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3.6 out of 5 stars23
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2009
The Lost Crown is one of the very best adventure games that I have played for many years.

As the player character (Nigel Danvers), you explore beautiful and very realistic locations throughout the game in a hunt for the lost Saxon crown.

During your journey, you encounter many interesting and strange characters, lots of wonderful locations, creepy voices, ghosts, unexplained phenomenon and lots more.

I spent days and days playing this game and once I started, I just couldn't stop. The game evokes a range of emotions as you play. In much of the game you feel that 'someone' is watching you and there are certainly plenty of moments during the game where you will simply `jump' out of your chair!

The game has a wonderful creepy ambience (especially when you are playing at 2am with a 5.1 surround sound system or with headphones on). There are also many moments in the game where you will feel elated at solving puzzles or helping characters (and ghosts).

The characters are superb; you feel that you really get to know all of them as you progress throughout the game. You also obtain assistance from characters, essential at later points in the game whilst you are being chased by ghostly figures!

As the game character, you get to use many fantastic ghost hunting gadgets to find and communicate with lots of ghosts!

To sum up:

Graphics = superb! Wonderfully rendered, the game also feels alive with lots of 3D artwork and actors (birds, cats, wildlife, people, reeds swaying, rolling fog etc).

Sound = spectacular! The sound effects (footsteps, 'over here' voices, ghostly sounds etc), eerie soundtrack and dialogs are amazing.

Game play = hours of fun, creepy, spooky adventuring and hunting for ghosts.

If you love adventuring, solving mysteries, exploring beautiful locations and enjoy being frightened with lots of creepy encounters - you must play this game!

Can you find the lost Saxon crown? Can you solve the mysteries?
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on 17 August 2012
A very well thought out nicely designed game with lovely spooky moments in it to the point where you're not sure if you want to enter certain rooms etc. The gadgets you're given are a nice touch to play with, the plot is intreguing and the black-and-white style of the game adds atmosphere.

However - and here's the real problem - the voice acting of Nigel Danvers (the character you play) is terrible! Sometimes the voice-actor is good, let's give him credit, but most of the time he adds pauses to sentences that make what should have been a serious statement a farse. It's like he went to the William Shatner school of acting or something. This really spoils the game to the point where statments made by Nigel are sheer comedy (for instance the "I'll let you get on with your, um *pause* gardening then." finishing off a conversation. These moments are so ridiculous that they completely destroys the mood of the game!

I would say that the voice-acting for Nigel does get better over all throughout the game, but when coupled with other poor voice-acting (Hardacre in particular, for instance) it, for me, totally ruined what could have been a great game.

I would still have given the game 4 stars, however, if that had been the only problem, unfortunately there's more. Vague tasks, obscure puzzles and lack of direction often leave you wondering aimlessly until you happen on the event you were supposed to find. Nigel walks very slowly and the game forces you to walk far and often (there's no quick-travel) which although is fine when you're exploring to begin with, rapidly gets annoying.

The ending could have been more satisfying too, being rather too simple and leaving a lot unexplained (which I think may have been the point, but still feels incomplete).

Overall, it is a good game, it had some very nice touches too and some truely creepy moments but is let down SO MUCH by the voice-acting.
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on 17 December 2009
The Lost Crown is a third person point and click game.

Nigel Danvers is being pursued by two men Mr Hare and Mr Crow, in trying to get away from them Nigel boards a train not knowing where it is going. The train after many hours pulls into Sedgemarsh Station, Nigel after speaking with the Stationmaster goes off to see where on earth he is, he then returns to the Stationmaster who explains that the train isn't going anywhere because of the spring tides, Nigel asks if there is a town nearby where he can get a bed for the night, the Stationmaster tells Nigel about the path that leads to Saxton through the fens and speaks of treasure, the Stationmaster then hands a wallet to Nigel that had been left on the train belonged to a young girl called Lucy Reubans and asks Nigel to return it to her. Nigel goes off to find the path to Saxton, he turns left onto the wooden walkways and sees Lucy through the marsh partly hidden by reeds. He carries on along the pathways looking for clues as to where he must go and eventually reaches Saxton shores where he meets a lady and her dog. Nigel finally reaches Saxton and finds a place to stay, Harbour Cottage, this is where the adventure starts.

