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4.0 out of 5 stars53
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2009
This game is awesome - the graphics are excellent but its the gameplay that really grips you - it really evokes the feeling of the old space/horror classics like Alien(s).

The Wii is resurrecting the Rail Shooter genre in style right now - this game is really a Next-Gen rail shooter and is a world away from the likes of Time Crisis and Virtua Cop - or even Operation Wolf if you remember back that far!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of light-gun games, and is over 18 obviously - this game is delightfully grisly in places.

Turn the lights off and enjoy!
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on 1 November 2009
Absolutely amazing game. Recently completed this with a freind in co op mode and we really enjoyed it. The graphics are amazing for Wii, the music and effects too - overall production throughout is top notch. A big thing usually is controls, and they work effortlessly. In response to the review about bugs, well we didn't come across any at all, and it didn't crash once. Though I have had some games that have done that. Also, it is an on rail shooter, so it is a little unfair to mark it down if you just don't get the on rail thing.

But all in all, this is a game that will stay on the shelf for us. It was engaging, fun and a blast to play. The game starts off more with a story and paces it self so, and gradually ramps up the action along with story twists and new weapons - which have alternate firing mechanisms. The only thing I would recommend is setting the difficulty to Hard. The only thing I could gripe really is the difficulty at times even on Hard. This is probably down to how much of a gamer you are, but it may be a little easy at times to accomplished ones. But saying that, it does have some parts that are generally tough and ones that you have to go through a few times.

In relation to replay value. Having completed the game, you can play ten stages in which you just blast through hordes of enemies. This was better than we expected, and there is a high score to beat. Each lasts ten to fifteen minutes. We are also going through the game again on Impossible mode, and it actually gets better this time round, as it tests you more and getting through is more of a close call each time.

I hope this sells well, as we love this game, and hope there are more mature titles to come on the Wii.
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on 6 February 2011
As has been mentioned, this is a rail shooter, you progress through the levels at a pre-determined rate, along the way you get to experience some of the horror that leads to the games Dead Space and Dead Space 2. This game explains how events unfold and it can be played as either one player or two for co-op play. You can collect weapons along the way and ammunition for these, you can also collect upgrades for weapons which will give you more shots per clip for example, you can collect audio logs that help explain the story, and at the end of each level you will be scored on how many items you can collect, logs collected, accuracy.
Now, to the way of collecting said ammunition, logs, etc... You are equiped with a telekinesis module that allows you to grab items from the floor and pull them into your inventory. You also collect a stasis module along the way that allows you to effectively "freeze" enemies for a short period so you can shoot them or hack at them with a physical attack. This stasis module will recharge itself over time and so you do have infinite shots with it.
As you progress you unlock chapters and there is also a challenge mode so that you can play completed levels and try to achieve a high score which either you try to beat or friends try to beat!

At this price, it is a MUST for any Dead Space fan and even if you don't know of the series, it is a great game in itself and easy to get into and fun to progress through, it got my GF hooked and she doesn't play the other Dead Space games!
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on 6 July 2010
It's hard to start this review of this superb game without an impassioned plea asking you to buy it immediately. Games of the quality and technical prowess of Dead Space Extraction are an absolute rarity on Nintendo's console. Encourage publishers by buying this game!


Dead Space Extraction is a rare, surprising and contradictory beast. It's an on rails shooter with gameplay that is actually hugely immersive. It's a franchise spin-off that holds its own against a fantastic original. Most importantly however, it's a simple premise with one of the best game narratives in recent history.

The perfect prequel in so many ways, DSE is a chaotic and intense depiction of the fall of Aegis VII and the Ishimura mining vessel that so terrified 360/PS3 players two years ago. To fans of the franchise, the nods, winks and locations give a familiar warm (or is that cold?) feeling down the spine, but the Ridley-Scott influenced setting will be more than enough to engage newcomers. Although certainly released from the shackles of an out and out horror game, DSE is darker, if that were even possible.

Focussing on gunplay and action over survival horror staples, DSE follows several antagonists on a pre-defined first-person path, using all manner of weaponry and sci-fi gadgetry to blast undead aliens, literally to pieces.

Crucially, the Wii-remote takes Dead Space's core `dismemberment' mechanic (where precision cutting of enemies limbs is more effective than aimless head and body shots) and perfects it with pixel perfect infra-red pointing controls. Even better than this, the game takes the original's sparring use of Telekinesis (pick-up-and-throw) and Kinesis (slow-down moving objects) and turns combat into a genuinely gratifying three-pronged attack scheme - each level a puzzle of explosive possibilities. Visceral games even manage to shoe-horn in some Metroid aping mini games for controls, barricade fixing, circuit wiring, and more.

It may be hard to believe, but the ever entertaining combat, is superseded (often for minutes at a time) by real-time cut scenes, dialogue and acting. Given that Edge magazine described it as `The Citizen Kane of rail-shooters' it is perhaps not surprising that DSE has a real narrative quality to it. Obviously, we're still talking about videogames here, but the overall quality of the tale it tells is up there with a good Friday night sci-fi film, with top notch atmospherics, sound, and graphics that push the console to its limits. It's very hard not to play through in one go.

Add to this a fairly memorable `endless' challenge mode and bonus comic materials as rewards for completion-ists, along with high scores and co-op support, it's hard to see a third party game (apart from Monster Hunter) beating team Visceral's efforts to really push the Wii's capabilities.

Overall, the best complement I can pay to this game, - apart from the fact that it is a note-perfect fan spin-off - is that it's not just the best rail-shooter I've ever played, its one of the best games of the year, on any console.
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on 24 January 2010
My buddy and I played through this game in about 10-12 hours. There are multiple paths that can vary your experience on a second play through.

