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on 1 June 2009
After much searching and reading numerous reviews on lcd tv's I finally settled on buying a Toshiba but when I went to purchase the tv there was a link to this one which was the newer model. Although there was no reviews for this model I took a gamble and ordered it anyway. I am very pleased I did.

The tv is for my bedroom and I love it. The picture has been great on digital tv, movies and (after a little playing with the settings) the picture is truely amazing when playing my xbox 360. For the price I think the picture is great, I really can't fault it.

Soundwise if i was using it as my main tv in the living room I would probably invest in a surround sound system to get really deep sound but for a bedroom tv it is really impressive. I turn off bass boost when watching normal tv, turn it on when watching movies and when playing the xbox I turn on bass boost and surround sound to get a realy loud deep sound that totally immerses me in the gameplay.

My only criticism of the tv (which may be down to me missing a setting but I'm not sure) is that when using the EPG and going through the channels to see what is on the tv switches to the highlighted channel. This is my only annoyance with the set as it means I can't watch one channel and see whats on the others at the sametime.

Overall a great tv at a great price that you can have up and tuned in about 10mins that includes fitting the stand
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on 22 June 2009
So I got my 615DB on Saturday after ordering on Thursday and set it up. Frankly, I'm blown away with the image quality for 300 pounds! I've been using it with a 360 linked via VGA and linked to my Laptop via HDMI. I watched Transformers in 720p and from a distance of about 6 feet the image was sharp, with good black levels, vibrant colours, and smooth motion. I've also been paying Call of Duty World at War and GTA 4, both games where contrast is important and I haven't had to strain my eyes to see whats going on at all. It looks great, nice thin polished bezel with glowing Toshiba logo (you can turn this off if you like), the menu is easy to use and clear, and the remote has nice big buttons and is logically laid out.

It is quite a thick LCD, about 90mm so maybe not ideal for wall mounting but for me it is without doubt a top quality purchase. Sound wise, I can't speak because I have it plugged into a 5.1 kit. I'm not saying its the only option but if your in the market for a 32" LCD and you don't want to pay a fortune I will be very very suprised if anyone isn't happy with this set.
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on 10 July 2009
I have my set hooked up to the xbox 360 and a Western Digital HD TV player. The picture on both is fantastic. HD movies look stunning with good colours and no motion blur. The speakers do the job if your not in a massive room. Switching to the 3d sound option seemed to give it a bit more oomph.
I'd read that standard def content could look a bit ropey on HD sets but i have to say it looks fine on this one as long as your at the right distance from the set (about 6 - 8 feet i would say). If you plan on sitting any closer you should probably get a smaller tv anyway.
The menus are fairly straight forward with plenty of options for setting up the picture. There is an option called adaptive lumina control which alters the backlight depending on the scene being played but to be honest I found this a little distracting. There is another feature which alters the backlight depending on the light in the room but i found it best to just set up the picture how you like it and leave it at that.
One small annoyance with the set is that if you turn the backlight down below 84 it starts to buzz slightly but its no big deal. Also as has been mentioned before the programme guide could be slightly better but really the main concern when buying these sets is picture quality and its top notch on the Toshiba.

If you need a good quality big name hd tv at a good price you cant go wrong with this one.
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on 8 June 2009
I remember my parents buying a 32" HD Ready TV for nearly £1000 not that long ago. When my old TV went bang, I was expecting to pay at least £800 for a 32" TV. I couldnt believe I paid less than £400 for this.

It's a real beauty, nice design and amazing when connected to my XBox 360. I feel I've wasted the last few years of my gaming life! It's nice to have the digital tuner built in and the menus are simple and I was up and running in less than 5mins from getting the TV plugged in. Picture on Freeview/ Digital is really decent (I get a "good" Digital signal)
Sound wise it's up the job - I still connect to to my 5.1 home cinema when I watch movies.