The game is crammed with ingenious puzzles to solve, Nigel visits a haunted church at night and uses a Night Vision Camcorder, this piece of equipment is only one of four items you will have to help you through the game, an EMP meter a Digicam which takes pictures and also develops them, also a Voice recorder that can be played back. The equipment is carried by Nigel all of the time as the game goes on. Nigel has an intense desire to find the Lost Crown at all costs, there are many other challenges for Nigel and Lucy to face, missing cats, and a murder, Nigel visits many places to discover the secret of the Lost Crown, even going to the museum, visiting and exploring the caves and even a mine, there is a visit to Ulcombe Crypt which is haunted and can be quite scarey plus many more places to discover.
I wont spoil the game by telling you anymore.

This is by far the best and most challenging game I have ever played, my all time favourite.

The outstanding photography, the sets and scenery as well as the music is all so very well done.

If you like this game watchout for the sequel to it called The Last Crown which I think is being written at the moment. Well done Jonathan Boakes.

Good luck and happy ghost hunting.
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2009
This is the most up-to-date, and recent, version of the point and click adventure game The Lost Crown. The game contains many, many puzzles to solve, which challenge the player and move the story along. The game offers 30+ hours of gameplay, with little or no 'back tracking', a whole cast of quirky English characters, and many locations to explore in the English landscape. In reality, the game is set in the real town of Polperro, England, which is a delight to explore from the comfort of your own chair. This game will appeal to anyone who loves adventures games, the English landscape, nostalgic dramas, murder mysteries or archaeology. Oh, and of course, the game is subtitled 'A Ghost-Hunting Adventure', so expect to be spooked by some spooks!
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on 19 January 2011
Jonathan Boakes seems to rise in my estimation each time I play another of his games. Though I have one or two caveats regarding the voice-acting (which seems a perennial problem with the genre) this is otherwise an excellent game indeed.

Firstly, the appearance: shot mainly in B&W, most scenes have a dash of colour and movement that somehow brings it all to life, giving the ambience and atmosphere vital to this sort of game combined with a truly unique style.

Secondly, the gameplay: very straighforward, mouse-based with an easily accessible inventory and an engaging main menu. I encountered no bugs and it didn't crash once.

Thirdly, the storyline: very good, with a certain ambiguity over the main protagonist's relationships with the townsfolk maintaining tension all along the way. I would say that only right at the end did I feel let down when, just as everything seemed awesomely bad, suddenly it all went right again, with almost no effort on my part.

Fourthly, the puzzles: mostly excellent with a few exceptions - one involving 3 rotating rings with seasonal symbols I managed to solve inadvertently by clicking on it 3 times (while just trying to see how it worked). OTOH I got very frustrated trying to get out of the museum; the game doesn't let you leave most areas until you've 'completed your investigations'. In the museum you're not allowed to take photographs, and it was pretty obvious that I needed to snap several exhibits. I thought I would have to hide in the basement until after dark but I couldn't find any way to advance the clock to closing time - it turned out that in fact there is *one* place you *can* take a photo and you must to be able to leave the museum but the only way to discover this is by trying to photograph every exhibit and experience the curator telling you over the tannoy that it's not allowed...several dozen times, I wasn't happy. And since the very next thing you do is break in to the museum after dark to photo all the other exhibits, I thought it an entirely unnecessary complication. But most puzzles were otherwise very reasonable.

And finally, the playing time: this game is probably the longest I've ever played. Each time I thought I must be getting close to finishing, a whole new vista opened up. There's just masses of it! When the end did arrive I was genuinely deflated simply because I'd begun to feel it would go on forever!