This game presents a story to you in the most engaging and personal way that I have seen on Wii and is certainly one of the most unique experiences on any console. The weapons are very original, the scares are plenty and the action is often relentless. The graphics are some of the best I have seen on Wii and really do expose how lazy other developers are.

The only criticism of the game is that it was too short. Other people have complained that it is essentially an "on rails shooter" and whilst a part of me does agree that a true Dead Space experience is what we all want, it doesn't take anything away from this title.

The price has dropped an ridiculous amount since I purchased it so there really is no better time to give this game a try. Support this kind of content on Wii and more great games will come. I'm looking to Silent Hill next!
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on 4 May 2012
Not enjoyable at all. The game tries to induce a sense of isolation and suspense, but it utterly fails. Because you can't control your own pace, there are many moments when "suddenly" something happens. Usually a space monster jumping in front of you, or becoming alive. Unfortunately, most of the times I had already guessed what would happen. I found the monsters to be laughable rather than scary and the setting monotonous rather than intrigueing. I didn't connect to the characters at all, so I couldn't be bothered what happened to them.
It happened a couple of times that the Wii actually crashed (I thought this was a PC problem only!)and because you can only save when you complete a level, I had to wade through all the mindless shooting again, not to mention the many in-between videos that try to unfold the plot for you. After Chapter 5 I just gave up. What a waste of time. If you want to play a suspenseful, gripping game, go and buy Resident Evil 4.

Final verdict: 4/10.
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on 25 September 2010
I bought this entirely on a whim in a game shop, and wasnt disapointed. Although i took some getting used to playing a rail-shoooter after such a long time not playing them, i quickly picked up the style of gameplay again and really enjoyed the game.

Visually its brilliant, marvellous graphics considering its on the wii, infact one of the best looking games on the wii in my opinion.

The game play is your standard rail-shooter, so be warned if you see something useful you dont have long to grab it before it gone for that level, the weapons provided in the game are interesting which is the kindest i can be i think, considering the basic weapon (rivet gun) is the easiest to get the best dis-memberments with, certain weapons are completely pointless and a waste of inventory space, but the flame thrower machine gun etc are just standard rah rah rah.

However i personally did get great and immense pleasure in the game play of shooting the crap out of the necromorphs, especially when i has shot them with the time slowing device, the slow-mo dismemberments are more than fun.

There is a downside to the game though, the bloody dialog, dont get me wrong the story is interesting and fairly well written but jeeze give us a skip button, when your playing it again you just want to get down to the shooting and violence, not listen to some twit ramble on about "why is this happening" and "whats that" "lets go here", "im an executive therefore im in charge, im a cop i have a gun im in charge" etc etc etc, but that aside this is a great game for killing time and a definate stress reliever after a crappy day at work.
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on 11 March 2012
I have a guilty secret I rather like "rail games" especially those in a Video Arcade (yes I am that old that I sometimes still call them that - anyway what was wrong with Pac Man?) This one is not just a great addition to the genre even if you are not so keen you should give it a go. You actually have quite a lot of "movement" (OK looking around) when you are being moved from A-B and given the linearity of most FPS it probably saves you the effort of using the "W" button anyway.

Also the story (as with all Dead Space stuff) is fantastic - if you've played any of the other games you know that its not going to end well with many of the characters - but it still pulls a few surprises for even the most cynical of gamers. The graphics are good - about the best you can get from a WII. The WII mote is well suited to this sort of game and you get a really good immersive feel.

One point this is most certainly a game for the grown ups - I know that many view the age restriction with a certain disdain but I know that I don't want my little one shooting the limbs of other human beings no matter how mad they may be. As an adult clearly BRING IT ON.

Overall this is a great game go get
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on 24 December 2009
Rail-shooters were an all-but-dead genre before the Wii came along. Since then the pseudo-lightgun controls have given rise to such great games as House of the Dead Overkill, Ghost Squad, Umbrella Chronicles and now Dead Space Extraction. Not only is the game one of the best looking on the Wii, it is also the most atmospheric, delivering both thrills and chills in the same style as the original Dead Space. Add to this a series of fresh and original weapons, many of which are inspired by industrial and mining tools, a plethora of challenging and terrifying enemies plus several innovations such as puzzle solving and a telekinetic grabbing tool to manipulate objects in the environment and you have a fantastic package truly worthy of your attention.

If you want adult games to be developed for the Wii, then I would suggest you buy the good ones. This game only sold 9000 copies in it's opening week in America, I'm sure the UK can do better than that. Support innovation and quality products or soon enough you'll find that there won't be any on the Wii.
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on 3 July 2010
This game is very impressive. I'll get the one slight complaint out of the way; It's quite control-heavy and by that I mean I sometimes have a little trouble remembering which buttons/actions do what, particularly when the action is in full flow.

However, on to the good points, of which there are many. A gripping storyline has been packaged with excellent graphics and outstanding acting. The voice acting is spot-on and indeed the best character/voice acting I've seen on the Wii.

The whole game is well designed, very atmospheric and incredibly tense. Although it is On-The-Rails, great delivery and pacing means that it almost never feels like it. Occasionally you have the option to take different routes and it has more to do than simply blast everything into oblivion. Trying to fix a broken circuit whilst holding off rampaging monsters will certainly get your heart rate up.

I much prefer to play this game with a friend, having them as backup while working on puzzles is good.

Everything about the game draws you in and builds up the intensity.

I'm glad I bought it and would thoroughly recommend.
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