No complaints so far - and really a pleasure to watch TV on knowing I got a real bargain!
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on 12 July 2009
We ordered this TV as a deal of the week for £299 and have been really pleased with the purchase. Delivery was prompt and the TV arrived in perfect condition. It was very easy to set up and my 5yr old daughter quickly learnt how to operate it herself! The image is excellent and the sound fine for our purposes, though you might want to use additional speakers for surround sound anyway.
The TV was a good 20% less than in other suppliers, such as Currys etc. Thumbs up to amazon!
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on 14 July 2009
am the proud owner of this tv now and am very impressed you can't go wrong for the price its been sold for! can't find any faults and my ps3 looks superb through it i'm very happy
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on 22 June 2009
Having bought a 22inch broken Hitachi from Argos my heart sank when I saw this 32inch beast going for only £100 more, so i returned the 22 and bought this. As far as cheap LCDs go this one is unbelievable for the price:

Picture: Whilst it does not run 1080p i have my xbox running games at 1080i and it looks brilliant. The colours are great. When it comes to fast moving objects, most cheap LCDs suffer greatly from motion blur as they dont have any form of internal processor (i think thats why anyway) but this one does (called Active Vision). So when playing pro evo or watching any form of sport on this screen it looks much better than it did on the Hitachi. There is a bit of motion blur but for such a cheap lcd tv its more than acceptable.

As far as Dynamic Contrast goes, the tv changes backlight intensity depending on what is on screen, which makes the dark images look really good and the brighter images looking stunning (so batman combined with explosions in batman begins looks perfect) and the change is subtle; the only time I am made aware of it is when i am going into digital tv menus.

The internal digital box is definitely of high quality, I've got 2 cheap digital boxes and they dont pick up half the channels this one does. The only irritating thing is that you cannot check what is on other channels without it actually changing to that channel.

Picture options are vast and you can change everything - from contrast to hue - so for perfectionists i think theyll be able to achieve the picture they desire.

Sound: The sound is brilliant, changing from normal to surround sound makes a noticeable difference and bass boost is awesome for xbox fpss. Unfortunately, if you are in a very quiet room and the volume is on very low there is a small amount of feedback/white noise. I know all speakers have some element of feedback and I am probably being slightly hyper-sensitive but it is noticeable in the night if you're around 2m away and have good hearing. I have an amp and 2 speakers so I have wired it through them and am no longer suffering from this problem. At normal volumes this sound is impossible to hear.

Design: Amazingly beautiful tv - i really like the way the toshiba symbol lights up when u turn the tv on - making it seem like a much more expensive tv than it actually is! Other than that, all the connections (other than one HD, RGB and headphones) are in the back so you wont get any unsightly wires protruding from the side of the screen.

And i'm sure this is the case with most flatscreen HDs these days but the small frame and flat screen actually make the tv look bigger than my previous 32 inch non-hd sony.

Remote design is basic - buttons are solid and are actually satisfying to press :)

All in all a brilliant tv with only a few gripes. But for the price I couldnt ask for any more - i would have bought a 32 inch with no processor and not dynamic contrast for the same price - so a perfect buy, especially if your a game nut like me.
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on 20 August 2009
Firstly, well done once again to Amazon - ordered it on Friday night and chose Supersaver delivery, was expecting it in about a week, but it turned up on Wednesday morning, which was brilliant.

Right, I'm no telly snob. I don't get the whole techie blurb about it. And I don't have an X-Box. I just quite like watching TV. So don't expect any high-faloutin' speak on here about cables and outputs and stuff.

You take it out of its wee box. You put screws in the stand. You plonk it in a corner. You turn it on, and you press one button to scan for your digital channels. And that's you done. Set up time less than 5 minutes.

Picture is great, so is sound (if you're just after a 'normal' telly experience like most people are) EPG, as has been mentioned - is a bit annoying, but not so annoying that you hate the TV. The only thing it can't do is improve the actual quality of the rubbish on TV at the moment.

All in all, for a 'normal' (i.e. not geeky) TV experience, for the price this is brilliant! It only loses a star because the EPG is a bit daft - it changes to the channel you want to see the listings for, so you can't check what's on other channels later if you are totally engrossed in the thing you are watching.
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on 24 June 2009
After looking around for a 32" LCD for my xbox, i came across this tv.

I'm so glad i bought this tv, it's easy to setup and connected to my xbox the hd quality is so good.

The sound is excelent for what i need it for but if it was going to be my main tv then i would invest in a surround sound unit.

All in all, a brilliant tv and a great price..oh and it was delivered a day earlier than expected!!
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on 25 August 2009
I install hundreds of lcd tvs every year and an elderley neighbour asked me to fix him up with a new set, knowing Toshiba always produce excellent products I ordered the 32AV615DB from Amazon this arrived in 2 days time.
This set is quick and easy to set up,comes with a clear & simple remote
Picture quality is superb with ample input sockets. The gentlemen is delighted with his purchase .Having dealt with Amazon over many years I can recommend them 100%
David Walker
Audio Visual Connections
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