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on 23 November 2010
Firstly, can I say that I cannot understand the review that says, as a criticism, that all the book consists of is a list of conjugated verbs when the book tells you on the cover that is exactly what it is. Dealing with the same review, if I wanted a source of great inspiration or understanding I would not expect to find it in a book of verbs. Sorry to pick on one review but I do feel that it skews the overall rating quite unfairly.

In my opinion the book is excellent. I have been learning Italian for many years and it is still the first book I pick up to help me ensure that I am using verbs correctly and unfortunately I need to do this quite often. I had the previous edition and now I have bought this latest version. It is even better as it brings together the various uses of the tenses and the way in which each tense is conjugated. In the previous edition the two aspects were included but in separate sections. It is better presented as use has been made of colour which is more reader friendly. It highlights 55 essential verbs and to my mind the book is worth buying if only for that as it makes me focus on getting these verbs, in particular, correct. Then, in addition to the 501 fully conjugated verbs it lists another 1500, yes 1500, and each one is cross referenced to a fully conjugated verb in the book so that you can then apply that conjugation to the 1500 in the list. So, for not a lot of money you have the capability of ensuring that you are dealing correctly with 2001 Italian verbs. The book also has small sections on miscellaneous grammar.

Some people are gifted when it comes to languages. They will have no need of this book. But for the rest of us who struggle to learn the verbs in the first instance and then, with the passing of time, need to check them the book is invaluable. I have many Italian grammar books and this is the one I consult most frequently.
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on 13 September 2002
An excellent introduction and reference to Italian verbs. The clarity of the conjugations makes it so simple to use and easy to find what you need.
There is also an excellent description of the 14 Italian tenses in the front explaining when to use each. True, if you don't know your English tenses, things may seem hard going at first but you'll actually learn more about English grammar as you progress.
Used along with a grammar book (such as Harrap Italian Grammar) and tutorial this book helps you find your feet quickly.
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on 16 September 2011
I must say that on the whole this has been an excellent buy. One cannot say that much about a verb book but this is good value for money and extremely comprehensive. It is also very nicely laid out and the print and font are easy on the eye. The introduction gives a nice overview of basic grammar too though I would recommend a seperate book for that such as the excellent Collins Easy Learning Grammar. One very silly fault though is for all the comprehensiveness, one very important verb ricordare or to remember is nowhere to be found in this, either in the main content of the book or in the glossary of verbs at the end. I have no idea how that slipped though the net.
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on 27 March 2011
I bought Barron's 501 Italian verb guide because I already had the spanish guide and was extremely pleased with it.
The book is big, but it is oftentimes worth taking to class in stead of your obligatory Italian books. It gives you a detailed conjugation of 501 verbs, but it also has so many other verbs that are listed in the back - each referring to a "model" verb which conjugation is alike. It also contains well-written grammar segments relating to when you are to use the different verb tenses, exercises and much more. To be brief: you will never have to wonder about a conjugation for long. Plus the fact that it has carefully pointed out 55 starter verbs, meaning verbs you should learn if you're a beginner, makes this both the beginner's favorite as well as the intermediate.
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on 14 May 2002
This is an invaluable companion to a good dictionary if you're learning Italian. My only criticism is that it would be useful to show more examples so that readers can get to grips with real uses of different tenses.
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on 28 May 2010
Very useful book for those learning italian,that's exactly what I have been looking for.highly recommended!
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on 31 May 2001
I was so frustrated trying to learn Italian...then I found this book! It makes everything so clear and I finally understand the complex Italian verb structure. It is a must have for any student of Italian! The English equivalents in the book made the grammer understandable for the first time. It's excellent...the whole book is so user friendly. All 4 for my kids use it! We even through out all are other Italian verb book...they were so confusing. You want to study Italian or are living aboard in Italy...Buy this book and keep it with you ALL the time!
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on 29 December 2013
I needed this book on my Kindle and it is wonderful and just what I need..BUT as with a lot of Kindle books, a lot of the font sizes in tables or quotes cannot be made larger and also if they were not tiny and in pale grey, it would be easier to read them. I have a magnifying glass but would rather be able to read some of the text which contains the actual Italian Verbs. Just posting this in the hope that an update for the book with the ability to enlarge ALL the text might one day be available to update the book.. However, still a really useful tool for my studies and I am still so pleased books have become so much more portable Also there is no mention of how I access the free CD which comes with the paperback version but I may have missed information for that?
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I think this is a very comprehensive book on verbs and their tenses in every common form. Its well laid out and easy to navigate. Perhaps there might have been more examples of how thesse tenses areused, but on the other hand that sort of topic is discussed and detailed in many other Italian Language books. So in summary, it does exactly what it says it will do, and does it very well. Personally I connot imagine a bigger book on this topic which would be formayptted like this - 501 verbs is a mighty lt of verbs to get through - however if you want this formay 'lite' there are 55 very common verbs highlighted. So I think this book covers everything it sets out to do.
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on 2 January 2014
A good reference book with a pretty comprehensive list of verbs. Certainly appears it have all the most common verbs as far as I can tell. Comes with a CD which I never got around to trying out. Learning Italian is all about getting to grips with the verbs so this a good book to have to hand as a reference guide. 'Italian Verb Drills' by Paola Nanni-Tate' Italian Verb Drills, Third Edition (Drills Series) provides an excellent introduction to the rules of formation of Italian verbs in all the various tenses and would certainly be a more useful book for the beginner.
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