So, pretty damned good overall and I'm looking forward to teaming up with Nigel and Lucy in the sequel. :-)
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on 8 February 2013
This game has a lovely concept (in a creepy way) and felt different to any game I've played before and, initially, I really enjoyed playing it. However, as another poster has pointed out, it is frustratingly slow at times and so much running from A to B to D then back to A only to find you need to find E. Without a walkthrough, I would not have been able to finish this game (it would not have occurred to me to look for a sticky pine cone in a forest to fix a leaking water mill funnel for example) and some of the puzzles proved a real problem with no ingame hints if you really get stuck - I just don't have that kind of logic unfortunately (so many, many thanks to Metzo for the walkthrough). The voice-overs need working on as they sound a bit forced and unnatural. I stuck with it (with the help of the walkthrough) as I found myself intrigued by the storyline, convinced I knew what was happening only to find at the end, I hadn't got a clue what was happening or, eventually, what had happened (I won't elaborate for those who haven't finished the game yet).
All in all, I think the game was a bit beyond me but the ending was a letdown and the whole thing involved way too much running around. A shame, I really wanted to get into this type of game but it's kinda put me off them. I am sure there are people who will find this game fairly challenging but do-able but for me, it stopped me in my tracks!
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on 30 July 2011
This is genuinely the creepiest game I've played, better than all the Darkfall series. At first the leaden tones of `Nigel' and his unfortunate habit of putting the emphasis on the wrong part of any sentence was a bit of an atmosphere-breaker, but after a while the ambient sounds and the muted colours of the scenery weave their eerie magic, and you begin to accept Nigel's voice acting skills (and his habit of floating three inches above the path at times). From then on in I was hooked. I played along side my teenage daughter. At first we were laughing at some of the script, and occasionally the graphics (why are the cats so well rendered and the dog looks like a collapsed string puppet??), but as dusk fell we were looking over our shoulders and laughing to reassure ourselves. The tension builds slowly, so the `jumps' are all the more effective as a result.

So, our conclusions; this is a really good story, packed with information and well considered incidental reading. Don't be put off by the slightly clunky character graphics or occasional wooden voice acting - the budget has clearly gone on the music, amazing scenery and interiors. The museum stands out in particular - stuffed with artefacts and staffed by the curator-from-hell. The puzzles are intriguing but not too difficult, and the game is forgiving if you mess up. Enjoy - and leave the lights on....
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on 15 August 2011
There is an intriguing plot and a compelling atmosphere to this game. It is essentially an old fashioned adventure game with hidden objects and interactions with characters. It is pretty easy to use - you only need the mouse - and the cursor changes as you hover over a part of the screen where you can perform an action (it is a shame that the cursors are not more distinct). Whilst you can do whatever you like, I soon got the feeling that the plot is very linear, and it can be frustrating if you have not performed all of the actions to unlock the next chapter. I used a hint website a couple of times to get me through this frustration.

However, there is a charm to the village of Saxton and its inhabitants that make this game enjoyable. This is the sort of game to play when you are really not in a hurry. You need to be quite thorough in your investigations.

This is a spooky game and is unsuitable for younger children (who would find it too slow anyhow).
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on 12 February 2013
This is probably the best point and click adventure I have ever played. Graphics, sound and atmosphere are first class. For an adventure of this sort it is quite long. I have played the creators other works and this is his best in my opinion. I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 12 January 2013
This is a really good adventure game.That adults will enjoy as much as kids.It is set in a coastal fishing village.Reminiscent of Whitby.It is atmospheric,and you get drawn in by the characters you meet along the way.The puzzle solving is easy enough to begin with.But gets harder the further into the game you go.

It is a really nice game to play to while away a few hours,And at this price it represents good value for money.
It would appear that this game has some bugs(No Pun)
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