm joining them - if you're looking for multisport GPS watch this is the one you want!
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on 1 November 2014
I am not one to indulge in every new technical fancy or contraption in the pursuit of my favourite sporting activity. I prefer to put on shorts, shirt & trainers & just get out there. I am fortunate enough to live on the urban fringe of a big Midlands city so I have easy access to the local rolling countryside, which is where I prefer to run. So some years ago I splashed out on a bit of technical wizardry to help me out & bought a Garmin 305 to keep track of distance covered & times. I wasn't entirely happy with the angled shape but it was a big improvement over the previous model which was like having a half-brick strapped to your wrist & I refused to buy. However after several years of good service my 305 became very slow at picking up satellites - & I mean VERY slow, like 5 minutes or so. So I decided to check out the new Garmins.
I went for the 310 because it looked sleeker (no angled body) but had the same button layout that I had become familiar with & also performed a lot of other computer related functions that I neither needed nor, indeed, could understand.
So far I have been pleased with it, finds satellites quickly, good clearly visible read-outs, I like the way it vibrates gently every mile & gives you your time for that mile, doesn't ask stupid questions like "Are you inside?".
I've only given it 4 stars because, although it looks more like a wrist-watch than a portable computer like the 305, it is, in fact, the same weight &, if anything, thicker than the 305, though that is not apparent from the photos on Amazon. I might be a bit unfair for docking it a star for appearance rather than functionality, but it's just that shade short of 100%.
Other than that I can thoroughly recommend it.

Well today, on Sunday 5th June 2016, I can report that my Garmin Forerunner died on me & is now as dead & useless as a door-nail - after about 18 months of use.
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on 24 March 2011
The heart rate monitor on my 310Xt is wildly inaccurate. Garmin was unable/unwilling to make it function correctly and it died completely in 14 months.
I have been using various heart rate monitors absolutely problem free as a central training tool for over a decade. I acquired this watch 14 months ago and it has been plagued with problems that have necessitated hours of time back and forth with Garmin support. In comparison to all of my other heart rate monitors, the 310XT behaved strangely right out of the box. At times, the watch would read more than twice my actual heart rate. The tedious, time sucking back and forth with Garmin has finally ended with the chest strap of the heart rate monitor ceasing to function entirely, even after I bought a special screwdriver to open it up and replace the battery (as directed by Garmin).

Incredibly, Garmin has informed me that since the watch is now two months out of their one year warranty, I am on my own with this incredibly expensive piece of junk.
Shame on them.
There are lots of good heart rate/GPS combos out there. Do not buy this one whatever you do, and be careful buying from Garmin generally, they may treat you with a similar lack of respect if you have problems with a product.
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