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on 23 February 2010
The final stop before Wrestlemania 25 takes place is No Way Out, and this really is a real tagline as the superstars enter the Elimination Chamber to see who will be the champions before Wrestlemania. Also Shane McMahon seeks redemption against Randy Orton over his recent actions on Raw. Shawn Michaels attempts to get out of JBL's employment. There really is No Way Out!

1. WWE Championship: Elimination Chamber Match - Triple H def. Edge (c), Jeff Hardy, The Big Show, The Undertaker & Vladimir Kozlov - 8/10

This is a good start to the night, and a shocking elimination right at the beginning. The final 2 superstars were the biggest in the match and all 6 of these men put of a good match here to start the night off.

2. No Holds Barred Match: Randy Orton def. Shane McMahon - 8/10

This match is very good and Shane shows he can put on a good match even though he rarely wrestles. Plenty of action in this contest but the Viper claims another victim in the McMahon family.

3. ECW Championship: Jack Swagger (c) def. Finlay - 6/10

Another boring ECW title match involving Jack Swagger, and this is definitely one to forget.

4. All or Nothing Match: Shawn Michaels def. JBL

JBL comes close to keeping HBK's name and likeness but the Showstopper put an end to his misery and beats JBL and goes on to Wrestlemania!

5. World Heavyweight Championship: Elimination Chamber Match - Edge def. John Cena (c), Chris Jericho, Kane, Mike Knox & Rey Mysterio - 8/10

Another good Elimination Chamber match to end the show with Kofi Kingston getting attacked by Edge and then taking his place, the match started well and ended well with another shocking early elimination. A Smackdown superstar ends up winning the Raw World Heavyweight Championship.

Extras include:

Interview with winner of World Heavyweight Championship match
Unsanctioned Match: Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon - Raw, 16th February

This is definitely a good PPV and along with Royal Rumble and Backlash are 3 great DVD's that are worth buying na dseeing how great Randy Orton really is.
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on 4 December 2009
Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker

A huge surprising but absolutley briliant opener which had you on the edge of your seat for pretty much the whole 35 minute duration. Jeff & Edge kick things off with a nice looking bit of back and forwards action until a shocking upset. Vladimir and Show enter and compete which of them is the biggest and strongest athlete and then Triple H came in to change the motion until the Undertaker entered and was like this match is just gonna get even better and unleashed a fast emotional and physical fury. Some extremeley nice manuevers and counters and sequences in this one, Jeff takes a swanton off the chamber pod, Undertaker hits a nice superplex of Big Show, Jeff leaps off the Undertaker's back, over the ropes and onto Triple H and in the final 6-7minutes the last two men (Triple H and Undertaker) just delievered a tremendous sequence. Bold and outstandingly rare booking by the WWE which didn't disappoint once, everything just felt so right about it, the pacing, the choice of entrants, the choice of eliminations, the duration everything. Kudos to WWE.


No Holds Barred Match
Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton

Amazing promo by Orton before the math and the story to this match is something you just want to see more of and need to keep watching Raw for (at the time anyway). The selling of this match was incredible too, you really felt Shane being this guy who literally just wanted Orton to pay and never backed down, where Orton was this sneeky, vile snake of a human being that just needed to be put down. The action was all there, it was brutal and told an amazing story. Shane continues to amaze me risking his body on the line (moreso than actual wrestlers) by connecting a coast to coast with the trash can on Rhodes, missing an flying elbow from the ring through the announcer table, taking a superplex through a table. And even though they've gone PG now, thank you WWE for allowing to retain the blood on Randy, more because it told a better story that way. The ending was awesome withan absoulte out-of-nowhere RKO which has to be seen. A solid, hardcore bout.

ECW Championship
Jack Swagger vs. Finlay

Okay, this was here as a filler and calm the crowd down from the previous 2 bouts. And the only thing moving really in this match was a mid-rope crossbody block by Finlay and the ending owerbomb, other than that it was a pretty boring and slow affair but correctly short, I do wish Finlay could have a title run (doesn't have to be a top title, just like the US or Intercontinental or even a Tag Champion with someone) he's such a solid worker that's reliable and has a mixture of styles and can get the job done. A filler, but considering the previous 2 matches it was becoming an exhausting show so far, so in a way it was needed.


All Or Nothing Match
Shawn Michaels vs.JBL

Basically,Im glad the storyline's over after thismatch, and sorry to say this but I'm glad JBL doesn't wrestle anymore. He's got the mouth(mic skills), the heat, the villian in him, the knowledge, BUT he just can't really wrestle anymore.He's boring and way too old school for todays era of wrestling and it's fans. This match again wasmore for story and I wish being one of JBL's last matches it could've been great but it just wasn't, all it was for 11 minutes was JBL wearing down HBK with sleepers, locks and slow beat downs, until the final 2 minutes where HBK makes his comeback. In a way it makes HBK look a little weak. It just wasn't engaging to me and had this been something like a no disqualifications match or something it may of been better but was a big let down. Nothing memorable too really. Oh well, win some,loose some.


Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Mike Knox vs. Edge vs. John Cena

Yes, Edge is in this. Many were thinking why is this on last when the WWE Title had more top faces in it, and that's because THIS WAS A 5 STAR MATCH, that's why this went on last. Seriously the best chamber match I've seen IMO. It started with Y2J and Rey with great back and forwards action including Rey hanging from the roof and droping onto Y2J's shoulders for a hurricurana, talk about unique, the Kane comes in and does his thing before taking a seated plancha from Rey off the chamber pods, and incomes Mike Knox and does his thing, before Edge entering and Rey unleashing fury on him for beating up Kofi and taking his spot. A nice 3 way bit of action between Edge, Y2J and Rey occurs including a 'triple power of doom' before a shocking sequence involving John Cena making its appearance. The final two, Edge and Mysterio, seriously unbelievable and must be seen to believe, these 2 have to hook it up again one day and Mysterio shows why he should be main eventing a little more often. A great final 6 minutes between the two that you just dont want to see end. Absolutley tremendous.


Excluding the All or Nothing Match, this PPV was a Must See and should be in your collection, up until today it's one of the best ppv's of 2009 and the 3 amazing bouts and the necessary filler was well booked. Yes the HBK/ JBL matched was poor but Don't let it stop you from buying this with A perfect opener, an amazing 2nd match and a perfect finish. Highly Recommended.
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on 29 May 2009

Match 1 - Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship

Undertaker vs Triple H vs Big Show vs Vladamir Kozlov vs Jeff Hardy vs Edge (c)

This was a huge suprise to see as the first match on the card, To have Undertaker enter the arena first on a PPV you know your in for something special...In fact this is the first time ever that an Elimination Chamber match has kicked things off and the first time Taker makes the first entry on a card.

A 35 minute solid as a rock opener that will have you on the edge of your seat (excuse the pun). Huge upset within the first 5mins. Great go home sequence between the last two combatants. Just a pleasure to watch. 13 time world champ anyone?

Match 2 - Randy Orton vs Shane O'mac - No Hold Barred Match

For me this was match of the night. For shane to do his day job and still be this effective in the ring is outstanding. A really stiff match with some stellar spots thoughout, announce tables exploding, tables crashing and an RKO the likes of which you'll want to watch again and again. Orton is in a league of his own at the moment.

ECW Championship - Jack Swagger (c) vs Finlay

The idea behind the booking of this is to give Jack Swagger a competent opponent who if he beats will give him more credibility. Finlay is such a solid worker and has years of experience, Swagger could learn alot from him. Swagger impresses but its all thanks to the hard work of the fighting irish man.

All or Nothing Match - HBK vs JBL

This was a nice little fued that stretched HBK's character, he had to finely balance his performance, on the mic and in the ring to prevent him from becoming a fully fledged heel. This is the blow off of the fued and is a nice little match with JBL dominating through out until HBKs gorgeous real life wife Rebbeca makes the save and Mr Wrestlemania is free from the wrath of JBL.

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena (c) vs Edge!!!! vs Rey Mysterio vs Mike Knox vs Kane vs Y2J

An awesome match again here. Nothing on the first of the night but still some awesome, innovative moves, watch out for Mr 619 hit a hurricanrana from the top of the chamber and a seated senton from the top of a pod. Jerich shines here and a major upset unsues.

Match of the night goes equally to Orton vs Shane and the first Elimination chamber.

No Way out gets a 9/10.

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on 2 May 2009

WWE Championship Elemination Chamber Edge vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy vs Vladimir Kozlov vs The Big Show - ****(Great)

Street fight Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton - **3/4(Decent)

All or Nothing Shawn Michaels vs JBL - **(Decent)

ECW Championship Jack Swagger vs Finaly - ***(Good)

World Heavyweight Championship Elemination Chamber John Cena vs Rey Mysterio vs Mik Knox vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Edge - ****1/2(AMAZING)

WWE Championship Elemination Chamber Edge vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy vs Vladimir Kozlov vs The Big Show - 8.5/10(Great)

Street fight Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton - 6/10(Decent)

All or Nothing Shawn Michaels vs JBL - 5/10(Decent)

ECW Championship Jack Swagger vs Finaly - 6.5/10(Good)

World Heavyweight Championship Elemination Chamber John Cena vs Rey Mysterio vs Mik Knox vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Edge - 9.5/10(AMAZING)
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on 26 August 2009
This is a contender for card of 2009 as far as Im concerned. Both Elimination Chamber matches are great and were a joy to watch live. The rest of the card also manages to live up to the two main events standards but obviously are beaten by the great wrestling and story on show. Even Kozlov and Mike Knox manage to provide a strong showing here despite trepidation on my part. Well worth buying although like all WWE DVD's these days the Extra's are dissapointing to say the least.
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on 23 April 2014
the elimination chamber has dropped in quality over the years but this is the finest set of chamber matches so far with 2 very unexpected conclusions and hard fought matches, also the orton/shane match warrants a mention a hardcore match almost of the same calibre as the kurt angle/shane match from king of the ring 2001.
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on 9 June 2016
I think this was a grate product came right on time and packaging was really good thank you grate job i love it
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on 12 June 2009
Why No Way Out is so good (and was also last year) is because of the 2 Elimination Chamber matches. A brilliant match between Randy Orton and Shane McMahon was another highlight. There are some shocks and surprises in this show. All this makes No Way Out one of the best PPVs this year and worth buying on DVD. The DVD also includes a bonus match from Raw - Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match. Got to mention, it also has an awesome theme song by the group - Saliva. Absolutely brilliant! Check out their CDs! The WWE are so good at choosing themes for PPVs!
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on 22 February 2015
Very happy with my purchase.
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on 4 August 2009
following a very good royal rumble,we land at no way out and what an event it was,it had everything you could ask for ,elimination matches,yes,matches and controversy by the wagon load,a really sound event that i recommend,what followed next was wrestlemania and that wasnt as good as this.
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